AT&T Commercial Says They Are Planning To Combine With T-Mobile


It’s not like AT&T’s proposed merger of T-Mobile is a big secret so this commercial isn’t in any way a surprise though the leaving out of any T-Mobile logo is. That not withstanding quite a few of you have already caught this during the NBA Finals, Nascar races or various other times during the day but for some reason it has yet to appear on AT&T’s own YouTube page. It’s a pretty simple commercial that explains AT&T wants to provide more coverage, do more things and overall be the best company they can be. The reality is AT&T can’t manage their own network now (thanks Walt) so forgive our skepticism they can do so after they pick up T-Mobile’s network. Guess time will tell if they get the chance to try.

Thanks a million to @inuyasha1999 for hooking up the video!



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  • Anonymous

    I keep seeing that nonsense commercial in NYC. They don’t even have approval yet, and they wasting money saying they already have T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      tell me about it. first time i saw it it pissed me off . i wish i could do something about it. bastards.

  • Joshua Scott

    Don’t like this merger one bit. I see T-Mobile going down the drain. They seem to have the best customer support out of any company I have dealt with, ATT however….IDK…

    • AnonGuy

      T-mobile is already going down the drain. All this talk of competition. T-mobile is dying, figuratively speaking…

  • Foofighter28

    one version i saw is an old commercial with new voice-overs

  • Auser72

    If you repeat a lie long enough……………….

    • Anonymous


  • HeLLkAt31

    I’m over it, I already canceled my Even More Plus Plan of unlimited talk, text and 5 gigs of data for 79 dollars plus tax. I’m no longer with Tmobile and went with their prepaid plan of 70 dollars for unlimited talk, text and 5 gigs of data and no tax, just a flat 70 buks.

    • Mopar6464

      Who did you go with ?

      • Oreo

        I believe he said pre-paid plan.

        • Mopar6464

          Yes i know , but with which one of the prepaid plans.
          CDMA  prepaid or GSM prepaid like Simple Mobile and Straight Talk. 

        • Ash

          He said T-mo’s $70 pre-paid plan.
          He didn’t say it quite right…. “I’m no longer with Tmobile and went with their prepaid plan”
          Should be “I’m no longer with Tmobile post pay and went with their prepaid plan.”

  • Prinxesita

    OMG this was heartbreaking David…

  • Nadia

    Tmo & AT&T merger not good new for consumers.  @terryjohnson16:disqus – you’re spot on.  This merger could go down the drain fast.  Sprint already made a good case against them.

  • Anonymous

    No prob, David!

  • EnviroG

    Well I hope for the best if the merger succeeds.  The following is just slightly off topic, but I just wanted to share.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait any longer and have taken the plunge and moved to At&t to get iphones.  2 of my 4 phones just crapped out and I saw no value in spending the same amount of money for phones I didn’t want especially considering the uncertainty of my beloved T-Mobile getting the iphone before they’re bought out.  But, so far so good the transition has been smooth and the At&t sale rep was great.  Hope this is reflective of the rest of the company and my experience going forward.  Time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    Great.  Now the genpop is getting brainwashed.  Sprint better come out with a counter commercial and/or somebody better make a real popular counter YouTube video.  Where’s Dan Hesse?

  • larry91403

    That was pretty arrogant!  They could have at least said “We’d like to combine with T-Mobile…”.  It’s like they know that government regulators are a bunch of pussies that will rubber-stamp this monopoly.

    • Anonymous

      They did say “plan to merge” and not “will merge”.  I’ll give them at least that much.

  • Jarvis Billena

    The ugliest Commercial i have ever seen..lmao..

  • Anonymous

    No surprise. AT&T needs some sort of mind-share in the consumer market if they have a chance to fight back against Sprint’s allegations.

  • Jarvis Billena

    This commercial is very ugly and sad…

  • CharlieSheen

    This merger is a done deal. How blind can you all be. ATT is a union shop. Obama is in bed with the unions. TMO is not union. Its over. O-V-E-R over.

    Extend your contract and hope it gets grandfathered. 

