T-Mobile, AT&T Continue Battle Over Claim Of Nations Largest 4G Network

T-Mobile currently lays claim to the title “America’s Largest 4G Network” based on coverage of 215 million people with HSPA+ technology. However, AT&T is working to one up that claim with their own figure of nearly 250 million people covered by their “4G network.” It was back in February when AT&T first tried to claim the title of the nation’s largest 4G network, but did so without providing any specific figures. Now, AT&T says they are firmly in the lead and will take the title. The question is, will T-Mobile give up the title?

“T-Mobile currently operates America’s Largest 4G Network, reaching well over 215 million people in 225 markets, which we believe makes us the largest,” T-Mobile said in a statement to FierceWireless. “It’s important to note that having enhanced backhaul in place is necessary to deliver a 4G experience. AT&T is touting the reach of their network, but we don’t believe they have sufficient backhaul to justify the assertion that they are larger.  We believe T-Mobile reaches more Americans with a 4G experience.”

AT&T says nuh-uh:

“The facts are we have the nation’s largest 4G network covering nearly 250 million people with LTE and HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul,” AT&T’s Steven Schwadron told FierceWireless.

What about Verizon you say? Verizon spokesman Thomas Pica says they cover 2/3 of the U.S. population and more than 200 million POPs [with LTE]. If you check the census site, it will say there are about 314 million in the U.S. at this time.” Verizon says they will cover 260 million people with LTE by the end of 2012.

Sprint, well Sprint’s WiMAX network only covers around 130 million people, so they’ve long been out of the running.

What say you? Who has the nation’s largest 4G network? Is it T-Mobile or is AT&T?

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  • Jctusa7

    Tmobile has great 4g coverage but att has at least 3g in the outskirts….when you drop off the tmobiles 4g map…you get edge.. painfully slow

    • Paul

      If you get edge at all

      • Seriously, there are a lot of places where I live (suburban Los Angeles) where I’d be thrilled to pull down a GPRS signal.

        • Brian

           Blame that on yourself, pick plans based off where you live, the coverage maps do show this. Woulda been safe picking that in Tampa

        • Interesting notion, you might have a point except that according to the T-Mobile coverage map the specific area I’m thinking of should have “good” coverage and in fact I used to get coverage in this specific area.  (been with T-Mobile almost 10 years).  About the time TMO started rolling out HSPA+ (back when HSPA+ was still called 3G) coverage got significantly worse in my area.

    • jonathan3579

      Or maybe AT&T phones don’t always read correctly. ;)

      • Gouv

        In all truth, it does disgust me slightly to see my iphone 4S read “4G” at the top after a software upgrade to 5.1 

        All these companies are full of crap, none of it is 4G and I hate that fact that tmo started this marketing nonsense of being 4G when at the end of the day none of the carriers are abiding by the original protocol…  none of them are.  I want someone to start a “truth” campaign against wireless carriers.

        • Brian

           I Think this is the smartest thing you said yet

  • iTried

    I would say T-Mobile had a 16-18 month jump on the 4g game and took a chance with calling it 4g, which I have no problem with. Now it seems as though T-mobile did not take advantage of that head start and instead of expanding its reach with its HSPA+ it decided to just make it faster in the areas it had it which probably wasnt the best move. So AT&T did just that, expanded it out quickly to as many people as possible and worried about speeds and back haul later. So technically T-Mobile may be faster where they have HSPA+ but AT&T has more of it. So I would say currently AT&T takes the lead with coverage, but that torch will soon be handed over to Verizon’s LTE.

    • Well, it didn’t have a lot of funds for new markets last year, so it just upgraded existing markets. This year, we should expect lots of new markets to launch. T-Mobile typically launches boatloads of new markets in the summer, rather than the spring, fall, or winter.

      • iTried

         When you say new markets are expected to launch do you mean 3g markets will become 4g? Or that 2g will become 3g/4g? I’m hoping its that latter as that is currently one of T-mobiles biggest downfalls. Look forward to your response!

      • TBN27

        It is true for earlier this year there was mention of T-Mobile having switched some new cities over to HSPA+ on top of edge and still upgraded existing markets to HSPA+ 42

  • UglyPete

    Verizon Wireless will take the crown.   

