LG Support Forum Posts Complete List Of Changes For G2x Software Update

While T-Mobile and LG have already officially announced the P999-V21y software update for the G2x, we were a little short on details for the full list of enhancements and bug fixes. T-Mobile listed random reboot and power off fixes, device stability improvements, wi-fi calling improvements and boot up fixes but the list goes on after that.

Thanks to a post on LG’s support forum, we’ve got a complete breakdown of the software update, including the dates and times the update will continue to be sent over-the-air. Hit the list below for the the complete listing for P999-V21y.

LG Support

OS: Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

NO. Subject Details
1 Camera UI – Video recording options improvement Added additional resolution options:
Rear camera :
Android native UI was : High/Low/MMS/YouTube
Improved options now: Full HD(1920*1088) / HD(1289*720) / TV(720*480) / VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QCIF(176*144)
Front Facing Camera :
Android native UI was: High/Low/MMS/YouTube
Improved options now: VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QCIF(176*144)
2 Improved device stability nVidia patches and other improvements applied to improve stability.

3 Display Screen Resolved the following scenarios;
• During YouTube video play, reset or Backlight off.
• TV output is blinking after connecting a HDMI during a video recording
• Displayed sorry pop-up when send MMS attached image file with no name.
• Phone sleep -> inserting headset -> LCD ON by pressing power key -> No headset icon displayed
4 Audio improvements
Resolved the following scenarios;
• Voice is not heard from Receiver when headset is disconnected during a Call.
• Ringtone was not routed to Bluetooth device.
• Updated DTMF behavior to support certain IVR systems
• DTMF tones not recognized when using loudspeaker at max volume.
5 Navigation improvement Resolved scenario where device takes long time to get GPS position.
Resolved scenario where device would reset when acquiring GPS location.
6 Apply Google security patches Various Google security patches applied.
7 Swype version update
Updated Swype IME to Version

The update schedule is a bit different, but is as follows:
o 4/23 – 10k – Released at ~8am
o 4/24 – 10k – Released at 11pm PST
o 4/25 & 4/26 – Soak
o 4/27 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST
o 4/28 & 4/29 – Weekend (no pushes)
o 4/30 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST
o 4/31 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST
o 5/1 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST
o 5/2 – 40k – Released at 11pm PST
o 5/3 – 100k – Released at 11pm PST
o 5/4 – 100k – Released at 11pm PST
o 5/5 & 5/6 – Weekend (no pushes)
o 5/7 – Remainder (~15k) – Released at 11pm PST

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  • Nathan S.

    LOL!!  Literally 2 days after I gave up and sold my G2X and bought a Galaxy S2. How funny is this? 

    • Kristoff119

      Dude, return that gs2 and get yourself a galaxy nexus direct from google!

      • Nathan S.

        I purchased used. But I might just sell it and go for the nexus just for the heck of it.

  • baopham

    this is a great update for G2x users…but everybody is waiting for ICS…

    • Kc KCz

      G2X is decent phone and doesn’t have crapy stuff unlike HTC (SenseUI) or Samsung (TouchWiz) so, am awating for stock ICS upgrade from TMO n LG. I personally don’t want to have this device rooted and get ICS update from xdaforum, etc…

  • lex

    fimally full 1080p before he update it was only recording 720p with no options.

  • Rubadubematt

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between 
    P999-V21y  and 
    P999-V21e?  This article only seems to reference the y version and my phone is the e version

    •  It’s the “baseband” version.  It has something to do with the frequency of the radios and reception ….or something.

    • Phoenix

      V21e has OS version Gingerbread 2.3.3.  V21y has OS version 2.3.4, with a lot of bug fixes and enhancements.  If you have V21e, then you should get the OTA update between now and May 14.  You’ll get a notification on your phone when it has been pushed to you.

      • Rubadubematt

        thank you for this.  I hope you’re right.  :)

  • Havoktek

    This is kinda sad, ICS is dropping damn near full boar and here comes an update for a phone that has been deemed EOL? I don’t even know how to comment at this…..Too little, too late..




    • Havoktek

      Sexy to me and I OWN IT, I made it work, it’s solid and if you’re luck you’ll have one with working hardware. Ease up on the caps dude, we hear ya!

    • dkbnyc

      please take your meds.  I know you’re from texas but at least try and act like a human.  

  • Ynotajb

    crazy stuff here .i rooted and im running ice cream sandwhich 4.0.3 with no problems very fast very smooth.only work around is video camera app that works just fine.everything else is smooth as ice cream.

  • Hey it could be worse…

    Ask Behold II and Sidekick 4G owners who were Samsunged like myself.

  • So, do I wait for this update (only to be disappointed because it makes my phone slightly less junky) or just get the HTC One S?

    • Littlemattfish

      HTC one

  • Cameron W3st

    I was a Tmobile customer since 2004 and finally left November of last year because of this phone…

    I bought the phone the day it came out, in April…and JUST NOW, LG and Tmobile have FINALLY fixed the random reboots and power off problems that, at one point, they claimed “didn’t exist”? More than a YEAR AFTER the phone first launched?

    This is a serious question…Does anyone out there know if I could SUE either LG or Tmobile for the ETF they charged me? ($350) due to a device that, up until now, has absolutely NOT worked…?

