Leaked Android Build Screenshots Show Off T879 Model Number, T-Mobile Galaxy Note?

How’s this for a fun Sunday night as we just received some Android screenshots, reportedly taken off a T-Mobile Galaxy Note unit floating around. So, are they real? We believe so and after a little leg-work done by our resident tech guru (and a few other Android heavy folks) Conan Kudo we think we are looking at the genuine article:

The screenshots may seem fishy, but I believe they may be genuine. For example, the leaked ICS build for the AT&T Galaxy Note has the build number of IML74K.144, indicating the build date and it is the 144th custom build. The SGH-T879 has the same build number because it was built from the same sources at the same time, meaning that it is indeed a brother to the AT&T Galaxy Note. The build servers and time stamp match up with Samsung’s official build information. We know that this build is intended to be an official build because the build number is suffixed with the baseband version instead of a decimal number indicating a custom build that voids the warranty. The pattern holds true when you look at the build numbers for official ROMs from Samsung for the Samsung Vibrant, the Galaxy S 4G, the Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and the Galaxy S II. Furthermore, the images are scaled down directly from 800×1280, and they match what we know for Samsung’s TouchWiz interface to look like in Android 4.0.

At this point, we’re asking you to take the Galaxy Note’s launch on T-Mobile with the typical grain of salt as we work to get more intel. Still, we can’t help but be a little more excited with these shots as they offer another clue that the Galaxy Note will in fact hit Magenta store shelves in the future.

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