AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega Live At All Things Digital Event

The D9 conference currently being held in California saw some tough questioning from hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher who put AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega in the hot seat. Walt and Kara really took it to de la Vega and pushed him to answer questions regarding AT&T’s network quality and why they should be trusted with T-Mobile and therefore running the nations largest wireless network. We followed the live blog from the boys over at and found some choice quotes to give you an idea as to what went down:

  • Walt asked:  “Why should we believe that AT&T is competent enough to manage the biggest carrier in the US, reducing the competition when you are constantly rated at one of the worst services.”
  • De la Vega responded: AT&T isn’t happy about the situation and they take it seriously and they are trying to improve on it and they’ve done much better in the last two years. The explosion in data growth is bigger than anything the world has ever seen and with more smartphones than any other carrier customers are using more data.
  • Mossberg continued to push the issue that customers in areas like San Francisco and New York City aren’t happy with AT&T no matter the commitments they’ve made to make the service better.
  • De la Vega compares MetroPCS numbers to AT&T and I think he is delusional to believe they are competitive. He clearly is avoiding the point Walt is trying to make…that AT&T already has a huge marketshare.
  • AT&T understands the opposition to deal but believes the choice to purchase T-Mobile is best for all parties.
  • De la Vega continues to impress on the idea that Sprint will be fine and says they can purchase Clearwire and Walt hits back by calling him on the idea that the Sprint CEO left the Clearwire board and that they are competitors.
  • De la Vega says in the last 10 years the prices of wireless service have dropped more than 50% and Mossberg responds by saying his bill hasn’t gone down. The crowd gasped at that one.
  • Question from the audience asked about AT&T keeping T-Mobile’s UMA/Wi-Fi calling service and De la Vega said they are very interested in it but they are not allowed to look at the data for it until the merger is done.
  • De la Vega says if the merger doesn’t go through AT&T can still deploy LTE to more than 80% of the country, 97% with T-Mobile. Why on earth are we letting AT&T gobble up a competitor for 17%???????

I highly suggest you take a look at the Thisismynext live blog linked at the end of the post and get the full breakdown of todays interview. The embedded video handles the Walt Mossberg question regarding AT&T’s ability to handle a combined T-Mobile and AT&T network. It’s pretty great!

Thisismynext, All Things Digital


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  • Now if only Ralph weren’t so trained in circumventing questions

  • since when does the iphone have hspa+ support?

  • alex

    did it on em

  • hellsh666

    Bullshit!!! Deathstar need money!!! Only money!!! T-MO is the best US oper. Got best phones and serv. AT&T Keep off !!

  • Anonymous

    Good question David. ATT makes it seem like the country won’t get good LTE coverage at all unless they buy TMO. There’s no way to justify a duopoly for a 17% increase of the coverage map.

    This will boil down to the corrupt/un-corrupt.

  • Anonymous

    DeLeVega doesn’t even know that his product, the I-Phone, is locked down to his network and can not use other sim cards over seas unless it is jail broken. This guy is the head chief of AT&T and he doesn’t know shit about his best selling product. He constantly lies and moves away from questions all the time. This buy out of T-Mobile if goes thru will be because of inside moves and sneaky deals. The information shared in all these hearings shows without any doubt this deal is not good for anyone except AT&T. If this goes thru then all these hearings were just a waste of taxpayers money and the hearings themselves should be investigated for being nothing but a smokescreen to the public. The facts speak for themselves, this planned buy out is bad, very bad for the public. Just hope that these hearings are taken serious. 

  • I never needed at&t & i never will!!

  • One word, greedy.

  • BigMixxx

    What I dig, he tried his best to answer the questions as honest as possible.  I think he realized that he was gonna be grilled about the T mobile.  He sounded prepared.  But I think he got the sense that he knows this is sour…and NO ONE understand why the purchase outside of that 21 billion a year in revenue T mobile generates…

  • Drew

    No need for the arrow, I already knew who that short f*%ker was. What a lying POS. They originally said they would be able to roll out LTE to NINETY-FIVE PERCENT and with T-Mobile merger to 97% and now we are to feel sorry for them (as they squat on more spectrum than anyone else has at the moment) when they say 80%?? Go f*%k yourself De La Vega… You and Stephenson’s dumb misguided ass too. Telling Congress that he doesn’t feel that T-Mobile is their competition. Really?? Obviously Carly Foulkes and the T-Mo advertising dept believe otherwise. If the DOJ and FCC has to see thru this bullshit..

    • Anonymous

      Wow you took the words right out of my mouth. All ATT gives two shits about are the commas in their bank account.

