What Is The Samsung SGH-T879? Could It Be The Galaxy Note For T-Mobile?

So here’s the thing, we can’t absolutely, positively say that this user agent string and the Samsung SGH-T879 model number is a T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note. What we can say is that there isn’t another Samsung device on the market with a screen resolution of 800 x 1280. We can say that SGH-T8x9 is normally reserved for tablets. We can say the bluetooth doc relating the SGH-T879 originally called this a variant of the SGH-i717 which is…the AT&T Galaxy Note, unfortunately that comment has since been removed. Also, AT&T’s exclusivity on the Note ends this month.

Before we go on, a quick reminder, Samsung/T-Mobile devices are always SGH-Txx9. That’s how we know when a Samsung/T-Mobile device passes through the FCC.

So why do we think this is the Note rather than another Galaxy 10.1″ tablet?

  1. SGH-T879
  2. 800 x 1280 is smartphone orientation for resolution, tablet form is 1280 x 800, though the Galaxy Tab 10.1″ did report as 800 x 1280 so this isn’t a solid piece of evidence one way or the other
  3. SGH-T879 is classified as a phone by the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance
  4. The user agent string seen above is the same as the one for the AT&T Galaxy Note, aka Samsung SGH-i717

The bottom line is we can’t say with 100% certainty that this is the Galaxy Note. It’s possible we’re looking at a 10.1″ tablet follow up to the current T-Mobile Galaxy Tab. However, the use of the word “phone” contained within the Bluetooth Sig and Wi-Fi alliance reports has us hoping and believing that this very well could be the Galaxy Note. Whatever this is, we know it’s coming to T-Mobile, that much we know.

Thanks to Conan Kudo for contributing to the report!


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  • Trodav72

    Please, Please,Please!!!

    • Scarfacemario

      I know right!! Please!!!

  • chumlee

    A Samsung rep hinted to me about a month ago that T-Mobile would be getting the note. Although I was also told that AT&T had the exclusive for another 90 days or so. Take it with a grain…or maybe a whole shaker of salt, but it’s what I was told. 

    • Euched

       I was told by a rep in a TMO store about a month or so ago that they would be getting the Note soon too…. 

      • UglyPete

        how many times does it have to be said here…. reps know NOTHING about upcoming phones. we find out from here!!

        • j5ive

          orly? FUT trials are fun….especially since i’ve been using a One S for about 3 months.

        • UglyPete

          Ok, are you an rsa in a retail store? retail store reps are the last to know anything. Obviously some employees somewhere know something

        • j5ive

          RSL to be exact. Retail knows more than you think….or well at least our store does considering its a staff of nerds.

        • UglyPete

          Ok………… You must be one of those reps who think you know everything because of rumors reported on tech blogs. I am an rsa and get no information on anything before tmonews gets it.

        • j5ive

          It’s all about building relationships my friend. We have a strong relationship with each vendor. Not just during their visits. Also, knowing the person(s) who handle the FUT. Delivering good feedback and reports to them set you up for another device immediately.

          Don’t assume…because that just brings you to hate me.

        • UglyPete

          My brand reps must play stupid then. They never know of upcoming devices, even when they are leaked on here. If somebody store level knows about a device, tmonews knows.

          I’ll leave it at that. You can keep touting your superiority. whatever helps you grow your E-peen.

        • UglyPete

          My brand reps must play stupid then. They never know of upcoming devices, even when they are leaked on here. If somebody store level knows about a device, tmonews knows.

          I’ll leave it at that. You can keep touting your superiority. whatever helps you grow your E-peen.

        • j5ive

          “If somebody store level knows about a device, tmonews knows.”

          That can be taken in several different ways. Are you saying that store level reps “leak” info on the spot? Some of us have more integrity than that. 

          I’m not trying to be superior in any way. Just stated that some retail employees know more than you think.

          You resorted to pointing fingers.

