(Updated) T-Mobile G2x Android 2.3.4 Software Update Now Officially Available

Update: The OTA update will continue through May 14th, users wishing to download without waiting for the OTA can hit the list of instructions on LG’s support forums to start the update right away.

After an earlier version of the update was accidentally sent out via LG’s website, the update was pulled, added back and then pulled again it’s now completely official thanks to a post on T-Mobile’s support forums. Beginning today, April 23, T-Mobile and LG have started to send out an Over-The-Air update to the T-Mobile G2x labeled as P999-V21y. The OTA update will continue through May 14th, users wishing to download without waiting for the OTA can hit the list of instructions on T-Mobile’s support forums to start the update right away.

  • Version
    • Android version 2.3 / Software version P999-V21y
    • Over-The-Air Update(30.5 MB) and Manual update via LG website
    • Approved 4/23/12
  • Improvements:
    • Random  reboot/power off fixed
    • Device stability improvements
    • Wi-Fi Calling  improvements
    • Boot up fixes

After a couple of false-starts, we hope that G2x owners enjoy the update — even if it isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich.


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  • CJ Kelly

    A year too late there LG.

  • 50 years too late (yes I’m over exaggerating which is a huge understatement), I sold my G2x months ago. After a bit over 3 months, & 4 replacements & no promise of a alternate exchange & the Gingerbread update I received at the time failing, I sold it. Never again. I was so confident about the G line too, especially after previously having the HTC G2. Such an unfortunate event.

  • Only 8 months behind the Sensation!

  • TritonX

    I see the demand for these going up on craigslist/ebay soon if these fixes are any good.

  • Rubadubematt

    so if my phone says LG-P999-V21e I have to do it manually?  No OTA update?

    • Rudy

      Same here, I wonder how T-Mobile is going to screw us.

      • someone

        T-Mobile has nothing to do with the LG software updates…

        • Rubadubematt

          I didn’t read this all the way through.  It looks like we have to wait until May 14th to update manually through the LG Updater app.  I’m running the LG-P999-v21e so I get no OTA update.  I just ran the updater and it says i’m running the latest version (2.3.3)

    • juanmondragon

      Till may 7 you can do the manual update

      • Rubadubematt

        no I have to wait until May 14th.

    • Phoenix

      Not sure what you guys are reading.  If you already have version V21e, you should get an OTA update between now and May 14.  If you haven’t gotten the OTA update by May 14, you can manually update starting on that date.  Anyone whose phone is still on Froyo that wants to update to 2.3, can only do so manually until May 7.  So, version V21e will only be available on the LG website until May 7.  I think that’s where you guys are getting confused.

      • Rubadubematt

        No you’re wrong. Read it again. Only the y version gets ota

        • Phoenix

          the y version is the update, which is version 2.3.4.  The version before that is V21e, which is 2.3.3.  If you have V21e, you will get the OTA update.  If you have the version before V21e, you will not get the OTA, but can only update to V21e using the LG support tool up until May 7.  After that, version V21e will no longer be available.

          Where in there was I wrong?

  • Yeah wow…why even wasted their time at this point.  Worthless.

  • NuShrike

    Wow, maybe they’re re-release Froyo next. They’re doing a “great” job!

    We should always have OEMs do OS upgrades because they guarantee it’s “fully-baked”. Carbonite even!

  • Jimmyz78280

    Hmm finally got rid of my G2x was tired of all the issues and now they come out with a update to fix them. I have had my Samsung galaxy S2 for a couple months and no issues. Loving it sorry LG should of been quicker.

    • Macaroni345

      What the hell do they care? They already spent your money…

  • Rudy

    Is there a way to force the OTA?

  • Vim

    Looks like a major bug-fix release.  Hopefully it fixes all the serious gripes.  Better very late than never I suppose…

  • BigMixxx

    it’s like they have been holding a good doo doo for 8 months, and then let it loose.   I ain’t buying nothing else LG. 

    • Od312

      I heard that!

  • Damien328

    Just plain sad

  • Bol_Zon_Chin

    Yea… I’ve been using 4.0.3 for about 3 months on my G2x. You get an E for effort, guys. kthx

  • PCJ

    for one, I can not afford another phone so I have to deal with my G2X. im happy an update is out. the LG update tool still says 2.3.3 is the latest version. 

    • Rubadubematt

      yeah i saw the same thing, we have to wait until May 14th to update it with the LG update tool

      • juanmondragon

        Ja I have v21e so I have to wait till may 7

        • Rubadubematt

          May 14th… 

        • PCJ

          lame –  David needs to update the article as it says, “The OTA update will continue through May 14th, users wishing to download without waiting for the OTA can hit the list of instructions on T-Mobile’s support forums to start the update right away…”

  • Butterbeam38

    I tried the Update. It said mine had the latest version. I know for sure it does not. I have 2.3.3 not 2.3.4. I re downloaded the driver and tool and it still says that I am up to date. They need to update the tool.

    • juanmondragon

      Then you have to wait till may 5 cauz I have the same problem and then I read carefully and since I have a different version I have to wait till that date

    • Phoenix

      If you read the notice carefully, you cannot manually update until May 14.  From now until May 14, the updates will be provided OTA.

  • Too late, I rooted and no longer have those issues.. :D

    It’ll make a great spare phone when I replace it with the GSIII.

    You can check out my video on Youtube to rooting the G2x on 2.3.3 if you haven’t yet already ;)

    • Od312

      Ask me if I care;)

      • juanmondragon

        Jerk :D

      • Macaroni345

        do you care?

      • PCJ

        i care =(

  • god of houston

    ewww who still owns a g2x lames

    • Macaroni345


    • Havoktek

      My lame would squash your deal any day of the week……dig it?