    As an interesting side note, I start working for Verizon Wireless next week =)  I will be sad to leave Tmo, but Tmo just wouldn’t give me a full time position. I worked part time for nearly two years now.  I’ll still come here every one in a while tho =P 

    • WhydoIhavetopaymybill?

      if you weren’t promoted for that long then you haven’t proven yourself. good luck at vzw, their promotion structure is just as bad.

      • UglyPete

        Oh please. You have no idea.

        • Torrey Morgan

           working for ZVW is comparable to being a jew during ww2. No lies.

        • UglyPete

          Well then what is working for TMO like?

        • theman

          Like being a retarded Jew during ww2

        • UglyPete

          I guess I’m upgrading

        • Gouv

          Remember to be nice and fake being friendly with iPhone customers! they are going to make you money!!!

        • UglyPete

          I guess I’m upgrading

        • theman

          Like a “mentally handicapped” Jew in ww2

        • MagentaMadness

          Its actually quite nice here. Been with the company since the beginning of VoiceStream, can’t be all that bad if I’m still here. If I didn’t like it, I would of left. Good luck with Verizon, hope if works out for you. 

    • Gouv

      Are you going to send the “bad credit customers needing a $900 deposit” to see your old friends at t-mobile?

      • UglyPete

        Hooray for Monthly 4g !

    • TopTechRep

      I suppose you don’t remember signing the employment agreement containing the non-compete clause huh? You legally can not work for them for a full year after terminating your agreement with T-Mobile. I started as PT II and have been with TMO for seven months. Since then I have made it to full time and have been given two pay raises as well.  Sounds to me like you weren’t trying hard enough.

      • UglyPete

        Well you are lucky enough to work in a market where they actually hire full time. Full time people leave and they hire part time to replace them. I had email updates for positions open and there hasn’t been a full time position in over a year. I have worked with my manager and my district manager and they recognize my performance, but their hands are tied.

        I love Tmobile and I am sad to go, but VZW hired me full time at twice the pay.

        What noncompete? I never signed anything.

      • Non compete agreements aren’t legal in an increasing number of places anyways.

  • Gouv

    I’m sorry but there is no way tmo can even compete in this arena anymore.  The technomadia app shows a huge difference.  AT&T seems to double if not triple tmo’s “4G” coverage in most areas on the map.  Once you get to 3G than you can just forget about it, t mobile is not even competing anymore with them…  I give t mobile credit for having the balls to defend this but there is no way anymore that this is true.  If AT&T keeps upgrading hspa sites to “4G” than its really no contest here but from the looks of the updated map in my coverage app.  it seems AT&T is already beating them assuming the map data is somewhat up to date which im sure it is.

    • csr

      like your opinion matters, haha. not really though… these companies are not small, a very effective Germany company using older data network technology at dirt cheap cost to support a data war and claiming entitlement is very intelligent, att and verizon going lte is wasting billions of dollars on lte technologies in its infancy stage of speed. sure they have the customer base to burn money, but its not brilliant, and everyone must pay the highest rates just to bare the name lte.in the real world when two people compare phone speeds, they can’t tell the differents, either it works fast or its slow. meanwhile the other can say i get a deal on my monthly bill. Tmo will again start two years behind the competition and build out lte at very affordable rate while keeping the cost of plans down for everyone. intelligent.

  • TBN27

    They can’t compete until they refarm their 1900mhz spectrum, roll out their LTE and, increase the coverage area of their 1700/2100 mhz HSPA+ data, which should happen all by next year?

    • Gouv

      I still think at&t would generally have a larger footprint in all categories… They aren’t just sitting around waiting to shrink their network. 

      • TBN27

        Very true. I am highly curious to see how they all turn out in the next two years. There could be an upset.

  • UMA_Fan

    The issue for debate is that ever since T-Mobile started dubbing HSPA+ 21 markets 4G, At&t is deciding now that all HSPA+, including their HSPA+ 14 networks, are 4G as well.

    T-Mobile getting into 3G late gave them the latest and greatest HSPA equipment making it easier and cheap to upgrade to later HSPA+ technologies.  It makes more sense for At&t to divert money to LTE than upgrade their older HSPA+ equipment because it wouldn’t be worth the cost.  Still, everyone should keep in mind, at&t is considering HSPA+ 14 markets as 4G while T-Mobile considers 21mbps and up 4G.