        • Euched

           The last to be told anything official by TMO…but word travels fast between any and all employees…and the fact that so many people say employees know nothing is funny since I have worked for a cell provider before and retail store reps aren’t as dumb and know as little as so many of you may think…

        • UglyPete

          Nope. I am a retail store rep. I know nothing, my boss knows nothing, his boss knows nothing. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I am a huge phone nerd and I would love to be in on secrets. Unfortunately, tmonews is my only source

    • Eldriclong21

      Me too

  • Mannylove21

    Thats a great move for tmo. Now just hoping that tmo goes for the htc one x!

  • JamesJ13

    Never understood what’s so good about the Note. I got to see that phone in person and its insanely huge. You might as well get a tablet. Plus it has touch wiz. Still waiting for either an iphone or new new nexus.

    (Coming from samsung tab 7 inch btw)..so I speak from experience.

    • lol

      • MarcusDW

        LOL @ your lol

    • Eldriclong21

      Ok so what

    • spartanjet

      I never understand why people have to impose their likes on others.  I think a 5″ phone is perfect for people who like large screens with high resolutions.  I cant even use an iphone I have large hands which makes the tiny pathetic screen hard to use.

    • 21stNow

      I thought that until I used it.  There is something addictive about the Note.  I didn’t like Touchwiz (or any skin), but the newest version of Touchwiz is less intrusive than the one on the Vibrant. 

      Once I went into the AT&T store to play with it, I had to have it.  Even though I’m no longer using it as a phone, it makes for a great smaller tablet.

  • Back on Feb 27 I swear we saw a T-Mobile branded white Note in the wild (in a grocery store in Bellevue WA – very close to T-Mobile HQ).  It was large and clearly branded with T-Mobile logo on the top and a Samsung logo on the bottom.  At first we didn’t think it was a Note because the logo placement didn’t match the international Note pictures.  However, once we saw the picture of the AT&T version, it was a dead ringer with the T-Mobile branding where the AT&T branding was.

    Can’t wait for this phone.  Hopefully it will be available soon.  Fortunately, T-Mobile has been keeping very quite about upcoming phones until close to release time.  Maybe this bodes well for the T-Mo Note.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Why didn’t you take a picture of it and post it here? That would’ve been a great leak.

      • I couldn’t get a pic at the time.  She was on the phone and I only got a glance at it when she put it away.  I did tell David via twitter at the time.

  • Chefjamie

    I got to Play with a Note and I dug it although not a Huge fan of TouchWiz I did like the Note and would seriously consider upgrading to it!

  • now_onTMO


    please be the galaxy note, im really interested in this device a lot, this or the gnexus or the gs3..
    tmobile might also get the galaxy nexus, ATT is getting it , i read that tmo might too..
    summer is the season of phones, exciting

  • Random Guy

    I would have been happier if it was the Galaxy Nexus. The Note is cool and all.. but, it’s just not for me. It will be rather easy to sell though!

    • Marcelo_L

      If it’s the Galaxy Nexus…..that would go a long way towards grabbing some mindshare again. TMo needs more “Best of class” phones, not “well we have this instead”s. 

      They need things like the Galaxy Note, the GS 3 ( to be on the premier carriers list to receive it first ), and the OneX…..Frankly, I’m wondering why more hasn’t been made about the LG 4X HD ?? Hello ?! G4X anyone ?

      It’s like TMo marketing is thinking they can grow the business by convincing people to pay for 
      a “well it’s almost as good” a little at a time versus subsidizing FLAGSHIP phones and bringing people IN, will save the business.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Apparently everyone hates the note, until they use it for a week and never want a smaller size phone again. 

  • Frigadroid

    Very interesting if so there will be some happy campers around here. This is the phone I thought I would replace my vibrant with long ago before I lost all faith in samsung. I’m not buying the HTC, iphone or any brand without a sd slot. So to keep my vow not to buy samsung products I might just wait to get this or the Gs3 free. Problem is now adays they add so much local & fed taxes & bs mandated fees I can save $500 going through walmart’s plan vs a t-mobile contract.

