Samsung Details Ice Cream Sandwich Updates For Nations Top Carriers, No Info For T-Mobile?

I can imagine this looks really bad for T-Mobile’s Samsung user base as Samsung details their planned Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for the nations top four carriers. While Sprint, Verizon and AT&T see specifically named device, T-Mobile is left with just a statement:

“We are in close communication with T-Mobile to ensure that eligible devices are upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming months and will provide updates as we have additional details to share.”

So what does this mean? Honestly, we don’t know…it may mean nothing other than T-Mobile and Samsung weren’t able to list each device receiving Ice Cream Sandwich before this list went public. Perhaps it means T-Mobile and Samsung are still in negotiations over updates. What I don’t think this means is that no T-Mobile/Samsung device will receive Ice Cream Sandwich.

What devices should be on this list? The T-Mobile Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Blaze 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Exhibit II 4G to say the least. Any Vibrant or Galaxy S 4G owners hoping for news should likely prepare themselves for bad news, there isn’t another first-generation Galaxy S device on this list.

We’ll admit, this looks bad, bad for both Samsung and T-Mobile especially T-Mobile’s Sensation 4G customers already frustrated by the delayed Ice Cream Sandwich update. There is an obvious need for a statement from the T-Mobile side as well, at least letting customers know that they are working to resolve the issue. Otherwise, XDA is beginning to look awfully nice this time of year.

Hit the Samsung link below to voice your frustrations.


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  • Mark Hennessey

    I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you, to find that T-Mobile customers are being treated like second class citizens. 

  • Alvin B.

    I think it is beyond obvious that T-Mobile has made a corporate decision long ago to flat out refuse to pay for any major firmware updates. 

    • Lani

      Exactly… TmobileUSA wasn’t planning to be around this long, and was hoping the stragglers would have been all using a new AT&T mobile by now.

  • Cashman

    Smh @ T-Mobile and Samsung. They’re dropping the ball big time right now

  • Westsups1

    This just Reiterates my reason for always going with HTC over Samsung when it comes to Android Devices . Always problems with Samsung rolling out updates on their phones and i was seriously considering going with Samsung Galaxy III since i’m upgrade eligible, but after coming across this makes me want the HTC One S instead which looks like a pretty awesome phone. Seems like i may not jump into a samsung

  • JT

    To me, it is another signal of the erosion of the magenta brand..its no longer in the same league as att vz spr…but its seen as a second tier brand alongside other prepaids like metro & boost. Unacceptable

  • Bobomobile

    Ice cream sandwich will be available on 5/13 for gs2.

  • Caseybea

    If TMO wasn’t so freaking cheap for my plan, I would have bailed long ago.   FRUSTRATING.

    •  Sprint pricing is not bad but their network needs to be updated in order to run faster.  I can pay 79.99 per month for 450 minutes, unlimited data, unlimited messaging. It is actually cheaper then what  I am paying now.  It a good plan because my family is now mobile phones and we don’t really use landlines anymore. However I heard their network is slow so I will stay with T-mobile until my contract is up

  • T-Mobile is really becoming a joke.  Customer Service is the gang that can’t shoot straight, updates delayed for phones.  Losing customers like a gunshot victim is losing blood.  I have a feeling my run with T-Mobile (8 years) is coming to a close.  I know I will pay a bit more elsewhere, but I have no faith in the ability of this company to do much more than auto-debit my bank account every month.

    • Spanky

      As much as I hate to say it, I agree on all counts. Today’s T-Mobile is not the same company they were just a couple of years ago. My 7-year run with T-Mobile is coming to an end in July.

  • Yep, I’m super surprised. Original Vibrant owner here, we didn’t even get Gingerbread (officially). It’s pathetic.

    I’ve since gotten a Galaxy Nexus and probably will never buy anything again that isn’t easily flashable with vanilla Android. But it will be interesting to see how updates go with the HTC One S. Samsung fumbled a bit with their Gingerbread updates to the Galaxy S line, but they got it out eventually, and at least one other US carrier brought it over, so now T-Mobile starts to look especially bad there. HTC seems a little better than Samsung with their updates, so I’m curious to see how they work in concert with T-Mo.

    If the S is still getting upgrades two major versions down the line (Key Lime Pie? :), and in a somewhat timely manner (say, three months after Google releases the base version), I’ll consider HTC. If it’s abandoned like the Vibrant was, then I think I’ve got my answer.

    • esjay

      I remember updating my wife’s Vibrant with an official Samsung image via Kies last year. Do you mean an official OTA?

