The T-Mobile G2 Is Back On T-Mobile’s Website, Perfect Backup Phone Purchase

Judging by your Twitter feedback, the T-Mobile G2 has been back on the T-Mobile website for at least a few weeks and yet we’re just noticing it. I’m guessing I need to spend more time each week checking the phone directory on T-Mobile’s website.

No matter how long it’s been back on the site, it appears that many of you were unaware the T-Mobile G2 had resurfaced and at $199.99 off-contract, it’s a snazzy choice for a backup phone to have lying around. At $49.99 on a contract, it’s not a bad phone but I don’t know that I would suggest tying yourself into a 2-year contract considering its end-of-life status. Still, I’d absolutely recommend picking it up as a backup phone for the low off-contract price if you have any interest in doing so.


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  • El Mero Mero :)

    I cant seemed to buy it off contract

    • TMOsince2003

      “HAL, please sell me that G2 off-contract.”

      “I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”

    • Anonymous

      you cant. tmo doesnt sell them without contracts. its retarded.

  • ray

    tempted to buy this since my vibrant is driving me crazy. 

    • Anonymous

      I just flashed an ICS ROM (Passion) and my Vibrant is running like a dream.

  • Exhibit 2 4G at walmart seems a better choice

    • Anonymous

      the g2 is slightly slower CPU wise 800mhz vs 1ghz, but it doesn’t have to run as much of a overlay (it uses a minimal sense framework to emulate stock Android).  I think G2 has a better rear camera (5mp vs 3mp) and its got a hardware kb.  screen on g2 is marginally better than exhibit II.

      • Giraffe

        Clockspeed isn’t everything, iPhone4S runs 800mhz dualcore, and noone seems to complain about speed there.  For $200 off contract, it’s what I’d get for sure.

    • mh646

      I will have to agree with you. Since it has a better  processor. 

    • Vim

      It really depends on your priorities.  They’re both a bit dated with S2 Snapdragon chips running Gingerbread on 3.7 inch WVGA screens.    They have the same amount of memory and internal storage.

      The G2 has far less bloatware with pretty close to stock Gingerbread and no Sense UI overlay. It also has a keyboard, a better camera, and nearly double the battery life.  Most people love the G2’s metallic unibody look, which makes the Exhibit 2 look a bit plain in comparison. 

      On the other hand, the Exhibit 2 is thinner and lighter, and there are a lot of people to whom that matters a great deal. It also has a faster processor (1GHz vs 800Mhz) and HSPA+ 21 support as opposed to the G2’s HSPA+ 14.4.  Despite that last advantage for the Exhibit II on paper, real world comparisons in several reviews showed the G2 as having the faster download times.  

      Thus it really comes down to which features you consider the most important, and of course, the price.

  • Anonymous

    Hook, line, and sinker…

  • Anonymous

    I cannot imagine how. I would take the G2 over that phone anyday! Better dev support, better hardware, better camera…

  • Bravosfan1025

    I love my G2 but it is a little outdated now… love the z hinge and it has the best keyboard ever!

  • TMoFan

    I’ve been using my G2 since Dec 2010 and it’s still going strong. Not a scratch on the Gorilla Glass, and despite comments on the z-hinge I never had problems with a weak hinge, or with it opening randomly. Easily the best phone I’ve used, and as my first HTC I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another HTC phone. If you don’t demand the latest and greatest you really can’t go wrong buying it under contract.

    Hope we see a pure ICS G3 sometime this year!

    • Anonymous

       I’m just hoping for an official upgrade for the G2 to ICS.  I’d put it on there myself, but that would remove WiFi calling…

      • Loueradun

         WiFi calling is working on some of the newer ICS roms.  Check out Andromadus alpha 12 (pretty much everything is working other than some Camera/Camcorder issues and the FM radio).  CM9 should be here shortly as well.

        • TMoFan

          Thanks, good to know. Not having wi-fi calling would be the only thing preventing me from rooting.

        • J-Hop2o6

           Rooting doesn’t remove WiFi Calling. Rooting allows for root access (eg. apps that request root/su access). So u can remove system apps like WiFi Calling if u wanted to. But flashing ROMs might not have WiFi Calling preinstalled in the ROM. CM7 (my old rom) has WiFi Calling preinstalled. The current Vision/G2 ICS devs are working on the WiFi Calling app to get it working. The ICS rom im using now (Andromadus v12) might have in preinstalled or flashable zip preddy soon.

    • JMB98115

      Pssst… The G2 does not have Gorilla Glass.