  • JayeJaye

    I call bullshxt on this.!

  • The ATL Guy

    WOW this fight is getting better and better everyday! 
    Some good points made during that interview. 
    That point about, “Why on earth are we letting AT&T gobble up a competitor for 17%???????” is very very interesting twist on this. 
    Hmm might have to rethink my position on this and hope that TBlow ends up getting the 6 BILLION! 
    I agree that is pretty hilarious the whole thingy about seeing MetroPCS as a bigger competitor! 

    • Respawn

      Enough with the TBlow remark. You sound like a child. I agree with your points but that TBlow thing takes your credibility away.

      • Guest

        Tblow tblows

  • The ATL Guy

    WOW this deal just looks horrible and after this interview it also makes tmobile that much more hateable for really just turning their backs on their customers and taking any shitty deal they can get. 
    TMobile is as much to blame for all this as AT&T. 
    Its not like AT&T held a gun to TBlow. 
    Hell maybe TMO knew it was bad and in the end they would end up 6 billion richer. 

    • jarjon76

      I was with you until you started with the childish “TBlow” remark.

      • Rey Martinez

        agreeed^ XD

        • Guest

          Tblow tblows

        • Shagman68


          There is your ATT

        • Guest

          That is so horrible and completely unoriginal. 
          You had time to think and that is all you could come up with?
          US public school system is sad. 

    • Drew

      Blame DT for this nonsense, not T-Mo USA. You do what your “parent” tells you to do… That’s why Philip Humm sat there in the hearing and said nothing…

    • Anonymous

      You really have no clue what you’re talking about, as stated below, you can point the finger at DT for siphoning off the profits (when tmo was actually profitable) to carry their struggling markets in Europe, then turning their back on innovation. Tmo made the SK(ahead of it’s time) G1 (Androids beginning) but just never had the advertising money to stand behind it and push it or the true backing of DT when things got rough. DT is to for watching idly with a complete lack of concern as Robert Dotson and co. destroyed tmo USA.

      • Sidekick didn’t even need marketing… it had word of mouth to sell

    • “DT” is to blame as much as AT&T. Mind you T-Mobile USA is not a separate company. If we were we wouldn’t be sold off. DT sold us because they own us. They are to blame. If we “T-Mobile USA” had a choice, it would surely not be AT&T.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, when even Mossberg is a hostile interviewer. That speaks volumes.

  • Rey Martinez

    if you notice he avoids answering his question, with just talking more and more about money/sales

  • JR

    If AT&T takes over Tmobile all I can  say is that I rather give my money to Verizon than to AT&T. I have been with tmobile for about 8 years and never had any problems, but if I have to make a choice it will be Verizon. 

  • he does not answer the question and he is lying abou the service in NY I kno ppl that u can’t pay them to get AT&T so what report is he looking at

  • Tmosucks09

    Idk why a lot of people bitch about at&t either they never had it or they dnt wanna pay more. Its not that bad its still better than metro pcs . For those who had att must already know att has waaaay more coverage than T-Mobile and gets better reception inside buildings than T-Mobile .

    • Nate

      The technology is the same, so please explain how at&t has better reception inside buildings.

      • Mopar6464

        Different radio bands .
        And AT&T is better inside buildings .

        • Nate

          Lower frequency bands do have better penetration, but the argument is moot when you look at traffic and service quality in general.

        • Joanne23

          Well nate know I know u really never used att. Try it out for yourself and see for urself dnt get me wrong T-Mobile works perfect outside just like att but in most buildings u will see att always has better signal than t-mobile I’m not saying T-Mobile is bad cuz my boyfriend has and its good outside. it I have att and I always have better signal than him on my atrix than he does on his T-Mobile g2x also I live in los Angeles but when I went to puerto rico and Seattle it was the same thing att works better inside buildings

        • Mbregar13

          Not in buildings with wifi ;)

        • Erick09

          Well yea that’s great but see that’s the thing with att and Verizon u don’t need wifi inside building because they get signal. And what are u gonna do if ur in a building T-Mobile doesn’t get service and they have wifi but its locked?? Good thing that att and Verizon u dnt have to be relying on public wifi because they actually work.

        • Anonymous

          Except on ATT you do have to rely on wifi due to their capped and overage charged data plans lol.

        • Outside coverage is far more a necessity than inside coverage. Inside there are always other options I never been in a building that hasn’t had wifi when I needed it. 

        • Nate

          I actually did use at&t for a few years. Please stop with the bullshit. Coverage depends on more than just what company you’re on.

