Costco Selling The HTC One S For $189.99, Includes $25 Costco Cash Card

Are you looking to beat the Best Buy price of $199.99 on the HTC One S? Good, because we’ve got an event better deal for you thanks to the folks at Costco. How does $189.99 with a $25 Costco cash card sound? Sounds pretty good if I may say so myself. Of course, the cash card requires its own mail-in rebate, but the $189.99 price will save you $60 up front on T-Mobile and $10 from Best Buy. Save yourself the $60 bucks and grab a pair of Beats Audio headphones and get the most out of your HTC One S experience. That sounds like money well spent.

Costco says their pre-order started last night so you can head on over to the Costco website and get your purchase on. If you’re on the fence with the HTC One S, take a look at our preview.



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