    I feel like if…I bought a phone for over $400 and it NEVER worked right, and I traded mine 3 different times for “like new” devices that ALSO didnt work…I should absolutely NOT have to pay the ETF.

    Someone please shed some light for me. Thank you!

  • BahamasGeek242

    ICS would have been nice I am glad I sold it before it was worth nothing.  XDA almost has a fully functional ICS ROM if anybody is interested 

    •  That’s what I’m waiting for. I finally got disgusted and rooted the phone. CM7 isn’t perfect, but it’s far ahead of anything I’ve seen from LG.

    • Khamikaze

       After 12 months with G2x the way T-Mobile and LG delivered it, right now I just want a Software Update that makes it work right.
      It really does not have to be Ice Cream Sandwich, I will be very happy just a simple small “Cupcake” that has not been burnt in the oven…

  • Jose Caudillo

    can we upgrade the voice search app and sync the twitter app contacts? I still haven’t received the update.

  • jbhotnessmon

    is this rootable

  • G2XUser

    This phone was the reason i left T-Mobile after 10+ years lol. I had my last straw and finally went to Verizon Wireless and now have an iPhone 4S =] couldn’t be happier. I’ve had no technical problems, no service problems, no problems whatsoever !

  • tomnewtn

    T Mobile sent this to me for free with GB installed. It’s been nearly flawless. I can see that some improvements are needed, and should be interesting to see how it goes.

  • I really want to slap someone that works for LG Mobile. This was a epic phone that got ruined by shitty  OS. How can this take a year when you have stock android? 

    Stock android WAS the reasons I went with this phone! So I can avoid long delays and not worry about stupid factory software running on it. 

    Great Hardware + Shitty Software = G2X

    Thanks for fucking us in the ass for a year. I have removed the battery so many times everyday for a year that I might just keep doing that out of habit even if the phone doesn’t fall sleep or crash left and right. 

    • Rubadubematt

      Yeah, I pretty much have to pull my battery once a day at least because it’s just dead.

    •  It wasn’t stock, but close to it…certainly better than most crapware-laden phones. But I’m not so sure the hardware is all that great. LG seems to have done little or no quality testing. I got so disgusted that I finally rooted and installed CM7. It’s not perfect either, but at least makes the phone useable.

    • tomnewtn

      As a Nexus One owner who has a G2x and sent back the G2, I can tell you the OS isn’t stock. It’s bloatware stock…or something like that.  My G2X is near flawless, but I only have it because TMO retention gave it to me for free with GB installed.  Still a bit twitchy at times so maybe this update will do the trick. 

    • zps

      Me too.  This is one buggy POS phone.  Sadly, the Galaxy Nexus goes backwards on camera and external storage.  I’m becoming frustrated with android.

  • Jose Caudillo

    4/25 & 4/26 – Soak? what it is it?

    • Bill

       It means they think they fixed stuff, but will send it out to a bunch of users an Guinnea pigs to see if they still complain, or if they somewhat fixed the issues

  • zps

    is anyone having success with the LG tool?  it says i have the latest version when i don’t!

    • Rubadubematt

      same thing I’m getting.  I think you have to wait until may 15th for the tool to work.  this week is the main week that all the phones get published the new version.  so be on the look out, you should get it over the air.

  • zps

    Ugh, another frustrating, buggy, and pitiful update process by Tmo/LG.  The steps indicated on the T-mo FAQ site DO NOT WORK.  

  • Dexter

    Try this to fix your phone:

    I had all the same issues with this phone that everyone else complained about for the first few months (lockups, random reboots, etc).  I did the OS update they released a few months ago using the LG tool, and nothing changed.  It was my first smartphone though, so at the time I was downloading a lot of free and ad-supported apps fairly often.  Finally, I said screw it and did a system reset to erase all the apps and settings I had on the phone, and only loaded apps I actually used (kindle, spotify, facebook.)  I haven’t had any of the issues since I did this over 7 months ago.  Every few days I might cycle the phone on and off, since I noticed the data connection gets wonky if I switch back and forth between WIFI and 4g, but that’s not that bad compared to the old issues.

  • Who put 4/31 in the update schedule above? Nice job!

    • Rubadubematt


  • Rubadubematt

    Has anyone got the update yet?  I haven’t this is supposed to be the week where pretty much everyone get it!

    • nope haven’t got it all since they released it.

      • rubadubematt

        I still haven’t got it either…

    • GuestGuy

      Just got the OTA at 3am PST May 2nd  :)
      Still considering the GSM Galaxy Nexus though. Craving some ICS. Don’t think the g2x will get ICS, or at least for a while..Don’t really wanna root :p

  • update sucks it totally screwed my phone up either ROOT your phone or GET A NEW ONE!

    • Rubadubematt

      how did it screw up your phone?

  • rubadubematt

    Ok I got the update! The camera is much more responsive. I think the freezing, and no responsiveness has been fixed.

  • Enrique Torruella

    My phone is dead after this Upgrade in this week for V21e.
    Recovery not working and restoring the backup not working.

    No function with any root and recovery mode.

    S/W Upgrade message stock in screeen after recovery and flash all the time

  • are they still sending out the update, i gave my daughter who is in collage my g2x, when i got the SGS2…. i asked her to check threw the update software in settings she got nothing…