        • Mopar6464

          Half my family is on AT&T and I Know the truth. AT&T and Verizon smokes T-Mobile in coverage and inside building reception hands down. I Know it varies in different locations across the map but in my area T-Mobile reception sucks 10 minutes outside the city limits as well.

    • Anonymous

      I have both tmobile and ATT and while this argument is true sometimes it’s really not always the case, where I work I get 5 bars with tmobile and data speeds between 10-12Mbps but with my ATT phone I get 1-2 bars and I don’t even bother using the Internet, today I was shopping at a Banana Republic in Herald Square, my iPhone 4 had 5 bars and could not load web pages, used my Galaxy S and it burned through loading pages faster than I thought would be possible that deep into the store (dressing room). I think tmo gets a bad rep because of it’s suspect coverage in the boonies, in major cities though, when tmo is on, they are seriously unparalleled. Not Verizon Sprint or ATT can compete, too bad the spectrum constraints inhibit this from being the case across the board. I have been nothing short of extremely satisfied with my tmo service since I got it in ’08. HBO GO on my Galaxy S streams flawlessly and looks great on the screen.

      • Erick09

        Well just curious have u tried any other phone than the iPhone? Cuz I had an iPhone and I always had the same problem as u it got to the point I was gonna give up on att and move to Verizon but I decided to give att one more chance so I got the infuse 4G and let me tell u something I never ever have the same problems I had with my iPhone 4 like web pages not loading with full reception and dropped calls with full reception. Even I’m shocked because I live new york. The infuse works great. So uea maybe its ur iPhone?

        • Anonymous

          I honestly believe that there’s something seriously wrong with iPhones and Steve Jobs and ATT won’t admit it. No this isn’t about “Antennagate”. It just seems to me that everyone started bitching about ATT’s service once the iPhone came around. But the iPhone is just so “magical” that noone can admit that it’s just the damn phone that’s the problem. Regardless of all that I love TMo so I don’t want to be a part of ATT.

        • Its not the phone nor the person. It’s the fact that the iPhone led to increased data usage and AT&T wasn’t prepared for it.

        • Ash

          What you said about ATT is true.
          But you can’t denied that iphone4 have design issues.

          Steve: There’s no problem at all.

          Steve: You are holding it wrong.

          Steve: Other companies suck as much as we do. (As long as we cover the whole phone with giant hands.)

        • Anonymous

          But key in on what a lot of people have said.
          1. Shitty service with iPhone
          2. Buy different phone (Android, WP7, even BB/Palm)
          3. Wow my service doesn’t suck so much like it used to with that, keyword here, iPhone.
          I’ve never owned one myself and I don’t know if jailbreaking possibly optimizes it as well (like when you flash better built ROMs on Android) but it seems as though there is something wrong with data/call management on the iPhone itself.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah I’ve only used iPhones, Ive had every one though. I do like the Infuse 4G I just don’t like that it’s single core and FroYo, deal breaker. I don’t feel like ATT has anything great to offer in the Android department, I use tmo for my Android phones.

        • Sounds like the Samsung Hercules will be perfect for you its like the Infuse 4G and the GS2 just gave birth 4.5inch screen, dual-core 1.2ghz processor, 8mp stereoscopic 3d camera, 1gb of ram 16gbs of internal space, gingerbread. 

      • Ash

        Same here, at one time I was with ATT and trying out T-mo.
        T-mo has better signal most of the places I hang out/travel to, and faster data speed.
        I tried with Tilt2(ATT) and My touch 3G(T-mo) at the time.

        And now, I have a LG feature phone GX200. Dual sim, dual standby.
        I have ATT pre-paid sim in 1st slot, and a Hong Kong Sim(roaming with T-mo) in 2nd slot.
        So this take out the question of different phone get signals differently.
        I’d say most of the time T-mo wins, and some locations ATT wins.

        Normal everyday I use HD2….soon to be HTC Sensation..

      • I completely agree. No one can compete with my T-Mobile here in the Major city of Detroit. I get great coverage & service here. it’s the non-major metropolitan area’s that have the issues.

      • Don’t worry once this deal doesn’t go through t-mobile will get $3billion worth of more spectrum which means better service and $3billion cash.

    • Anonymous

      Yea it’s way better than MetroPCS which apparently is considered a big “competitor” to ATT. I think, if memory serves me, that Metro has 1/10 of the customers of TMo. So can someone give me reasoning as to how TMo is a non-competitor?

    • Calvin

      I was with Bellsouth/Cingular/AT&T for 13 years, and I can tell you for a fact that once AT&T took over, it went to crap.  Their 3G coverage is dismal compared to VZ.  The iphone call quality sucks, sounds all garbled.  Now De la Vega has finally admitted that they’re way behind the ball, like they’ve always been.  He basically said that AT&T now needs to catch up to VZ.  From knowing how AT&T is so slow, their 4G will take many, many years if they want to cover most of the population.  If they can’t get their 3G coverage going, how will they do it with 4G ??

