T-Mobile G2 About To Hit End Of Life

What we mean by end of life is that we noticed is that the T-Mobile G2 no longer on T-Mobile.com and instead of the usual “temporarily out of stock” message it’s just not there. So we checked in with a few ninjas and came up with this image showing the G2 is on its last legs. Of course it could be around for another couple months as it’s “nearing” end of life and not quite at its final resting place. Still if the T-Mobile G2 is something you’ve been lusting after now would be a really great time to pick one up.

Anyone else notice the “get healthy” G2x mid-July reference? Who here still thinks its inventory constraints?

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, the G2 just came out. I know they haven’t marketed it like they did the MyTouch 4G. Maybe they trying to end it so they can push the MyTouch 4G slide.

    • Anonymous

      Youre probably right. The G2 is a highend 4g Android device that could threaten the MT4GS success esp at a much lower price point. The G2 has been out for 9 months and in my opinion, its still relevant. I use one and i love it.

      • Tortionist

        I hear you. I rooted mine. It’s running CM7 with Android 2.3.4 and overclocked at 1.6 Ghz. There’s not a phone out there that can touch these specs unless it is rooted and a ROM flashed. It also has a battery that lasts for 1 1/2 to 2 days with moderate usage. Which means the G2 will be relevant until these specs are passed up. Also the G2 does not have any of the problems the G2X is experiencing. The G2 is a great and solid phone. Long live the G2!

    • Gary Clayton

      That was my first thought. Why are they ending it less than a year in? 

      • Anonymous

        Phone was too much of a good thing. Good things don’t make money, apparently.

        • See sony Ps3 haha they had lost nothing but money for a long long time until then made the slim model. the thing usually is that it costs more to produce than the profit or the demand is too high.

    • Dewey Cox

      MyTouch is the flagship line of phones. They will always promote it. The “G” series does not appeal to the average customer because of the lack of eye candy or “bloatware” that some of you refer to. We have to remember that WE are not the average customer. To most, the more crap on the phone, the better. Also, keyboard phones DO NOT sell as well as touch screens do. It is a size and weight issue. Not as sexy looking. The G2X (without the issues) will not sell as well as the Sensation, even though it may be superior, because of the 4.3 screen and Sense. People like that stuff. They show it off to friends.Some are like crows to a shiny object.
      This constant bickering about phones is silly. Like what you like and let others like what they like.Isn’t that what a having a selection is all about? We bitch and moan that T-Mo has a crappy selection and now we continue when they have the best line up that they have ever had. “I want the Galaxy 2  “, Hercules etc, etc….
      As far as the iPhone goes….it is what it is. An iconic device that redefined what a phone is and can do. It has the brand behind it. Every other company has and will continue to chase it. I do not own one nor care to, but I appreciate what it has accomplished. Stop hating.

  • Wolfepakt

    I am waiting on a full upgrade avail in just over a month. Hope wal-mart still has it at the 48.88 price it is at now!

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    G2 sucks anyway! Good riddens!

    • Acicora

      Sucks? Really, what do you use, an iPhone? Trolls…oh, btw, this was posted by my G2…

      • I use an iPhone.

        • Anonymous

          No one asked you.

        • Respawn

          I did.

        • Maroof Rahman

          Hahahahah…non related, but couldn’t resist.

        • tinkle

          i do to :) t mobile iphone4 ftw

        • CharlieSheen

          Of course you do. You would  not be foolish enough to buy hardware that will be worthless in a year or so.

        • Thats kinda foolish to say. The hardware on the iPhone versions are always less than what other companies use for features. The iPhone is ALWAYS behind in terms of hardware, so obviously that is not the selling point. The selling point is that it just works, no different ui or anything and only one single button. The iPhone is simply for the simple man/woman.   

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        If me knowing the G2 sucks makes me a troll… then hey… I own it! 

        iPhone or DIE!!