     I kind of think that at&t marketing figured the t-mobile merger would have been done by this time and was itching to use this in the marketing.  When it failed they were like f*** it let’s just do it anyway.

    • iTried

      The my touch 4g is only 14mbps so T-mobile really opened that can of worms.

      • TopTechRep

        Anyone who still has the MyTouch 4g should sit down and shut up. Grown ups are talking.

        • MT4G is still less than 2 years old, even the earliest of adopters are not yet upgrade eligible.  Or is your assertion that anyone who can’t afford or can’t justify spending $500-$600 to buy a full price phone mid contract is not a “grown up”?

        • iTried

          I guess you didn’t understand my statement.  T-mobile started calling their 14mbps network 4g with the MyTouch 4g which opened the doors for AT&T to do the same thing. For some one who tries to call them self a grown up your comment really makes you look like a child.  Stop being petty and act like an adult…

        • WillieFDiaz

          T-Mobile didn’t launch an HSPA+14 network, they went from their HSPA7.3 to HSPA+21 and called that 4G, and the phones capable of a minimum 14.4 were included as 4G due to the nature of speed and latency and user experience on network.

      • csr

        yes meanwhile, a network can be updated in network speeds 42 mbps, however your older mt4g will only have a modem 14.4 hardware, the phone will be maxed out even if the network could push data along at faster speeds. not all 4g equipment are created equal in speed. if you want a faster network, you’ll need a state of the art device that supports the network hardware updates too.

  • How can AT&T say this when they don’t say how many market there HSPA and LTE are in.  T-Mobile is in 225 Markets around the country.  Until I see numbers I dont believe AT&T at all.  I think T-mobile has America’s Largest 4G Network trademarked so….

    • Gouv

      use one of those coverage apps that show coverage for all carriers…  i’ll give you a hint as to what the outcome is…. tmo and sprint lose big time! much smaller “4G” footprint.

      • Brian

         Not really stupid

        • Gouv

          Look man, face reality and accept that your beloved carrier faces steep competition.. did i hurt your feelings by pointing this out?  does this carrier mean that much to you that you can’t stand to hear something that contradicts what they taught you at your tmo meetings??  grow up man! 

  • wsj

    Who cares, when TMUSA cannot keep customers because they do not offer phone that folks want.  Either the iPhone or top end Androids.  To me you can the largest, fastest network, but if do have the handset to use does it even matter?.

    • Sidekicker89

      Good point, T-Mobile is much slower at launching devices too and replaces ones that are alike quickly example: HTC Amaze -> HTC ONE S. Not saying that part is bad though but it’s always nice to have a big selections. Then again I’m sure it costs T-Mobile a lot to have really high end phones to offer but sometimes thats a sacrifice they have to make their customers happy.

      • Brian

         Are you guys stupid, They have as many high end phones as any other carrier, if anything T-Mobile is second best with phones. You APPLE HOMOS are the only ones that can complain, and its not like T-Mobile doesnt want the iPhone, they allowed any iphone user to use their phone, hence them offering Micro SIMS for the 4s. The only thing that stopped them was the hardware not being able to support AWS bands. Now the iPhone 5 will, now its about striking a deal that both T-Mobile and Apple are happy with, which the subsidies on the phone would stop T-Mobile for making a deal, they would have to sell it cheaper to be able to move as many phones that APPLE will make them move as part of an agreement. But anyway, aside from that, you have the Samsung Galaxy S and SII, both high end phones, The HTC Amaze 4g, the HTC Sensation, they have all the windows Mobiles phones are also getting the HTC one Line up with the HTC ONE X supporting the Quad core version and RAW ICS. T-Mobile will overhaul the entire network by the end of the year and launch LTE early next. Be patient

  • Joey

    I hate AT&T but if T-Mobile can claim that the slower 14.4 Mbps areas of their network including the phones that only support those speeds then they have lost the battle of words. 

    For the past 2 years T-Mobile has been claiming their 4G network covers over 200 million POPS instead of really growing out and expanding.  Now they are up against the wall.  

    Even if T-Mobile covered every inch of their network with “4G,” or HSPA+ it would only equate to 262 million POPS but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.


      This year….

  • FtKnoxTMO

    My phone says “4G” in the notification bar, but the speeds are between 100 kbps and 250 kbps…not what I would call “great back-haul” speed T-Mobile.