    • Your username denies all possible credibility to your comment, quit being a lil punk fanboy. And I have gotten better reception all over than my friend with his AT&T iphone. ever tried using your phone in an elevator? My friends iPhone went straight to emergency calls only while I still had 3G.

      • Diana01

        are u retarted or something? u said iphone hell everyone knows the iphone on both att and verizon have reception problems when other phones on att and verizon work fine . i bet if ur friend had a motorola atrix it would of been a whole different story and u know it. heck i had an iphone on att worse piece of shyyt phone ever! like seriously it didnt even work outside . i dumped it and got an atrix and guess what?!? i can now make calls inside elevators , underground parking lots and many more places my sisters g2x craps out . and its not like i live in the middle of nowere i live in los angeles which is a huge city

  • Going_home

    Way to go Walt !
    Hand him his head !
    Ralph de la Vega = Wilhuff Tarkin .

    Death Star be gone !


  • T-MoAndroidExpert

    The real question that I haven’t seen answered by anyone anywhere who disagrees with the merger, is what exactly DT would do if the merger did not go through. Its pretty much been established that they want out of the North American market. It doesn’t make sense to me that they would just change their minds and continue to try to compete ina market they don’t even want to participate in to begin with. It seems more likely to me that they would just let T-Mobile stagnate and continue to loose customers.AT&T failing does not automatically mean that customers wil all of a sudden come flocking back to T-Mobile for service. Even if the merger fails, what exactly will be left of T-Mobile at that point to save. The damage has pretty much been done.

    • Nate

      I would like to see an IPO. And the 6 billion would do wonders for advertising and expansion.

      • T-MoAndroidExpert

        Not really. To match the other two major carriers in terms of LTE expansion and overall wireless signal, they would probably need a lot more than just six billion. And even if that did happen, by the time they rolled out LTE, all three of the other carriers would be significantly ahead in terms of people covered. Which puts tmobile in the same position as they were during the 3G roll out. How are consumers going to take it when Verizon and AT&T are getting LTE enabled iPhones and Android phones, while they are still on HSPA+? It can only hold us over for so long before people start seeing greener pastures. That’s to say nothing of the fact that it still doesn’t solve the massive bleeding of customers that is going on.I bleed Magenta, but i dont see some crazy comeback story for t mobile. From what I’ve seen of AT&T, they will do whatever needs to be done to get those towers, even if it means divesting a significant portion of the customer base to Sprint so they will stop complaining.

        • Anonymous

          Because we don’t need LTE!!!! HSPA+ benefits everyone on TMo’s service. Why don’t people understand this? It’s why a Nexus One or hell even a Cliq can get higher d/l speeds than an Evo on WiMax. HSPA+’s bandwidth still helps the lower phones because it’s the same technology. That’s what TMo is all about! They want everyone to have a great experience using their services whether they spent $250 on the phone or got it for free. That’s why TMo stands out above all the other carriers in my eyes.

        • Mopar6464

          And that was the same thinking T-Mobile had when they said they was’nt worried about expanding full 3G coverage like the others and look what it done to them. Left them so far behind with limited coverage and the rumors will never end about T-Mobile , you get what you paid for. Cheap rates but limited coverage with half-ass phone selection until recently.
          But it’s to late now , they waited to long to get their act together and now DT wants sell out .

        • What on earth are you talking about limited coverage? T-mobile has the largest 4G defined spectrum currently as it is. 

        • Mopar6464

          Largest 4G , who cares about 4G if one can’t get full coverage 3G in their Area.
          They may have what they call 4G deployed more than Verizon but it’s only in limited locations and if your lucky enough to live in one of those cities great.
          In Ohio your lucky if you can get full coverage of 3G.

        • Bobbiej

          WiMax was a mistake by sprint who now wants to move to LTE. Wimax is slower in real life than HSPA+.  So you can talk all you want about 4G but Verizion and Sprint are not producing an kind of awesome data speeds.

        • MT3GS

          Seriously – Hesse is an awesome guy but he really got screwed up when it came to choosing WiMax as a 4G standard – why have a standard deployed nobody really cares about!?

        • HSPA+ can go much farther than LTE in terms of Data Speeds right now as far as data speeds go Verizon nor AT&T nor sprint can compete with the new new network 42mbps HSPA+, its expected to go to 84mbps by next year. LTE won’t even be able to compete with that if it goes through. The only competition T-Mobile has right now is verizon in the data speed wars but thats because Verizon only has 1 device using the LTE network when they get more device other than the thunderbolt they will have their speeds slower to 5-12mbps. 