        • CharlieSheen

          The G2 sucks in that the first few rev’s if you will were flawed. The latest problem being the GPS reboot. But there were dozens more. EVERYONE I know that has a G2 has had it replaced at least once. Most are on their 3rd time. Me….I am on my fourth. I will keep sending them back until they get it right. 

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Thats exactly why the Gay2 sucks! Anybody who has a G2 is not #winning… ’nuff said!

        • Can you just act as an adult here? 

        • Nick

          I’m on my first. Have had it for several months. Great phone.

        • rev2redlineguy

          I have had my G2 since December and have had no problems at all. 

        • themobilesurfer


        • Anonymous

          Never replaced mine. Had it since March 2011. There you know somebody who didn’t.

        • My G2 is starting to have touch screen issues.

          Unresponsive a lot.

        • themobilesurfer

          I’ve read 2 Blogs today and you put down anyone that has anything but an I phone. Honestly, I dont know why your even on this site.  Anywho’s  I took my phone  (G2) and my friends IPhone 4, hit up a media rich website and my phone blew his away. My G2 is running stock 2.2.  So keep your Iphone with your subpar speed.  

  • Anonymous

    I think selling them for 199.99 for pre-paid customers or customers looking for an emergency phone because they broke their real nice phone and they are still on a contract would be a good idea. 

  • Bruce Banner

    As long as I get my gingerbread update i’m good.

    • Bruce Banner

      And no, I’m not rooting so don’t bother mentioning it.

      • David Rosen

        yep i’m waiting on the official too. i’m with you buddy.

        • what a shame. I have to assume you don’t realize how easy it is, and how much you would gain by doing so.

          let me ask this… why stick with stock?

  • David Rosen

    wow. so what happens if in like 6 months mine breaks. will they give me another vanilla (almost vanilla anyway) android with a slide out qwerty? 

    • Gary Clayton

      Yes. They’ll replace it with another G2. They have refurbs in stock. 

      • David Rosen

        i was hoping you’d say no so i could get out of my contract. i’m sick of standing around a crowd of people with at&t and verizon phones and i’m the only one without service.

        • Magzmurda

          Its funny because I live in NYC and some bars we go into my friends Iphones are just bricks (AT&T) while I have some great service. As well as my apartment where no one gets service but me (ala Wifi Calling). So Tmobile Def works for me. -HtC G2

      • None

        I would bet they have lots of them.

  • deejayeetee

    I just got one, and got a decent deal on it. Sounds like if I’d held out a little longer I might have gotten an even better deal. Regardless, I’m happy with it. It’s a good phone so far and I think it’ll last. 

  • yyevo

    I agree they are trying to move stock so they can push the MyTouch 4G Slide, but is there really no room for three keyboard Android phones on the TMo shelves?

    It seems to be a pretty popular phone, so why kill it?

    • it’s lacking many features compared to today’s phones. No front facing camera, 800mhz cpu stock, single core. And it’s not going to be marketed as heavily as the Sidekick or mytouch line. Also there are suspicions of a G3 sometime Q4 2011 

      • Anonymous

        Considering it overclocks to 1.5GHz easily, stably and gave the dual-cores a run for their money, the fact FFC is still fairly useless, it is a very popular hacker phone, it was just too pragmatic a phone.

      • None

        “…marketed as heavily?” 
        We have marketing?  I just about choked on my soda when I read that.

  • Bruce Banner hulk
    You can get it right now. It’s the nonrooted 2.3.3 and if it the up date comes out to 2.3.4 you will still be updated!!
    I have had gingerbread on my phone for two weeks and boy is it great !!

    • Guest

      Where might one find this, seems all the links I found while searching for it were dead.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad I like the G2, way better than any phone with that Espresso Sense garbage.

  • Rb3679

    That is a load of BS. I just got this phone in Feb.  Aren’t any of you folks a little tired of buying or getting a new phone overy so often? Well, I am. I still consider this phone a great phone. It isn’t old or going out of style in my book at all. I’ll wait for the gingerbread update and I ain’t rooting it either.