    And listen to the other poster who advise you to STOP BUYING PHONES!! You are feeding the monster.

    If sprint had better coverage and speed I would have taken their 175$ and been outta here. What a deal.

    Do you think they would have done that if this was not over.

    Give it up. 

    Vote at the poles.

    Through the bums out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Davis

      Will not happen Charlie.

      These are mostly Sheeple who go home turn their phones on vibrate throw on Megan Fox wallpaper and have a good time.


    • Jabombardier

      No it’s not. Ma bell ain’t gonna happen again. FCC and DOJ don’t like what they see. Also Texas and California are planning to sue.The president isn’t in bed with the unions, neither did they hold a gun to the CEO’s head. If companies would treat their workers with respect then unions wouldn’t be needed

      • I worked for AT&T before the union stepped and when I left I was making over $15 bucks an hour and had full benefits as a part-time employee…Once the union stepped in I was told be an employee that is still working there that no one is making over $12 to $13 bucks an hour, also anyone that was a higher rep got placed back at the lower rep. So just because a union stepped in doesn’t mean that the company is running better than before they showed up.

        • Dan

          You were lucky.  In 2004-2005 Cingular was a client of mine and I know a number of reps that were working out the Harrisburg, PA call centre making $14-19 an hour.  In 2007/2008 when they voted the CIW in, not a single person was making over $12 an hour with most making $8.73 an hour.

        • Jabombardier

          I don’t work for Telecom so my outcome was different. I had non unionized jobs and i was underpaid and over worked, threatened. I got an administrative job that is unionized and my. Experience so far is way better. Sorry that you got paid less being unionized. I am now paid more especially my responsibilities have bean heavily increased. My previous non unionized job wouldn’t have compensated me.

    • Anonymous

      Why is buying, a Sensation for example(discounted on contract), a bad idea when ATT will just have to give or sell you a new ATT banded phone once your Sensation no longer has 3G err I mean “4G”.  

      My $200 phone will get it’s moneys worth more than likely for 2 years.  If not then its an early upgrade to an up-to-date phone of my choosing.

      • Well I personally use phones as long as I can.  If I pay $200 and I can’t use it after 2 years.  It works out bad for poeple like me.

        • Anonymous

          I can understand that.  Hopefully there will be extra discounts for us TMO people who NEED to buy a new phone.  I assume that an addition $100-200 off a $200 contracted phone is worth for ATT considering a smartphone with data and text can fetch around $2,000 over 2 years.  There has got to be some kind of trade in for you T-Mobile phone otherwise they will lose customers in droves.

          These kind of things need be public information in order to approve the Merger IMO.

        • Ash

          You are acting as if the deal is done? We don’t know yet.
          And ATT will give you whatever phone they want and make you like it.
          Or they won’t give a phone at all…..Who knows.

        • Anonymous

          Nah Ash you got me wrong.  I’m obviously speaking hypothetically since like you said “we don’t know yet.”

          One of the women at the first hearing asked “what if I drop my (T-Mobile) phone in water and need a replacement?”  ATT stated publicly in the hearing that you will receive a “comparable phone”.  I’m quite sure that means mid range for mid range and high end for high end with some exceptions for “4G” or LTE.

          The same probably goes for turning off the 3G switch before your contract is up.  If they don’t offer comparable phones to people then they will lose a lot of customers.  Wouldn’t be worth it for anyone.

          Furthermore, its pretty obvious that if you want to upgrade your phone and get a whopping discount then you you will have to “upgrade” to an ATT plan.  OR keep your plan and buy your phone cash money.  

      • Anonymous

        But wouldn’t you still end up with A&T?

        • Anonymous

          Yes.  Why do u ask?

    • Devils Ass.

      i agree with charlie.. obama is a union-izer.. like a womanizer but with unions :)

      • Dan

        Unions used to be a good thing… too bad the CIW isn’t a good union.

        Unions are still the way to go, if you don’t live in the US and it’s anti-labour, anti-worker, anti-poor people policies.  I’m rich & I wouldn’t want to live & work in the US ever again.

