The T-Mobile G2 Is Back On T-Mobile’s Website, Perfect Backup Phone Purchase

Judging by your Twitter feedback, the T-Mobile G2 has been back on the T-Mobile website for at least a few weeks and yet we’re just noticing it. I’m guessing I need to spend more time each week checking the phone directory on T-Mobile’s website.

No matter how long it’s been back on the site, it appears that many of you were unaware the T-Mobile G2 had resurfaced and at $199.99 off-contract, it’s a snazzy choice for a backup phone to have lying around. At $49.99 on a contract, it’s not a bad phone but I don’t know that I would suggest tying yourself into a 2-year contract considering its end-of-life status. Still, I’d absolutely recommend picking it up as a backup phone for the low off-contract price if you have any interest in doing so.


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