Samsung’s The Next Galaxy Countdown Ends, Teaser Video Goes Live

The countdown timer has ended and Samsung has put up the next in what is likely to be a series of clues leading up to their May 3rd Samsung Unpacked event and Galaxy S III unveiling. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show much at all, other than text interlaced with galactic images promising that owning a Galaxy S III will make your “view of the world grow even wider.” That’s certainly possible however, I was hoping for a little more from this video, but I guess May 3rd is just around the corner, right?

Hit the full video below:

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  • Mexican Jesus

    the only people who mind be called sheep are those who know it to be true about themselves….hit close to home much?

    • Right, that’s a great theory you have there, I mind it because it hits close to home. Good luck with that idea.

      • Lol

        Ohh…Quit being but hurt. some neutral party you are.

        Remember the mac vs pc commercials “I’m a pc blah blah blah”
        “I’m a mac I’m much cooler blah blah blah”

        Get over it every company does it I think your just being over sensitive .

      • IRIE4IPIER

        You are a sheep, you think the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 from last year are the top 2 smartphones available today, by far the Galaxy S2 is number ONE. And with the GS2 you get different options rather than just one, 4.5 inch with Exynos or Qualcomm, or 4.3 with Exynos. But you voted iPhone 4 over that? You are a sheep. Be proud.

        • Dude, I like the iPhone as my main phone, get over it. I don’t knock Samsung’s products, nor HTC, not anyone else’s. Also, the iPhone 4 outsold the Galaxy S II by a large margin worldwide. You might want to fact check that. Either way, it wouldn’t matter, both companies should focus on their product strengths, not insulting the other customer.

        • IRIE4IPIER

          Yes, there are a lot of sheep out there, we already know that, Samsung just told us that, Samsung is #1 in the world without all you sheep, that’s what they are saying here, my GS2 stands out and my GS3 will too.

        • stands out from the tens of millions of people who own the same device?

        • IRIE4IPIER

          From the sheep, are you not paying attention?

  • Fed

    Since they are the number 1 smartphone msnufacterer in the world, I think their marketing has been fine

    • My point, don’t alienate your potential customer base, they’ve earned that position by doing what they’ve been doing, making fun of iPhone owners doesn’t seem smart. I don’t like it when car commercials make fun of owners of another vehicle either. Focus on your product strengths and customers will come.

      • lostinthemuzik

        STFU dumb ass

      •  That’s the nature of competition these days.  Look at American politics.  You have the left side trying to point out what’s wrong with the right side and the right side trying to point out what’s wrong with the left, all while missing the chance to point out what’s right with their own sides.  The strategy seems to be that you focus on taking bricks out of your opponents wall, rather than building up your own.  And that sucks.

        • In politics that is an expected turn of events, you tell people what is wrong with the country and who is to blame for it. That’s an election year. Politics has no rules, even though it does. This is different, I just feel like Samsung is trying to ride this wave of calling iPhone owners stupid, and yet…how many people stand in line for every Samsung launch? Work on getting your customers that excited for your own launches that they line up hours on end.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          David Stop. That statement could’ve been stopped at “Calling iPhone Owners Stupid” and you would’ve gotten the same point across.
          Defending iPhone in every article is making people pull away from your site.
          Regardless of Samsung’s approach with their marketing whether you or anybody else thinks it’s right or wrong, business is business. If they alienate their potential fanbase, let them.

        • I’m not defending the iPhone, nor am I calling Samsung a bad product, I’m just saying (and I’m hardly alone here) that they should focus less on calling out Apple customers as sheep.

          More importantly, if Android people want to leave the site because they don’t like it, that’s fine, this is a T-Mobile site, not an Android site and as such we can write about whatever product we want.

          Would you feel the same way if I suddenly said Tizen was the best thing in the world and alienated everyone else? :-)

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I agree, this is a Tmobile site so worrying about how Samsung (or any company for that matter) markets their product is pointless.

          What should be worried about here, is if these devices are coming to Tmobile US or not. Not what a company does in it’s marketing.

          And you should know good and well from my MeeGo days that I couldn’t care less about what other people think about what I like. Come on now David.

        • unclesam

          David stop talking. U seem offended by the ad. …u work for apple? Lmao…its ok if iphone users are like sheep just following the eachother…. Which I guess makes them sheep?

        • I’ll continue talking, thank you! Move on, the iPhone debate is over!

        • Spanky

          I don’t think that all iPhone owners are stupid. Many are, though – look at the nonsensical Twitter outcry when Instagram was released on Android. Unfortunately, many iPhone users view the iPhone as a status symbol, thinking that ownership of that phone somehow makes them superior to Android users. Then again, I’ve come across quite a few Android users that belong in the same category.