    • Anonymous

      Umm just because it’s going EOL soon doesn’t mean you have to buy a new phone. There’s just a lot of newer, bigger, and better things around the corner so they can’t keep every phone in stock like that. Honestly the MyTouch line became the favorite line of phones for T-Mo over the G line so don’t expect the MT4G to EOL anytime soon.

  • TMoNews

    I absolutely LOVE my G2! It may be on its last legs in T-Mobile’s eye, but to me this phone has a lot of life in it. Only thing I’m waiting for is an official Gingerbread update.

    • indeed, unless google releases an android OS, that specifically requires the horsepower of the new superphones this one is still actually extremely competitive for at least another year in my view.

      • Nick

        I agree but would add that the os needs to stay up to date to remain competitive. One if the reasons I got this phone was vanilla android, hoping that it would receive updates quickly and I’ve been disappointed in that regard

  • hoodwink357

    I just talked with a Tmobile and they said that there was an issue with software on the last batch so they were waiting for it to be resolved before they continued shipment but hey this is proof of different (and im a few days short of my upgrade and the G2 was it)…. ;-(

    • None

      I looooooooove when a post begins with “I just talked with a Tmobile rep”

    • None

      I looooooooove when a post begins with “I just talked with a Tmobile rep”

  • Bxcutie4life2001

    David I’m tired of you consistently making little jabs at the g2x. Mentioning it amidst a g2 post. I loved my g2x and only sent it back because I was so fascinated by the glitz and glam of the sensation. Besides 4 that it was a super fast phone had it for about a month and never experienced the ridiculous problems that some talk about. If I try out the sensation (in store) and it’s not up 2 par with my g2x , I’m getting my damn g2x back!

    • You don’t know half the story about the G2x. Yes, I’m going to make jabs about it being out of stock because I’m annoyed at how T-Mobile is handling the situation. If only you knew.

      • bmg314

        Then please do tell.

      • Guest

        If you are not drectly affiliated with TMO, why can’t you tell us.  You are clearly not please with this situation.

      • Truenow

        David! You are a independent journalist??? Right???? What journalist like you do??? Put the true clear,just like Julian assange did with wikileaks against the American stupid government,get inspired by this and do it??everybody wanna knows what is the true behind G2X!!! Don’t get the hate of the hackers community! !!

      • Guest

        Since when has T-Mobile handled any situation right, David?

    • Well i’m so down with my G2x all the way. No issues at all I guess I wans’t one of them who received a bad batch. It seems as thought the Sensation isn’t even out yet and their are reports of a death grip on the device like the Iphone 4 had. Some reviews are stating already that the phone loses it’s singnal if you hold it a certain way. :(

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Lol you just had to throw the iPhone in there, huh?

        • Bobby2017

          LOL don’t shoot the messenger! :)

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Hate to break it to you, but the G2x was over before it started! You did the right thing by getting rid of that joke-of-a-phone to make room for the Sensation. Good girl!

      • Prod1702

        The G2X by looking at reviews right now is a far better phone to own then the Sensation. If you buy a Sensation have fun with your what is already as of right now locked bootloader oh and don’t forget your slow Sense 3.0. Oh also my rooted with no problems G2X is pulling 5k Quadrant with Faux 2.3.4 AOSP OCed at 1.5ghz. Look at the reviews for the Sensation it isn’t the god of phones. Sense 3.0 is fail and slows the phone down to much. 

    • Truenow

      He just get paid by HTC, and don’t get inspired as a independent journalist look what Julian assanje did? With the Americunt government!!! Put the true here about the G2X don’t be the little pu…David get inspired! !!!

      • Wow dude, relax. I don’t know the whole story but I’m trying to figure it out. Don’t call me a name, don’t do that. You want me to do something for you, respect me.

        • Truenow

          Get inspired !!!! The internet is the real freedom!!! Open your eyes for it!
          I love the Brazilians and Chinese hackers they are the best!!!!

