Costco Selling The HTC One S For $189.99, Includes $25 Costco Cash Card

Are you looking to beat the Best Buy price of $199.99 on the HTC One S? Good, because we’ve got an event better deal for you thanks to the folks at Costco. How does $189.99 with a $25 Costco cash card sound? Sounds pretty good if I may say so myself. Of course, the cash card requires its own mail-in rebate, but the $189.99 price will save you $60 up front on T-Mobile and $10 from Best Buy. Save yourself the $60 bucks and grab a pair of Beats Audio headphones and get the most out of your HTC One S experience. That sounds like money well spent.

Costco says their pre-order started last night so you can head on over to the Costco website and get your purchase on. If you’re on the fence with the HTC One S, take a look at our preview.



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  • BigMixxx

    wait for walmart….they wil absorb the tax! (at least in nevada)

    • Scarfacemario

      Haha Walmart will probably have it for 149.99 which I think T-mobile should have priced it in the first place

      • Deon Davis

        Why should they price this phone at 149.99? It is a top tier phone. Yes I know the One X on AT&T is 199.99 also but you pay way more per month. So in the end you paying way more for the phone. The Blaze is a phone that belongs at the 149.99 mark with its Dual core S3 Snapdragon which is great by the way too.

    • Tomnewtn

      I checked Walmart after I found it on Costco. Not listed yet, but when it is, I bet you’re right.

  • Carloslacend

    For all users of samsung galaxy 2, the expected ICS arrives on April 22 officially. This is the official update as tmobile has announced.

    • Scarfacemario

      Awesome Thanks Carlos greatly appreciated

  • Deadeye37

    So if you order through Costco, they’ll thrown in a beats audio headphones free of charge?  That really would make this an awesome deal!

    I wonder if I can get the 2% cash back also with the executive membership…

    • No, the author is just being cute and telling you to use your savings on the device to buy the Beats earbuds.  Which is dumb.  I’ll stick with the bundled HTC ones or my Sennheisers.

      • LC

        Must phones aren’t coming with head phones anymore, and I don’t believe this phone will be coming with any.

  • hecg55

    Kind of a stupid question but thats for new activation correct ??

    • No, you can do renewals, too, but they make you upgrade to a new data plan, $35/mo for 5 GB or $65/mo for 10 GB.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      I also includes upgrade if you agree to a $35/month 5GB internet plus hotspot.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      I also includes upgrade if you agree to a $35/month 5GB internet plus hotspot.

  • Why is the checkout weird?  They require me to pick a data plan, either $35/mo for 5 GB or $65/mo for 10 GB.  I already have a data plan!  Mine is the $25/mo unlimited with text messages from 2008.  Saving $35 and not having to mess with a mail-in rebate is not worth $240 in additional data charges for the next two years.

    Even weirder, the Best Buy checkout has different data plan options, $20 for 2 GB high speed + unlimited or $10 for 200 MB high speed data.  I might actually switch to the $20 plan as my usage for the last three months hasn’t gone over 0.8 GB per month.

    • Deon Davis

      You can always downgrade your data. Just order it then call tmobile after your phone arrives and change to the 2 gig plan.

    • guest

      I went through this with them already. Go to the store and they can get T-Mobile loyalty on the phone. They will change your data plan to one currently being offered and on the same call change it back to what you had when Best Buy is done. It worked fine for me.

      • LC

        Just as a heads up, this is NOT a guarantee that it will work. Some reps say, and will do, things while the next rep you speak with says they are unable to do that. Just be aware :-)

  • wildcontigo

    A Question: I know, the One S is the “greatest” dual core S4 (Actually just the mediocre brother of the One X quadcore), but, why would anybody buy a phone without sdcard slot and removable battery???????

    • Deon Davis

      So to use you logic!? The One S Is the greatest dual core phone, but is a mediocre phone next to the One X (AT&T)  Which has a dual core not quad core. Make up you mind please! People are bitching just to be bitching I swear! The One S is a very nice phone that competes with the best out there.

      • wildcontigo

        Please read properly. First of all “greatest” (in quotes) is meant to be sarcastic. Secondly the rest the world’s (not US ) One X is a quad core tegra 3.
        Please, practice those reading skills. I’m not saying it will not perform well, although a well tweaked (after root) sensation could give it some competition, what I asked was why anybody would pay top dollar for a phone that doesn’t have sdcard slot or removable battery?