      At any rate, I just installed ICS (Cyanogenmod 9 nightly) on Vibrant last night and it seems to be running very well. No amount of money from Tmo would make Samsung give ICS to Vibrant, so it’s a welcome change.

      Agree totally about the benefits of vanilla Google-experience devices. Next best thing is the ROM community as far as speed of delivery goes.

      • terryjohnson16

         The vibrant stopped at Froyo. In order to get Gingerbread, you had to get the Galaxy S 4G, which is the Vibrant’s evolution.

        • Jberger

          No, they offer gingerbread via kies as an official Tmobile release. 
          Have it running right now. 

        • terryjohnson16

           Not for the Vibrant. The Galaxy S 4G has it natively.

  • TBN27

    They will get them updated. They aren’t gonna be that stupid to not update the GSII, GS Blaze and Tab 10.1

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Well, no choice but to root and install a custom firmware to enjoy ICS. The only reason to keep T-Mo is my old plan that is really cheap.

  • James

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised here. Sorry, but c’mon, samsung not updating or being late to update, or t-mobile being late to update…All old news. I bought a Mytouch Slide 4G dual core, currently running gingerbread, and I probably won’t see any update, so I was thinking of going back to samsung, still might. But I’ll wait to see what else t-mo gets. I really don’t like the HTC sense build. Tried custom roms, but wound up going back to original.

  • Tlovett7

    I just don’t see what the big deal is. If you want ics that badly, then do 10 minutes worth of research and update your device yourself. The xda developers ROMS are usually about a thousand times better than any, “Official” upgrade anyway, and then you don’t have to pour over the forums every day looking to see if your device is slated for an upgrade. It’s incredibly easy just to do it yourself and gives you full control over YOUR device.

    • terryjohnson16

       Some people, like myself prefer the official way, especially if your device is still in warranty. You shouldn’t have to hack a newly launched device to get the latest.

    • Scurvymeat

      For me, I would not mind that at all but. I am waiting for ICS so my company will allow my phone on the network to recieve the emails. IS has what they desire security policy wise. Like iphone jailbreaking android rooting removes some of the security settings they desire/require.

    • MarcusDW

      Show me an ICS ROM with TouchWiz for my GS2.

  • Philyew

    This is astonishing. TM spend billions updating their network. They spend hundreds of millions on an aggressive new advertising campaign and yet some idiot allows them to be portrayed across the length on breadth of the Internet as an organization with no plans to update their most recent devices.

    To make matters worse, the third party waving the flag and pointing the finger is their #1 manufacturing partner. Sheesh!

    How many lessons will this company fail to learn? 

  • John

    DUH!! That’s T-MO for you I agree with rfgenerator, We’ve been with T-Mobile for about years now its the only one that I can afford. I’d switched in a hearbeat if every other carrier would be cheaper. That’s why I stay with T-Mobile.

  • Guest 2012

    T-Mobile I will miss your glory days and awesome prices. (10 year customer) I will jump to a different carrier for better coverage, personally, and I know it will cost me a few bucks more. Good quality has always cost more. You do get what you pay for.

    • Enoel69

      Well my friend..U will come running back to the new Tmo next year when they get their super fast LTE and HSPA+ 42 coupled with their low rates. Stay tuned

      • Guest 2012

        I guess only time will tell.


    Hahahaha lmfao! I told ya T-Mobile is trash! Worst contract carrier. No iPhone …no galaxy nexus….no note….no one x….no LTE…gs2 with no exyno processors ….what a pathetic company.


      Go away troll. You are pathetic having such joy in others misery. Get a life. 

      • theman

        And you work for T-Mobile and as biased as they come. STFU.


      The iPhone is antiquated and overblown, WHEN we get the note it will come stock with ICS and 42Mbps, Our version of the One X ( The rumored G4X) will have a 4+1 Tegra 3 processor and 42Mbps, and the processor in our GS2 allows for 42Mbps whereas AT&T is still stuck at 14.4. So whats your point? 

      •  Where is your T-mobile tattoo

      • Biggeno313

        Nice!!! Way to slap him. Why is he here anyways????

  • terryjohnson16

    Not liking this at all. I hate when they are tight lipped. This is one of the bad reasons for having a carrier-branded phone. 

  • Seriously manufacturers need to start doing this the apple way and decouple software upgrades from the carrier. Yes, OTA updates are cool and all, but they are expensive and carriers drag their feet. If you could just download a windows/mac/linux executable and do it yourself in 15 minutes, customers who care about updates would be happier.