    • TrevorMadden

      That’s because your phone can’t tell the difference between 3G and 4G. That’s only 3G speeds
      The reason it can’t discern between the two is because T-Mobile actually uses a very amped up 3G technology. The 3G technology is HSPA, slap a “+” onto it, and you’ve got yourself what T-Mobile and, for the large part, AT&T call 4G.

      • Sidekicker89

        AT&T’s HSPA+ is only 21, T-Mobile at least has 42

        • Scarfacemario

          At&t hspa+ is 14mbps

        • TrevorMadden

          As scarfacemario said, it’s only 14.4. What T-Mobile used to call 4G. However, PC World, when they ran the speed tests for the fastest 3G provider actually used T-Mobile’s 21 mbps phones which T-Mobile would say is 4G

  • Davenycept

    Well my s2 with Tmobile averages 4-13 mbps. Sounds like 4g to me

  • TrevorMadden

    Verizon is set to overtake both in a matter of months, if not weeks, anyway.

  • steveb944

    Honestly, I’m not sure. If the numbers stated are true, and its 21+ speed, then I tip the hat unfortunately to AT&T. Otherwise, T-Mobile can keep tooting their horn.

    Future slogan change to ‘America’s most affordable 4G network’? It doesn’t have a nice ring to it

    • Randy_reid101

      AT&T doesn’t have 21+

      • steveb944

        Ouch, that’s so low of them, literally.

        Thanks for letting me know

        • TMOTECH

          Yep AT&T stopped at 14.4. No 21 or 42 for them. 

        • 21stNow

           Yes, but why keep investing in HSPA+ when you could invest in LTE?

        • Brian

           Because its just as fast as LTE considering, average user is never even coming close to max theoretical speeds. All the carries do not have unlimited data and its throttled back anyway. When T-Mobile launches LTE, it will be LTE Advanced capable, none of the other carries will be capable since they have older hardware. T-Mobile has the newer LTE Revision which is capable of way faster speeds than any of the major carries in the United States

  • TMoFan

    Instead of building out they pretty much stood still for almost a year. It’s all bs marketing anyways. I say it’s time for a new slogan. Maybe we can claim fastest 4G network next year?

    • MagentaMadness

      w/o knowing the outcome during the proposed AT&T acquisition of TMO, yes a lot of what we do did get reduced dramatically, including building out the network…since the announcement of the broken deal , trust me, we are busy as hell with 10 months of work to catch up on.

  • Sidekicker89

    I love T-Mobile, been with them since 2002 but their 4G network is very spotty, i mean that on their (former) online coverage map data is concentrated only in certain cities and many of those cities aren’t even connected together with 4G or even 3G coverage. For example Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio is connected with great data coverage but they aren’t connected to Columbus or Toledo. If T-Mobile fills in those gaps people would have a much better network experience.

    • ILL Thief

      You’re luck you’re getting that even though. I live in a town where it’s Edge only still. I’m sticking with them though because of the low prices and I love my Sensation with all it’s custom rom support. I use WiFi anyways most of the time. 

      Quick Question for anyone that can help..

      When they talk about refarming later this year does that mean they’re turning ALL of EDGE service into 3G/4G service? So I will finally get better than EDGE??

      • Thomas Brezinski

        No probably not as that would require 3G/4G equipment and if you are only getting EDGE then a tower replacement is needed before you’ll see better.  Refarming is just moving spectrum from the 2G hardware to the 3G hardware.  If the hardware isn’t there then there’s nothing to refarm.


      That is due to the merger and uncertainty. At&t really did us in. But this is where the modernization project comes in. Part of modernization and the Re-Frame of 1900 MHZ will also include putting 3G/4G everywhere 2G is. It is coming. 

      • Gouv

        You can’t keep blaming the merger and AT&T for tmo’s bad performance.

        • Brian

           he is not blaming AT&T terd bag, why the hell would you poor money into a network thats being bought, what a terd you are. Now that the merger fell through, T-Mobile is going to feed AT&T a shit sandwhich and become the 3rd largest carrier in the States, their time is coming to an end with all their BS advertising. I like how AT&T boasts 4g coverage when their 3G was non existant

  • Tbudss

    I have heard that AT&T has 4G phones but not 4G LTE ,, only there myfi has it but Tmobile has 4G LTE phones

    • T-mobile has ZERO LTE phones.  They suck.

