Which Carrier Has The Nations Largest FourGee Network?

AT&T has launched a new battle in the “4G” marketing wars with their very own claim that they have the nations largest 4G network. AT&T’s argument works to combine their new LTE presence with their HSPA+ network to support the size of their 4G network. AT&T’s marketing efforts began this Sunday and it’s in contrast to both Verizon and T-Mobile also arguing they have the nations largest 4G networks. It’s a little laughable for AT&T to use HSPA+ in their argument considering their comments against T-Mobile in 2010 for considering HSPA+ as “4G.”

An AT&T spokesperson stated their the competition claims to have around 200 million people with 4G technology and that AT&T is “…significantly ahead of them based on internal and third-party data.” Of course AT&T neglected to mention where and when that data originates from. The spokesperson further said that AT&T “covers more customers than any competitor’s 4G network and delivers great speeds up to four times faster than 3G.”

As it stands now, AT&T’s LTE network covers 74 million POPS in 28 markets, though they declined to comment on how many POPs its HSPA+ network now covers. Verizon declined to comment for the FierceWireless article but noted their LTE network covers 196 markets and more than 200 million POPs. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21Mbps network now covers 217 markets and more than 200 million POPs with their HSPA+ 42Mbps network covers 175 markets and 184 million POPs. Sprint’s WiMAX service now covers 130 million POPs.

Seriously, what is AT&T smoking with this “claim?” It’s ridiculous how they pointed a finger and laughed at T-Mobile’s HSPA+ claim as 4G just two years ago and now use it for their own benefit. As it stands, AT&T’s claims are pretty ridiculous especially when they claim “internal data” which can be manipulated to serve any purpose they choose.

What say you? Does AT&T have a right to claim the nations largest 4G network?

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  • SensationUser

    If you have a Sensation that is ***loading*** everytime you hit the home button then delete Facebook app and use friendstream. Hope this helps.

    • Anonymous

      How is this related to the article? 

      • SensationUser

        Its not but where else should I post it???

      thanks for the heads up. I just bought a sensation off-contract on e-bay. Can’t wait.

  • AT&T is retarded, They have the biggest 4G network and their unlimited plans are still unlimited….lol

    • dan

      their unlimited plans isn’t unlimited anymore. most throttled around 2 gigs. and no options for more speed just a tiered plan. att sucks!

  • Zeonreborn777

    Not surprising for AT&T…

  • Nic Cain

    How about that none of them have a 4G network. Neither LTE or HSPA+ is really 4G. It’s all marketing BS.

    • Anonymous

       according to who?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, you mean, it *was* all marketing BS.
      Then all the carriers complained and got the international standards people (in this case, the ITU) to alter their definition to include everything currently called 4G.
      So the people who are responsible for the name “4G” have declared that it really is all “4G,” and they did that over a year ago now; please try to keep up.

  • Mirsad Karahasanovic

    I would consider the 12mbp/s download from the speed test on my SGS2 as “4G.”

    • Mirsad Karahasanovic

      Although none of them should be considered 4G in the first place.

  • Monday

    regardless who it is, just Verizons markeing itself has won them over as the favorite with it’s LTE and Droid commercials…can’t compare those to T-Mobile commercials with an elf singing.

  • Todd

    who cares?  you can’t even make a phone call on AT&T’s network so they’re irrelevant

  • They need something to distract everyone they are throttling lol

  • Jarrod

    I don’t consider their HSPA cat to qualify, 14.4 doesn’t come close to LTE or HSPA+ 21 or 42

    • Anonymous

      I believe they are using HSPA+ 21. where did you read 14.4?

  • Caleb Maier

    wow this makes t-mobile look good by stating all their facts, and there on a good track. 

    • @CanyonMan67

      Kind of like the fact they tell people the iPhone is 4G or have the 4G logo in the box on the website?  The phone is 14.4 and on a good day it works.  Ask Siri she will tell you, lol NOT only when there is a network connection.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile will no longer claim to have Americas largest 4G network, so I assume they’ve coincided the honor

    • Anonymous

      Really? where did you see that? 

    • Kemikev

       Coincided, or conceeded?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how they can claim that. The addition of their LTE network does not make it cover more people. Their LTE network covers the same places that have HSPA+. They cover the same area. You cant count POPS twice and then say you cover more. It is just a marketing ploy that they know no one will call them on. Just like when we launched Our first HSPA+ network nation wide and they continued to claim they had the fastest network when it was patently untrue. 

