Leaked Android Build Screenshots Show Off T879 Model Number, T-Mobile Galaxy Note?

How’s this for a fun Sunday night as we just received some Android screenshots, reportedly taken off a T-Mobile Galaxy Note unit floating around. So, are they real? We believe so and after a little leg-work done by our resident tech guru (and a few other Android heavy folks) Conan Kudo we think we are looking at the genuine article:

The screenshots may seem fishy, but I believe they may be genuine. For example, the leaked ICS build for the AT&T Galaxy Note has the build number of IML74K.144, indicating the build date and it is the 144th custom build. The SGH-T879 has the same build number because it was built from the same sources at the same time, meaning that it is indeed a brother to the AT&T Galaxy Note. The build servers and time stamp match up with Samsung’s official build information. We know that this build is intended to be an official build because the build number is suffixed with the baseband version instead of a decimal number indicating a custom build that voids the warranty. The pattern holds true when you look at the build numbers for official ROMs from Samsung for the Samsung Vibrant, the Galaxy S 4G, the Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and the Galaxy S II. Furthermore, the images are scaled down directly from 800×1280, and they match what we know for Samsung’s TouchWiz interface to look like in Android 4.0.

At this point, we’re asking you to take the Galaxy Note’s launch on T-Mobile with the typical grain of salt as we work to get more intel. Still, we can’t help but be a little more excited with these shots as they offer another clue that the Galaxy Note will in fact hit Magenta store shelves in the future.

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  • Alexander Rojas

    I sent this in :D

  • mobilehavoc

    Meh. Snapdragon S3 is fail. At least if they had kept the Exynos I’d be interested.

    • Derail Doax

      Haters gonna hate. S3 seems to work just fine in my Sensation 4G. Of course it’s lower resolution than a G note. But still, haters gonna hate.

      • TBN27


  • looks as if its close to confirmation. – )

  • Slaggy30

    You are right crapdragon is far away from exynos…

    • J-Hop2o6

       S4 is blowing past others in CPU, and on par with GPU. But yea, S3 is meh these days.

    • J-Hop2o6

       S4 is blowing past others in CPU, and on par with GPU. But yea, S3 is meh these days.

  • melon3531

    Just in time for my upgrade, T-Mo is stepping up to the plate and giving some worthy choices to replace my trusty G2.  It might even be hard to make a decision!  One S, Galaxy Note, Samsung GSIII, hmm… 

    • That’s exactly the dilemma I’m in, although my upgrade isn’t until August so by then I assume the Galaxy S-III will be the best device out.

      It’s just time I replace my G2, it’s been a great phone but I’m ready to move on.

  • RMK

    800 px/286 DPI = 2.8 in

    1280 px/285 DPI = 4.49 in
    sqrt(2.8^2+4.49^2)=5.29 in or about 5.3 in

    Sure looks like the not to me!!!

  • Wunderbar_car

    Who knows they might put in a Snapdragon S4 in it. If they do, this it will blow out the international version and without a doubt the AT&T version…

    •  I really think they might do that.

      • Wunderbar_car

        Yea I have a strong feeling about it too.. It just wouldn’t make sense to get it this late with an old and poor processor. Also With an S4 Galaxy Note they become more competitive..

        • Get_at_Me

          Id love for this to have the s4, but i dont think that it will.

        • Look under the GPU, Adreno 220.. : Snapdragon S3 it is.

        • sino8r

          Ah man! They could at least done the freakin S4, right?! First HTC dropping qwerty models and now this… I’m gonna stroke out!!#$%’&)*(+-€_=”

        • J-Hop2o6

          They wouldn’t do that. The G-Note was made with the S3. If they used S4 it would basically be the G-Note2, which this isn’t.

  • Acudoc

    I really want one of these. 

  • This has been a great weekend for updates, thanks. Now I can use a Note on T-Mobile, and sell my international one. Woohoo.

    • Vcelj2

      I have the AT&T Note hacked to work on the T-Mobile Network. Getting over 10 megabytes down during the day. If I want to switch back to AT&T, I just have to switch the sim card and back to AT&T’s
      LTE network. Best of both worlds. XDA-DEVELOPER
      website has the complete hack outlined and also shown on you-tube.

      • I have both the N7000 and the AT&T version.  I did a video on my page, just click on my name.  You will find it on my YouTube page.