      • TrevorMadden

        Yeah because LTE is the end-all technology. No it isn’t. Our HSPA+ 42 even rivals it.

        • Gouv

          No but it seems to be the choice of the future even for tmo.

        • TrevorMadden

          Yeah it’s very expandable.

        • Thomas Brezinski

          LTE is the end-all for some things but in terms of current speeds it is no different.  It just makes the back end more efficient and increases capacity but in terms of currently offered speeds it’s no different.

        • TrevorMadden

          But don’t forget about HSPA+ 84

      • HeLLo

         Ah look at the baby someone give him his bottle.Why would you come trolling on here if T-Mobile “sucks”.Why don’t you take that dildo that is stuck where the sun don’t shine and post decent arguments instead of the childish ones.

      • Brian

         What a D-BAG, you do know that LTE on AT&T is a real spec of coverage across the states. ALL 3 of the BIG dogs rolled out LTE and its not even true 4G, none of the networks will have it, except T-Mobile since when they launch their hardware only needs a software upgrade to support LTE advanced which is 10x faster than all 3 Major carriers you DILDO lover. No phone is even capable of supporting any of those speeds anyway, but all 3 carriers have to a major Hardware OVERHAUL to get LTE advanced. Thats what jumping the gun gets you, its kinda like premature ejaculation which im sure u know a lot about. T-Mobile was smart, they built a large HSPA+ network and will have that with LTE Advanced when they launch. Eat a Terd

    • 21stNow

      That’s not true, seeing as I have two of AT&T’s 4G LTE phones.  The Samsung Skyrocket, HTC Vivid, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II are the ones that come to mind.  There may be others.  There’s also the HTC Jetstream tablet.

      I can get 25-29 Mbps on the Galaxy Note.  The Lumia’s not as fast, coming in around 15-17 Mbps.  But, I didn’t test those phones in the same places.  The Lumia might be faster in the same place I tested the Note.

      And, OneSainT is right, T-Mobile has no LTE phones.

  • Bleacherbums1

    Head up to ENGADGET boys and girls….
    There reporting to have a video of SG3
    4.6 SCREEN 720×1180 (320 DPI)

  • xOneSainTx
  • Thomas Brezinski

    It’s not much for “news” yet as I’m sure T-Mobile will argue it and there’s no concrete details of how they violated the requirements.

  • Thomas Brezinski

    It just amazes me how much people focus on speed.  Do you really notice the difference between 8Mbps and 12Mbps on your phone?  The processing lag on the phones can’t keep up with the network speed.

    • James

      In terms of speed, I couldn’t care less. I hardly use my phone for internet-never stream videos. Email comes through on 3G just fine, although I do have a 4G phone with t-mobile. I typically use wifi when I download applications etc. so personally I don’t care about saving two seconds or so, when I’m in a good coverage area. Besides, regardless of the speed advertised, the speed you really experience goes up and down all the time.

      But, T-mobile is now making speed the center point of their marketing campaign.

      Not a bad idea, I mean the speed is good compared to other carriers and a lot cheaper.
      But they may be opening a pandora’s box. They recently sent me an advertsiment showing their 4G Hspa+ speed against AT&T and Verizon. Of course in t-mobile’s ad they had the fastest results. But in the fine print it clearly stated that they did not compare AT&T LTE, only Hspa+. This could, and probably will turn into a problem for t-mobile, as I’m sure that other carriers will capitalize on that.

      • Brian

         Why would you even make that comment about advertising, T-Mobile doesnt have LTE to head to head with AT&T LTE, but as you say AT&T advertises their 4G network with HSPA+ and LTE, and a majority of their 4G network is HSPA+ and not LTE, so in most cases T-Mobile will be faster. NONE of the Carriers have true 4G. True 4G is called LTE Advanced. ALL THE CARRIES WITH LTE have to do a complete hardware overhaul to stand up the LTE Advanced network and when T-Mobile launches, since they have been patient and smart, all they will have to do is a software update to their NEWER LTE Hardware. You should educate yourselves. Current LTE is no faster than HSPA+. T-Mobile can hit THEORETICAL speeds of 42MBPS, no phone is capable of hitting those speeds so what does it matter. HSPA+ is typically moving as fast as LTE on any network. People just read stats, But typically LTE with good solid signal is prolly anywhere from 5-14MBPS, and thats no where close to T-MOBILES MAX Theoretical speed.

