Samsung Releases Mobile Unpacked 2012 Android App, Stream The Event Live

Samsung is pulling out all the stops as the clock continues to count down to the May 3rd Galaxy S III launch event. While they may have teased us this morning with a video promising to change the Galaxy world as we know it, this approach is a little more direct with the release of a Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 app in the Google Play store.

If you’re not attending the Samsung event in London, fear not as the Mobile Unpacked app will stream the announcement right to you smartphone. So if you are at work, not in front of the computer for whatever reason or the spouse is making you run some errands, you can still catch the event on the go.

I gave the app a download on my HTC One S and unfortunately it’s not working, it appears that there is already a comment about it not working on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus either. I’m guessing the app may not work on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, so be prepared for all those out there running ICS ROM’s. Hopefully Samsung has already caught that error and is working on a fix. Either way, this is worth a download if you’re excited for Samsung’s big event.

Google Play 

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  • Austinclock

    Hopefully you won’t watch while driving, while on the go. Texting and driving is bad enough, I hope there isn’t going to be a craze of watching YouTube or some other video while driving!

    • mreveryphone

      Your a little late people have tv’s in their dash including me and you can watch movies. I’ve watched the hangover on the way to work numerous times

      • sorandkairi

        Your=you are …..

        And TVs in cars are for the passengers….not the drivers

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Yooo Sora, Haven’t seen you on here in a minute. How you been man?

        • sorandkairi

          LOL!!! I’m always here…in the shadows…. LOL! No but for real, I’m around. I just don’t get enough time thoughtout the day to comment as much as a used to. Comments like that though piss me off; I was in a bad car accident on Valentine’s Day this year… Dude hit me because he was watching netflix on his phone AND didn’t have insurance…… SOB!

          Anyway, how’s it been going W!

  • Byroc8

    The app is running in my Tmobile Galaxy S II! It’s not rooted or anything special, tyhart14 Verizon guy just sounded bitter as hell though haha!

    • Byroc8

      That* not tyhart14

  • Why would they update it to work with ICS considering that 99% of their products run Gingerbread?

    Why GIVE you ICS when they know they can sell it to you, and you’ll all run out and buy it?

  • cmikeh2

    The app is running fine on my Exhibit II which is rooted and running Ice Cream Sandwich so it may not actually be incompatible with ICS handsets.

  • Nettieo

    The app is running fine, also, on my Nexus S with ICS

  • JBLmobileG1

    Very interesting. All I can say is Samsung is creating GIANT shoes for themselves to fill… hopefully they don’t disappoint. And with ALL this hype and now an App to introduce the next Galaxy I expect nothing less than an Amazing phone that will blow even the rumored specs away. This should be game changing…. If it’s worth it I’d be more than happy and willing to use my upgrade.

  • Enoel69

    Whether Sammy decides to use the quad core Exynos 4412 or the dual core 5250 chip…this device will be a speed monster. Use of the 5250 chipset will be a coup by Samsung…couple that with possibly a 4.7″ 720p Super amoled plus HD screen, hopefully a 12Mpx rear cam, a monster battery to juice up, 16/32GB internal memory plus a micro SD expansion card slot, 1 or 2GB RAM…i am 70% sold the other 30% reserved for a possible comparison of a rumored vanilla ICS One X on Tmo. Hope HTC/Tmo makes that known prior to the GS3 going on sale.