HTC Shows Off ImageSense Technology With Sample HTC One Images

There is little question that HTC is going “all in” with their new HTC One lineup and by all accounts, HTC’s newest devices seem a step ahead of the current market. With dual and quad-core technology, HD displays, Android 4.0, HTC’s newest devices have our complete Android attention. However, there is one key factor truly separating these devices from the rest of the pack — their camera. To help make the HTC One lineup stand out, HTC has equipped their new lineup with f/2.0 aperture, a 28mm lens, HTC ImageChip, BSI Sensors and a smart LED flash with five levels of brightness. Add in a 0.7 second shot time and 0.2-second autofocus and you’ve got a serious smartphone camera on-board.

“With ImageSense HTC One rivals traditional digital cameras with improvements to every part of the camera, including the lens, the sensor, the software, and even integrating a new custom HTC ImageChip.”

So what else will make HTC’s One camera line-up standout?

  • The Superfast Capture: As we just mentioned, HTC reduced the amount of time it takes to capture a shot, to just 0.7 seconds. With 0.2 second autofocus, you can take almost unlimited continuous shots by just holding down the shutter button.
  • Good photos in bad lighting: HTC has improved image quality in low light, no light or bright backlighting. The f/2.0 lens on the HTC One X and HTC One S captures 40% more light than the f/2.4 lenses available on other high-end smartphones.
  • Video Pic: Want to capture a photo and shoot video at the same time? Good, because HTC is introducing this feature. Tap the shutter button while recording video and you will capture a high-resolution still photo while the phone continues to record your video. Sound good?

So how does all of this actually translate to real-world photography? Check the gallery below and tell us what you think.


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  • mreveryphone

    Im going to leave the point and shoot at home this summer. let’s see if it can hold up on the Orlando vacation

    • FILA

      Thats all i carried on vacation and got some pretty amazing shots out of my MyTouch 4G cam

  • Sidekicker89

    What does “HTC” stand for anyway?

    • High Tech Computer Corporation.

    • Encino Stan

      The company was formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporation and changed its name to HTC Corporation in June 2008.

    • Encino Stan

      One of the co-founders of the company is H. T. Cho.  H. T. Cho served as President of HTC from 1997 to 2004 and served as Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to 2005. I don’t know if his initials had anything to do with the company name.

  • Deadeye37

    I don’t believe them.  The only way I’ll believe them is if they give me one to test (and I get to keep it).  I’m waiting HTC.  Any time now…

    • Chillhappy

      yup, totally! I’m still waiting on my demo lamborghini!

  • Byounngg

    could you buy a unlocked version of the quad-core htc one from att and use it on t-mobile when and if one comes out .

    • redman12

       AT&T does not have a quad-core version. The US version would be dual-core. You can buy a global version of HTC One X which would work for both AT&T and T-Mobile.

      • Ohgeez10

        The Quad version could work on T-Mobile. It won’t work with LTE so thats why AT&T is getting dual core

      • J-Hop2o6

        Wrong. The Global version will not support AWS, and Tmo hasn’t fully launched HSPA+ over 1900/PCS band yet. The AT&T version might support AWS (proof on the htc site), but hasn’t been tested yet.

        The Dual-Core (S4) is better than the Quad-Core (Tegra 3) version. Its been tested.

    • Loueradun

      Early benchmarks show the Snapdragon S4 dual core beating the Tegra 3 Quad core in most tests.  Is there a reason you want a quad core that is slower than a dual core?  Also the S4 is built on 28nm tech and not 40nm tech (this means a lot more power for your battery).

      Qualcomm always has the best power/watt, these are going to be awesome phones (although I’ll wait for the quad core S4 that will arrive later this year).

  • 41mp High end Image Sensor processor or GTFO, Nokia Beat you to the top over and over again

    •  oh god, shut up you’re retarded.

      • Apollo66

        i second this 

    • Megapixels mean precisely nothing anymore. Nobody prints anything out on film paper anymore. Just about the only thing those megapixels could help. Image sensors are EVERYTHING and the only thing to look for. Things like HDR, type of lens, etc

      • AppleWaffles

        Good thing Nokia includes vastly superior sensors to go along with the 41MP used for oversampling.

        • Ojhe

          A perfect lens with the sensor size of a Pureview 808 @f/2.4 could only resolve around 27 mp.

      • Guest

        Ever heard of cropping? And the megapixels are in the image sensor as well…

    • Mark Williams

      You better hurry up and buy one before they go out of business….hahaha…I kill me!

  • Frigadroid

    Sounds good to me. The key factor that sold me was it is not a SAMSUNG. So if something goes wrong I have a chance that they will fix it and HTC even updates their phones too. Good luck with service after the sale if you buy a samsdung. The HTC might even have a 5 cent led indicator something you don’t normally get with scamscum because they always design products to be as cheap as possible. Prime example my junk vibrant power cord (over a foot shorter than a htc cord) the cheap plastic has fallen off on both ends exposing the contacts. The unexplained delays over at samsdung make much more sense now that we know what HTC has to offer. That’s good to see that they are starting to show some concern over their reputation for poor build & design and non existing quality control. Samsung could learn a lesson from nokia, quantity doesn’t trump quality. You can be on top today and tomorrow is a whole new ballgame.

  • Nox0202

    Camera quality was great on teh Amaze, and I’m sure it will be great on the new One, but battery sucked on Amaze, and the specs say the One S is getting a smaller battery…so I’lll have to wait and see. no sense having a great phone with a great camera if the battery on both day half way through the day.

  • That fish freaked me out a little :-)