  • Get_at_Me

    If since atts skyrocket is listed, tmos gs2 should be as well. They both rock qualcomm chips. It is a bit concerning that tmo and samsung havent come to terms tho.

  • Get_at_Me

    To those bad mouthing tmo and saying theyre going downhill bc of a software update, get a life. Sure the gs2 being tmos top selling phone since its release should get ics and it probably still will, but its not the end of the world. Blame google for updating android so frequently….blame manufacturers for making newer phones every few months….the mass majority of users dont care about software…i bet if you ask the average person what software version their phone is running, they wont have a clue…..again the gs2 being a flagship device on tmo should be among the first to get it. Theres supposedly an official tmo amaze rom floating around online….if thats true tmo hasnt forgotten about its devices…..tmo has been a huge supporter of samsung for a very long time….i dont see why they wouldnt update their phonee…wouldnt make sense.

  • Phozfate

    as long as they have the skyrocket on the list doing the t989 right after would make sense they basically have the software written just add tmo bloat. 

  • James

    As an Exhibit II owner is hope you are right in thinking we get ICS. I mean I love gingerbread but I’m always up for new stuff. Let’s hope this happens.

  • NotLookinBack

    Wowser! I am a Tmobile customer and NO i do not own a phone thats waiting for ICS update. Infact i dont even own a smart phone at all right now. Ever since my unlocked iphone broke i never replaced it bcuz i was waiting for the SGS3. I am completley shocked at what i am reading right now and how Tmobile is treating their customers! Pretty much they are saying F*#@ Y%* Tmobile customers! Bye Bye Tmobile! I’d rather pay $30 extra a month with another carrier then to deal with this everytime a update comes up.

  • Every time I see a TMobile news like this one it make me sick 


    Has it occurred to any of you haters that the reason they don’t have a final on the update is because of the unique HSPA+ chip sets in our devices. Every handset has different radio stacks and needs to be handled differently. Even Apps that are used internally for engineering purposes aren’t compatible from one phone to another. I have an engineering app on a MyTouch 4G that will not work on a sensation or an Amaze because the hardware is different. Our More advanced HSPA+ network requires more advanced radios in our handset so it takes more time to finalize these updates for T-Mobile whereas the rest of the guys can use cookie cutter versions that are far less complicated to engineer. So leave your negative comments to yourself unless you really know what goes into these things. Take a look at Verizon’s schedule. Big red is only getting updates on tablets? No handsets? I wonder how much their customers are hating on them today.

    • Pig Vomit

      I’m not a hater…..I’ve been a loyal T-Mobile customer for around 7 years.

      Your argument that the “more advanced” HSPA+ network requires more advanced radios doesn’t hold water.  Europe is HSPA+, and they get software updates and phone releases in a very timely fashion.  The extra time to “finalize these updates” is to add in a bunch of crapware that nobody wants yet marginally increases income to T-Mobile.  The badwill built by slow and non-existent software upgrades and phone releases can’t possibly be outweighed by increased income from the crapware.  I’ll say it again…..the only added software of any use to me and the vast majority of T-Mobile users is Wifi Calling.

      I still feel burned by my Vibrant purchase.  When my contract expires in July, which will be two years to the day Vibrant was released, I’ll be gone unless T-Mobile can demonstrate loyalty to their own loyal customers by showing a committment to faster software upgrades and phone releases.

  • i don’t have any Samsung phone .. never really liked them and Touchwiz so this doesn’t affect me .. but i can see how it disappoints all the Galaxy S II owners and such on TMO.  falling further behind the curve is never good.

  • fixxmyhead

    even though i already have ics on my s2 im buying UNLOCKED next time 

  • MarcusDW

    I’m still refraining from slapping a ROM on my GS2. I don’t think the update will go past June so I’ll wait.

    • willmez

      I put a rom on my GS2 and it’s great.  It’s a port from an AT&T leaked ICS. I love it!

      • MarcusDW

        OIC.  That looks dam good, don’t know how I’ll make it another couple months!!!

        • cromo8

          I would say just go for the ROM, you can always go back to official when it drops. I am running ICS right now and its much better than GB on the S2

        • MarcusDW

          Aight aight aight I’ma go ahead and de-virginize the GS2 after work.  Gonna be like old times with the Vibrant.

          I can’t wait for:

          Swipe away this, swipe away that
          Cooler looking multi-task list
          An ICS Launcher replacement
          What else guys?