  • Palus85

    So it will cost what at tmibile? $300 after 50 rebate? $300 down with 20 dollar eip? Lol.

    • Marcelo_L

      If TMo pulls this sort of switcheroo….it WILL backfire. After losing 600K postpaids in 1 quarter, to release the OneS ( after rebate ) at the same price as the OneX for ATT, is ridiculous. TMo has to get with it that to get customers, it has to ATTRACT customers…..you don’t attract customers with “Middle of the road” phones. You might keep some people who don’t know better….but you’ll never grow your business with that mentality.

  • ruben

    I would probably be in the rankings of paying retail if this came out on t-mobile.

  • Scarfacemario

    This is the best news Ive read on Tmonews this week no offence I really really hope this is the note as I will preorder/campout for this great device…. I remember I almost went to AT&T just to get this phone. I now own a Sgs2 from tmo as I used my upgrade. But the note I will get :)

  • Yep it’s coming, and faster than we know.

    • Scarfacemario

      Wishes do come true!

  • Craig

    My contract with T-Mobile expires in January 2013.

    If this is the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile with Ice Cream Sandwich and the Premium Suite by then, it WILL be my next phone.

    • Craig

      Oh, and let me say, this is what will keep me with T-Mobile. This phablet has had me seriously considering switching to AT&T. But if T-Mobile gets it by the time I can renew? I’ll stick with T-Mobile and buy the Note. :)

      But I want it to be the ICS version, not the Gingerbread. (I have Gingerbread on my current T-Mo phone, and while I love it, I’m tired of 3.5-inch anything. Flip it to a 5.3-inch Note, and I’m back with T-Mo for another two years.

      If they don’t get it, and other carriers to, then bye-bye, T-Mo, it was a nice decade, but I want the Note. :)

      • Scarfacemario

        Same here Craig couldn’t agree more with what u said… I too was considering switching to at&t for this phone I really hope tmo gets it I dont mind paying $700 retail either for something I want

  • nathan118

    Or this could be like the SGH-T999. Get us all excited, and then never rear its head again.

  • Derail Doax

    Yup with news of stuff like this coming to T-Mobile, to hell with the One S. I love my Sensation, and I was hoping T-Mobile would get a high end HTC phone. Maybe I’ll trade in my Sensation for an Amaze to hold me over.

    • Marcelo_L

      Good luck with that….I’ve about given up TMo getting a high-end HTC ( or Samsung, after the GSII switcheroo )…..if the 879 ( which I really think it’s another mid-end rev ) is the Note, then one can hope they market the h_ll out of it. About freakin’ time, TMo.

      As for the OneS v OneX….it’s pretty sad that TMo has to try to pass off the OneS as a worthwhile alternative to the OneX ( other than having to bind yourself to ATT to get it ).

      Now, if somene did to the OneXL what they’ve done to the Note ( flash radio to get TMO HSPA+ )…..then I can see a lot of folks moving over.

      If the OneS had a uSD slot, that might push someone over the edge. But this whole move to remove uSD slots to go to Cloud is a JOKE ! You think accessing you stuff is slow coming off a Class 6 or 10 uSD ? Just tie yourself to the “Cloud” ( it’s the INTERNET, hello ?!? ).

  • the only thing that will make me say PASS to the teasing S3

  • BossManATL

    I have the galaxy note already. I unlocked it to work with my T-Mobile service since I hate AT&T. If this comes to T-Mobile, I will have 2 galaxy notes. Lol.

  • DannyTheGynecologist

    please make it so! i want this phone so bad!!!

  • GinaDee

    I saw a demo of this at AT&T.  Cool as a mini tablet but a total freak show to be used as a phone.   To each his own though.  

    I’d rather have the GS3 or Lumia 900 on T-Mobile then the SG Note. 

  • MK Terra

    Do want!

  • SocalTeknique

    If its true then I’m finally using my upgrade! I’ve been off contract since 2009.

  • Exile_One

    Upgraded to the SGSII at the begining of this year..I really wanted that galaxy note men!  Now this!  The universe hates me!