  • Thomas Brezinski

    I’m still using my G2 I bought at launch.  I did replace the hinge spring finally about a month ago.  It still does everything I need to do though so I’m reluctant to upgrade yet.  Especially when nothing is shipping with ICS yet and this phone will be getting ICS from Cyanogenmod.

    • ihatefanboys

      you people drive me nuts when you make up stuff. there is NO spring. its a hinge, plain and simple. anyone thats actually bought and used a G2 knows theres no spring. perhaps your still using a G1 and are too dumb to realize it ?? just checking. 

  • Vim

    I was kind of surprised the G2’s quiet reappearance didn’t rate a news story several weeks ago.  Here’s a phone that was EOL’d many months ago that has quietly been brought back from the dead.  So did they find several crates of G2’s somewhere that they had forgotten about? Or did T-Mo put in a special post-EOL order for some unknown reason. It may be a bit dated at this point, but for someone who needs a phone right now and can’t wait until the next sale, it’s a pretty good buy.  It’s also one of those rare phones with both a keyboard and a near-pure Google experience without any manufacturer’s overlay like Sense, TouchWiz or MotoBlur. 

  • My G2 is holding up better after 1.5 years than my G1 was. 

    The phone still feels fast

    • Mine too, it’s a pretty rock solid phone. I just wish it would get official an official ICS update.

      • Egashop22

         I love my G2 as well.  Doubt we will see an official ICS update, but that’s ok because CM9 is nearly there.  For now I rooted and am running CM7 (ILWT) and couldn’t be happier.

        • Vim

          I’ll lay odds that the G2 will eventually get ICS, but that it will be at the very end of the line, and thus it won’t be this year. 

        • Vim

          I was speaking of an official ICS update above, and not CM9.  I’m absolutely certain CM9 will arrive sooner.

      • Roger

        It took a year from the Gingerbread announcement to us G2 owners actually getting it installed.  I doubt things will be any faster with ICS especially as HTC introduced so many new models and G2 update speed is gated by Desire Z updates.

        I use wifi calling and am a developer so I have to stick with stock, especially to ensure that I encounter all the bugs that CM and other roms fix.  If Tmobile would let me buy this phone free and clear without a plan then it would be worth it to have separate developer phone and personal one.  But of course they won’t ever do something as sensible as that.

    • Roger

      > The phone still feels fast

      This is something that baffles me.  I have 3 Android devices and have never encountered a situation where I wish the device was faster.  I do web, documents, games, netflix, ssh etc.  What are people doing where the processor speed is a factor?

      (I do have a 4th G1 for compatibility testing and that is noticeably slow when starting apps.)

  • Anonymous

    I bought a Galaxy S4G at Wal-Mart for .97 cents and got a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card. Now THAT was a deal! The GS4Gs faster CPU, more powerful GPU, bigger and better Super Amoled screen, 21Mbps 4G and front facing camera for Skype and Qik beats the G2s keyboard and mostly stock GB goodness.

    That purchase was the best costs to performance ratio I have ever seen. No mail in rebate, got the gift card and gave it to my wife. I have way too many devices but to get paid to upgrade…sounds good to me. I use it for games and video chat over WiFi since my 2 SIMs are in my other phones.

    Either way, as a previous G2 owner, I recommend the G2 to those looking for a solid, keyboard equipped phone.

    • Anonymous

      how’d you get that deal?

      • Justin Jett

        Walmart will sometimes run promotions on their smart phones. You just have to read the paper or go to their site. As far as the cost, this particular phone is about a year old.  With the new SII out, and something looming with Samsung (possilby the SIII), any .97 cent phone at Walmart is a sign its about to get deleted or replaced with a newer version.  

      • Anonymous

        I just happen to be in the store shopping. It was one of the Wal-Marts that has the dedicated Wal-Mart Mobile phone store and not one with the phones in electronics. My 5th line was out of contract and I’m not making any big phone purchases this year besides whatever the N8 successor turns out to be so I bought it and made an instant $48.97 profit.

        Of course the GS4G is going to be replaced and there are better devices already out there, but for the money spent, I cannot imagine a better deal for a better phone, not counting free phone offers that pop up from time to time, but they don’t include $50 instant gift cards and no strings attached like clumsy mail in rebates.

        I litterally paid $1.03 for the GS4G with tax and turned around gave my wife the free $50 to spend on office supplies.

        I would check your local Wal-Mart.

        By all means, if you only have one line available and you have money to burn, it is best to wait for a better device and spend $250 or more but as this story is talored to buying a Backup phone, if you can grab the GS4G DO IT. I can’t think of a better backup Android phone as it was last years highend model.

  • TMOSince2003

    Rebate alert, $50

    I wonder if the rebate mania is part of a corporate accounting fudge factor. They know that they won’t have to pay until next quarter.