  • Juanellobo

    Lest faceit what most people argue about is price they want chip shit prices you pay what you get want better coverage high tech phones go to verizon and play triple the price of tmobile I work in a fast food restaurant and what people buy is chip. If you sell a good steak for a price and you have for sell a bag of shit for less people will buy the bag of shit

  • At the end of the day, the whole speed issue is unimportant – because we are dealing with “wireless” coverage – that is different for each provider and even differing for each “user” of that provider.  It is both location AND device specific.

    I also agree with many here that have stated – how fast is fast enough?  I for one, would rather continue to get a decent price (for my multiple line family plan) and get decent speed/technology.  That’s a huge value to me.  

    TMobile should simply embrace their position in the market as being the VALUE LEADER – spend your marketing dollars on that.  

  • T-Mobile can’t claim the largest 4g network anymore. ATT already has them beat, and Verizon will have them beat very soon at the rate they are expanding LTE.
    On the few cross country road trips I’ve been on, my T-Mobile phone was on 2G the vast majority of the trips.

  • Guest

     what the hell is this have to do with anything again??? Gess man don’t you put down your Marvel comic books or anything…

  • Nearmsp

    I live in the NW suburbs of the twin cities. My SGS2 shows 4G, but I get around 2Mb/s. So the 4G discussion really should be looked at not by coverage but  minimum speed at which the coverage will be considered 4G.

  • so pointless to compare epenis sizes .. don’t worry about wtf ATT is saying or claiming .. there isn’t ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER who buys a phone because they say to themselves “omg i gotta be on the largetst 4G network” .. people want good coverage .. who cares if it’s the world’s smallest 4G network.

    • Gouv

      you’d be surprised.. even if people dont know what it is they might be drawn to it because of the idea that it’s “the biggest” and then associate this idea with it being the “best”.  

      • nah i don’t think people are that gullible .. i mean how many “#1, Best Of, Highest rated” etc do you hear and it mean nothing .. all of the carriers claim som “biggest, largest, most unlimited” etc etc .. it all comes down to phones and coverage. i doubt anyone says oh i can’t be with them they’re not the largest 4G network.

        • Gouv

          If it didn’t matter than they wouldnt even bother advertising this stuff to begin with. It’s the magic of marketing. Even if it’s a subconscious thing it’s still making an impact somehow on someone.

        • probably true lol … just wasted money in my eyes .. and i have to think generally too because well it’s doing nothing to save customers.

        • chumlee

           People ARE that gullible. Case in point….the iPhone. Touted by LEGIONS of sheeple as “the best phone EVAR!”……

        • 21stNow

           No, the marketing works.  My mother doesn’t even use cellular data and wanted to know if she needed a 4G phone because those are “better”.

  • Ralmend1

    T-Mobile is the best and more reliable network for 4G, besides it is less expensive for consumers.Every city I visit I get 5 or 4 bars for 4G. My associates barely get 2 bars and not 4G. AT&T is over marketing their capabilities.

    • Cashman

      You must not travel to the West Coast

  • Churn2012

    Whats point of largest 4G network when TForce says you have to turn 4G off to send a two word text..BS

    • Realcool2000

      uh….i send many texts with many words with my 4g on and so does everyone else, don’t really know what you are talking about.

  • Frigadroid

    If you ask who has the nations largest “true 4g network” the answer has to be Verizon. T-mobile has what the rest of the world calls 3.5g & just like their unlimited data it’s a misleading trick on words to confuse people who don’t know better.

    • HeLLO

      Verizon has true 4G?.Not TTRUE 4G but it does come close to it.

      • Frigadroid

        Depends on what you’re implying if you’re going by the speeds currently reached or fourth generation? Regardless if you have to rely on word manipulation as t-mobile all ways does it just doesn’t sit well with some of us who are knowing better. Their marketing team seems to assume that we the consumers are morons in actuality the historic results show it, over and over they’re the ones that need to go to school. Nothing against Carly but results show it’s not working. If they wanna go cheesecake how about try Penelope Cruz she would cater more to the demographics that they’re after. You don’t send a girl in to do a job that requires a woman ;-P

  • Phozfate

    and yet I get 5mbs in philadelphia on my t989

  • sk4g

    Forget speed tmobile should focus more on better coverage no lie

  • pete

    I love tmo, but the fact they are comparing 4g phones to the iphone that is only 3g, come on tmo your better then this, or at least you use to be

    • TMO

       The comparison versus ATT is correct since ATT uses HSPA+ for their iPhone.  The comparison versus Verizon wouldn’t be fair if they went up against LTE since LTE and HSPA+ are different technologies.  The comparison against Sprint is no where close to fair, if we compared it to WiMax then that would be closer even though it’s different than HSPA+.