  • Anonymous

    I think I can relate to the guy walking on top of the building under construction.  Walking off the edge seems a lot more inviting than joining the Death Star.  That said, I still don’t think this is going to happen but the downside to that is it’s my understanding that they’ll get our 4G spectrum in the annulment.  Can anyone speak to that? 

    • Chosenzypher

      your wrong sir….

      ” new documents reveal that AT&T would also have to hand over spectrum and roaming allowances to T-Mobile should the deal fail to pass valued at an addition $3 billion.”

      • Oreo

        It’s actually 6 billion from what I last heard.

        • Dan

          And ATT would have to share their network with TMO.

        • Chosenzypher

          your correct, i was relaying the fact that they would be giving up spectrum and not tmo.  if and when it fails  tmo will get 3billion dollars and 3billion worth of spectrum…. along with a roaming deal

        • None

          Incorrect.   deutsche telekom, our parent company will get the 3 billion, not TMO.  DT will pocket the money and still sell to the highest bidder (IMHO).  I am hoping for a sale to Orange.

    • Anonymous

      Other way around.  If it doesn’t go through then we get some of their spectrum.

  • Anonymous

    Hey AT&T:
    Many of us hate you and you know that.
    Do you want domestic terrorist because of you?

  • Anonymous

    Hey AT&T:
    Many of us hate you and you know that.

  • alex

    no!!!!!!!!!!! att gobles everything up, cingular went down, and they still dont “fix” t-mobile is the way to go, if the FCC approves this it will just show they are trying to control the world they have to much power, this should be up the people it is getting affected which is us, not them as long as they get paid they dont care, and bribed

  • TMoFan

    When all else fails, just throw money at it. at&t has to do this because the opposition and concerns of this takeover are growing. So they get more lobbyists, spend more $$$ on glitzy ads, give money to groups like the Filipino American Arts Exposition so they can parrot the at&t bs that they really really really need T-Mobile.

    This is no way close to a merger, it’s a takeover. If this thing gets through nothing of T-Mobile will be left. It’s great CS, gone. Great rates, gone. It’ll be a sad day, that’s for sure.


      when corporate america tells you something, it’s called spin. this is spin.

  • Mangobeach

    When Cingular bought the old AT&T Wireless, the old AT&T wireless network went to T-mobile. And because Cingular has always had bad management, & were so stupid that they sold the better network.  They want to buy T-mobile to correct their mistake. I have said this before, & will say it again. AT&T has some of the best network techs in the business, but AT&T’s bad management won’t let them properly build the network. These are some of the same techs that built the T-mobile network when it was owned by AWS. I like T-mobile the way it is, I hope the deal does not go through. I also hope that Sprint doesn’t try to buy them either. I had Sprint, & they have Crappy Service, Crappy Support, Crappy Billing. All in all they sucked!


      what was so good about the old att TDMA network is not compatible with t-mo’s 1900 GSM network at all.

      i had both. att’s phone was a nokia 6162 and t-mo’s was a 6190. same looking entirely different inside.

      • Mangobeach

        Mikeeeee, The TDMA network has been obsolete for a while. AT&T wireless ( AKA AT&T Blue Network) knew that, & conerted over to the GSM network along time ago. That being said, the network was & is still bigger than the Cingular Network(Aka AT&T Orange Network). Also, T-mo was using AT&T’s network (On the West Coast, not sure about the rest of the Country) before Cingular bought them. & Yes, GSM & TDMA phones do look diffrent inside, as they should. I know that each market may have some differances in coverage, but I could tell you that Cingular was never really rated very high on coverage!

        • MIKEEEEE

          up until 2003 or so t-mo voicestream was exclusively GSM 1900. show me a t-mo branded TDMA phone and i’ll buy it.

        • Mangobeach

          To be fair, I should have been more clear. I didnt include Voicestream. I was as you know talking about AWS.  & I wish T-mo would have won the bid fro the old AWS network. I would mostlike still have a job as a cellsite tech.

        • Mangobeach

          I would like to see thats also. They have always been GSM as far as I know. When I helped the T-mo Techs install the GSM radio’s, we were already began upgrading our network almost a year out. I was with AWS @ the time. So the TDMA equipment was being sent to South America around that time.