    • Roger

      Rebates make sales figures look more successful.  Financial analysts look at numbers like total sales and sales per square foot of stores.  They expect those numbers to go up over time.  By doing the rebate nonsense those figures can be inflated.

  • Great phone. I have it for 1.5 years now and are dependant on it for everything. Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Music, Netflix, Google Maps/Navigation, Sportstracker (plus bluetooth HR monitor), Exchange sync (although somewhat buggy) and a bunch of other apps. Keyboard is handy.

    • warpwiz

      I’m with Oscar on this & for about the same time period. I start using my G2 when I wake up and it’s busy all day for a variety of purposes. I’d buy a back-up if I weren’t concerned the non-dual-core processor will be left in the dust soon. No problem with the hinge & a solid all-day battery. 

  • Gaius_Baltar4

    LOL looks like at&t is claiming the ‘Largest 4G network title’  However they haven’t released how many markets their HSPA+ covers, only the markets where LTE is covered:

  • BigMixxx

    Woooooooooh….200…I’m so all over that…

  • Anonymous

    TMO doesn’t actually allow people to purchase phones at their “suggested retail price.” You couldn’t get it for 200 even if you really wanted to.

    • Anonymous

      Why not?

    • Np6s4x

      unless something has changed, normally the price on the website is what the t-mobile store at the mall here will sell the phone outright for

    • Anonymous

       Um no, I bought my G2X for MSRP at launch…

    • Anonymous

      ok i just called and turns out you can actually order them from customer care at full price, but you’re not allowed to do it online (per my comment) – TMO is very conveniently “out of stock” of the G2 for full price but you can still order it with a contract or an upgrade – the agent had no explanation as to why. total bullsh*t.

      • Anonymous

        Ur right on that Andrew,try to buy Nokia c7,for $99.00 couldn’t over the site,chat with airhead rep for like 20mins,asking her if I could buy this outright for $99.00?If the site lets u yes. It didn’t. Call  retention,ask them the same question,was yes but the price they had for was $134.00. Didn’t buy it,even those if click on clearance that the only phone that shows up. Next time I will try Customer care. $200. G2 is worth it,Amazon
        has then w/o contract for $540.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    Got the mrs and mines during that super exclusive loyalty promotion when it was free a little over a yr ago and don’t regret it not one bit. Great solid phone. Decent size screen, etc. Convinced my coworker to get one

  • Anonymous

    Considering i’m a huge apple fanboy, I have to give this phone props.  First of all, its pure android and worked well from what i saw.  second, one of my interns did a really awesome senior project using one of these as a brain for his robotics project at northeastern university (I was proud!).  Third, it survived a lot of abuse.  If i didn’t have my  iPhone love than i’d probably use an android phone (pure os) like this one of the galaxy nexus.

  • sino8r


    Would you please find us some info about the G3 or something similar coming up? I’ve had my G2 since it came out and while it’s holding up well… I am starting to get the new phone fever lol! All the ICS ports are nice but uhhh, you know ;)

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    P.S. Guys, if you want to try ICS… join us over at in the G2 subforum! We can help you root your phone if needed also. Feel free to PM me if you want/need help. Just meantion you are from tmonews ;)

    • Any information about new phones is immediately posted to the blog. If nothing new has been posted, assume no new information exists!

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Yeah I miss my G2 I switched to a sensation last summer and I really like the bigger screen, but the overall quality of the sensation is cheap compared to my old G2.

  • tmobile lets you buy phones for full price. I bought my old android full price.

  • Jeffreyddwilliams

    I had one of these…big problem though: The phone, and you can google this, had really poor hinges and the phone would slide open without any prompting.  This is not a big deal until you are laying down and it just slides open in the middle of a conversation…

    • Anonymous

      Never happened to me, my wife or any of the other 6 people I know with a G2. The “hinge” issue is overblown and complete BS.

    • ihatefanboys

      do things got to be explained to people like you all the time ? its a hinge, what do hinges do, swing. when you hold your phone at a certain angle the hinge will open, duh !

    • Josh Name

      Hinge was never a problem for me.  It can open while holding it, but you really have to be holding the phone in an awkward way to MAKE it happen.

  • EXIBITman

    I have a samsung exhibit 2 4g.

  • Anonymous

    How do you buy this phone for 200?

  • David,
    When will it get ICS?
    Can you find out for me? :)

    • Anon

      Gingerbread was the last OTA, no ICS for G2, its a shame…

    • Vim

      It’s being evaluated.  No decision has been made yet. Basically there’s a long line of handsets to be updated, and it’s all the way at the end.  HTC probably doesn’t even have a team working on it yet.  So we’re far away from an ETA.  We aren’t even certain there will be an official update at this point.  It’s likely, but not guaranteed.

