Wirefly Posts Samsung Exhibit 4G Walkthrough Video


The Samsung Exhibit 4G is scheduled to drop on T-Mobile shelves right around the 22nd the of this month but helping hold us over is this 9 minute video courtesy of Wirefly. Giving us a walkthrough of the device itself the Exhibit 4G just might be an undercard overshadowed by the release of the HTC Sensation 4G. The one major thing the Exhibit 4G has over the Sensation 4G, a 21Mbps HSPA+ radio versus the HTC’s 14.4Mbps radio. Check out the full video for a close look at the Exhibit 4G and decide which next T-Mobile Gingerbread phone you want!


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  • Sorry to go off topic…..but any news on the official MyTouch4G Gingerbread update?

    • No news, still happening, not sure when.


        What about on the G2x 

        • J. Williams

          G2x owners should be getting 2.3 soon.

        • Tmoguy89

          Next week. Straight from LG!

        • J. Williams

          Did they put that on twitter? I know T-Mobile did right?

        • hh

          What about the g2?

  • Adrian Parks

    This is nice for a low end android!

  • Anonymous

    5:30  –  “It’s running Android 2.3.3 which is the latest version of that”  LOL Fail

  • J. Williams

    This will sell…because it has great specs, and it’s affordable. Nice work T-Mobile.

  • I love how phones that would of been considered high end a few months back are now the low end phones. tech is moving to fast lol

    • Guest

      haha ya no doubt. 

  • He forgot about the front facing camera. Great mid-low range device. This will sell like crazy. T-Mobile is really on it this year.

    • Anonymous

       The ffc is mentioned in an on-screen graphic at 4:16. Not much of a mention but it is there.

      • Didn’t see that, must’ve blinked. lol

  • Guest

    they accidentally let grandpa review a phone again

  • Brian Bloom

    More specs anywhere for this?  GPS? Mobile tethering? This would be a nice phone for tethering a tablet given its speed and small size…

  • 21.1 Mbps radio on older hardware, non-dual core, and probably still have the typical Samsung issues…pass. Might be OK for a beginner.

  • michael

    Solid first smartphone. Fast, affordable, good network speeds, gingerbread.

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    An upgraded Optimus T, basically! But much better phone than the G2x, obviously!

    • jmC987

      Ignorance and bad teeth have at least one thing in common. Keeping your mouth closed makes them both less obvious.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Your entire life is ignorant… obviously!

        • Last warning, the abuse you dole out the readers on this blog is no longer accepted. Shape up or ship out.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Really? Did you not read what he just said to me? Lol

          It’s a sad day when you can’t have an opinion about a phone. Lol

        • Having an opinion and being a bastard to everyone are vastly different things.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Funny how you say “bastard” but if I said it I’m sure it would be a problem lol. The poster replied to my comment of opinion with ignorance, so I did the same. 

        • I said it for effect, you say it to insult and to flamebait. So I’m asking you now to cool it.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          You got it! But understand that while on a T-Mobile based forum with 98% of the readers are Android users, I will continue to have haters because I’m a Apple “fan boy”. If I feel that the G2x, G2, etc., sucks, then thats my opinion! Because I truly do feel like they suck. So of course its going to flamebait because I’m on a forum full of “Fandroids”. Most discussion forums are like that. Everyone can’t have the same opinion or the forum would be tasteless. There must be balance!

          I’ll cool it, but if that makes me a troll then… then I’m your guy!  =P

        • Do it without vulgarity. Stop defending yourself and do it without vulgarity and respect others opinions. How hard is that?

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          It’s not that hard, I can do it. But most of the posters respond to my opinion first. Fandroids will always hate on iFanboys! 

  • Jake

    Question, wire fly says in the video the exhibit 4G has a 3.5 in. Lcd screen but gsm arena says it has a 3.7 In. Amoled screen. which is it?