    • Eldriclong21

      Me too but guess what I will pay cash for this phone

      • Scarfacemario

        Same here man looks like the 3 of us really want it and will pay cash now for it

  • None

    I wish it was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus instead. :(

    • Get_at_Me

      the galaxy nexus is old news…sure, having the galaxy nexus would be nice as far as latest os versions and roms if ur into rooting, but rumors of the next nexus will probably start to surface soon….if a carrier doesn’t get a phone a month or so after it first becomes available (in a particular country), it just isn’t worth it anymore…android tech evolves so quickly…Spec wise the nexus wasn’t ever anything to write home about anyway which was kind of disappointing

  • I’m using an unlocked AT&T Note on T-Mobile now. If this is so I will buy the T-Mobile version too. I sure hope they fix the lagging issue that the AT&T Note has before releasing it tho. =

  • Really?? Buy an unlocked one then if you want it so bad. They can be found for about $450 now.

    • Marcelo_L

      Where ? Looking around Craigslist and Ebay practically everyone wants a ridiculous $575 or higher…every so often you’ll find a $550 thrown in there, but it’ll have scratches on the screen or something. Post a link if you have one, man.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Same.  They’re around $575.  I don’t know where Julio is finding that $450 pricetag

  • I am hoping and wishing that this is the case. Have the Galaxy S 2 now. Love it! Debated on Galaxy 3, but if the Note is coming, I’m all over it!!

  • Johnny Brown

    I’ll try to contain the excitement, but it this ends up true, I might just choose this over the GS3… I’ll want to check out the specs and play around with both first or maybe I’ll just get both. Either way, Samsung just shut up and take my money.

  • It is an awesome phone I have the AT&T version rooted and romed for T-mobile. If they get this it would be the first HD phone in their lineup. Could be the FCC filing for the Galaxy SIII as well since its going to be announced in a week or so.

  • Burke985

    Notes are cheap now cause they suck alot of people are getting rid of them and getting unlocked Nexus gsm phones 

    • Eldriclong21

      Man so what go buy one then the nexus is a good phone but its all about what you like I have the gs2 and love it but I want the note

      • SomeoneNewToday

        I would take a Nexus over a “look at me” Note.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I would take an SD card Slot over Cloud storage.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This will be awesome! I was actually considering switching to Sprint if the rumors about them getting the Note were true but if Tmo gets this, or some Tizen phones, I will be staying. #TiredOfThisHD2

    •  Stick around Wilma, I have a feeling T-Mobile USA is about to start playing hardball w/ its devices.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I am Lol mainly it’s dis HD2 and you already know how that device has been to me Lol. 

        Next Month should be the debut of the new Tmo seeing as how the GS3 and the Tizen event are both scheduled for the beginning of May and Tmo has to be getting some of that action. 

  • Anthony

    Hurry up tmobile and announce the Note’s arrival so I can enjoy all of it’s 5.3″ goodness!!!!! Finally I can use my upgrade!!!!!

  • Eldriclong21

    Look I dont care if this phone cost 800 dollars I will buy it no problem I dont want the gs3 I want this phone

    • Scarfacemario

      Same here

  • James

    I think that t-mobile will get a lot of new and exciting phones this year. I think they are a little late to the game because they thought they’d be bought, but I look forward to what they do. But it will be hard to jump at any particular phone until I see all the options. I mean, if they get the note, I’d want to see the Galaxy S3 as well before purchasing. Also, I’m interested to see if Tmobile gets a Lumia 900, as my wife has a Radar. Should be an intersting year. We may even see Blackberrys new 10 devices.

    • Justin

      I have read several articles saying that tmobile officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have said tmobile will be getting a variant of the Lumia 900 early this summer. :-) Although I’m tempted to wait for WP8 devices to come out so I get the dual core processor with the greatly upgraded OS.