  • Macaroni345

    I rooted my G2X with SuperOneClick about 9 months ago and installed this update and now I cannot make or recieve calls…… All I have is an extremely loud buzzing and clicking noise when I try to answer to make a call. Everything else seems to be working fine, txt, web etc. WTF?

    • Dp4609

      Your baseband should have a march 2012 date in it somewhere. If not that’s your problem

  • Existbulai

     “The update to P999-V21e for the G2x will  be available on LG’s website until May 7″…But the LG support tool says “phone has latest version”…Will I have to wait for an OTA?

    • Don4Tech

      I just a few moments ago received the OTA update to V21y.  It went smoothly, was installed, then rebooted in about 10 minutes.  I don’t notice much change other than slightly quicker shutdown and reboot times – I did that a couple time just to check.  All is well.

    • Reptar978

      Any luck yet? Cause I still haven’t been able to update my phone also

  • I know this is a bit off topic, but I FINALLY got my OTA update for my myTouch 4G. Only almost a year late, T-Mobile.

  • Havoktek

    I won’t diss LG too much especially since I’ve moved on to some crazy rooting and ICS on my G2x baby, but this is hilarious. However some people don’t even have this update yet.

  • AxEffect

    Yes!!! Finally a major upgrade!!!  Oh wait.  It’s not.  Thanks LG…looks like you guys are putting a lot of work into this phone.  So thankful for rooted ICS roms.

    • Gunny

      Yeah, those rooted ICS roms that won’t maintain data connections or switch smoothly from wifi to data. They don’t have hardware video acceleration so good luck with any video record or playback.

      People amaze me. They are willing to sacrifice what has become basic functionality in a smart phone just to be able to say they have the latest version of a piece of software. I’m not knocking the work the rom guys do, but it’s ridiculous to come in here and act like LG releasing an update for this phone isn’t a plus because you can root to the latest Android version. Rooting isn’t the miraculous cure all.

      • vipers1999

        I agree. After using the latest cynagenmod 7 and experiencing daily reboots and freezes I tried the latest ICS mods. Lots of lag issues and problems with the wifi calling app. I figured I would try the new LG Update. I can say it has completely fixed all issues for me. The phone runs super fast and has not froze or reboot in 48 hours. The 2.3.3 LG software was horrible, slow and constantly froze. The new version seems to have been the update I have needed for the past 10 months.

  • Cashman

    The G2X is still one of T-Mobile’s best phones! If you were lucky enough to get a phone that wasn’t a lemon, u’d realize how great of a device it is

    • Fastlife1979mn

      I agree I got it in May 2011 the update was released soon after and I’ve never had a problem sense. However now with this new update I’m a little nervous about downloading it.

  • dkbnyc

    I’m still using my G2x.  Enjoying ICS via XDA but until LG releases all the drivers needed to get the complete experience of ICS, this phone is being mothballed once the SGIII hits.  

  • Don4Tech

    Just got it, the V21y software.  I was hoping for ICS when the message popped up, “T-Mobile has an update” but this will do for now.  I really haven’t had much trouble with my G3x.  It’s been a great phone in the year I”ve been using it.  I’ll keep using it with Gingerbread until it’s time for a new phone or until I get ICS from T-Mo & LG.  I’ll play with the software on my other phones.

  • Greg

    Does this update break the native hot spot tether?

    • Fastlife1979mn

      That’s what I’m wondering too!

    • Fastlife1979mn

      The upgrade worked great on two G2x phones. The tethering is fine and free-z free ;) plus it runs 100% faster. I noticed the data speed has improved, and it fixed a few bugs the first update never fixed… its worth downloading

  • Mary

    How can I permanently turn off noise reduction on my samsung galaxy s2?

  • Sicboy041

    I just received my OTA update this morning. Update took about 15-20 minutes or so. From what I can tell so far, it works much better and faster. Menus are snappier. Won’t be able to assess the random reboot/lock up issues until I’ve had it on for a few days, but so far so good. If this at least stabilizes the phone from here on out, it’ll finally be the device that I paid for. I can understand why people are pissed, but at least I hung in there until they got most of the bugs fixed. ICS would be nice eventually, but not a deal breaker for me. I just want a reliable phone that does everything I need it to do.

    • rubadubematt

      I got the update on Saturday and it does indeed seem to be more stable. So far so good.

  • Vickie

    This software update fried my phone and T-mobile is now making me pay for a new phone. They told me it is an LG problem, not theirs and are not responsible. So who is? I was forced to accept an update from T-Mobile, through LG, and now I do not have a working phone. I had to get a loaner, wait 3 days for T-Mobile to send me a new phone, AND pay for it. I am under contract with them and completely stuck.

    • Momoney4honey

      this update fried my phone as well! Now when I cut it in it just flashes from a light black screen to a dark black screen omg this is so annoying!!!

  • zps


  • Sammi

    Both my dad and I have G2x’s, and both had to return them just a month after we got them last year..it has been problems ever since. Even after this update, both phones are still just as screwy as ever – freezing, random reboots, needing to force close apps…UGH

  • Austinekersey

    This new update has completely fix my g2x no crappy ICS Tom for me thank LG(about freaking time)

  • Johnson

    When I first got my g2x it was so buggy, random shut offs and it froze a lot! Not to mention my phone wouldn’t vibrate at all!!. I dealt with it and when thia update happened a few days ago it seems everything has improved. My phone vibrates now too. I’m pretty stoked with it, so kudos from me

  • Tyler_b7171

    I got the OTA update this morning at 7 AM.  its currently 9 AM and its still trying to update.  is there an expected elapsed time that I should know about before I can use my phone again?

  • Sharp

    After the P999-V21y update, my phone now cant receive calls. (example) When you call me and I pick up you cant hear me and I cant hear you. help