    • nemaki

       maybe because 16GB is more than enough for some people and it actually has a good battery in it already.  Personally, I don’t carry around multiple batteries in my pocket every day anyways.

      • Midas

        I can put up with not having expandable memory, but not having a replaceable battery is insane. Especially in this day and age where battery life is next to non-existent already due to how powerful smartphones have become and the fact that for some stupid reason they keep reducing the size of the devices even though the batteries cannot be packed with any more power due to the laws of physics(which is part of the reason why they have such short lives). Besides crappy battery life, there’s also the fact that lithium degrades quickly with use, within 2 years(at best) a lithium battery in a phone will have degraded to the point where it probably can’t hold more than 20% of its designed charge. So when that battery finally dies on you, you have no recourse other than to buy a new phone, how the hell is that good design? And before you say it “I’m just going to get a new phone in 3 months anyway” isn’t in any way an acceptable answer, phones aren’t socks that are meant to be disposable. My phone is 3 years old and still runs great, and I’ve had to replace the battery twice in that time because it degraded to uselessness.

    • SensationUser

      Same reason idiots buy the iPhone…?  Basically an app drawer on a touch screen phone…iPhone is so boring.

    • 21stNow

       There are things about the One S that I don’t like, but those two don’t make the list.  My Nokia Lumia 900 is in the same boat and those things were not going to keep me from buying it.

      And to SensationUser, I’m not an idiot for buying an iPhone.

  • C Dumajel1980

    HTC ONE S for ATT way better than this…im with tmobile and kinda disappointed with this esp with no micro sd card slot and only VGA front camera….HTC ONE for ATT should work with tmobile’s 3g/4g as the specs said it supports 1700/2100 frequency if not mistaken….

    • Deon Davis

      I’m sure you meant One X. The One X is not way better this this! Yes it has a 720p screen so it is a little better. They are both awesome phones!

      • C Dumajel

        nope…htc one s for att…htc one x is international version…no htc one s is US version

        • C Dumajel

          meant HTC ONE S is US version* there’s no HTC ONE X US VERSIOn…both are great phones yes..esp with the new s4 htc one s is using..kinda like the 720p I prefer and 1.3mp front camera

        • Uncoloredpoem

          No sir you are wrong. One x is what everyone but T-Mobile is getting. Look it up.

        • C Dumajel

 take it back..ur right..just found out today that att wud be getting one x…in that case..tmobile sucks then…wonder if that wud run on tmobiles 4g…il wait for the gs3 then…thanks for the infos

  • lee

    wait for 3 months they will have all smartphones free deal lol

  • Tarea222

    just got the gs2 for 100. should i send it back to get the one s? any suggestions guys

    • Deon Davis

      It depends on what you want. The GS2 is a very nice phone! the GS2 pros are: removable battery, sd card slot, slightly bigger screen.The One S pros are: faster next gen S4 soc, better build quality, thinner sleeker look, ICS out the box.

    • Bleacherbums1

      That’s really up to you … I would go do a comparison on both phones and or return it (surely they will take it back) then when the HTC one s finally on there hand you can grab both phones and go from there. If you like Samsung touch wizard or HTC UI. Personally I Like the HTC UI better.

      Good luck

      • Tarea222

        thanks guys i think i’m going to compare them at the store and see which one i like more. upgraded from the g2 so far living the screen on thus bad seems like a fast enough phone.

    • MarcusDW

      If you don’t know anything about either phone then you might as well keep the GS2.  I’ve had it since Oct. 12th and it’s fantastic all around.

      If you like HTC Sense then you should wait for the One S because Sense 4.0 is pretty impressive.  

    • wildcontigo

      Depends on what you want in a phone. I would rather keep the gs2

  • Mark Thompson

    Costco is also throwing in the following when you order online:

    Free Kit for the HTC One S

    Hard Shell Carrying Case2 Leather Cases3 in 1 ChargerScreen Protectors

  • Bleacherbums1

    Just got off the phone with Walmart and management hasbsaid that they will start selling HTC one x and HTC one s .