  • n0ri

    I had the unlocked version for a while, but couldn’t stand the edge speeds on my 30/mth 4G prepaid plan. I also don’t like the logos on front of the AT&T version. This phone is amazing. I also had the BLU Studio 5.3 which was nice, but outdated technically. If the Note comes to T-Mobile, forget about   every other phone that came & will come in the next 6 months, except the iPhone 5 lol. Galaxy Note & T-Mobile 30/mth 4G prepaid!!!

  • spartanjet

    I’m probably going to wait for the SG3 news to make any move on a phone.  I just hope the SG3 release isn’t like SG2 where it was out in Europe 6 months before it got to the USA.  If its going to be like that I’m just going to pick up the Note.

  • PackaGe

    How do guys carry these large screen phones? I dont have enough room in my pants! I understand girls with purses or guys with briefcases but dont understand how guys use these big phones for casual use? I have problems w regular sized screens.

    • Phozfate

       guys shouldn’t have a problem. I wear normal jeans at home and work pants during working hours and I use the t989. I have plenty of room even with a case. I can’t see the note being a problem. A 7″ tablet is too big or else I’d want a phone in that. Use an earpiece for calls.

      • Auser72


      • Gouv

        I can’t imagine sitting down with this phone in dress slacks like I do..  You’d see the outline of it all day in my pocket lol  maybe jeans would be better but id have to carry it in my jacket pocket all day which i don’t think many of you would be a fan of either.

    • spartanjet

      These type of phones are only slightly larger than your average 4.3″ phones, its really not that big of a difference.  I could see girls having issues fitting it in their jeans, or those fruity men who wear “skinny jeans” (I guess they can fit it in their man purses).  There is almost no bezel on it and the difference is so small between it and a 4.3 inch screen.  I put my Sensation up to it and its much less of a size difference than you might think.

      • Nick

        false.  proportionally, it’s a huge difference.  if you’re talking about a car that you’ll park in your garage, then a couple inches is negligible.  but for something that you hold in your hand and put in your pocket, this is a huge difference.

        • TejaPeela

          as long as it fits in your pants buddy. I don’t have large hands and it’s pretty easy to use still with one hand + its thinner than any of my prior devices so I barely even know that it’s in my pocket 

        • 21stNow

           I have small hands, so one-handed use is out for me.  The Galaxy Nexus is the size that one-handed use ends at for me, and the Note is considerably larger than the Nexus.

        • spartanjet

          lol don’t tell me false, it is very true.  The only false thing was your statement in size; “inches” is completely false.  Listen I get it you don’t like it.  Why do people feel the need to impose their likes on ALL phones.  There are plenty of tiny phones out there so people can feel special, its ok that a few want to be larger.  

        • Justamazing87

          Umm false.lol … 5.3 and 4.3 is a big difference… No arguing my point. It just make a difference

        • spartanjet
      • Golfreak88

        You’re freakin high….
        Slightly larger than 4.3″ phone ??
        Thats laughable. 
        You need glasses if that is “slightly larger”.
        I actually love the Note but its definately is quite bigger than a 4.3″ phone

    • Mandy

      Normal working men dont buy this phone. Lil boys looking to compensate buy it. It is more of a feminie phone anyways as it is easy to carry in a purse.

      • Earthrazer

        Actually, we’re called enterprise users. Grownups wear belts, and we buy cases for our smart phones that clip onto said belts. Then we use them for keeping track of our projects, contacts and for reading our Kindle books. 

        Call me interested.

        • Jimmyspins

          Oooh enterprise users. Is that a Trekkie thing? Clipping this on to a belt is super manly! Hahahaha

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Hey don’t you be talking about my Power Morpher belt pack mr Jimmyspins :P

        • Bleacherbums1

          That’s old school ….why don’t you get a MAN PURSE …. LOL

      • yippiedad

        So you just go be a real-manly-working-man with your tiny phone… We really don’t mind! http://blog.obopay.com/uploads/zoolander-phone.jpg

  • jerry

    Exynos, yes. Snapdragon, hell no. I tried the at&t one, its so laggy on Web browsing and HQ YouTube video.

  • Auser72

    This is great news. I would get note over GS3.