          With that being said, camping out in front of an Apple store to be one of the first to get a new iPhone is pretty silly.

      • unclesam

        Dude ur just crying. Iphone users are sheep…. Australian sheep Lmao

  • Guest

    Is it just me or is that the music from Mass Effect?

  • ha ha, great! whats wrong being a sheep? truly thats how i see iphone users anyways. good job sammy

    • Oh, imagine my surprise that you think so!

  • LaCandela

    Now to decide which to get galaxy III or htc one have to check the camera on the galaxy htc has the best one of all cells

  • Smellybutt

    This is the same company that botched the Galaxy S android update. Not only is Android buggy and laggy, Samsung alienated me by not giving an update to the OS in a timely manner.

    Never again. “View of the world grows even wider.”. Hahaha. Lame. Why don’t they just focus on selling a damn great phone and supporting it. All this space crap talk. Get real.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You’ll be first in line to get the GS3.

    • Lol


      Like apple never dropped the ball .. no company is perfect

    • Spanky

      After an extremely negative experience with the Vibrant (non-working GPS, lack of updates, lag-inducing RFS file system), I swore off Samsung…until, that is, the Galaxy Nexus was released. I am well aware that the GNex is a different breed of phone, but it’s still a Samsung.

      I am keeping an eye on the GS III. If the specs turn out to be the same as the ones that were posted on this blog last week, I most likely won’t get it, as it doesn’t seem that much better than the GNex. However, if it turns out to be a mindblowing phone, I will certainly consider it. Due to persistent data speed issues in my area, I am leaving T-Mobile this summer, so I can’t wait to see other carriers’ variations of this phone.


    Good one Samsung, David’s just mad, ignore that sheep.

    • Scarfacemario

      Thats just inappropriate behavior

  • 45584hotters

    yeah, music from mass effect 3

    • ijyt

      Wrong there, it’s Normandy Reborn from the Mass Effect 2 score, only slightly remixed.

  • Deanmwilliams

    The fact that a new phone is coming out gets me excited, not this video of nothing. Attacking Apple in that matter fails, in my opinion. When it comes to many items, people want to standout. But now, when it comes to phones, people have no problem with it sharing the same technology. It can start conversation, it’s familiar.

    David, the reference in the comments about Samsung not having people wait in line is not valid, either. If they only released one phone per year, and had dedicated stores, it would be a different ball game (yes, people wait at Best Buy and other stores, too, I know).

    I’m an Android user. I have an iPad. I get the best of both worlds.

  • Spanky

    Anyone else think that the scene with the sheep is a subtle dig at Apple?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      No way man. Nobody thinks that at all.

      • The bottom line is that there tens of millions of Galaxy S and Galaxy S II owners and who are they kidding, it’s not like they are marching to the beat of their own drum. You bought the same phone millions of other people did and likely for a lot of the same reasons, that makes you as much a sheep as an iPhone owner.

        • TMOTECH

          Don’t mess With David’s iPhone there Spanky…

        • Hey, let’s remember I use Android as much as I use the iPhone. I’ve just never rooted, so I’m probably missing a lot, but every time I’ve wanted to, I always run into problems as a Mac user. I love the HTC One S, One X hopefuls have a valid complaint about the lack of a pentile display, still, I’m loving it. I’ve got Apex launcher on there and love it even more!

        • sino8r

          David, you need to set up a Linux live cd and bam! no issues… It’s not really that complicated at all. Plus there are quite a few guides for root out there with a Mac version.

        • J-Hop2o6

           Apex Launcher on my ICS G2 FTW!

        • Spanky

          Haha, I think that the iPhone is a good device, just not for me.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          You do realize that I was being sarcastic there right David?

        • No, here I did, the comment about alienating readers, not so much. I don’t think I’m alienating people by attempting to stir up discussion, if they disagree and leave the site because of it, there is nothing I can do with it. This isn’t and cannot be an Android-only site, T-Mobile is more than Android, even if they have thrown their lot in with them. My hope is to appeal to everyone and create discussion for anyone who wants it. I can’t please everybody.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I meant with the comment up here David. Lol

        • I get exactly what Samsung is doing with the “Sheep” reference, to me ads like these are making fun of the iSheep that will likely never consider anything but an iPhone, I don’t think Samsung is trying to get these people to buy the GS3.

          What I think they are doing is trying to encourage other more open minded people who may see themselves as “following the flock” to break out and try something new, or sway people who are on the fence to their side.