        • TMOrep

          T-Mobile was the first carrier to introduce GSM to the USA when they were Voicestream.  And also while talking history, here is another piece of info I bet know one else knows unless you work for T-Mobile as I do,  T-Mobile/voicestream was also the first carrier to introduce the USA to sms and gprs (mobile web). It is sad that due to them never really having a true focus and some really bad management we are dying.  I have worked for T-Mobile for five years and it was once a great place to be but now it is really bad. I don’t want AT&T because even though they say they will keep our customer service they can’t be trusted and lie.

        • Mangobeach

          AWS said the samething to the Cellular One and LA Cellular employees on the West Coast. 1 year later, we were all laid off!

        • Sprint was the first carrier to introduce GSM to the USA in 1995 back in Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland, and back then it was called Sprint Spectrum. It was fully launched in 1997, and sold to Omnipoint in 1999 afrer Sprint chose CDMA as their evolutionary path nationwide – Omnipoint was bought by VoiceStream and further T-Mobile.

          So no, T-Mobile did not introduce anything GSM related as Voicestream as the first company…Sprint was the first company to do so and they did it in the PCS spectrum.

          T-Mobile as Voicesteam/Western Wireless was the first carrier to introduce GPRS to the USA, however they invested in Fido Canada (Microcell Communications) to launch the first GPRS network in the Americas. Sprint was first to introduce SMS via “Short Mail” then “Text Message” and they were the first to introduce 1XRTT nationwide under their “Vision” platform. They also were first to launch a “camera” phone, however it was not integrated into the phone, pictures could be uploaded from the separate camera to the phone and sent over the 1XRTT network via Picture Mail. I still have the phone itself Samsung N400.

    • Actually, T-Mobile did NOT get AT&T’s old network, they got Cingular’s old network in California and Nevada, during the divesting of AT&T Wireless with Cingular.

      How do I know this, it was stated by BOTH companies, and was part of the agreement with “GSM Facilities” should either company merge or buy out another, the divesting would result in the network sharing going to the company lacking the merge.

      Also, Cingular when they bought out AT&T Wireless, wanted the 850Mhz spectrum that AT&T had, and T-Mobile wanted the 1900Mhz equipment that Cingular had. Keep in mind, in California and Nevada (where the merger divesting mostly took place, Cingular ONLY had PCS 1900 licenses, thus they ONLY had 1900Mhz equipment). Cingular wanted AT&T Wireless 850 and 1900 equipment because the deployment of TDMA worked so well, they thought they could recycle it for GSM, and fix the holes with the 850Mhz, and they did.

      So no… T-Mobile actually got the better network in California as Cingular took more pride and upkeep in their network. Why else would Cingular have sold it to T-Mobile for $2 BILLION? Because they wanted the more valuable spectrum and towers to have more capacity more coverage indoors and revamp their GSM network from 1900 ONLY to 850/1900. It sounds like an oxymoron, lets sell the better more stable network for a bad one – but at the end of the day, the spectrum and towers were tweaked to actually provide better coverage than the previous Cingular network, and Cingular/AT&T had an agreement for using the new T-Mobile network for a period of TWO YEARS till Cingular/AT&T could be properly integrated.

  • Dan

    This is why for my coverage in the USA I am switching to Sprint.  The new Evo 3d supports the EMSR bands which for those that don’t know, Sprint has a new initiative called Vision which is taking the 800 mhz bands that were previously set aside for their iden network and are now using it for voice/data on upcoming Sprint devices.

    You couple the PCS bands with the EMSR bands and you have excellent coverage which will compare with VZW at nearly 1/2 the cost.  I’m sad though because out of all the phones I have right now, my unlocked, rooted G2X is my favourite.  Hopefully the Evo 3d is going to just as good.