  • Jacqual Hicks

    I love my G2 and I pre-ordered when it came out and I still have it. I remember when I was one the first to have a G1 which I pre-ordred. Its a great phone and I would recommended to anyone. The only thing I wish my G2 had was a front facing camera but other than that I will take my G2 over any phone that T-Mobile currently has right now…..and yes I’m an android fanboy all day. Now bring me the G3 which is gonna be the best phone of 2012

    • Juanellobo

      You goit I am witn you100% on this g1 owner then g2 owner best phone not like copies fug2x this phone hws become the fenix of tmo jajaja

  • bakgwailo

     So, how is this possible to get for 199? Every tmobile store I called said it was EOL a long time ago and no store has them. The online site will not let you buy it out right, and it doesn’t even show up in the phone list after logging onto Also, calling customer care was useless (they said just use the website), so, David, care to elaborate as to how one gets this at 199?

  • Taron19119

    Im on my 4th g2 this is a bad phone htc let me down

    • SoloArtyz

      I’m on my 3rd G2 replacement, but I can’t say that HTC has let me down though.  It is still the most stable phone I’ve ever owned and have yet to find a suitable replacement that has a slide-out keyboard.  It has never, not even once, randomly restarted on me or crashed.

  • Ooshiewooshie

    Who cares? Where’s our iPhone, T-Mobile??

    • Andy

      We will never have iphone. TMobile is supporting iphone in Europe but here in US they are proude of their stupid HSPA+

  • Smokinjoe85

    I got my g2 the day it came out and I love it, I just upgraded to the g2x luckily I got one that wasn’t defective and still it can’t compete with the stability and reliability of the g2 occasional freezes and unresponsiveness make the g2x a pain at times, can’t wait to get rid of it even with its blazing speed and I do mean blazing. Lucky for me I still got my g2 as a backup but would love to get my hands on the galaxy note

  • J-Hop2o6

    Still using my G2 since late 2010. Running Android 4.0.3 (Andromadus Alpha v12) on it now and its preddy smooth. But I can’t wait to upgrade to my next phone with a next gen SoC/processor. My G2’s S2 (7230) can’t keep up with these heavier games =( .. But it served me well for a year. Surprised to see back up on Tmo’s site. But I guess they can sell alot of them at bargain prices.

  • Ras

    i bought it brand new on ebay for $69.99 no contract. TMOBILE should stop and put an end to all these non stop fake deals.

    • Anonymous

      used ?  this is supposedly new for 199.99

      • Ras

         maybe fools like you pay $199 with tmobile we dont.

        • Anonymous

           Right, given that even the used ones I have seen go for over 100, I call BS.

  • GQube47

    thats odd. tmo just sent me an amaze 4g as a warranty replacement because they said they were out of G2’s.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Same here… the white version. Pretty awesome replacement considering it’s a newer phone with way better specs. While I liked the G2 … the Amaze is so much nicer.

  • Anonymous

    I say this is a perfect match with $30 5GB and unlimited plan.
    I am gonna get it on payday.

  • John3332

    I’ve been afraid to install the OTA update on my G2 since it’s been so stable and working well with the original version… and I read a few problems online with the update.

    Has the Gingerbread update actually been fine for most people?

  • Rainy1216

    I had this phone for over a year, and while it was a tad slow at times, it really was a great phone. I cannot believe I sold it for the G2X. It is the worst phone I’ve ever had (next to the cliq), and I wish I never let it go. 

  • silverhawknike

    awww it gone now :(

  • Dean 201250

    i had that phone once but i traded it for the epic 4g. i miss that phone. sprint only has 4g coverage for like only half the town so i dont get 4g where i live. i feel ripped off the 4g worked in the store but when i got it home they said 4g only works on that side of town where i bought this phone. im pissed. as soon as my contract is up im switching back to tmobile and geting this phone. 

  • I don’t know how they expect to release the new g3 they have announced without a bunch of us g2 owners pointing out that they refuse to upgrade their existing customers to ics. I know I will not consider purchasing anything else from htc after getting the back of their hand this way!

    • wwarpwiz

       In some of the reading about ICS, there was talk that it either didn’t run or didn’t run well w/o a dual core processor. This or some other technology-based reason may be behind not offering the upgrade. I wish they would say, “We’re not going to offer ICS for and here’s why” rather than just “no”. After all, why would they piss off loyal fans of HTC if ICS could work well on the G2? Makes no sense.