          Yeah, there are millions of people who buy Galaxy Devices, but most of them are not as clan-like and closed-minded as the Sheep they are referring to, I think it’s clever advertising.

        • MightyMolecule

          it’s all marketing. the sheep-pen reference, if any can be made, is the result of product control over a cellular phone. a device that, in an ever-increasing technological field, requires it be 1. stable and 2. secure. that virus i just downloaded off the android market/desktop sure made gadget banking interesting. let alone having the battery life of 3 hours with various conflicting app crashes making that critical call to the office or (heaven forbid 911) an interesting event. the point is, whereas a bachelors degree in marketing can convince you that all consumers who own or switched to the apple product are sheep, a percentage understand the dynamics of the medium and just want a smartphone that’s also the most dependable…of course after leaving AT&T that is. 

        • Cybersedan

          There is a counter argument for everything you just said, and you sound like one of those Sheep that Samsung nor anyone else will get through to.

          Stable & Secure? More secure, yes I’m not going to argue that, because of Apple’s walled-in approach to their App store, it’s almost impossible to get a virus on an iPhone unless you jail-break it, but Stable, absolutely not.  iPhones have far more app crashes than Android, but unlike Google that treats you like an adult and lets you know, Apple hides it from the sheep, so you feel like your device is perfect.

          iOS vs Andriod App crash statistics

          3 hour battery life, you’re talking about a small sub-set of not very well engineered LTE handsets specifically made for Verizon, and part of the reason why the battery life is so horrible is because of VZs requirements that the handset operates both on EDVO and LTE at the same time, causing excess battery drainage.  So it’s unfair to claim this is true for Andriod handsets as a whole, and again makes you sound more sheepish.   My handset gets 8 to 12 hours, and guess what, I can swap my battery out if/when I need to for a fully charged one, wow choice?

          I’m not even going to address the number of bugs, and issues that exist with iOS devices, that has my friends running to line up waiting for the “geniuses” to help them at the Apple store, that “just works” claim is so out of line it’s not even worth debating.

        • MightyMolecule

          to retort “since you sound like one of those Sheep that bashes Apple just because that’s what’s cool that no one will get through to”, the junkfood statistics offered through your link report nothing of source outside forbes. what’s a crittercism? are they like carrier IQ? sample size? phone configuration? what a joke, but genuine kudos on offering data of any kind to a position.

          i understand an open platform. i understand the argument for the consumer with that openess in mind. i run/own/build pc rigs with various operating softwares from linux to hackintosh. however, we’re talking about cellular phones, a device that by it’s very nature (independent on whatever marketing campaign by whoever) rest on the principles of communication first and consumption second, and with that you gave me my point on security, but stability…. 

          so let’s actually analyze those numbers instead of simply walking away with what the article wants you to read. taking into consideration just the static values you offered it’s apparent that various android/iOS softwares have descrepancies across the board with respect to version – and that’s with incorrectly holding that the samples constitute all phone sets – in which they stress (before writing the juicy bits for sensationalization) that android has had more version iterations to address app conflict whereas iOS incremental updates have not. why the difference? interesting… 

          this also goes on to completely ignore why the android/iOS has had specific updates (per model). whereas unlike the android platform, sotware versions have evolved almost concomitantly with iphone models whereas most android updates (from experience) addressed a vulnerability from flash or app store hijacks. so let us argue that the android platform houses larger model spectra and this necessitates the version descrepancy. sure, but the debacles originating from iOS snafus were from rollouts of major industry changing offerings. iOS 5 crashes more versus iOS 3. okay, why? apps? new phone model? icloud? what about iOS 5.1? it addresses those conflicts and viola. interesting…

          furthermore, let’s address those stats of the basis in which they only address application installations. what? why? maybe because an individual owning a particular phone doesn’t want/need 30-300-3000 apps on their phone to add another variable outside actual sotware integrity to crash a smartphone. crazy thoughts, i know, but not all of us are “sheep” to require an urbanspoon or google goggles just because that commercial/friend said so. —– 

          of course the point of all of this is to conclude with consumer choice. after owning six separate android platform models (i.e. htc, droid, etc.) throughout the various software drops – I personally have had crashes at the most inopportune times possible running basal levels of apps for my specific lifestyle. replicating this approach on the iphone has simply not equated the same scenarios. period. the irony in the “sheep” marketing ploy is that, i don’t require stats (or commercials/youtubercials) to tell me otherwise in stark contrast to what i’m dealing with in my own little world from my own personal experiences.

          interesting, not sheep behavior at all…    

        • Vim

          Apple’s walled garden has always felt too much like a sheep pen to me.  Pen the customers in so the big bad world doesn’t hurt them, restrict what they can do so they don’t hurt themselves, and lock them into your ecosystem so you can fleece them regularly and it becomes too expensive/complicated for them to switch.   Yes, I know customers can jailbreak their iphones to escape the pen, but why should one have to resort to breaking out of a “sheep pen” in the first place?   So to me the sheep pen scene in the commercial resonates, and I suspect I’m far from alone.