    • MT3GS

      In a perfect world, it would be awesome if either TIM, Vodafone, Orange, or even Telefonica made a decent buyout offer for T-Mobile.

      • Tortionist

        Or Google

        • Google knows buying T-mobile would be a horrible idea. Anyone remember the “myspace phone”? It was called Helio and failed. Basically if they bought T-mobile they would cut ties with the open source platform and you would not see android on any other carriers in the us which would kill their partnership with manufacturers like HTC, LG, Samsung, ETC because then they would have to build phones from the ground up for the #4 carrier in the us…. kind of like game developers making games for the Wii it just would not be cost effective.

        • None

          I would like to see Orange step in and purchase TMO. 

    • Gm Aharrongton1

      Your no expert so stop fronting that you are. They won’t say anything because actions speak louder than words. What is Lte? Long term evolution. So the fact that they are releasing 21mbps means nothing? Oh btw they planned on 42mbps by years end. Huh, sounds like a form of Lte. Oh wait by keeping the prices affordable and upgrading people that means soon all their customers will have 3g or 4g phones. What’s that? Oh that means remove 2g network and change it to 84mbps? Or maybe 128mbps. You forget the articles from this site from a couple months ago? Think I remember T-Mobile in beginning of year stating these facts for their network.

  • MT3GS

    If Randall Stephenson is my least favorite person right now, this guy follows right behind him. In terms of creepyness, this guys’ moustache is a not too far second to Randy’s fake smile. Man these guys need to just get lost and leave T-Mo alone so Vodafone can finally sell off Verizon and buy T-Mo (Now I’m just dreaming)

  • Anonymous

    I love how he neglected to mention during the spin on the 1st qtr sales that they sell more than 1 iPhone and that the 3Gs was on sale for only 50.00. Kind of like how VZW was advertising the largest 3G network and showing their entire map of 2G/3G and only AT&T’s 3G network. Anybody remember that? Holy moly, that’s the same as saying that Best Buy sells more tablets than the Apple store. Of course they do! They not only sell the iPad but every other tablet out there. 

    Irony? The 3Gs commercial is playing in the background.

    edit: How is it that they have the “largest selection of smart phones”? I know they like to treat many of their feature phones like smart phones, but is that really a true statement?

    • Mbregar13

      I’m not going to re-watch it, but I believe he said they had “more smartphones” than any other carrier. I, like you, took this to mean widest selection at first, but when you put it in context with the conversation that follows I believe he is saying they have more smartphones being used on their network than any other carrier (in terms of volume of customers, not variety).

      • Anonymous

        Well of course they do. They’re one of the biggest and the iPhone was their claim to fame. So yea they may have more smartphones but their ridiculous locked down services for a higher premium just sucks. Unfortunately I’d venture to say they have better phones than Verizon currently does and they’d be in prime position to receive the Nexus line (being a GSM carrier). Unless of course the Nexus line begins using LTE, then Verizon may get it. I believe Google tried to help T-Mobile by releasing the Nexus One with them first and foremost but that didn’t work because once again it wasn’t advertised properly. I just hope that T-Mo gets to stay.

        • SPrince88

          Advertised properly…its a Best Buy Exclusive lmao…thats how much T-Mobile cares….

  • tecjunkie

    Anybody see the at&t commercial shown during the game tonight? They come out and say they are trying to combine tmo over for a bigger network

  • Anonymous

    LOL he dun goofed!


  • Jarvis Billena

    At&t needs to stop talking rubbish and let T-mobile and its loyal customers decide if we want this merger..Its kinda sad when we watch or here you at&t people talk and all we hear is blah blah blah…

    • Mopar6464

      It’s not a merger , it’s a SALE !
      T-Mobile is the one who wants out and AT&T has the Cash and no one else does or they would of put that bid in already.
      Are you kidding me , let T-Mobile customers decide. Most T-Mobile customers complain about paying for the cheapest rate plans but then complain about the limited coverage and phone selection T-Mobile puts out. That idea would be a total disaster. Outside this forum of loyal customers which is very small compared to real world , people know you get what you pay for. That’s why millions of people have no problem paying the rates Verizon and AT&T demand for their service.
      People keep complaining how bad AT&T sucks but with all the millions of customers on their network they must be doing something right because T-Mobile is #4 and sinking faster than the titanic and soon to be history one way or another with DT’s help.