        • cromo8

          Chrome is awesome

          face unlock

          Awesome launcher

          Much better MMS service and SMS as well

        • MarcusDW

          How’s Chrome and with its lack of Flash??

  • badbob001

    Am I wrong to think that money needs to be exchanged between Samsung and T-mobile before any updates are created? Perhaps T-mobile just doesn’t want to spend new money for old customers.

  • Trevor Traub

    What’s worse is even T-Mobile UK is slated for their ICS updates. I just really think DT wants it’s US unit to tank. I hate saying that but, I am starting to feel like a bastard child.

  • jonathan3579

    I guess this explains why all the other carriers had ICS leaks except T-Mobile… This is very disappointing despite the fact that I own a Galaxy Nexus.



    • 23

      1…2…better not sue…
      lol, I will be filing a lawsuit too if they do not provide an update. The only thing that I don’t know who to sue is should it be tmo or samsung. 

      • kalel

         You can’t sue T-mobile.  It’s part of the terms & agreement that you can’t.  Also, I don’t know of any court that would rule in favor of a plaintiff because of not getting an update.  Samsung never promised an update in writing when you purchased the phone.



    • kalel

      I really wonder why you are capitalizing everything and talk smack as if you know something but can’t even spell “losing”.  15 year olds shouldn’t be posting comments.

      • TMO IS LAME

        Seriously? How about you pull out a dictionary……..dumb ass

  • Cycad007

    If you’re sticking with T-mobile, then its really simple…don’t buy Samsung if you want constant “official” updates.  Right now, Samsung *DOES NOT* have a good track record of supporting their devices.  If you want good official support/updates, go with HTC instead.
    Criticize T-mobile all you want, it still provides the *BEST* value overall compared to AT&T, Verizon & Sprint.  Go elsewhere…I’ll save my money.

  • Kevincarter7

    WOW it always trips me out to read these comments! People have the right to feel however they feel about what they pay for. I have a htc sensation and waiting for ics. I as well am not a happy customer with tmo…but because my bill is where i want it to be i stay. i have been with them 8 years. No they don’t get first run on the good phones..ATT and Verizon do…but at least tmo better than sprint and uscellular…The comments on here be fighting words sometimes its funny. i will never sign another tmo contract. i rather just buy the phones unlocked off craigslist or somewhere else that way i have my freedom to do as i please….

  • NickyA264

    Thanks for reminding me why I will never, ever buy another samsung phone.  HTC…here I come!!!

  • Duf247

    Maybe they did not put up a list of phones because they are waiting to include to Galaxy Note (or whatever they would call it) if it comes to T-Mobile. It does not mean that the sky is falling, at least not yet.

    • MarcusDW

      Could be!  A Note with ICE OOTB would be an even hotter item alongside other ICS devices.  Better than looking out of date, although the note sells itself.

  • MarcusDW

    To all the people saying “#$%^ Samsung, HTC is God”, how is that Amaze and Sensation ICS update? Is it good?  What’s that? They haven’t been updated yet?  

    And KIM that the GS2 International has already been updated…I wonder if T-MOBILE is at all to blame!?…

    • Vim

      You’re exaggerating things a bit here.  HTC has always been more serious with updates than Samsung.  That’s a fact.  Here’s an example taken from T-Mobile:

      HTC’s MyTouch 3G was released half a year before Samsung’s Behold 2.  Both were released with Cupcake (1.5).  Samsung pushed out a Donut (1.6) update for the Behold.  HTC customers got not only Donut for the MyTouch 3G, but also a 2nd Froyo (2.2) update too.  (HTC decided to skip Eclair (2.1) and jumped directly to Froyo for the MT3G). There were a lot of angry Samsung owners because Samsung had said the Behold would get a 2.X update before they bought it, and then broke that promise.  Angry Samsung Vibrant owners can line up behind the Samsung Behold 2 owners, and any Samsung Galaxy S2 customers who are outraged about the latest announcement can line up behind the Behold 2 and Vibrant owners.

      It’s also true that HTC handsets historically have received their updates faster. Have you noticed how HTC’s Vivid for AT&T got its update before Samsung’s Nexus S?  A phone with a proprietary skin actually got an update more rapidly than a vanilla Nexus.  That’s impressive!

      HTC and T-Mobile at one point publicly committed themselves to getting Android OS updates onto all of HTC’s T-Mobile phones if they’re less than 18 months old when Google releases a new version of Android.  While they haven’t always succeeded with HTC’s non-flagship phones (mostly due to hardware requirements not being met), HTC has at least tried to maintain that pledge.  With Samsung, there has never been any such commitment, even for its flagship phones.  Those are simple facts.