    • JayDubya

      You need to read up a little if you think the problems are “rediculous”… There’s a LOT of people out there with the problems… You didn’t have them? LUCKY YOU – but there are plenty of people who DO have the problem! http://bit.ly/mBlSD6 

  • BigMixxx

    Still rocking my HD2, after having it for well over a year, got mine day 3.
    Yes, running android and I still love mine.  Nothing is comparing with it right now…(G2x or otherwise)…

  • Windz

    Cuz TMo is planning on rolling out the G-Infinity. . THere are no specs on it, but I’m hoping for the keyboard and faster processor. . .800hz just isn’t going to cut it in the near future. . .

    The G2X is a decent phone, but standard (non-rooted) issues, the G2 was a far more reliable phone.

    • Dalton

      Root. I’m rooted and can run my phone at 1.5ghz.

  • Alvin Brinson

    And the crazyness is, that you can *STILL* order an original G1 on TMO’s webpage! Wtheck?

    • Mike G

      the G1 has been off of the website for over a year now.

  • Petey

    making room for the iphone eh? haha jk!

  • None

    @davidtmonews:disqus @David, you asked a while back what kind of stuff we would like to see on the blog.  This is one thing I would always like to know.. Does not need to be a major storyline but I really like to know when things are hitting end-of-life and get them before they are gone.  Please post that info when you see it.  Thanks!

    • None

      @David I see you are busy with the trolls today buit I hope you see this post.

      • What post??

        • None

          @David That is exactly what I like to know (when they stop ordering new stock)– One of my locals still has an HD2 on display but we all know you would have have hard time finding a new one in store stock (at least around here, Baltimore, I looked hard)
          I do not care if it is EOL on cases or screen protectors, I say put it up.  Great for those interested.  Those who arent can troll a bit and then move on.

        • None

          @David That is exactly what I like to know (when they stop ordering new stock)– One of my locals still has an HD2 on display but we all know you would have have hard time finding a new one in store stock (at least around here, Baltimore, I looked hard)
          I do not care if it is EOL on cases or screen protectors, I say put it up.  Great for those interested.  Those who arent can troll a bit and then move on.

  • 313dash

    No why!  So this means no gingerbread update!  lol  I cant wait for this contract to end. Sprint here I come.

    • This doesn’t have anything to do with a Gingerbread update. Please reread the post where I said that the phone isn’t going off the shelf tomorrow.

    • waldo

      Your gingerbread update is at http://www.cyanogenmod.com

  • themobilesurfer

    Why the heck would someone purchase a overpriced Iphone 4? Not 3 g, no wi fi calling, no hotspot and youalways have to pay for apps!   Android

    • Bratty

      Not 3g? All paid apps? Me thinks you confused playa

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Because the iPhone is the mecca of smartphones. Not everybody cares about Android, dude!

  • Easy there killer, if I knew the whole story I would post it. I’m trying to piece together a puzzle right now and if/when I know something definitive believe me I’d post it. I post leaks every day or did you not recognize that so clearly that isn’t an issue. Relax and let me try and figure this out. No need for name calling.

    • ProudOwnerof2012Boss302

      David, keep up the good work.  Don’t listen to idiots like Truenow, it’s momma’s boys like that who give MEN a bad name.  I don’t purchase any device unless I check this site first. 

      • Thanks man!!! Thanks for serving and thanks for standing up and speaking out!!

    • Truenow

      I’m just giving you my total support!

  • ProudOwnerof2012Boss302

    Truenow, why don’t you learn some proper English.  You come on the site attacking David, like some retard.  Slow your row, and if you think you can dish out a better blog, then do it.  I seriously doubt you could even get more that a sentence together with proper grammar, without five question marks at the end of every sentence for no apparent reason.  Seriously, if you hate America so much then move the F@*# out !  I served my country and I take it as an insult when some no it all punk ass trash talks my beloved American Government.  

