AT&T Commercial Says They Are Planning To Combine With T-Mobile


It’s not like AT&T’s proposed merger of T-Mobile is a big secret so this commercial isn’t in any way a surprise though the leaving out of any T-Mobile logo is. That not withstanding quite a few of you have already caught this during the NBA Finals, Nascar races or various other times during the day but for some reason it has yet to appear on AT&T’s own YouTube page. It’s a pretty simple commercial that explains AT&T wants to provide more coverage, do more things and overall be the best company they can be. The reality is AT&T can’t manage their own network now (thanks Walt) so forgive our skepticism they can do so after they pick up T-Mobile’s network. Guess time will tell if they get the chance to try.

Thanks a million to @inuyasha1999 for hooking up the video!



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