Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity Smart Launching June 22nd

When T-Mobile announced the Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity Smart they promised June availability without a specific date. Well you can mark June 22nd on your calendars if either one of these budget Android fulfills your desires. Both the Exhibit 4G and Gravity smart:

“…expand T-Mobile’s product portfolio to include two affordable options for customers who crave rich connectivity and unique entertainment experiences.”

Any takers?

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  • J. Williams

    It just keeps getting better with T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      . . . and then swallowed by AT&T.

  • Liamharden

    T -mobile should have stepped the game up years ago, hope its not too late now :(

  • both phones requires DATA? the gravity might not, am i right? I have finished my  2 year contract and am on month to month now. If this is for new customers only again, I will quit tmobile. been with them for 9 years.

    • LC

      I’m sure the gravity will require data as well given that it’s an android phone. But if you’re out of contract you’ll get the best pricing on it, just like you would with any other upgrade….

    • LC

      I’m sure the gravity will require data as well given that it’s an android phone. But if you’re out of contract you’ll get the best pricing on it, just like you would with any other upgrade….

  • LA Boi 93

    sensation all the way :DDDDD

  •  I prefer the Samsung Exhibit 4g: looks promising with 4G network fro AT&T

  • slap an ARMv7 CPU on that Gravity Smart and im in, if not then its the Exhibit

  • Guest

    The gravity line was our last real attempt at feature phones and now even that has moved to android.  Am I the only one who thinks android is just getting rammed down our throats at a rapid rate?  We have budget, mid-range, and “high-end” androids.  The same selection cannot be said for those who have no interest in data plans.  It is budget or the door.  I am not an AT&T fan by any means, but they even have an HTC feature phone that is quite solid.  On every blog, you get the question “Is a data plan required for this phone” within the first 10 posts.  Clearly there are people that want phones without a data plan.
    I have two android phones and no other OS at all so I am no knocking android at all.  Just annoyed that TMO will make such a huge commitment to their flagship myTouch line but blows the opportunity to develop a feature phone line.  
    I also don’t like when phones come in purple but that is another rant for another time I suppose.  :) 

    • It’s not the OS they are ‘ramming down our throats’, but the mandatory (or very nearly so) data plans.

      And it wasn’t Android that gave the carriers the idea of doing that. It was Apple’s iPhone…the first phone sold only with bundled, fixed-price data. Granted, that was an ingenious move but it was also the top of a slippery slope toward guaranteeing higher profits for the cell providers.

      • None

        I completely agree with you (though I blame AT&T, not really the iPhone).
        I just feel like if you were looking for a good feature phone, you have no choice to get on (get run over by) the Android bus.

        • db

          There are Android handsets that T-Mobile carries that don’t require data and you can always choose to purchase any phone at invoice if you don’t want data or a contract. I swear people complain when there are not enough high end handsets then they complain when there are too many. There are still plenty of options for people who want a basic phone and T-Mobile has the best plan/data options as well so just pick what’s best for you !

        • Jim

          What current T-Mobile android phones can you purchase on that don’t require a data contract?

        • Donovanc Williams


        • db

          The comet for one and the charm (if there are any left) for another and while we are on the subject the Nokia touch screen phone, while not Android is still in the smart phone category and doesn’t require data either. As I said earlier and will say again, you can buy any phone at full cost and don’t have to add data to your plan so you still have a choice to spend money on data and get the phone at a discount or spend more on the phone and pay less on your bill if you don’t want data….and for those who don’t want a smart phone at all there are still several options that are not Android….know your stuff before you post

        • Jim

          Maybe YOU should know your stuff… it’s not hard… just go to t-mobile’s web site.  The Charm is no longer sold by T-Mobile and the Comet specifically says it requires a data plan.  Even though we were talking about Android, you chose to throw in the Nokia phone as well.  All current Nokia phones on T-Mobile require a data plan according to T-Mobile’s web site.

          I see not a single Android (or Symbian^3, for that matter) phone that does not require a data plan, according to T-Mobile’s web site.

          All you accomplished in your post is your ability to insult others and provide false information.  Bravo.

        • db

          Not everything is purchased on the web and I have worked for T-Mobile for almost 8 years in a retail store and the phones that I stated do not require data when purchased in the retail store and neither did the charm when it was at the end of life. I metioned the astound because people were complaining about Android being the only option so everything I posted was 100% accurated and since when is telling someone to check their information an insult???

        • Unsure


        • JonC

          Just got back from the T-Mobile store.  They said all Android or Symbian phones require a data plan without exception.  What is the telephone number of your store?

        • db

          They would be incorrect.

        • Red

          So what’s the number for your store if you guys know everything and everyone else is wrong?  Aren’t you interested in helping customers?  Or are you just a troll?

        • Guest

          It may shock the hell out of you but some people Do Not Want Android!

          Which handsets does T-Mobile carry that do not require a data plan? 

    • Jim

      Like many, I am not interested in increasing my bill with a data plan.  I would only consider it if they offered a $5 for 250mb plan so I could use it in rare cases, but otherwise, no.

      • Guest

        How about they give me 0 meg for free and on/below edge!

  • J. Williams

    Well although I’m not buying either one, I’m happy they are launching these. They will do well in the lineup.

  • tinkle

    i really think the one thing that t-mo lacks is the shock resistant (nextel style) flip phones… we have basic phones (samsung t259), medium range phones (dlite), messaging phones (smiley, gravity T and 3) and smartphones. but you’d be surprised how many guys want the most “durable” phone, and walk out of here with a gs170. thats really the only kind of phone t mobile is missing.

    • Guest

      I do not think you can call that dlite thing a midrange feature phone.  It is embarrassing even being in the store. :)

    • Guest

      The Samsung Highlight was a great phone.  If they would have had a 2nd incarnation of that phone, I believe it would have been the high-end feature phone we are currently missing.

    • Anonymous

      Motorola defy

  • Rldstover48

    new here,, cant seem to find info info im looking for,,t-mobile prepaid has said that the sidekick 4g will not work with any prepaid plans they just cut customers off.. any help would be appreciated getting no where with customer service also other issues with prepaid activations

  • Greywolveslove

    I want the Samsung Gravity Smart, DO I NEED A DATA PLAN IF I DO NOT PLAN ON USING INTERNET? this is s HUGE question. I can not afford a data plan, if I get this phone will I need that data plan? IT IS NOT MARKED AS A 4G PHONE so I should not need one please tell me if I do

  • W_b_420

    The samsung behold was one of my favrit phones but I just got the samsung exibit and I love it u dont even have to wait for the web to load the 4g is incrable and its just great to have