Samsung Mobile Tweets Leads To Countdown Ending Tomorrow, Teases “The Next Galaxy”

Whoa Samsung, you nasty little tease. Samsung’s official Mobile Twitter has caused a bit of commotion this afternoon with a hidden anagram tweet leading us to “The Next Galaxy.” The tweet simply read: “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx.” Let’s do a quick re-ordering of those letters and we come up with “The Next Galaxy.” Add in a www. to the beginning and a .com to the end and you get a website with the above countdown.

The countdown ends at approximately 7AM EDT tomorrow morning. Will we find another teaser, a treasure hunt, another tweet or something else? One way or another, it looks like Samsung is starting the marketing campaign a full two weeks ahead of the official unveiling of the Galaxy S III on May 3rd in London.

One thing is certain, come tomorrow morning, I know we’ll be watching this site.



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  • I wonder if it’ll be called Galaxy SIII or maybe, better yet, Galaxy Next.

    • Ali

      Take a page from the Apple page “The New Galaxy”

      Lawsuit ensues over use of the original word “New” which Apple has trademarked.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Where do u see the word “NEW” anywhere?

      • WW

        You may be confusing Lucas with Apple regarding the overuse of trademarking.

  • Miket9999

    Once the S III finally comes out I’m hoping to get a good deal on the S II from T-Mobile. Free would be awesome! :-)

    • Get_at_Me

      Itll drop $50….lol

    • Iz_2

      its free right now or at least it was just the other day..  on only..

    • Guest

      On Tmo…if you’re eligible you have to get the phones when they do their holiday sales and promotions…I remember there was one day when all these were free…although I think the S2 required a 5gb plan to qualify.

  • Abe The Babe

    Can’t wait! Still have the G2, been waiting for the SGS3!

    • Iucidium

      G2 *thumps chest*

      • J-Hop2o6

         Same here, but *looks at beat up G2, sad face*

    • portaltonowhere

      Looking to upgrade my G2 also! hahaha

    • Terry Hesticles

      I’m still rocking the Vibrant/GS1.  My wife has the G2 and it’s held up much better than my phone has.  Even after GS1 factory resets, roots, flashes, etc.

  • rwc1792

    Isn’t it possible, that tomorrow, they’ll announce the SGS3 or whatever they will call it available soon, and on May 3rd, they’ll announce the Samsung Galaxy Cloud system?

    • whosaidwhat

      Not possible. This is going to be one of those corny games T-Mobile likes to play with their high end phones before release. Puzzle or something close. The device will be revealed on the 3rd. Tech blogs did not get invites to London for the unveiling of a cloud system. 

  • With all the hype sammy is generating, this phone better be top notch in build quality and specs! However I suspect it will be just another un-assuming slab of cheap black plastic!

  • better be on vzw

    • Jason

      Cool. Valuable input.

  • Here we go, yes. Lets get it on.

  • Bleacherbums1

    Don’t get your hopes so high ….. ;}

  • PonderingTheIphone

    So do you mobile experts think the Galaxys3 if it comes to TMo will be better than the HTC One S????? or would you go for the next iPhone (5, 6 or just the new iPhone?) when it is released next Fall…Im very close to switching to iPhone cuz Im soooooo sooooooo tired of my glitchy Android experience …everyone I know has an iPhone so I can get free texting with iMessage…and Ive been using a Mac for nine months now and I know the iPhone will work seamlessly with that and the new Mac OS is supposed to be closer to iOS than ever before…

    • whosaidwhat

      No one knows anything about this phone so don’t expect any good answers to your question. However, wait until the 3rd to get some information about the actual phone…Personally, I think the phone might be awesome like most people expect it to be or it could be just another good Android phone. 

      Most people who love android over iphone do, not because it is necessarily better but because it gives us great flexibility. I know the average person doesn’t feel the same way I do, but for me, it is all about the hardware. The software might suck but that can easily be fixed. The hardware on the other hand, can’t be fixed. 