  • hater on the rocks

    att is garbage now claiming hspa+ as 4g. tmobile claimed it as 4g and look at it now its faster then att hspa+ anytime. Thats why att making its way to lte not that lte is a bad thing my cousin has the galaxy nexus on a speed test its hitting 21mbp with ease and my tmobile g2x is hitting the high 9 mbp which isnt bad im happy with it. with this article tell u the facts. in my opinion which carrier cover the most i would say tmobile anytime then verizon. att and sprint gotta fight the the 3rd spot         

  • Vim

    Objectively speaking, the title should go to either T-Mobile, Verizon, or nobody at all, depending on how you define “4G”.  AT&T is full of BS.

  • Anonymous

    My internal data says AT&T is a pile of crap. The data is all there, just have a look and see. You might even be able to find what I had for dinner last night in there.

  • Youngt82

     FUcccckkkk AT&T they suckkkkkkkkk

  • Anonymous

    Right now, T-Mobile. In a couple of weeks, Verizon.

  • Umang Choudhari

    Unless they put the info out there where everyone can see it, their “internal data” is a bunch of BS.

  • BigMixxx


    the ITU declared 4g as anything that helps 3g (for the most part). So Technically…AT&T MIGHT be right. Their HSPA+ network reach waaay further than T mobile’s….However….Usability, I’d rather have edge if I’m WAAAY out there and barely holding a signal.

    I was in Mississippi with family.  The one person that was with us that had a ATT mobile phone had 1 bar of HSPA+, while we had edge.  We had a better mobile phone (web wise) experience with 5 full bars of edge vs. she with 1 bar of HSPA+.  It reaches there, but it ain’t good.  Crazy thing was she went from H+ to No+ to H+ to No+.  as if there was no inbetween…

    When driving from on highway 40 to the other side of the country, I generally am on edge, except in NM, where I could actually roam to ATT’s 3g… and except in the mountains…but in the major cities,  I have a really good mobile phone experience (but that’s what I expect), especially Amarillo.  It’s amazingly REALLY fast.

    I see it this way.

    Verizon goes from REAL FAST to glacially pathetic when outside of their LTE.  ATT goes from REAL FAST to ‘while I get a signal, I can’t really do anything’…T mobile goes from REAL FAST, the FAST, to  slow, to can’t do jack stamp.  Sprint…while not having a fully deployed 3g augmenting solution, Wimax is fast, but T Mobile and ATT’s 3g is just as fast. so Wimax doesn’t really count…there is just a lot of bandwidth there owned by one company… 

    • Anonymous

      They throttle neighborhood with their WiMAX technology since clear and sprint share a data network.

  • B47524

    well unless you have hspa+42, the “4G” Tmobile advertises is more like other networks 3G…Avg speeds of 2-3 mbps is pretty misleading 

    • Climber42104bg

       I’m using an Optimus T, which only has a 7.2 MBPS radio, and I’m pulling 5.5MBPS consistently tethering. 

      • Climber42104bg

        And that’s with 2 bars, and not full strength signal. 

    • My G2x (Category 14.4) Pulls in ~5 to 7 average and about 9 – 11mbps down when I’m in LA.

  • When it comes down to it, T-Mobile’s overall network service is pretty bad compared to some of the competition, I live in Bellevue – less than a mile away from Tmobile headquarters and 15 minutes outside of Seattle…so why does my Gs2 get the worst service imaginable? It confused and frustrated me to no end

  • David TMoNews

    sounds like At&t among the competitors (TMOBILE VERIZON SPRINT) has the biggest number of customers using 4g phones, but that doesn’t mean they have the largest network 4g.
    I would go with Verizon on 4g network, because Verizon has the best coverage period.

  • dan

    ATT doesn’t want to loose customers if they don’t say they have largest 4g. Sprint Wimax is even bigger than theirs. lol

    • Dominique

       It’s “LOSE”, not “loose”.  How many $%*# idiots are there that can’t spell a basic word.  It’s not just you dan but may people online, but it’s absolutely asinine how many people misspell that word.

      • Yu stupid hoe

        You spelled “many” wrong.

        • Dominique

           That was a typo and you know it(bluetooth keyboards sometimes miss inputs), but dan’s was not a typo.  How do I know?  Just google “lose spelled loose” and you see how many morons are out there constantly spelling the word wrong.

  • Civicintegra

    Damn people that talk bad on AT&T have you ever had AT&T.? I switched from T-Mobile to AT&T and have never looked back I have better service and coverage and very rarely ever switch to Edge in always on 3G and its fast I’m hitting 7 Down..

    • Guest

      You are probably getting 0.7…their 3G doesn’t get anywhere near 7.

      • Anonymous

         I pull 6.5 down 2.5 up on my iPhone 4 on At&t. So I would say 7 on a 4g phone is more then possible.

        • Gsm1900

          A 4G phone can get 6.5 no problem, as AT&T’s network is rated at 14Mbps in most areas. The OP wrote that his phone was in 3G, which has a theoretical max of 7.2mbps. It is highly unlikely he was getting 7 down.. I doubt you would ever see 5 down on a 3G phone.

