Upcoming Huawei myTouch Smartphone Gets Benchmarked On Camera

Having already seen the upcoming Huawei myTouch in the wild, we’re ready to discover more about the future Huawei myTouch line on T-Mobile. One of the first things we always try to discover are the relevant benchmark scores since we’re always concerned about performance. While we’re looking at a less-than-impressive 1994 score by todays standards, we’re told that the device runs very smooth with no visible lag in general use.

As an early version of the device floating around, our source explains that they are putting the phone through medium-to-heavy use testing to see how the hardware and software stand up in the real world. While my first reaction was “ugh, another mid-range score,” I was quickly told not to worry about the score and that the phone handled everything being thrown at it. Next up I want to see some Speedtest scores!

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  • Deadeye37

    That mid-range score is much better than the high end devices from last year at this time.  I think it should handle most things just fine.  Now if only Huawei would get some of its high end offerings like the Ascend P1 over to us….

    • UMA_Fan

      Good point.  

      The truth is hardware is moving faster than the SOFTWARE to keep up with it… Or to put it more accurately, take ADVANTAGE of it.

      By putting more upper mid range hardware like this out there drives down the cost of devices.  One aspect of a phone where I believe corners should NOT be cut is the display.  That should always be as good as it can be in terms of resolution and screen type (IPS, amoled, etc)

  • EXIBITman

    I like the way this phone looks nice style how much off contract?

  • Jake

    I wonder if they’ll come out with a slide out QWERTY!? I’d get one!

  • EXIBITman

    I think ill pass on this my touch. I just picked up blazers 4Gs on friday off contract this think very fast and smooth i will use this for 6 months. Until the galaxy 3 comes out.

  • Aaron Slater

    The speed’s probably hampered by the routing of your phone’s activity to the Chinese military…

    • Atmitch1

      typical idiot comment…

    • juice

      I don’t know about routing. What I do know is they have ties with Chinese Intelligence services and the People’s Liberation Army. The reason I don’t trust Huawei is for the lack of clear transparency in their heavy ties with the Chinese government. (Okay, by clear transparency, I mean an outline of the extent the Chinese government has access to these privileges. As much as I’d like to accuse them of espionage (as probable as it may seem) I cannot accuse them of such (despite the countless evidence that may lead to such an assumption.) 

  • j5ive

    I really miss HTCs run on the myTouch line. The myTouch 4G was awesome and the build quality was ace. It was all down hill from there. LG??? Come one.

  • Gouv

    Not bad at all… better than i was expecting!

  • Eddie

    Probably dual core processor.