  • Hmm… If this is true, T-Mobile seems to be very serious about no longer playing left field or bench warmers & are serious with their “Challenger” stance. This would probably be perfect for me. I used to think “ugh, I don’t need a phone that big.” Then, I got a 4″ smartphone, then I got a 4.3″ smartphone & tried to play certain games on it. It’s nothing like playing games on a widescreen like the Note.

  • Ruben

    With every clue towards the note i get a little more excited. Still no hopes are being raised for me tho.

  • If this comes with an S4 I don’t really see why I’d wait for the GSIII. :D

    • Vim

      Nope, sorry, judging by the graphics chip, it’s just an S3. 

      • I already pointed that out below, unfortunately.

  • please say it so joe!!!

  • jesse

    look at the statusbar and at those settings if its the note for tmobile its coming with ICS preloaded!!!!!!

    • Yeah, you don’t have to look at the status bar man, just look at the Android version = Android 4.0.3. A much easier giveaway than the status bar.

      • sino8r

        Yup… Good point lol! One thing I wanna point out though guys… I could easily fake this with a modded build.prop Just sayin’ but the combination of that, plus screen size, and theme makes it pretty believable. I’d have to go with this is the real deal. Thanks Davey!

  • Youngt82

    I can definitely see T-Mobile getting the Galaxy Note, but why cant this just be the Galaxy S lll?

    • J-Hop2o6

       ? GS3 hasn’t even been officially reviled yet until May 3rd.

  • DannyTheGynecologist

    i will be 1st in line for this one!

  • Scarfacemario

    Looks like im going to have to start saving an extra $400 this month lol

  • spartanjet

    sigh no Exynos no sale.  Why do they keep screwing up Samsung phones like that.  All I want is the version the rest of the world gets.

    • TR

       Doesn’t work with Tmobile HSPA 42.

      • 42+


      • sino8r

        Who f*cking cares! I’m tired of that lame ass excuse, no offense personally. We don’t care about speed that much especially when 14.4 can take care of it fine. It’s getting old and it’s a pain on development lol! Stupid Tmobile :)

        • dkbnyc

          Damn, you are a whinny little b*itch aren’t you!  

        • sino8r

          Just because you don’t know the f*cking difference… You perceive it as whining. You’re just a stupid f@g.

        • Get a new comeback

          Is that your only response? You’ve said it 3 times now?

        • Honestly, that’s enough…I’m ready to ban everyone. Respect your difference of opinion and move on.

      • spartanjet

        Here is the deal.  I have both the Sensation (which is NOT a HSPA 42 device) and a Tmo SG2 (which is a HSPA 42 device) and I get nearly the same up/down speeds in any given spot.  I’d rather have the faster processor than HSPA 42’s theoretical max speed since it seems like its impossible to achieve anyway.

      • J-Hop2o6

         It actually shows 8660, which maxes out @ 21 HSPA+. If it said 8060 then it woulda been 42 HSPA+. Exynos maxes out @ 21 HSPA+ also, so IDK why Tmo still used the S3.

        • Vim

          Where does it say the MSM8660 doesn’t support dual carrier mode HSPA+ 42 (ie. 3GPP Release 8 Cat 24) and maxes out at 21mbps?  The MSM8260 used in the Amaze is an S3 that integrates support for HSPA+ 42.  As far as I’m aware, the 8660 is basically an 8260 with integrated CDMA support for carriers like Verizon and Sprint.  Nevertheless Verizon and AT&T demand LTE support as well these days, so the APQ8060 gets used when an LTE modem needs to get added in because neither the 8260 nor the 8660 support LTE.  

        • Vim

          Hmm…Qualcomm and HTC’s on line specs for the Amaze contradict each other. Qualcomm’s developer network, and most other web sites I’ve checked, say the Amaze has an 8260.  HTC’s site however says the Amaze is powered by an 8060 with a separate MDM8220T modem.  Given both the fact that HTC makes the phone, and the level of detail they supplied, I’m inclined to believe that they’re probably right. 

          So given that you’re very likely right about the 8660 not supporting HSPA+ 42, then either:

          1) T-Mobile has had a change of heart and is now allowing high-end devices that don’t support HSPA+ 42 on their network, or
          2) Somebody on the design team forgot to update the name of the board, so it’s incorrectly listing 8660 when it really is a 8060, or
          3) The screenshot is a fake.