      • Brian778

        Come on mopar.  I had AT&T!  That dropped ALL the same place T-mobile did.  There coverage was not any better in the three cities I fly to frequently.  I had to pay 30% more at AT&T. 

        I want one of the major Euro companies like Orange to buy Tmobile USA.  AT&T does have poor customer service.  I

        • Mopar6464

          As i stated in other post before , half my family has AT&T and the other half has Verizon. Four of us has T-Mobile and i am talking from experience in My area (Ohio). And 10-15 minutes outside the three major cities,Cleveland,Columbus, and Cincinnati and your on edge. Inside Courthouse,Wallmart, and other Tall major buildings and you are lucky to get 3G service,mostly Edge again.
          Go northwest in Ohio and your lucky to get GPRS or roam off of “AT&T” or go east of Cincinnati along the Ohio river and i am roaming on you got it “AT&T’ service.
          On my brothers smartphones i still get 3G coverage. Sometimes a little slow but at least it i get 3G and not like T-Mobile where you pay for 3G service but get Edge data 75% of the time.
          And i have newer phones like the HD2,HD7,my brothers MyCrap phone. And my unlocked/jailbroken iphone gets just as good service on the Edge data as my others that can’t get the 3G coverage your suppose to get.
          So as i stated in other post as well. it all depends on your service in Your location. Not all places get the same service and data speeds.

        • Lol AT&T’s 3G is as big a lie as their 4G “HSPA+”

        • Mopar6464

          Say what you want but really don’t care about HSPA or 4G LTE if i can’t get constint 3G coverage across the state of Ohio where i live.
          Most of the time i’m getting Edge data or roaming off of AT&T service.

        • Jarrod

          Me personally I would rather see Hutchinson Three but out tmobile USA then orange if that were a possibility. I’m surprised that T-Mobile would give up so quickly on the US because they could have leveraged the power of having a global network innmultiple countries and offered rates that blew the compitition away, and do something ground breaking no other carrier has been smart enough to realize.

      • If it wasn’t for the iPhone AT&T wouldn’t be as big as it is. The is a cold hard fact. It wasn’t about the network it was the device. For years many people complain about the iPhone being exclusive to AT&T a bunch of others saying oh if it was on a different network now verizon has its chance. Once iPhone is gone completely AT&T has nothing.

        • Mopar6464

          I don’t give a damn about the popularity of the iphone. You either like Apple products or you don’t. In my case i do like IOS as well as WM phones so i own both.
          My post was about the full 3G coverage that T-Mobile can’t provide in the state i live in and AT&T can,go figure.

      • SPrince88

        As far as the coverage it really depends on what state you’re in. T-Mobile destroys At&t’s coverage in NY, Especially data. But yes like you said…you get what you pay for…I know a lot of people that just get on a family plan at At&t or Verizon and pay their portion of the bill. For example, 4 Lines At&t, you figure around the 200 dollar range…every one pays 50 dollars…get an Iphone 4 or Samsung Infuse 4G…Same goes for Verizon..get a Droid X2 or LG Revolution (that actually plays Netflix)…T-mobile keeps striking out with phones. Plans are great but damn I want a nice phone lol

        • Mopar6464

          Exactly , totally agree.

  • i liked it! thanks for sharing!

  • Hugus

    I’ll bet the AT&T CEO does not even know what UMA/WiFi calling is or how great it us to have on your phone. Also glad he was really pressed for the non-helpfull answers he gave.

    • Anonymous

      You kidding? At the end of the interview he got a lot heat from us iPhanboys in the press, one even asked him, if I pay full price no contract for my iPhone, why can’t I get it unlocked from AT&T for international use. His answer is you can, brief back and forth, audience members scream you can’t and he states he will have to look into it. The dude doesn’t know $h!t about his polices regarding his number 1 selling phone. There is no chance he knows what UMA/WiFi calling is.

  • Xfactor

    Getting pretty tired of see the word MERGER. I am a Software Analyst for T-Mobile. There will be no senergy of talent. Get real. We all know most of our jobs will be either eliminated due to overlap or people will be converted to contractors of some length of time. The 25 million spent on our offices in Bothell which was completed 2 years ago will be sold off. Stop the illusion that we will coexist. I could go on but why bother. The truth internally won’t save anyone nor stop this “takeover.”.

    When the day is done, poor direction and investing put this bastard of a company where it is. Doesn’t just have todo with the iPhone but how we as a company decide to compete. Subpar phones with great plans. That was the vision in a nutshell before the change of CEO. I won’t lie, as much as I hated working here for the lack of competitive hunger, even I bought in thinking he could save the company. This guy is in the same boat as us. He moved his family here and was told one thing just to be slapped with the rest of us.

