What Is The Samsung SGH-T879? Could It Be The Galaxy Note For T-Mobile?

So here’s the thing, we can’t absolutely, positively say that this user agent string and the Samsung SGH-T879 model number is a T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note. What we can say is that there isn’t another Samsung device on the market with a screen resolution of 800 x 1280. We can say that SGH-T8x9 is normally reserved for tablets. We can say the bluetooth doc relating the SGH-T879¬†originally called this a variant of the SGH-i717 which is‚Ķthe AT&T Galaxy Note, unfortunately that comment has since been removed. Also, AT&T’s exclusivity on the Note ends this month.

Before we go on, a quick reminder, Samsung/T-Mobile devices are always SGH-Txx9. That’s how we know when a Samsung/T-Mobile device passes through the FCC.

So why do we think this is the Note rather than another Galaxy 10.1″ tablet?

  1. SGH-T879
  2. 800 x 1280 is smartphone orientation for resolution, tablet form is 1280 x 800, though the Galaxy Tab 10.1″ did report as 800 x 1280 so this isn’t a solid piece of evidence one way or the other
  3. SGH-T879 is classified as a phone by the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance
  4. The user agent string seen above is the same as the one for the AT&T Galaxy Note, aka Samsung SGH-i717

The bottom line is we can’t say with 100% certainty that this is the Galaxy Note. It’s possible we’re looking at a 10.1″ tablet follow up to the current T-Mobile Galaxy Tab. However, the use of the word “phone” contained within the Bluetooth Sig and Wi-Fi alliance reports has us hoping and believing that this very well could be the Galaxy Note. Whatever this is, we know it’s coming to T-Mobile, that much we know.

Thanks to Conan Kudo for contributing to the report!


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