          Amusingly enough, the same Qualcomm developer network that lists the Amaze as an having an 8260 also lists the AT&T operated version of the Note as having an 8660. 

        • That’s because the MSM8660 does indeed support HSPA+42. The MSM8660 was revised in Q2 2011 to a newer data modem that offered HSPA+42 and LTE support. Remember that MSMs are full SoCs that offer both the CPU+GPU (APQ) and the data modem (MDM).

        • Vim

          I’m aware of the difference between the APQ and MSM lines.  What I wasn’t able to discover during a quick search was whether or not the MSM8660 had been revised to integrate a newer data modem.  I greatly suspected that it had been, but since I couldn’t find any evidence of it, I felt honor-bound to back off my original statement that the MSM8660 supported HSPA+42.  If you could point me at an online source for  information on Qualcomm SoC revisions I’d much appreciate it.  Qualcomm’s search engine leaves much to be desired.

          Thanks for confirming my suspicions.


    Goodbye white galaxy s2, hellooooo White(hopefully)Galaxy Note.

  • sino8r

    Why no S4?! At least give us the newer Qualcomm!!! This is bullsh!t! Tmobile gets the shaft again which equals us getting screwed. Oh well…

    • Scarfacemario

      Seriously you can never please anyone these days tmo brings what u want yet people still complain .. get outta here

      • sino8r

        Just because you don’t know the f*cking difference… You perceive it as whining. You’re just a stupid f@g.

    • dkbnyc

      WE are getting screwed? T-Mobile pretty much dictates what they want in a device.   If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.  I bet you blame the moon and the sun for being the ungrateful person you sound to be,.  

      • sino8r

        Just because you don’t know the f*cking difference… You perceive it as whining. You’re just a stupid f@g.

    • Vim

      There are significant internal differences between the S3 and S4.  Switching to the S4 in midstream like this would require Samsung to rewrite numerous Linux kernel drivers and then put them through testing again.  By sticking with the same S3 used in the AT&T version of the Note and in the Galaxy S2, Samsung cut down the time needed to finish the T-Mobile version of the Note.

      • J-Hop2o6

         Exactly, plus it’ll be basically the G-Note2 if they used S4.

  • None

    I would still rather tmo just sell the galaxy nexus.

  • Jmart922

    Possible new phone on TMo and what doesn’t surprise me is a bunch of cry babies below commenting on its processor or “why its not this phone,” here’s a thought…Go F yourself and keep it in your mouth! No body likes a whiner

    • Scarfacemario

      Lmfao this made my day

    • dkbnyc

      Nobody likes a f*ing idiot either.  People have the right to their opinion. You don’t like it?  FU!

      • sino8r

        You’re the biggest hypocritical b!tch I’ve ever seen on here. Stfu f@g douche licker

      • Jmart922

        Haha…Right to their opinion! Right to their opinion! Save that for your bf after you eat his c**k and floss with his puebs, what are you the f*king Lorax who speaks for the rest of the idiots on the internet?!

  • The Samsung phones have been the most successful on TMO so it’s only natural they’d want to maximize on their successes! more power to the peeps!

  • Lani

    Glad to see TmoNews is doing more non-Tmobile specific articles to keep the site alive and a bit kicking.

    • Herbert G Smith

       How is an article about the arrival of a potential phone at T-mobile considered “non-Tmobile specific?”

  • olbp

    Nice, and all, but where is the version for Sprint?

    • Duh!

      Do you realize this is a site dedicated to T-Mobile fans?

    • Smartpants

      At the dumpster behind my apartment.

  • NardVa

    I want a phone with a massive screen. Debating between a possible Tmobile Samsung Note or the HTC One X (AT&T version should work on Tmobile 3G/4G) I’m gone have to to swing by an AT&T store to play with both phones.

  • Jayrich

    since when does ICS come with a green battery icon???

    • Guest


  • Ouch…why the decision to go with Qualcomm processor on the Note when there is no LTE??? Or maybe this is just the AT&T version with a build.prop edit :-

    • Jonny

      The 42mbs hspa+ speed offered on T-Mobile is not compatible with the Samsung’s Exynos chipset. They would rather have faster network speed and would trade off a more powerful cpu for one that works with hspa+.

      • Ah, I thought it was. O well, we all know it is real now! :)