  • Gouv

    Why the heck are they so late to the game with this??

    • spartanjet

      because of stupid carrier exclusivity rights here in the US.  ATT paid for exclusive rights.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Because it was exclusive to AT&T only.

    • Justamazing87

      Why is it no matter what people complain… Sheesh

      • Gouv

        Not a complaint but a question.

  • Nick

    I’d never want a Note, but it’s a good thing that tmobile is giving people what they want.

  • CactoesGel

    Well this sucks for me. I switched one of my numbers to ATT for the Note. LMAO

    • Scarfacemario

      lol wow this could have been me

    • Get_at_Me

       that’s why its foolish to jump ship for a device…

    • Ab1555

      Haha enjoy your sky high bill!

      • Classic plans are just as high as AT&T when ur data starts at 5gb. I don’t know why you Tmo fanboys always act like T-Mobile is that much cheaper when its not unless you have Value or monthly plans. They all have the same stupid fees + taxes.

        • Johnny Brown

          Coming from someone who has both TMO and ATT, I can say feature-for-feature, TMo’s plan is about $45 dollars cheaper. ($95 vs $140) Yes I looked at the classic plans and don’t dare go over on ATT, cause they’ll charge you $10/GB if you do! It may not seem a lot, but that’s $45/mo; 540 bucks/yr that could be used for something else for people on a budget. Hell it’s almost the price of high-end phone, full retail if that tickles your fancy. I’m not a TMo fanboy, I’m just stating the facts.

        • Johnny is right.  Although  I love T-Mobile and have had them going on 12 years, I also like Verizon and have an LTE hotspot through them so I’m familiar with all their plan prices.  I’ll keep both services.

        • 21stNow

          The flipside is that since I’m eligible for a discount on AT&T, but not T-Mobile, my AT&T bill is cheaper than my T-Mobile bill.

        • Johnny Brown

          Same here. Well not a discount more than free since it’s my business line… Looking at it from a customer that doesn’t get a discount POV, $45 is a lot of money! LOL

      • CactoesGel

        I happen to work for a company that gets me 20% off my AT&T bill. LOL.  And the LTE is ridiculously fast. Faster than my Time Warner Cable at home.

  • Get_at_Me

    dreams really do come true

  • Instead of Samsuck, T-Mobile needs to bendover and do what they got to do to get the iPhone instead.

    • Fed

      I prefer Samsung to Apple

      • I find samsuck laughable! Apple>>>HTC>>>then whoever else…

    • Philip Courtois

      You can’t compare the Note to a tiny iPhone…

  • Lionangel1

    This is what i want!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is good new for some I guess?? But this is not that great of a phone. I work with a guy who has one and for a 300$ it should be more impressive. The pen is a gimmick. It was MUCH faster to use the keyboard or the voice input.. 

    • UglyPete

      you going to use the keyboard to draw? 

  • nerdlust

    Interesting I can’t wait to find out. I’m addicted to my sensation but that screen size would be tempting. I have to see one in real life. Thanks tmonews for the tip. :)

  • TMoFan

    If this holds true then the Note will be a great addition to T-Mobile’s lineup. Note, Lumia 900, maybe GN. Lots of things to look forward.

  • Mos_def98

    its about damn time that T mobile are stepping there game up. T mobile needs to make sure that they do what ever it is they have to do to get this phone and more hot phones as well. 

  • All I’ll say is – if it is the TMO GNote, I’ll be picking it up as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on it!  Am currently persevering with an International GNote on TMO EDGE.  It’s surprisingly usable, but has its moments of utter frustration.

  • Littlesis1774

    Everyone needs to claim down. Are you sure that Galaxy note?

    • Are you asking me?

      • TrUsTmEi’MaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

        I think she is.

        • Then I would think her question is already well answered in the post.