    • Truenow

      Go get a bullet in the a..s…s…front line punk,when bush and all the Mafia live the fullest!!! Open your Mind and think slow about you “service’ and don’t tell me about freedom…10 years of war 962.000 victims dead,88%civilians in cost of $ 1trillion is all about profit soldier when you alienated think about you front line “proud “China paying for your bullets moron,open your mind,soldier! (The true hurts)

    • Truenow

      When you get on the front line proud, China pay for your bullets!

  • Soulsurfer808

    II think you meant to post “no 4g” but I here you. The Iphone is so overpriced and you cant even get loss protection.  I got 32 gigs on my G2. Most of the apps that I use on Android are FREE!   The Iphone does have a good os but androids will be just as good or better when they have the same amount of years it took Apple to develop.

    • Tortionist

      Are you kidding me? The Android OS is already better than IOS, as proven by sales and the fact, not opinion, that it is the number one smartphone OS in the U.S. There’s virtually no customizability on IOS. The I-phone has one button, side scrolling screens, and that is it. no adobe flash, so you get stripped down websites for phones, not fully functioning web sites, no expandable storage, to delete songs off of the phone you have to plug it in to a computer. you can’t pull the battery when there’s problems, you have to send it in for repairs and get a loaner. It has i-tunes, arguably the worst software ever made and not very user friendly. make sure you hold the I-phone the right way and don’t squeeze too tight. The songs on I-tunes are not DRM content free, meaning legally you can only put them on one device. To me the I-phone is a low level smartphone. The LG Optimus T is better than the I-phone. There’s too many draw backs to the I-phone. more cons than pros. in fact, if you did a cost benefit analysis on it, you’d find that the costs of owning an I-phone seriously outweigh the benefits. There’s only 3 reasons the I-phone sells so well. One, it’s the first touch screen smartphone in the U.S., two, there’s only a few versions of it compared to all other smartphones running Android etc., and Three Steve jobs is a brilliant marketer and businessman. He sold this thing to the unsuspecting public….er sheep.

      • I’m a sheep and your “facts” are hardly facts at all. Sigh…fanboys. PS, do some “fact checking” on iTunes having DRM-free music. PPS…flash gets, get over it. You NEVER have to send the iPhone in for repairs, it’s repaired at the genius bar at an Apple store. God your supposed facts are looking more and more like someone who just randomly rambled something he read well I don’t know where you could have read this stuff. You’re completely wrong on so much it’s worth me commenting on because you’re attempting to make others look stupid while making yourself look completely unknowledgeable of the iPhone reality. If you want to trade barbs about the competition, do so knowing your competition.

        The first touchscreen smartphone in the US?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??! OMG!!!! I’m reality have we met?

        • None

          Annnnnnnnnd…. BOOM!!

          Nice Smackdown!

        • Chatter

          David – I am surprised you even bothered to reply! Of course he has no clue but you tend to stay out of such discussions. You might have some android fanboys mad now!!!

        • Android fanboys shouldn’t be mad at what I commented. I didn’t insult the Android community there! Well flash got a little insulted but flash sucks and that’s got nothing to do with Android, I hate running it on my computer too! All I wanted to do is get in there and calls someone out who was so factually wrong it was making my head spin! Sometimes I have to get in the mud!

        • Chatter

          And you did good sir! And yes, flash does suck tons.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Well the “fanboy” has a right to an opinion. Respect it, dude! (Yeah, go ahead and delete my comment like you always do).

        • commonsense

          yep some people or should i say fanbois well say anything without fact checking android or iphone fanbois alike. but I believe the 1st finger based touchscreen in the u.s. was the lg prada, it was the greatest but it was 1st.

        • Farfell McFluvenhaggen

          Some of us WOULD would have to mail the phone in for repairs, as there are parts of the country that GASP!  DON’T have Genius bars nearby.  There are a total of six in the state I live in, the nearest one to me is over an hour away, and I live less than an hour from several metropolitan areas, and God forbid you live in Kentucky, there are two in the entire state!… The battery being internal on the device is a serious design flaw, as is the lack of flash, while it sucks, it is used on a lot of websites, also the fact that you have to tether to itunes to remove music or access the phone itself is a design flaw as well… lacking in the user friendly department.  That all being said, I admittedly prefer android, but I have played with iphone and they have their advantages as well, but iphone 4 and ios 4 really should have gone through more testing and R&D before release, they were really borked out of the box (I was working in tech support the day the iphone 4 came out… bad bad bad day!)

