Upcoming Huawei myTouch Smartphone Gets Benchmarked On Camera

Having already seen the upcoming Huawei myTouch in the wild, we’re ready to discover more about the future Huawei myTouch line on T-Mobile. One of the first things we always try to discover are the relevant benchmark scores since we’re always concerned about performance. While we’re looking at a less-than-impressive 1994 score by todays standards, we’re told that the device runs very smooth with no visible lag in general use.

As an early version of the device floating around, our source explains that they are putting the phone through medium-to-heavy use testing to see how the hardware and software stand up in the real world. While my first reaction was “ugh, another mid-range score,” I was quickly told not to worry about the score and that the phone handled everything being thrown at it. Next up I want to see some Speedtest scores!

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