      I’m looking forward to the official announcement. GSIII or One X for me, or the next Nexus. 

      • Ponderingtheiphone

        What Ive noticed a lot lately from the people who love android is they are the techies who like to play around with the phone – because every time someone complains about an android problem, they’re the ones who call you names and say you should just root the phone or download this or that…I want my phone to work without my having to jump thru hoops and android just isn’t doing that for me…and theres always a new problem…and then apps is a whole other story where developers keep blaming fragmentation for new problems that arise literally every week.  On paper, it won…but it seems like it depends on which phone.  Iwould be glad to have a phone that just works from a company that will back it up – and then yeah, it will make things a lot easier not to have to decide between dozens of phones….and outside of the fan droids who name call people who like apple products, i find that everyone i  know who has an iPhone is more than happy with it…

        • My grandparents have a standard def 4:3 TV, they like it because it works. There’s not a lot of buttons and settings to mess up. By your argument, because they are happy with it and they don’t have to “jump through hoops” to get it to work, that it is then actually a better product than an HD 3D tv. People are happy with the iPhone because they don’t know any better and quite frankly they expect less from their phones. They were happy without cut and paste. They were happy without notifications. They were happy without twitter integration. They were happy without multitasking. They are happy with simpler. Not BETTER. They don’t care about getting the most out of their phone. They care about what they CAN DO, working well. THAT is the difference between the two camps. Android is superior in what it allows you to do, sometimes you have to work to get the most out of it. iPhone users like to pick the low hanging fruit, which appear to be apples these days.

        • DuTcH PaPi

          Very nicely worded Marcus.  I completely agree with you.  

          Out of the 12 people in my family that own smartphones, half own Androids and the other half own iPhones.  None of the iPhone owners are at all technically inclined and prefer a simpler, consistent experience, so they’re content with their iPhones and its IOS.  The Android owners on the other hand are all willing to go those extra steps to customize their devices to their liking and don’t feel they should be limited by their phones’ operating systems.I love my HTC Amaze 4G and its Android OS.  I get a certain high in finding something new my phone can do, whether it’s accomplished through a new app, widget, setting, well, you catch my drift.  I love the fact that my Android phone is capable of more than other phones with more strict operating systems. 

          While I have nothing against Apple, iPhones or IOS, it’s merely a matter of preference for me.  Apple clearly makes quality products and its OS is very straight forward and easy to use.  I just choose not to pick the low-hanging fruit and look forward to climbing higher on the tree until I find something that tastes a little better…… my two cents.

  • Wilma Flintstone


  • Inertiaman

    Not to be that guy, but it’s ‘whoa’ not ‘woah’.  Sorry, it’s a pet peeve :)

    Was looking forward to the HTC One S, but I think they seriously dropped the ball with the lack of SD card support.  I think I may be leaning toward the Galaxy III now.

    • Mostinterstingmanintheworld

      The camera speed is the main reason HTC is saying that it’s not SD supported. Standard SD cards can’t read/write fast enough to make up for the shutter speed of the camera.

      • nathan118

        BS. Force the camera to only write to internal mem then.

        • Mostinterstingmanintheworld

          I agree, but you know developers don’t think things through like that.

  • Nikolai T

    “Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more.” is in the raw HTML. Interesting.

  • This seems like it’s more likely a new version of an existing product. If we’re lucky the recently rumored Galaxy Note for t-mobile. It’s unlikely, however it seems more likely than an early SIII announcement. Most likely just trying to take a little bit of the focus off of HTC and the One S launch by teasing something that’s coming soon in order to sway potential One S buyers to wait for a new Sammy product.

  • I just happened to log on and catch the count down only to be re-directed to a page that would not load. bummer!

    • icantbelieveitsnotbetter

      Fail. I tried loading the page from my laptop, HTC radar.. Even my girlfriends iPhone 4s. *cough*.. No dice