    • Get_at_Me


  • James

     I look forward to seeing what will actually come out for t-mobile. Can’t get too excited here just yet

  • Get_at_Me

    I love the dig at apple personally. I dont see anything wrong with it. Apple set the standard in 2007. The goal of every manufacturer now is to offer a “better” alternative. Samsung is leading that charge. I also think that apples injunctions and lawsuits against samsung have alot to do with these anti-iphone ads. Im not generalizing here but alot of ppl come into my store asking for the iphone without really knowing why they want it….thats a sheep. If you cant give me valid reasons for preferring one phone over another, youre a sheep. Alot of ppl want it bc other ppl have it or bc of the commercials….sheep.

  • tmo_rep

    I love it! When the part about the sheeps came up, I couldn’t stop laughing. David, just get over it. Samsung and Apple have been battling for awhile now, this wasn’t a low blow by any means, just bit of humor picking. Will this Ad get all of the Iphone drones to switch…no. For the record I have nothing against apple or the Iphone, what I do have a problem with are all the sheep who want and think the iphone is the best because its an iphone.

  • MarcusDW

    Ooooh this has David vocal as a mug! lol

    Great teaser Samsung.  I can’t wait til May 5th to get drunk… what were we talkin’ about?

    • May 3rd, May 3rd!!

      • GalNex

        Why are you so angry?

  • Great ad! the best.

  • What are those sheep chewing on? they should be eating apples?

  • ceedubmn

    Wow, people…   really?  Because David is expressing his opinion (which, I believe, is perfectly acceptable in a blog…) about Samsung’s tactics he’s “hurt” and being “defensive” over the sheep in the teaser vid? I think he has a valid point — I personally laughed at the sheep but many consumers (e.g. your average consumer that doesn’t bother to follow the industry closely and whom Samsung is trying to woo to their side) might be a bit insulted. 

    As I said, I thought the teaser was funny.  But I personally think if you’re going to target iPhone users you should take pot shots at Apple for their extensive control of their products.  Heck, you could probably dust off the old Apple commercials that portrayed Microsoft as Big Brother back when they launched the Mac and just switch the roles — Samsung freeing people from the tyranny of Apple instead of Apple freeing us from Microsoft.

  • fixxmyhead

    excellent video

  • Johnny Brown

    Truthfully, I got a little chuckle out of the “sheep” comment but c’mon, most people who have already made up their mind about getting the GS3 has already done so. This ad does nothing for me. It’s one of those teasers that no average consumer will even care about or see. Now if this was a teaser for TV teasing the arrival of the S, I think it would TOTALLY work, as it would let the consumer think, “Hmmm, what’s this?)
    I think David has a point about poking fun at Apple; let the device sell itself, but in Samsung’s defense, They want their S series to be the iPhone of the Android world if you will (at the end of the day I suppose that makes us S-Sheep LOL). So making a direct, competitive reference is one of those marketing necessary evils. With that said, I think Samsung is bitter from having the bejezus sued out of them by Apple every time they breath, so I think that’s the meat of their attacks. 

    The only difference between Apple and Samsung; At the end of the day, Apple has better brand recognition. You know one device from the other. You know what you’re getting when you’re getting it. You have your iPod, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. What do you have with Samsung and the Galaxy series? You have the S, R, W, M, Y (and all it’s variants)  Tabs 10, 8, 7 (and all it’s variants) And you have the Note, Nexus and Player devices… Ummm which one is important again? They are an electronics company, so they are using the “different strokes for different folks” line of thinking, but less is more, Samsung. Stop spreading the Galaxy name so thin.

    Sorry for the long post! :-)

  • stevejobbed

    As a self confessed Apple fanboy (I went to a Mac a few years ago and will never go back) i have to admit Samsung is doing a good job marketing against them. I loved the super bowl commercial that highlighted the Galaxy Note and everyone waiting in line for the next iphone and now this. Although I personally prefer the stability and compatibility of Apple products, I think Samsung has come out with some great stuff recently.
    And I totally get your point David, making fun of the fact that Apple has passionate supporters that wait in line for their next product can have the opposite intended effect of highlighting the fact that people don’t do that as much for their own products. 

  • Thecityboy781

    I think I saw myself on the pack of sheep…what if the commercial came from the SIII device it self?