FCC Docs Confirm Rumors On T-Mobile’s Next myTouch

Any lingering questions surrounding the possibility that Huawei was next in line to manufacturer T-Mobile’s next-gen myTouch devices has been put to rest by the FCC. Documents recently discovered on the FCC website highlight the Huawei U8680 with support for 850/1700/1900 UMTS bands. More importantly, several of the documents refer to the U8680 as the “T-mobile myTouch,” as you can see in the images above and below the text. The FCC documents don’t show any specs other than Bluetooth and WiFi, so we’re still guessing as to the innards of this device.

Huawei requested 180 days withholding of all documents from being made public on March 27th, leading us to believe we aren’t likely to see these devices launch on T-Mobile until sometime over the summer. Hit the link below to scour through the FCC goods.

Phonescoop via FCC

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  • Taron19119
  • Mr.Tech.


  • None

    In all honesty I am not sure that Huawei can do any “damage” to the myTouch line not already done by LG.  So, sure, go for it…

  • Derail Doax

    HTC is the only myTouch manufacturer that has done it right. I loved my myTouch 4G, but when it needed to go in for a warranty claim they swapped me for a G2x. Let’s just say I sold that within a week and I bought a HD7. HTC is the only manufacturer I’m loyal to anymore.

  • SomeOneNewToday

    As the quality of the mytouch line degrades through each edition (rapidly), one silver lining is that we can reast assured that these phones will be seen in their proper class.  I was always very sick of hearing the high-end/not high-end banter over and over.

    • CO_yeti

      I don’t know what you mean by “degrades through each edition”. You must have never carried an orginal Mytouch (i.e garbage) or the super sweet Fender edition (it had a 16 gig memory card and looked like woodgrain!)

      The Mytouch line started with a big thud, peaked with the 4g, and was quickly overshadowed by Samsung getting their act together and making some quality Android phones.

      • I actually thought the Keith Fender edition of the MT3G was pretty nice looking. The guitar finish was nice, but I never saw anyone with it, only at the store.

      • Vim

        I don’t know about “quickly”.  It took Samsung a few years to get their act together.  And in some ways (OS updates, build quality, customer support), their act still isn’t quite up to the standard set by HTC.  Samsung’s biggest strength is their vertical integration.  They do their own R&D and have a deep manufacturing pipeline.  They make their own displays, processors and memory chips.  In particular, their super amoled plus displays and exynos processors have their own fan followings.  As a behemoth mega-corporation they also have a huge advertising budget and the ability to leverage existing retail partnerships across the world.

        The MyTouch 3G wasn’t quite the thud you make it out to be.  Mobile processor technology wasn’t advancing as fast back then.  Qualcomm’s tired, old ARM11 processor was still the only thing available for the first 4 or 5 months after the MyTouch 3G’s release in the summer of 2009.  It wasn’t until Verizon/Motorola released the original Droid in November and Google/HTC/T-Mobile released the Nexus One in January that it got shredded by newer phones with better processors. 

        BTW, the original MyTouch 3G and the Fender limited edition both supported 16GB micro SD cards.  The key difference in terms of performance was that the Fender edition had more RAM, 288MB instead of 192MB.  The refreshed 2nd release of the MyTouch 3G (sometimes referred to as version 1.2) also had 288MB. 

        The only HTC MyTouch that turned out to be a disappointment was the MyTouch 3G Slide, and even that was a success from a sales perspective, although less so than the other models.  Having been paired with HTC’s Sense UI, which at that point in time was considered a big improvement over vanilla android, it needed a Snapdragon.  Instead it got pushed out the door with the wheezing, and by then positively ancient ARM11 instead.  

    • It wasn’t degraded until the LG versions. The HTC Mytouch 4G and Mytouch 4G Slide versions were the best of the series. The Mytouch 3G and 3G Slide were too cheap looking.

      I rank them like this Mytouch 4G Slide, Mytouch 4G, Mytouch 3G, Mytouch Q, Mytouch (LG), Mytouch 3G Slide

      • John Smith

        The reception on the LG Mytouch is stellar in comparison to the GSII, specs aside.

        • Fed

          Except that the gs2 is t-mobiles best selling phone

  • Gouv

    Has the my touch line really been that successful for them over time?  Its not really competing in the same arena as iphone, galaxy, or even new lumia.  Does it really appeal to that many people on the tmo network?  

    • Vim

      The MyTouch line has been around nearly as long as android.  The 2nd android phone released in the US was the MyTouch 3G, at a time when only T-Mobile had Android, and when there was no distinction between high end and low end.   Despite the criticism for the selection of “MyTouch” as a name, It did so well it got not only a special limited Fender edition, but also a 2nd edition refresh, both with twice the memory as the original along with a dedicated 3.5mm jack (a new thing back then!).  Initially released with Android 1.5, it also received an unheard of (for phones made by other OEM’s) upgrade to Android 2.2 over 2 years after its initial release.  In comparison Samsung’s newer Behold 2 never got past Android 1.6.