    I have friends throughout the company. They have these meetings and people are being told to stay the course and leave their legacy. They are told as people quit opportunities will open up. This friend of mine,we joke about these meetings and I kept joke that they are full of it. The same VP telling them not to quit, is leaving next week.

    You guys as customers, some of you need a reality check. Talk to a local RSR about job security when a staffed AT&T store is close enough to them to also tell them that hey, you won’t have a job ether.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that insight.  It’d be sad to see headlines saying “Thousands of T-Mobile employee’s are facing job loss thanks to DT selling out to ATT”

      Is there any word on what the company plans to do if the “merger” does not go through?  There HAS to be a contingency plan.

      • Mbregar13

        Yeah… if it doesn’t go through then it becomes business as usual. THAT is the real reason to continue working hard at our jobs, not to leave a ‘legacy’. At the end of the day there is plenty of reason to be skeptical of this deal getting approved, more than usual anyways. If it doesn’t get approved I see no reason why DT won’t continue operating in the US. People who think DT was trying to leave the market are not thinking clearly; if they ‘wanted’ out they wouldn’t have been able to get $39B for the company, they would’ve gotten the ~$20B that it was valued at. 

        The only downside is that TMO suffered large customer loss in the months following the announcement. That ‘should’ taper off, but there will certainly be a ‘rebuilding’ phase to get back to a growth stage if they remain a company. Fortunately the aggressive handset selection and pricing of late should help that cause.  

        I know everything I’m saying is very speculative, but really… what about this topic isn’t?

    • None

      1. Maybe you should not have spent 25 million on offices in a recession!  
      2. If there is a Tmobile employee from the store cleaner to the national level position NOT currently looking for a comparable job, you are being silly (would liked to have used a different word).  Millions of Americans have found themselves suddenly unemployed due to the recession.  Consider yourselves LUCKY that you will have a year or more before you lose your jobs.  Many people in this country drove to their places of employment only to be turned away and unemployed before lunch in the last few years.   

      • H8stylist

        usually building contracts are already commited to and money was set aside before the recession.  CEOs and executives don’t just wake up in the morning and say “let’s build something today”.  this is why you still see things like this go on during a recession.  to say “well they could just cancel the contracts” is obviously a blind statement as well.  money has already been dumped into research, to retain contractors, and to cancel it would be just throwing money away.  not to mention cancelling contracted projects which money has already been set aside for just continues the recession.

        as far as job security goes the OP has a point in that employees need to face reality that their job may not be there after a merger regardless of how well they do at their position.  to sit there and just slam his post ignorantly just shows your intent is not to enlighten but to just be a troll.

      • SPrince88

        I’m a T-Mobile Sales Rep and I can tell you this…I’m just about hired for Verizon now (pending background check) . I can’t gamble with T-Mobile, not knowing if I have a job in the future. I love selling T-Mobile products but to be honest they pay their sales reps NOTHING! I’m a top sales rep in the company and I get 11 something an hour (had to fight for that) and my commission checks are between 1300-1800 dollars…decent money..but the other three carriers pay more or better benefits…Verizon is salaried and commission is GREAT leaving you in between 1500-2200 per month.

        Something else I wanted to mention…I applied for 7 Verizon locations and got 3 phone calls..I applied for 34 different At&t’s and got 0 phone calls…I call that conspiracy. I think there is an unwritten agreement between At&t & T-mobile thats like (dont take any of our employees during this merger process) because the probability behind those numbers are too crazy for it to be a coincidence.

  • JR

    I have a question that has been lingering in my about the new phones coming out from Tmo. If there is a take over by AT&T- What happens if you acquire a phone like the Sensation? 

    I am seriously looking to purchase this phone, but I am worry if I will be able to use this great phone on AT & T or other carriers that use sim cards.

    This phone is expensive as I am of contract and decided not to submit into a new contract since the future of Tmo. is uncertain.

    Does anyone have any comments or advise on this subject? It seems like the best phones are coming on now when the future of tmo is uncertain.

    • Anonymous

      Unlike other phones, the Sensation will work on ATT 3G.  Phones that will not operate on ATT 3G will still be functional after the deal until all (or most, who knows) TMO contracts have expired and then you will need to buy a new phone on or off contract.  

      If ATT turns off the TMO phones prior to your contract being up then it is Voided and you are free to leave, sign a new contract and get a discounted phone, or just buy a new phone off contract.

      • guest

        What rock of crack did you smoke to come up with that?  Unless you have a business of installing custom radio’s into headsets, don’t mislead people.  HTC’s spec sheets don’t lie.