      • By that standard, then they can’t compare to Verizon 3G either because that is CDMA and it is a different technology from HSPA+. The real reason that Tmo doesn’t compare their “4G” network to LTE is because they are cowards. They don’t want to show their network getting smoked by LTE.

    • George Kougianos

      In the Boston market, my friend’s iPhone 4S says 4G when you look at the radio signal…so tell them to stop lying to their own customers before crying foul.

  • ZMAN

    At&t wins the 4G battle I believe because T-mobile’s 4G* is just 3G on Steroids. Personally living in N.Y.C T-Mobile has much more of the reliable service compared to At&t which drops calls all the time!!!

    • RevenG101

      If you are looking to get technical, there are 2 things. Most of AT&T’s “4G” network is HSPA+, just like T-Mobile’s. Another thing is that the ITU stated that all of the “4G” networks (LTE, HSPA+, WiMax, etc.) today are, in fact, just beefed up 3G networks and a true 4G network does not exist.

      • Jarrod

        Also most of T-Mobiles 4G network is Dc-Hspa which can deliver speeds comparable to verizon in my area or a little faster.

  • BahamasGeek242

    This commercial is misleading because the I-phone does not have a LTE antenna,  Really TMO come on guys, now I have to hear all my friends talk $**t to me now because of this commercial comparing 48Mbps HSPA+  to 3g

  • jai

    at&t suck you only give limited internet now tmo is unlimited that’s what make them better

    • Lo

      TMobile does not give unlimited 4g. You get either 10mb, 5 gigs or 10 gigs but it cost alot the more you get. Once you use up your 4g it goes to their slow edge strove which no one had the patiencefor anymore.

      • Spooln3

        Jai didn’t say they have ulimited 4g, he said that we have unlimited internet. Regardless of the speed, the internet (Data) is stull unlimited. ;)

  • Brian

     Man you really are a tool. T-Mobile will have a way far superior network compared to AT&T, the entire network will be HSPA+21 at the minimum with areas at HSPA+42….Then when the entire network is no less than HSPA+21, they will also have LTE advanced that NONE of the other carries will have and the only other carrier that could afford to redo the entire LTE netowrk is verizon. AT&T will fall fast esp with the iPhone on every carrier, AT&T only had that to hold them up…oh and so you know, AT&T counts their HSPA+ 14.4 as 4G, which is A MAJORITY of their 4G network and ITS SLOWER than T-Mobiles

    • Gouv

      lol i’m a tool huh?? face reality… don’t regurgitate information you learned at a tmobile store training you attended just because you think it makes you look cool.  Tmobile is a small carrier in comparison to the larger carriers and has a smaller foot print.  Even with the re-farm they will still be behind the others.  Look at how they are performing and bleeding customers!!  If everything was so peachy and wonderful like in your distorted magenta reality than they wouldn’t be in the trouble they are in.  AT&T and VZW will always have hard resources that tmo doesn’t and will likely always be larger for those reasons and likely more profitable as well because they represent the image of “premium brand wireless”.  They are more expensive yet they seem to still add more customers…  I’m sure you blame iphone for all of tmobiles problems just like anyone else that drank the kool-aid.  Stop being such an internet douche!

  • Aisha Naqvi

    Verizon has the largest true 4G network…T-mobile and AT&T need to stop fooling naive customers by advertising their 3G+ networks as 4G…this is coming for a T-Mobile Sensation and Verizon Galaxy Nexus…the speed comparison and coverage (west coast) isn’t even fair to be honest…the Galaxy Nexus on LTE blows away HSPA+… and people these days are pretty tech savvy to be fooled by their 4G vs iPhone 3G test…

  • More interesting TMO news here. This battle will stay for a long time. The 4G network has been expanded today and all leading cellular carriers are claiming that they have the largest 4G network.