  • Joey.k

    The G2 is T-Mobiles freaking most reliable android phone weve carried since the day it came out. I work in one of the most high volume stores in the country and we get the G2 with issues atleast once per 3 weeks and we still manage to trouble shoot and fix the issue on the phone. We don’t have any phone that compares to it. Its been 8 months or so since its release and it still rapes in sales . Amazing!!! All you idiots that complain about being on your 3rd or 4th phone. There’s one thing we always say in store… “USER ERROR!!!!!!!”.I had the phone one month before release and rocked it till about two weeks ago, I got the G2x…still rock solid. Punks!!!

    • Tortionist

      Amen bro. The G2 has been my most reliable phone thus far. i’ve had 4 different BBs, 2 LGs, the G1, MT3G, MT3G with 1.25 MM jack, MTS, MT4G, and now the G2. I’m going to try out the Motorola Defy and probably buy the MT4GS. I hope these other 2 phones are at least as good as the G2 is. The G2 kicks serious butt in all categories. 

      • Tortionist

        Oh, and i’ve played with the Samsung Galaxy S, the I-phone 3GS and I-phone 4 and none of them impressed me. The G2 and the MT4G have been the most impressive by far. 

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          I heard the battery on the MT4G is the absolute worst of all smartphones. I also heard it lags more than anything, and always have to reboot and power cycle at least 3 times a week. I’ve heard that from friends who use to be iPhone owners and switched over to the myTouch 4G and they say it was a “big mistake”. The phone looks nice in hand, but it is way too heavy IMO!

        • Kona

          But we are talking about the G2   not the MT4G

        • Absolutely not. My Battery was 14-16 hours depending on use. NO lag. Fast as (expletive deleted) an absolute dream to play with ROMs and Kernels. The weight is perfect, makes it feel very solid and elegant in the hand. In short, Why would you have to reboot/power cycle? I would run sometimes weeks without restarting unless I was flashing a ROM. I loved it. I just wanted a bigger screen. I wanted the larger display. I thought the G2x would be all the MT4G was plus the bigger screen. I was ever ever so wrong :(

    • Steelers0131

      “rakes” in sales

  • Jay

    Wow I’m reading these comments and somehow Wikileaks and truth seeking journalism gets thrown into a conversation about phones? It’s a phone people, chill…it’s just a phone. It’s not that serious. 

  • chris

    Sorry to here that the G2 is reaching the end of it’s life. It’s by far the best phone i’ve ever owned. Reliable, fast, excellent keyboard and a good looking device to boot. Though i must say i’m very interested in the sensation, i’ll always have the G2 as a backup.

  • J. Williams

    Like everything, it comes to an end.

  • Anonymous

    With that long-promised 2.3 update still nowhere to be seen?

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    The article is about the “fail” of the G2, and I just LOVE how this thread turned into a iOS vs. Android debate. Hahahahaa!! The iPhone is too inferior! 

    (P.S.: my comment should be deleted in 5,4,3,2,…)

    • Guest

      You should be deleted!   Every phone has good point and bad points. To say that The I phone or any phone is the best is crazy.   The G 2 does things for me that I phone doesn’t. Now if the I phone had, WI fi calling, physical keyboard, Hotspot (stock) , not so dam expensive and you could get loss protection, then I would buy one. Oh did I forget  BEING 4 G?

  • Jellybeans

    Iphone sucks…and the person use it,sucks too!

    • Trollin bro?

      • calling someone out on trolling makes you a troll too? I think so. go take another pic of yourself in the mirror.

        • Ben M

          False. Idiot

  • NeedAnUpgrade

    So what might one expect in-store prices to be on a G2 now?  I’ve been using a G1 and and finally eligible for a full upgrade.  Hard QWERTY is a must, so my options are rather limited.

