FCC Docs Confirm Rumors On T-Mobile’s Next myTouch

Any lingering questions surrounding the possibility that Huawei was next in line to manufacturer T-Mobile’s next-gen myTouch devices has been put to rest by the FCC. Documents recently discovered on the FCC website highlight the Huawei U8680 with support for 850/1700/1900 UMTS bands. More importantly, several of the documents refer to the U8680 as the “T-mobile myTouch,” as you can see in the images above and below the text. The FCC documents don’t show any specs other than Bluetooth and WiFi, so we’re still guessing as to the innards of this device.

Huawei requested 180 days withholding of all documents from being made public on March 27th, leading us to believe we aren’t likely to see these devices launch on T-Mobile until sometime over the summer. Hit the link below to scour through the FCC goods.

Phonescoop via FCC

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