    • Anonymous


  • Tatdude806

    That is awfully gutsy of AT&T… It hasn’t even been approved yet. However they are acting as if it will go through without any issues. Wow! Now I really hope this deal dies!!!


      look back at the santa fe/southern pacific rail merger of the 1990’s.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, it will most likely be approved. If I were to bet right now, I’d go with it passing. Doesn’t mean I want it to, but us lowly consumers don’t get to choose.

  • I could see why AT+T customers have no problems with the acquisition.

    • Johnnyboy

      I agree it benifits them either way

  • Anonymous

    I dont get that video 0_o


    god corporate spin move, spend on advertising instead of infrastructure, cheaper.


    t-mo’s bandwidth and spectrum won’t help until you have devices in the field that can use them.

    how about upgrading your abysmally slow EDGE network to 3-g before you tout how great your network is. doesn’t lie in 38221.

  • Mangobeach

    Preach it Bruddah!!!!!!

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Looks more like that Chrysler/Eminem commercial to me.

  • Mo

    I’ve seen the commercial in the You Tube video above…  I seen it a few times…  I chuckled every time I hear AT&T tout itself (remember more bars?). I did not hear T-Mobile mentioned in the AT&T commercial. Has anyone actually heard T-Mobile uttered in the AT&T comercial?

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Uh, yeah genius!  0:20 

      • Mo

        No, I mean the actual commercial, not the YouTube version.

        • Anonymous

           That is the actual commercial.  I recorded it off of my DVR.

        • Indeed he did!!!

  • Anonymous

    only reason this commercial would air is because they know for a fact that the deal will get approved. they would not air that if they thought there would be a chance it gets denied. this means the backroom deals have been made. money has exchanged hands and everything the fcc does from here on out is a front. so there you go, we the consumer will get screwed again

    • Jonathan

      your absolutely right!

    • Anonymous

      If this is true I hope that some 3rd party will investigate and spoil their bull shit smoke screen that they put on, not to mention the huge amount of wasted tax payers money. 

    • Forget_logic

      YOu must have been there. You seem to know exactly whats going on, so you must have been right there in the same room with all this back room stuff going on….right? Cause afterall you seem to want to draw attention to yourself by making fake witty remarks about how you are so absolutely certain of back room stuff going on…cause you must be some sort of analyst for wall street, or a high end investigative journalist……oh wait….you deliver pizzas for a living? hmmmmm……I find it funny how people dont give any credibility to themselves but expect us to believe them when they start spouting off theories about whats going on behind closed doors…..if you are so insightful you must know the next lotto numbers that were picked in the back room deals for tomorrows “drawing”……wanna share?

      • Anonymous

        wow. you’re not to bright are you? I didn’t mean it literally it was just a tongue in cheek remark. so calm down nerd. you take comments on here way to seriously

    • Anonymous

      They’re pulling a Bush won against Gore Fox strategy…AT&T says it will merge with T-Mobile, thus making everyone believe it is true, even before it being accepted by Congress, making it seem like nothing can be done to stop it anymore.  When you want people to think something has happened already, you say it before it happens.

    • Anonymous

      They’re pulling a Bush won against Gore Fox strategy…AT&T says it will merge with T-Mobile, thus making everyone believe it is true, even before it being accepted by Congress, making it seem like nothing can be done to stop it anymore.  When you want people to think something has happened already, you say it before it happens.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way they say that they will “combine” with T-mobile… I guess it is better than saying “We are going to buy T-Mobile and gut the hell out of it just to get their network”….

  • “Hi, we’re AT&T, and if you haven’t heard of our proposed merger yet, we’d like to introduce you to the company we are fighting to merge with, T-Mobile – you might as well not even bother considering signing up with them. Just sign with us. We’ll be sure not to say a word if the deal fails”

  • Anonymous

    AT&T has the worst service in the surrounding Boston areas it is absolutely pathetic. The speeds are so slow it is Edge speed at most. I am being very honest, in today’s market, The Boston area is huge, AT&T has not done anything for a very long time to increase better network speeds for any of the surrounding Boston towns. There is no excuse for this. They tell you when you call that they have very strong service in your area knowing all along that it sucks. T-Mobile absolutely blows away AT&T in all areas in the Boston area, try T-Mobile people for one month and you will never go back to AT&T. I didn’t believe it either until I tried. 