      The MyTouch 4G came out after Verizon and Sprint had gotten into the android action and took the performance crown back for T-Mobile.  It was clearly a high end phone, and the first with a Snapdragon S2 chip.  While its looks and genius button got criticized by some as toy-like and unprofessional in comparison with the G2, that didn’t stop it from being very, very successful.

      All the models made by HTC in this line have been successes, including the slide models which for the sake of brevity I haven’t gone into.   Last year T-Mobile went to a new manufacturer, LG, to produce some new low end models for the line.  Those were all bug-plagued failures.

      T-Mobile seems to be attempting to reposition its MyTouch line from the high end to the low end.  The 4G and 4G Slide were high end handsets.  The terrible LG models, and most probably the new Huwei models, will be low end.  Meanwhile there wasn’t a high end MyTouch release this past Fall. T-Mobile was happy to have the Galaxy S2 and Amaze as its high end representatives.  Given the failure of the LG models, T-Mobile’s plan for the line appears to be floundering. 

      • Gouv

        Well explained! Much gratitude.

  • St. George Saint

    As a T-Moible Rep, I’ve found the myTouch line to be extremely successful in converting those who might be on the fence about switching from feature phone to smart phone. The “phone first” customers want calling/texting as their main priority, and can actually be hostile to many of the robust features of phones line the Amaze or Galaxy S II. The myTouch, with it’s simple, friendly look (very reminiscent of the iPhone) and the Genius Button as a panacea that will give them voice activation and tutorials if they need help figuring out their new phone has been a wonderful tool in getting them to jump from feature to smart.

    Of course, before the Value Plan restructuring in January of this year, myTouch’s were an even better pitch, seeing as how they were only $10 on EIP verses every other similar smart phone at $15 EIP. 

    • St. George Saint

      Of course the auto-correct mis-spells T-Mobile in my post. *palm*

      • Sidekicker89

        one of my friend’s was sold a LG G2X and she told me the rep told her it’s one of the best phones T-Mobile offers right NOW! Obviously lied to haha

        • Jordanclu

          I love my g2x and I work for tmo. I’m running ics 4.0.4 slurp

        • Fed

          The g2x is awesome once you find a stable rom like weapon

    • Bleacherbums1

      At least its not an LG … lol

  • I can tell you they aren’t the only ones with that image and we’ve got some good reasoning to back up our claim.

  • SkylerTmobileGuy

    Screw the myTouch series, Most are garbage, HTC is an excellent manufacturer why cant they stick with them! T-mobile needs the iPhone…Why don’t we carry it yet!!

    • ogopogo

       Ummm….You realize that HTC manufactured the MyTouch4G, right?

      • rob

        Ummm…. You realize Skyler said ” why cant they stick with them!” after “HTC is an excellent manufacture”, right?

  • NoMoreMytouch

    Tmobile wonder why people keep leaving their sh1tty company because they keep making these ridiculous my-touch devices that are apparently a fail in a  big way. Listen to the consumers tmobile we do not want anymore my-touch devices we want better phones.

  • Jgarofola

    Last week I purchased. A LG double -play. From. A freind. As a backup. To my brand new BLAZERS 4Gs at first I was a little skeptical about it. This LG suprised me with its multitaskn capabilities. And its outstanding battery and I did 2 speed. Test 9.34 and 8.67. Allmost as fast as my BLAZERS4Gs.I recomend this. Phone. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Justamazing87

      You really bought a double play. You my friend are a clown. I never sold this phone didn’t have the heart to sell a double play to a customer… Yes it would have been funny but a person is stuck with that phone for two years.

      • Jgarofola

        I didn’t sign a contract a friend gave it to me. I am using. It as a back up. I just got a blazers4Gs about 3 weeks ago. OK FOOL.!!!!!!!!

        • rob

          Don’t you mean Samsung Blaze 4G? Not “blazers4Gs” …fool

  • Nick

    I can’t help but laugh at all the people who say stuff like “wow the mytouch line has really gone downhill.”  The truth is, only the last version was bad.  the 4g versions were very good phones.  people are being very short sighted with comments like that.

  • Amazing how the T-Mobile myTouch phones went from “premium handset” to now being comparable with the Exhibits and Optimus T’s lol. The HTC MT4G was a nice phone back in 2010, I had the white one for a month. Heavy phone, but it was decent and 720p camcorder on it was very good and vibrant.

    I think the myTouch line was suppose to recapture the Sidekick crowd, but it was a very confusing device demographically. It had all the high end features that older consumers would want in a Nexus One or G2, but it had a very teeny bop appeal to it. The myTouch logo, I don’t think no one older than 25 took serious.

    It’s a wrap for the myTouch!

  • nerdlust

    Mytouch has always been a very good consumer brand if tmobile wanted to compete in the super phone spec race they could, but why take on the note,gs2, one s, one x

  • StonersLane

    It beats having a myTouch from LG.