        • Anonymous

           Well my iPhone 4 is only a 3g phone reaching 6.5 so to say they are probably only getting .7 is just asinine.

        • Anonymous

          It’s happened on my 4S, in fact it happened when I was in Dallas on a work trip.

      • Civicintegra

        Nah it was 7.3 I still have it in my results I have proof AT&T is better then tmo and less dropped calls

    • Anonymous

      Works fine for my 4S, I’ve personally been happy with AT&T.  850 mhz frequency does it serious justice. 

      Also AT&T has the money to build out their network because most AT&T customers don’t churn and actually pay their bills on time.

  • Mike Herness

    well I’m getting 10 mbps on my t-mobile samsung galaxy s2 so I’m happy I don’t care who claims to have the largest I just want good speeds.

  • Bulletban

    I used to had att few years ago, they had the poorest customer services, the rep could never keep up with what other rep said, always diff stories. Charged a ridiculous higher price for services which never worth what it cost. My tmo service works fine in my area, not even single drop call in a year. Would never look back to the nightmares I had with att

  • lol T-Mobile has Largest 4G Network trade marked so It wouldn’t matter.  AT&T need’s to focus on finding spectrum before they network be down for the count.  But T-Mobile 3G UTMS is fast and HSPA is even faster so It doesn’t matter to me where the coverage is because I live in the City and in rural area’s i hope on Wifi when available.  By Mid April T-Mobile network is going to be twice as big because of the roaming agreement T-Mobile is getting with AT&T so Tmobile customers will have data roaming alliances on AT&T Network =D and we’ll have access to AT&T 3G network and I think HSPA idk for sure though. 

  • Justright

    T-Mobile’s claim is a joke too.  When 4G phones in “4G,” markets only support 200 Kbps the egg is on T-Mobile’s face too.

    • Gsm1900

      T-Mobile does not mark a market as “4G” until 70% of the towers have been upgraded to support it. AT&T will upgrade the tower so your phone says 4G, but have crap backhaul.

      Not all markets have 100% of the towers upgraded, so yes you will see some slow speeds. If you are seeing 200 kbps and your phone shows 4G, it is a problem. TMO’s network techs look at these events too, and towers that are overloaded are frequently updated.

    • Kha

      Slowest speed I get on T-Mobile HSPA+ is 1.3Mbps. And 64kbps on edge o_0. Something is wrong with your phone bro.

      • Edy6401

        The slowest speed I have seen on my phone is 3.2Mbps, the fastest was 9.1Mbps. I agree, something might be wrong with your phone.

  • So…Hey

    ALL of the big four “4G” is not true 4G if anyone want’s to pull that card out.Verizon is probably the most closest to it.No one really gives a damn what it is called as long as it’s fast.

    • TmoCSR

       Verizons LTE is most definitely the fastest in this country and you are 100% correct about none of them being true 4G.

  • WillieFDiaz

    AT&T doesn’t even have high speed backhaul to all their HSPA+ sites, nor do they didistinguish HSPA+ from UMTS/HSPA. So with that said, how can they have a larger network than TMobile who only updates HSPA+ as “4G” if there is high speed backhaul for it too…

  • Anonymous

    ATT: we give them two types of 4g, so we should count them twice.

  • Anonymous

    AT&T = a bunch of clowns

  • The Dude

    AT&T is using Enron math. It will catch up with them one of these days.

  • Go18365472

    Does T-Mobile??

  • Anthnynyc1a

    I think t-mobile has it,but not att they’re liers.

    • ed mangan

       AT&T lost 4 billion thru the not allowed merger. 2 billion of it was high speed cell site give to
      T-mobile with cash.

  • hellsh666

    f… k at&t !!

  • Respawn

    Our sources say AT&T is a big steamy pile of crap. We tend to agree.

  • AT&T coverage map is complete bull shit. The problem lies with their vocabulary, they have HSPA+ available in many locations but ONLY if the ADVANCED BACK HAUL is installed with the HSPA+. I live in the Boston area where the ADVANCED BACK HAUL is no where. If you live next to a AT&T tower you might get around 2 to 3 megabytes download, that is it, in Logan Airport they have the Advanced back haul installed but that is it. They do have their LTE network set up but I would much rather have the HSPA+ with the ADVANCED BACK HAUL, great speeds with great battery experience. On my T-Mobile Samsung GS2 I’m getting over 12 megabytes down and 5 megabytes up. Those are great speeds and are better or just as good as most LTE Networks. AT&T has very little ADVANCED BACK HAUL set up, their techs refuse to acknowledge this on the phone when you try to figure out your speed problems. Frig AT&T, they are the worst company to deal with. I have both T-Mobile and Verizon, I am very happy. T-Mobile has much faster speeds here in the Boston area.

