T-Mobile Fun Facts For Post Leap-Day Celebration

Ok, so this post was probably better suited for yesterday, but T-Mobile decided to take a quick look back at what things were like in the wireless industry the last time a leap year occurred. Four years is definitely a lifetime in the wireless market and T-Mobile has a few quick stats and records to help point out how much the industry has progressed since the last time we saw February 29th appear on a  calendar:

  • Americans Are Smarter Than Ever: In 2008, less than 10 percent of Americans had made the switch from feature phones to smartphones. Today, that number stands at 41.8 percent of Americans using smartphones, according to comScore. In fact, more than 90 percent of T-Mobile device sales in the fourth quarter of 2011 were 3G and 4G smartphones.
  • So Are Their Mobile Operating Systems: On leap day 2008, Android smartphones were still more than six months away, and the introduction of Microsoft’s revamped Windows Phone OS was still two years away. Fast forward and these new, smarter operating systems have brought choice, value and hundreds of thousands of app experiences to life for millions of Americans.
  • Typing, Not Just Talking: The average daily SMS activity via T-Mobile’s network increased nearly 74 percent, while MMS saw an increase of more than 87 percent.
  • The Need for Speed and the Rise of Data: With increasing speed capabilities comes a growing hunger for data. T-Mobile was the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to offer 4G service in 2010, and now operates America’s Largest 4G Network®. Data traffic on T-Mobile’s network has grown exponentially as networks have gotten faster, smartphones and Internet enabled devices make it easier than ever to stay connected, and the availability of mobile content has exploded.

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  • Thecityboy781

    they left off that they need the iPhone badly…..just a thought

    • Come on, really? This is just a fun post on the state of the industry now compared to four years ago.

      • He doesn’t have a humorous bone in his body…

        • Kenny Nero, Jr.

          Except for the one girls always get a laugh at. BOOYOW!!!! Nailed it! /trollface

        • I have plenty of humorous bones in my body thank you very much. This guys comment was…well what’s it doing in this post?

        • Cashman

          I think Kenny’s comment was directed at “thecityboy781” not you David.

        • guest

          hahahahhaha! David was too distracted with all fun facts! bahahhahaha!

    • josue cifuentes

      dude your comment made no sense…

  • fixxmyhead

    Americans Are Smarter Than Ever: In 2008
    i read that and started laughing.

  • stevejobbed

    Technically Sprint launched the first 4g network with the Evo 4g phone in early June of 2010. You can argue whether their network was ever truly 4G (just as people did when T-Mobile called HSPA+ their 4G network at the time.)

  • Deadeye37

    “T-Mobile was the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to offer 4G service in 2010”

    I thought the last leap year was 2008.  Why didn’t they just say “T-mobile was rockin’ 3G with 4G only 2 years away.”  That last bullet point had nothing to do with a comparison between this leap year and last leap year.  The person at T-mobile who did this list must’ve quickly ran out of ideas and decided to put in a marketing bullet instead :)

  • Most of this is the same blah blah blah that T-Mobile has spouted off over the last few months anyway. 
    Rather than spending time blathering on about their fun facts, they should invest that time and money into expansion, fixing plans and customer service. But thats my take on it.

    • Th3problem17

      the person who put out these fun facts,  i strongly  doubt they we be involved up-top decision making.

      • guest

        I think that’s the point. Fire them and use the money towards something worth a sh*t

  • Giraffe

    Four years ago, I thought smartphones were ridiculous, unless you were in a profession that required 24/7 access to the web.

    Now, our social lives require 24/7 access to the web.  Makes sense to me!

    • Grumpy Old Man

       I find misanthropy to be an adequate solution to that problem.

  • Four years ago T-Mobile was first to introduce Android to the masses. Yet, why has Verizon done a better job of monopolizing on the “DROID” name?????

    • omnirep

      They have the marketing $$$$

      • Mark

         They also spent lots of that marketing $$$$ to license “Droid” (as opposed to “Android”) from Lucasfilms Ltd.  No way Tmo had the cash lying around to start paying Star Wars-level money for a brand name.

  • Yup all this is true.  I remember he G1, I had a Sidekick 2008 at the time and was blown away with the G1.  Too bad I couldn’t afford it back then because I would’ve had one. I also found out that the Sidekick 2008 was 3G but the processor chip couldn’t handle the speed.  So technically the Sidekick 2008 was the first unofficial 3G phone on the T-Mobile network.

  • None

    I like this post.  Interesting how fast mobile is moving.  SO is MWC over.  We only heard about the blaze and the HTC One(s)??  Is that it for the next 6 months?

    • guest

      yeah, I wish we would have heard more also but it is the Mobile WORLD Congress and not just USA.

    • PimpStrong

      Wait for CTIA 2nd week of May.  

  • Leutrimtopalli

    4 years later Tmobile still.doesn’t have the iPhone

    • 4 years later, people are still whining about a phone that didn’t have MMS to begin with anyway.

      I enjoy using my iPhone as much as I enjoy my myTouch 4G, but seriously, when people whine like this, it makes me hate the fact that I enjoy using it, like I’m supporting the whining.

      This post was clearly meant to be a fun post to show how things have changed in four years technologically and socially. Obviously the latter still needs to mature a bit.

  • Memohugo

    you can cancel a value plan after 10 days? 

  • It would be great to see a “some years ago today” widget on TmoNews that shows some of the older posts and maybe a few highlights. I really thought this post was interesting.

  • TrevorMadden

    I <3 T-Mo but…Sprint had a sad excuse of 4G first, js