      • Bleacherbums1

        David she can’t read very well…lol

    • LoLo

      Those on Tmobile who want the GNote, why not just buy the international N7000? I’m using it on TMOBILE and while yes, I only get edge, its actually not all that bad, it loads up pretty fast. I don’t miss 4g at all and I also have the SGS2 and the Sensation so I know what 4g is, and 2g comes pretty close on the N7000 with Tmobile.

  • azazellov

    Finally some good news for t-mobile, if T-mobile gets the Galaxy Note I’ll definitely buy it.

  • LTEstyles

    Let’s hope it’s not a watered down version of the Galaxy Note, like how the Galaxy S2 was compared to it’s brothers. Regardless, i still might get it.

  • Havoktek

    I’d buy some new khakis and some more big pocket Jeans along with a new contract for this baby!
    I will abstain from any other device till I have it….! Or my contract is up and I switch whichever comes first!

    • 21stNow

      LOL, I needed a new jacket recently.  I made sure that it had plenty of big pockets for my phones!

  • Taron19119

    Is it true that at&t excuses on the note will expire in september

    • Wilma Flintstone

       It’s in the post…

  • sgh t839 was the sidekick 4g ”
    We can say that SGH-T8x9 is normally reserved for tablets. “

    • Get_at_Me

      sk4g was the exception to the rule….original galaxy tab was t849, 10.1 tab is t859 and the newer 7″ tab is t869

  • now_onTMO

    hmm just wondering about something, i noticed from reading the comments here and other articles regarding new phones, that these people are willing to spend money and buy the devices they like off contract , just like that! LOL

    are you people rich? or are scamming the carriers? pay the subsidized price then forget about it or whatever magic that works..LOL , just curious all of a sudden , cause i have to wait for contract to end in order to get a new phone, although i can afford off contract phones while still tied to my contract, i just won’t do it.. LOL

    just wondering thanks.. :)

    • Johnny Brown

      I buy phones off contract so I don’t have to worry about being tied to one… I’m not rich by any means, but I do splurge on full-priced phones every once in a while. When I don’t spurge, what I do is put money aside in my “new phone and tech piggy bank” and if there’s a phone (or tablet or whatever tickles my fancy) that comes out that I just gotta have, I break open this piggy bank and get it!

      As not to be a phone hoarder, I’ll list my old phones back on ebay, craigslist or sell it to places that buy back old phones. Though if it’s a phone that I don’t want to part with, or a phone that I want to keep to just develop roms and stuff on, then I’ll hold on to it. So I never have more than two, three phones at a time. My daily device, my backup device (cause you gotta have a spare just in case it breaks or something), and the device that I use to test new roms and such on. 

    • Philip Courtois

      I’m sorry if you don’t know by now, but plans such as T-Mobile’s Value plan is cheap enough for you to set aside money for buying your off contract phone of choice. And have extra money left over.

    •  I mostly always buy all my phones unsubsidized, it’s rare when I take the discount.  I usually get a new phone every 8 to 10 months.  its just a preference.

    • 21stNow

      I came to T-Mobile as an Even More Plus customer, so all of my devices with them are at the full retail price.  No, I’m not rich.  But the plan does allow the freedom and low prices to be able to get new devices whenever I want one.

      Last year, I planned for which phones I wanted to buy this year based on new features and platforms that I wanted to try out.  I set aside money for that so that I could buy the devices that I want.  Phones are my hobby.  Some people like to ski, attend sports events, or whatever.  I like to buy phones.

    • 21stNow

      I came to T-Mobile as an Even More Plus customer, so all of my devices with them are at the full retail price.  No, I’m not rich.  But the plan does allow the freedom and low prices to be able to get new devices whenever I want one.

      Last year, I planned for which phones I wanted to buy this year based on new features and platforms that I wanted to try out.  I set aside money for that so that I could buy the devices that I want.  Phones are my hobby.  Some people like to ski, attend sports events, or whatever.  I like to buy phones.

  • Tapmaster

    Look at how the comment board lights up when Tmo finally gets a true high end phone.  Hopefully they get the Lumia 900 soon too.  