  • Jonathon

    Funny everyone thinks it is going to get approved even thougb the Senate and Congress ripped at&t apart. Have to actually read in deeper to understand what the government is going to do guys.

  • I saw this commercial a week ago.



    • WallStreetOwner

      So I assume your one of the people that sleeps with booby traps around their bed so that those damn aliens and/or government spies wont get to him in his sleep hahahaha

      • Controlzx2

        i just spit juice everywhere

  • ob18

    I am not sure which way it will go but I’ll say this many thought the FCC and company wouldn’t let Comcast buy controlling interest of NBC yet it went through and one of those who helped approved the deal for the FCC then resigned and took a job with Comcast.   I will not be shocked if it does get approval but I am along the lines of many that hopes it does not get approval.

  • ob18

    I am not sure which way it will go but I’ll say this many thought the FCC and company wouldn’t let Comcast buy controlling interest of NBC yet it went through and one of those who helped approved the deal for the FCC then resigned and took a job with Comcast.   I will not be shocked if it does get approval but I am along the lines of many that hopes it does not get approval.

  • FreedomWireless

    I’m not sure but I saw a comment on the youtube vid that said this was a voice over on an old commercial and that’s the first thing I thought when watching the vid is that I thought ATT was reusing some of their old clips like the doctor showing the patient something on the tablet… that was an old commercial.  So was this an official respin from ATT or a fake?

    • Anonymous

       It’s official from AT&T.  It has been all over TV.  I recorded it off of my DVR after seeing it when watching a recording.

      • Grybrks134

        I would gladly pay you 50.00 for a copy of that tape , Gary Brooks

  • Mr Young19

    Why did ATT, says ” we plan on combine  with T mobile. That is a lie. Its a takeover not combine. Combine mean : To bring into a state of unity. There is know unity when had no choice in the matter.

  • Dvid

    run away!

  • Anonymous

    As a TMobile customer I say… ATT I will never be your client.  I was once in the past.. and understand how HORRIBLE your service and billing service are.

    I along many others will leave you with your spectrum.  If you cant use it because users dont want your service.   What benefit will you provide?

    We support that regulators turn down your request as it will only limit competition and force OLD technology (ATT the network with NO POSSIBILITIES).  on to customers, along with charging more for an inferior service.

  • I cant wait till the FCC and DOJ reject the merger, and this commercial comes back to bite AT&T in the butt!

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of fucking crock

  • Techie Troy

    I totally agree! Letting AT&T buy T-Mobile to rape their resources would be like trying to fix really bad money managers by just giving them even more money. The tragedy would also be to lose a good, customer, focued company with high customer satisfaction like T-Mobile, and with that a reduction in customer choices, jobs, and innovation in the market, and give a non-customer focused, poorly managed network a monopoly for GSM service.

    Seriously, if AT&T couldn’t manage to do better with what they’ve had…the money, network bandwidth and scope, the customers, the iPhone exclusivity…why would we want them taking out the value-priced but innovating T-Mobile,

  • cameron

    Although I do not necessarily agree with the merger, ATT does have some points. There coverage is way more solid than T-Mobile. Yah ATT customer service is worse, their data traffic is arguable depending on locations, but when it comes to actual coverage, ATT does beat T mobile. Plus the merger on a consumer side does benefit the overall user. I mean if ATT is bad as people say it is, they wouldn’t have like 80 million people (don’t know actual numbers). Obviously they are capable of giving reliable services to their customers.

  • Blazev

    AT&T needs to find positive things to say so more t-mobile subscribers won’t jump ship. Good luck with that. As soon as the announcement came out people started leaving T-Mobile…not because they hate T-Mobile but because they hate AT&T. AT&T is not merging, they are buying so that they can charge whatever they want and not do anything or do as little as possible with their infrastructure. We started with Cingular. Best company ever. They were bought by SBC and then AT&T bought SBC. That is when all we like about Cingular was gone. As soon as AT&T took over it’s been all about making money through screwing the customer as much as they can.