HTC One S Smartphones Start Arriving At Walmart, T-Mobile Retail Stores

With less than twenty-four hours to go, the HTC One S is already making its way into T-Mobile retail stores and Walmart locations in preparation for launch. If you haven’t caught my official preview of the HTC One S, you’ll know that I’m very excited by this device and believe that HTC has manufactured an appealing smartphone and finally, yes finally turned around Sense 4.0 into a mature-looking Android overlay. It’s definitely worth a hands-on to see if the new HTC One line fits your style.

If you’re looking to grab the HTC One S tomorrow, don’t forget you have a few options:

  • T-Mobile: $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate
  • Walmart: $198.00, no rebate
  • Costco: $189.99, includes $25 Costco cash card
  • Best Buy: $199.99, no rebate


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  • Izzybrexx

    ill save 2bucks yaay

    • Izzybrexx


    • StarMenace

      Why not get it from Costco? You’ll save $11 off the bat ($61 by your other comment), get a package of accessories AND get $25 for any other Costco purchase. Seems like the best deal out there.

      • BigMixxx

         costco, you may incur the tax on the full price of the phone.  Walmart makes so much damn money, that they will absorb the tax. 

        • StarMenace

          I live in MN, I paid tax based on the sale price. $13.53 was the total tax I paid. Maybe it’s different in other states?

        • BigMixxx

          yup, Nevada ain’t everywhere…again, you MAY incur the tax on the full price…
          Walmart, of course, they absorb…it’s cheap.  T mobile really does not care.  They just want us in contracts…

  • ZhenyaK

    Let’s talk mothers day sale. Do you think the phones will be free? Since its less than 30 days away, will I be able to get the phone today, return it and get it for free if that’s an option?

    If I can wait till then
    [] I will see what the S3 looks like (definitely don’t like sammy anymore, but i’ll give them a shot)
    [] See if the microarc One S comes to t-mo
    [] See if the One X comes to t-mobile

  • Marshall834

    Does that say $400 w/o a service agreement? Those on value plans aren’t interested in rebates…

    • Ozzie1p

      It does say $400…..what are the conditions allowing that price? 

      • Sam

        $400 – $500 off contract IS what the price should be. The V is $350 off and the X is $550.

      • Sam

        In fact, the costco say $399 retail as well

        • Ozzie1p

          Ya, just checked costco site and they are showing it retail at $399. There is now way to select retail price for pre-order but maybe that will change on the 25th.

        • Marshall834

          Just checked and its listed there as $649.99 for suggested retail… ha!

        • JMccovery

           T-Mobile pretty much does that for every phone they sell. For example, the Exhibit II 4G can be bought from Walmart for $179/189/198 (no contract), whereas lists the phone for $329!

          Sadly, the only time buying a phone for T-Mobile would be a good idea, is when they have those ‘Web-only’ deals.

      • Marshall834

        Dang that’s awesome. I will be getting this over the galaxy s for 600 dollars if that is the case

    • AC

      Try $600.

      • MarcusDW

        I see $600 as well after I save and zoom in on the picture.

      • Thomas Brezinski

        No way I would pay $600 for this phone.  If they had put a non-pentile screen on it maybe.  Should it actually come in at $450 I’ll buy, but surely not at $600.

  • bureau13

    They’re pushing value plans, but every time there’s a launch it’s all about the 2 year contract price. Can we get some consistency here?  

  • Jgaleas2011

    I went to a TMo store yesterday and they had a actuall working One S Ihave to say that phone is amazingly comfertable to hold it was very fast it even looks a lot more slick then the pics make it to be. The gradient grey to blue is awesome look.

    I opted for the bestbuy since Ihade a giftcard so Ionly paid 159 tax and all plus Iget a 50 giftcard back so 110 for the one S doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I just wish they had Tmo in their stores to make it easier but either way I’m happy Iam a early adopter as Iwas with my G2 that served me well

  • Brad Johnson

    As far as the Costco deal goes… Does anyone know what this will be like tomorrow? (post pre-order)

    • StarMenace

      The price will be the same but you will no longer be able to get the accessory package or the $25 cash card.

  • exibits mans

    The samsung galaxey in the picture 97cents. I will be going up to wall marts today.

  • Enoel69

    Nice device but i am torn between the One S, One X and the soon to be announced GS3. Google is selling the unlocked GSM 3G/HSPA+ GNex directly for $400…that is an option for those who don’t want to pay $600+ for the One S. I am more than willing to pay abt $600 for one of the three…depending on which one i decide to go with.

  • bureau13

    Where are you guys getting $600?  I haven’t actually seen ANYTHING saying what the no-service-agreement price is, other than the picture above which clearly says $400. Now, I have a hard time believing $400, but $600 is damn steep.

    • Justamazing87

      600 is standard for highend smart phones … And yes its 599 off contract

      249 with 50 mail and rebate on classic. 199 down on value

  • Nooney299

    $599 without contract

  • Justamazing87

    I’m looking at a price card its 600 of contract

  • kept getting an error code when trying to purchase at best buy… tried online chat they said no sorry can’t help you… call the 1-877 number. Screw that… I’ll just take advantage of the trade in deal. 

  • Mitsurugy

    This is a quadrant standard i ran on the One S, the first time I actually got a score that was over 5,000

  • Luizx2004

     Will the HTC One S  only be offered in Gradient Blue???? what about black with red trim ??

    • kennyc

      the black and red one isn’t coming to tmobile..only the european versions;((

      • Luizx2004

         oh man…….thanks

        • rumor also has it that the HTC One X will be coming to tmobile as possibly the G2X replacement probably the G4X

      • not true. black and red coming in june or july (i believe it was june). 

        • Luizx2004

           where did you get that info? is this official ?

        • EKF11

          My brother-in-law works for TMobile and he confirmed the black/red version is coming out in June. I think I’ll be waiting till then to get this phone. It’s going to be hard to wait. The phone is crazy awesome from what the TMobile guys I know I say. 

  • now can you film it right side up… and pause at the end so we can read the scores please?

  • sadly, did NOT arrive at our local walmart and we are just 50 miles away from Tmobile HQ.