  • Cycad007

    MarcusDW – Just pointed out the facts…

    Fact #1: HTC has updated more phones to ICS than Samsung on T-mobile 
    Fact #2: The official Amaze ICS update is coming (already available on XDA)
    Fact #3: HTC was rated a “B-” by ComputerWorld in terms of ICS updates.  Samsung?  “C-”
    Fact #4: The T-mobile GS2 is a slightly different device than the International version.
    Fact #5: Google is having issues updating the SAMSUNG Nexus S phone (CDMA version).

    I’m not saying “HTC is God”.  But just look at Samsung, they wouldn’t update the original Galaxy S to ICS in order to keep their crappy TouchWiz interface intact.  Now, I will say the rumored S3 specs look amazing…but I think I’ll be just fine using what I have.

    • MarcusDW

      Fact #1: HTC has updated more phones to ICS than Samsung on T-mobileWhat T-Mobile phones are UPDATED to ICS on T-Mobile?

      Fact #2: The official Amaze ICS update is coming (already available on XDA) 
      But it’s not here, so…  But I guess that’s worth SOMETHING right?

      Fact #3: HTC was rated a “B-” by ComputerWorld in terms of ICS updates.  Samsung?  “C-” 
      Nice tidbit of info.

      Fact #4: The T-mobile GS2 is a slightly different device than the International version. 
      Slightly?  Really?  Different screen, completely different processor, different radio, completely different body/installed programs.

      Fact #5: Google is having issues updating the SAMSUNG Nexus S phone (CDMA version). 
      You win this one hands down.  Its ridiculous what’s going on with the Nexus S ICS update since it’s been available. 

      • Cycad007


        Fact #1, According to Tmo…HTC had sent the Sensation ROM update to Tmo for testing.  But Tmo sent it back to HTC due to issues with WiFi calling & the radio in April.  The Sensation should be getting the ICS update soon.  As for the Amaze update, I already counted it as ‘updated’.  But I suppose I did count the chickens before they hatched.  Still if you were to bet money on which company (HTC or Samsung) will deliver ICS to your phone….I know which horse my money will be on.
        Fact #2: Like you said, its worth SOMETHING.  So far, HTC has provided better communication to their customers regarding the ICS update than Samsung.

        Fact #4: I wasn’t aware of the different screen.  Thanks for filling me in on that.

        • MarcusDW

          The AT&T Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket official ICS ROMs have leaked which means that Samsung has ROM builds for devices available just like HTC does.  If you wanna talk about a race to the finish line then yes HTC will probably win but I’ll take a Samsung(especially my problem free GS2) over a buggy HTC any day.  Mine, my friends, and family’s HTC devices have obvious bugs 9 times out of 10.  I really hope the same isn’t true for the One series cuz those are some very nice phones.

          This whole conversation is moot really though since no TMO device has official ICS yet.  

  • Jamesj

    Tmo just got samsunged.

  • NicoleScherzy

    The only reason Tmobile didn’t update their phones is because they want the htc one s to be the only one running ics to make it more alluring to customers.

  • now_onTMO

    oh that’s a Lie… of course tmo’s samsunG devices are getting ICS, they are just pissing tmo customers on purpose.. lol


    • now_onTMO

       pissing off.. LOL

  • Douglas P

    T-Mobile never updated the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, which still officially is stuck at Froyo. Every other carrier provided upgrades for that unit, so the culprit looks to be T-Mobile.  

    The worst part has been their silence and lack of response on the issue.  So I wouldn’t expect any better this time.

    Which means I’m done with T-Mobile.  Hooray!

  • Slickdeals

    tmobile is the worst of the worst, first, they get all the inferior phones, 2ndly, they don’t get updates on time like other carriers. 2 months and I AM OUT!

  • can the sidekick 4g get gingerbread atleast -_-

  • T-Mobile: Where FAIL happens…  again

  • angcurry

    T-mobile is the best!! There customer service is A+. AT&T sucks!! there expensive and there customer service is the worst!! they can’t solve anything , really is the I Phone worth that, sorry andriod phones are just as good. There the 4th largest so of course we are the last to get the updates, its because the Verzion and AT&T got to get theres out there first to justify there pricing!! If that is what you want to call it!!

  • Smwc2561

    Sprint SPHD710… No ICS ??? Not all or just not yet?