    • Mz Perez C

      I’m more then sure price will remain the same. If not only increese.

    • Brians Android

      Hard QWERTY was  a must for me until I got my G2. The keyboard is layout is not the same. I became frustrated and learned to use the touch screen. BTW my first G2 was a dud. I got a replacement and been in love ever since. Rooting is very simple and a must if you ask me. My only complaint other than the keyboard layout is the screen is very hard to read or see when out side in bright sunlight. I would love to have a much larger screen though. You will learn that a QWERTY is not needed with a larger screen as compared to the G1(RIP). In another note I am very skidish of G2X. I think I will stick with HTC. The Sensation 4G would be my choice :). Hey you only live once.

    • Mark Terry II

      If you’re eligible for a full upgrade, and in good standing (ie, no late payments) you should be able to get a good discount on top of whatever other incentives or reductions they may be offering. In my opinion, at $200 or less it is well worth it. I noticed Brians Android mentioned that he did not like the keyboard. I upgraded to the G2 from a G1 and the layout did take some getting used to, but I really like it. The on-screen keys are worlds better than the G1, so I use that half the time or voice transcription. My G2 has worked perfectly, no issues at all, but Brian is correct about the screen in sunlight… virtually impossible to use. Over all, though, I highly recommend it. Even at 800MHz, it screams and powers through any game on the market and performs tasks like HDR photography (merging multiple 5MP shots) with ease. My average battery life is about 10 to 12 hours with lots of twitter, tumblr, some gaming, photo taking and near constant email and texting going on. The G2 is a rock solid winner… I can’t believe they are retiring it so soon.

  • Rafi

    G2 is the best Phone I’ve ever owned.

    Big mistake by T-Mobile aka AT&T.

  • Thanks for letting us know!  With
    the Google in support to the G2, the life was not too long and the from the
    discussion I conclude that this scenario is regretted by many!

  • Abexc

    I went into a Tmobile store today and the cases and accessories for the G2 were half off.

  • Mark Terry II

    Thank you @davidtmonews:disqus for the heads-up on this! My wife has fallen in love with my G2 (she uses my old G1 with CM6 on it). We’re looking at getting a second line on my contract with a G2 for her. According to the web it was free when adding the second line. We will have to act now and strike while the iron is hot. 

    It’s unfortunate to see such a capable and versatile phone get retired this soon in its lifetime. I expect that with the rapid-fire release of Android phones this is something we should start getting used to. If manufacturers keep releasing new hardware every 3 to 6 months then carriers really have no incentive to retain older models. I would think that this would bode ill for Android OTA updates, but hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich will alleviate that potential pitfall. The only other downfall I can see is that pricing and availability are going to suffer if carriers are constantly having to shuffle out old phones and promote new ones.

  • I wonder if this means they will be creating a new model like a G3 or something? I hope they won’t be disbanding the line as the G2 is really a great Android smartphone. I’ve enjoyed mine so far for sure.

  • Mierrr

    This is most likely due to the massive service issues they’re having with this phone. Some users are lucky, I was for about seven months, then all of a sudden, my G2 started dropping 40% of my calls and switching back and forth between full service to no service in areas I’ve NEVER had problems before.

    I did a little bit of digging and found that most G2 users have this same exact problem, and it’s just really frustrating. People are saying the G2, ‘the best phone that is useless as a phone’. Sucks. I loved my G1, and I really loved this G2..until it started dropping all of my calls and spaz’ing out on service.

    R.I.P. G2. I’m replacing you. I hope your predecessor makes up for the one HUGE problem you seem to have.

  • Dayse4185

    The G2 sucks. Ive have it for just over a year and its already bricked. I have treated it very well, always had a cover and screen protector on it….BUT NO IT WANTS TO NEVER TURN ON AGAIN. I am truly pissed and wasted my hard earned money on it. I have always been against owning an IPHONE but now am thinking about it more and more every day. Never again will I buy a HTC device.