    • Bleacherbums1

      “TBD” sorry

  • MarcusDW

    With that said, keep the GS2.  The screen on the One S is the same qHD Pentile Matrix SuperAMOLED tech as the one on the DROID RAZR and I compared them in person.  Even with the higher resolution, the RAZR’s screen is noticeably more pixellated than the GS2’s 4.5″ SuperAMOLED PLUS screen which is more advanced.  

    It’s bigger, has better pixels, and is more energy efficient.  

    And like you said, the phone is already fast.

  • Bulletban

    no wonder Tmo is losing customers every quarter. as a customer with Tmo for over 7 yrs, i have to say that im with Tmo for the value of the services and not for the devices. Tmo normally has the worst devices selection among the big 4 carriers. and they always trying to position their devices superiority over others. I guess the management never figure out why people leaving Tmo. would people buy the One S and signed up 2 yr plan for $199, $60/month? or they could just buy the One X, signed up with StraightTalk and get unlimited everything for less than $40/month(3 month packages + FW 12.5% cashback)? no matter how similar ONE S and ONE X are, ONE S does NOT equal to ONE X. 

    • Bleacherbums1

      StraightTalk ??? Not familiar with it, unlimited data?

    • Ummmm *taps shoulder* you DO realize that Straight Talk wireless is reselling Tmobile services right sir? So they don’t care because you’re still a tmobile customer on Straight Talk.. Smh

    • kam626905

      They were the first to bring android

  • TrUsTmEi’MaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

    Is this the only color this phone is coming in for T-Mobile or can we expect to see a black or white colored phone sometime in the future?  

    • SensationUser

      It will be in Black and red after they fix the issue with the ceramic housing.

  • SensationUser

    I am going to wait to see what complaints are about the One S and then probably get it for FREE during the mother’s day sale in just a couple weeks.  Why pay for it?

  • Brent

      saw the galaxy s3  today, huge screen, over 4.7 and no capacitive buttons!

    • Taron19119

      where at prove it

      • Brent

        still under wraps, not mine to take pics of

  • Anyone plan on buying this phone retail (549-599) and then get the Walmart / Tmobile deal for 30 bucks a month (5GB data / flat texting / 100 min talk)? That’s what I’m considering but I wanted to hear if anyone else is considering the same path.

    • Bleacherbums1

      I’m getting an unlocked version of one s for my wife so she won’t be tied in on that 2 year contract…it would be the same amount of $$$$ if you buy it for $199 with a 2 year contract or even less. I myself haven’t had a contract in 4 years I buy my phones unlocked. It suits my needs if just if we decide to go somewhere else (carriers) …. and again this is what I wanted.

      • Tony T

         Bleacherbums1, where did you buy the unlocked version of the one s from? would you be so kind and share the website or the location, Thanks.

      • typoking

        Is is really cheaper. If you pay 250 – 300 more at the start. I am thinking of doing it as well but I am not sure is it really comes out as cheaper in the end.

  • Mark

    Costco will make you pay the sales tax on the MSRP price, which is around $499. In some states, sales tax are high, so BB has the best price.

    • Golfreak88

      No kidding, its asinine.
      I hate Costco policy of charging tax on full price.
      Its like WTF !!! I don’t know of any other place that does it.
      You should be paying tax on what you just paid for the phone. Not what “you would have paid”.

      • Guest

        Almost everywhere you shop will charged you the tax on phones retail value only place I know of that doesnt is SAMs club

    • 21stNow

       Doesn’t that vary by state?  I know that it would be that way in Massachusetts.  In California, all stores have to charge the sales tax on the retail price of the phone.  I think that there are a couple of other states that do it like California does.  MA is just confusing and I hope that they keep that to themselves.

    • Brett

      That is not true. I paid $13 of tax in florida which is the tax on the $189.99. Buying from T-Mobile you will pay tax on $250. Costco’s deal is the best by far. I can’t wait for my phone on Wednesday. With the rebate its $165 and you get the accesory bundle.

  • Lani

    FYI, Costco charges you the tax you’d pay at full price on all items you purchase with ‘any’ Costco coupon or Instant Manf. Rebate.

  • Anonymous

    How is it possible that AT&T charges $549 retail for the One X, yet tmobile is charging $599 for the One S? WTF is that about?