  • Anonymous

    Only metro pcs has real 4G. Verizon and at&t use the last generation LTE technology. Metro PCS uses the current generation of LTE technology.

    • TmoCSR

       no, they dont.  no cell carrier in the U.S. has REAL 4G.

  • Orilind

    Um… T mobile 4g network keeps crashing… so big or small, it really sucks! I only have it cause it is cheaper, and I like the phones

  • Nearmsp

    Here in the Northwest suburbs of Minneapolis I don’t have 4G either though the coverage shows 4G. I am lucky to get 1 Mb/sec. I think all wireless providers have more hype than fact, and T-mobile is just as guilty as AT&T in blowing hot air.

    • Tom B

      I’m in the northwest suburbs and I just tested out at 6 Mb/sec. A year ago it wasn’t quite that good. They are definitely working their way outwards.

    • ryan

      I was just up there with sprint using the galaxy s2 I got 9.1 mn/dec using my 4g wimax

  • Noreply

    Whats funny is at&ts LTE network is data only… It doesn’t even support voice!!! And if you have an android… And youre on LTE and you get a call while on the internet…youll be stuck on H+ until your call is over and until you close any running apps that use data on your device!! Not to mention they claim to have “deployed” the h+ to all of their 3g network but have yet to activate it or the advanced backhaul… They should really consider making sure their network is uo and running properly before promoting.. I love my tmo H+ its everywhere in my town… We only have H21 but its much better and reliable than AT&T where i live.. Not to mention faster!

    • Thomas Brezinski

      Guess what Verizon’s LTE doesn’t support voice yet either! (at least I’m pretty sure it doesn’t)

      • Jonboi252009

        Yes Verizon’s LTE does support voice.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a trick question, none of them are really 4G.. SILLY RABBITS!!!

    AT&T is just playing dirty and being jerks about probably just to piss tmobile off.

    However, i do travel a lot and have been all over the US and get pretty good, consistent data speeds with AT&T wherever i go in the US.  

    One of my peers that sometimes travels with me had tmobile but there were places outside many major metropolitan areas where tmo just had edge.  The only place I recall tmo having better overall performance than AT&T in my travels was in Washington state and in the Chicago area.  


    Even though it is ridiculous, Big Blue makes a valid point. If you count HSPA+ as “4G,” (and I’m not saying we should, but T-Mobile and AT&T’s marketing departments are both obviously comfortable with that “spin”)
    AT&T has a lot more of it than Magenta, just like they’ve always had a bigger 3G coverage area (and probably always will).
    If, on the other hand, you say (as I do) that it requires a new, fundamentally different (and more efficient) kind of network to “count” as 4G, then it is Verizon’s LTE network which is the largest.

    P.S. I am a long-time T-Mo customer, but this conversation should transcend personal preference.

  • who cares about At&trash any ways because theres call service is super spotty  how they gonna back up 4G not

    • Anonymous

      Who cares??  well i’d say T-Mobile cares… I can’t even begin to imagine how many premium, good-credit customers defected to AT&T over that past few years because of iPhone and likely overall coverage availability.  VZW and AT&T and the prepaid carriers have done a number on tmo.  Though tmobile has grown significantly since it’s start years ago, it should be larger than what it is in regards to overall subscriber base.

  • Ashalaynae

    My big toe has a faster speed than thus “T-mobile 4G”
    This has got to be the worst service i have ever been with.
    From dropped calls to terrible customer service to slow internet to sending my messages 584935 times to force closes to freezing and shutting off, its terrible.
    No, its not my phone. My phone seemed to work 93% better with another service.
    If i had any advice when it comes to the world, it would be not to get service with T-mobile!
    Just in writting this my phone force closed 3 times….its a pitty this service….!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Force closing has nothing to do with T-Mobile’s network.

  • Randy

    tmobile is the worst anyway, it is a fact

    • Anonymous

      *cough* dumbass *cough*

  • PBX

    Base on the feedbacks i got from my friends who are using AT&T, its 4G is not that bad but they sometimes experience bad connection. So they rate it, 7 over 10. Not bad.

  • Moo

    The question is, who really has 4G? Not just someone with speeds so close they call it 4G. These are reasons I left AT & T and are leave T-Mobile

  • LELE

    I am so sick of all this BS from you people. You all want to bitch about AT&T and other carriers. Its A CELL PHONE. And everyone has diff coverage area. And now it has to do with internet speed. Get a damn laptop and buy DSL..Cell towers is where you get connection for your cell phone and if you depend on your cell phone for internet and calling then you all are stupid..Damn cell phone should not be depend on for service all the time. Things do happen and its never going to be perfect..

  • jaydee345

    verizon is were its at!!!