    • Nikolai T

      They’ve had a lot of “true” high-end phones (e.g. the HTC Sensation, HTC Amaze, SGSII). Even the Samsung Vibrant was high-end when it was first released.

      • TBN27

        The horses always wear blinders.

        • Nikolai T

          Wrong. I’ve looked at other carriers as well. Fun fact: the Thunderbolt and EVO 3D both have the same specs (excluding LTE and the screen) as the Sensation.

        • TBN27

          I am referring to that everyone keeps saying that T-Mobile never has high-end Phones while they would have up to 3 or 4 of them staring them in the face. The one that kills me the most is that because the Galaxy SII in T-Mobile is considered trash because of the S3 chip, versus the sprint and AT&T withe the exynos.

        • Nikolai T

          Ah. I agree. My apologies.

        • I think TBN27 was agree’ing with you and disagree’ing with Tapmaster and think he was referring to him having the blinders one… tho I could be wrong, I’m not him after all lol

  • Risn

    Aww now we have a big sister galaxy s2 say hi to galaxy note your successor

  • Hurycne

    Fast forward 90 days, will we have to chose between the Note or the S3?  Now that is what I have been waiting for!!

  • Realcool2000

    Cmon guys, there’s nothing the exynos can do that the snapdragon can’t. Also the snapdragon CAN support 42mbs and the exynos CAN’T so all the technical debates in the world won’t change that.

  • philly8

    Doesnt anyone think its a little to late? I mean I have been wanting the note forever to be on tmo network, but now I feel like they took to long….Next thing you know theirs a newer thinner galaxy s note plus.

    • Starfury1

       well att had exclusivity rights on the phone till the end of this month so tmobile and everyone else had to wait till that was over,

  • Brad Johnson

    T-Mobile is killing me.  It was hard enough thinking about the One S and the Galaxy S3, and what if they get the One X?

    I am tired of thinking about phones officially.

  • Cybersedan

    I would scoop this Phablet up so quickly, they’d think I stole it… come on make it be true!!!

  • Lani

    I sure hope TmobileUSA gets a Samsung 5.3″ screen soon. 

    It took TmobileUSA a year (after Sprint) to start selling their first Android 4.3″ screen mobile.  That was way too long…

    • Khalints

      Htc HD2???

      • MarcusDW

        their first Android 4.3″ screen mobile.”

  • Vim

    While a sizable slice of the population considers the Note to be too large (i’m on the fence myself), it’s pretty clear that there is a market for this beast of a phone given AT&T’s sales numbers.   It’s also been one of the most requested phones  in the comments section here over the past several months.  So I think it’s a smart move on T-Mobile’s part to pick it up.

  • Ohgeez10

    Just left Costco and although he Note thy had was just a dummy phone, I compared it to my tmo sg2 and kind of freaked out for a quick second at the size difference. I still want one but definitely will be using a Bluetooth for phone calls. I put it next to my ear and my wife cracked up.

  • Guest

    couldn’t this be the Samsung Galaxy SIII? I would love to see the Note for tmobile though!

  • Guest

    don’t overlook the posibilities of the Sammy Galaxy Nexus..

    • Alec Ritter

      I believe the Galaxy Nexus has a resolution of 720×1280 not 800×1280

      • guest

        ah you’re right

  • Guest

    Samsung’s website shows that the available tablets carried by T-Mobile go by T849, T859 and T869.  You would think the next tablet inline would be the T879.  They do have a tablet coming out called the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 with specs of 1280 x 800, ARM processor and supposedly support for GSM voice communication, SMS, and MMS according to GSM Arena.

  • J B

    I  bought the ATT i7i7 Samsung Note and hacked into it for use with T-mobile,   and got pretty fast 4g speed (about 9-10 Mbps) with my Tmobile sim card.  One important matter though, it’s not very stable. So, I ended up selling the Note and rather wait for the official Tmobile Note to come out, or the Galaxy S3.  Trust me, if anyone trying to buy the ATT i7i7 to modify to work on Tmobile, don’t waste your time.  You won’t get stable 4g signal.