        Europe/Asia/T-Mobile US: 900/AWS/2100 MHz
        Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:
        850/900/1800/1900 MHzEdge is the only thing that will work after T-Mo towers are converted.

        • Anonymous

          No crack just confused it with the Hercules’ ability to run on ATT 3G.  Human error in your favor.  I will pay you 100 likes.

        • None

          Again with the Hercules?  You are turning into Wilma, Pimp (which is not really a bad thing).  But you are clearly excited for this phone.

        • Anonymous

          HEY! this time I’m not boosting the H——s.  It was just confusion between two upcoming phones.  Besides  I don’t rep the thing THAT much do I?  Not another word about it on a non H——s thread then.

        • Michael

          Ralph de la Vega is actually hurting the cellphone business.He has actually gone after AT&T customers that tether.If customers can’t tether then tablets can’t sell.Mr Vega also wants to shrink the simcard another setback.Don’t plan on using unlocked phones cause the sim cards won’t work.Mr.De La Vega spells trouble all the way around.

        • Hello Kitty

          Wilma and her meego… urgh it was annoying to see that damn post everywhere.


    ATT is selling more phones than they have bandwidth.

    their network is going to really go in the shitter quick without T-MO or the bandwidth they will receive as part of the break up deal.

    mossberg is whining about ATT in new york city, he ought to see how fast his IPHONE is in big sandy, tennessee.

    anytime corporations have the big bosses come out in public, it’s to spin shit.

    this aint no different.

    the way you tell a corporate chief is lying is their lips are moving.

    • Twag

      Their network will go in the shitter without T-Mobile? No. They are stockpiling spectrum and have used only a portion of it. They could definitely make due with what they have. Verizon has less spectrum and is hailed as the end all be all of networks.

      • MIKEEEEE

        every time att sells a new smart device their network is taxed more.

        when school starts in NYC this fall, just hang on.

        all those students school and college on their crappy network.

        read my lips.

        it’s easier to buy existing towers than to erect new ones in this nimby world.

        the deal aint goin’ to happen, the breakup deal is the prize.

  • All I heard was “womp, womp, womp… bulls**t” from De le Vega’s mouth. The sad thing is if FCC actually let’s this go through with the way AT&T representatives have been handling the questioning of the acquisition. They are falling flat each & every time they are being questioning on many different factors. I feel embarrassed for them (not sorry), but embarrassed how bad they are at handling it. It’s painful. I mean seriously… The duopoly & horrible “takeover” for 17%, sure I can agree (bad). But, to have them take over us & they talk about “T-Mobile had no clear plans for LTE” (& almost mocking & suggesting we aren’t competition & are a fail), & they have no clear idea or plans why they are relevant enough or good enough (They’re evil) to take over T-Mobile USA, & the true reason why they need us (to eliminate competition, to give them primary control over the US wireless market, & to stay lazy by not actually working off of the massive LTE spectrum they have or acquiring more, but just taking our spectrum). That’s what truly hurts me. I would at least be like “ok AT&T is on there stuff, they do suck major diarrhea infest butt, but they do have clear plans on how to make this ‘takeover’ work for all the consumers'” & etc. Just my personal opinion.

    • CharlieSheen

      Companies that have introduced consumer tablets to compete with the iPad are dialing back production as demand for their tablets is failing to meet expectations. A new report issued Wednesday by J.P. Morgan Chase paints a sad picture for companies like Samsung, Motorola, RIM and ASUS as they look to make headway in the emerging consumer tablet market. These manufacturers have slowed production of their respective tablet offerings by as much as 10%, J.P. Morgan claims, due to limited consumer demand. Among those tablets that have failed to gain traction, the report lists the Motorola XOOM, which we know to have shipped at least 250,000 units in the first quarter alone; the BlackBerry PlayBook, which indeed isn’t selling well for some retailers but is thought to have sold 250,000 units in its first two months of availability; the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, which the report says was initially selling well but is now overstocked in some cases; and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is far and away the second-best selling consumer tablet in the world. “Non-Apple tablet hopefuls have adjusted to the weak showing so far,” the report said. “We still think a tablet bubble burst could occur later this year when the tablets designed to run on T-Mobiles network become dead inventory.”

    • calvin

      Keep in mind De la Vega is corporate (the key word).  The stuff coming out of his mouth will be mostly BS.  AT&T sucks and he knows it.

  • TMoFan

    I forget who said this during the hearings but I think it’s worth repeating that this sellout cannot be conditioned into acceptance.

    I have no intention of staying with the death star if this thing gets through. I could care less about LTE with at&t’s rates. I’ve had too many bad experiences with them and do what I can to avoid doing business with them. If they care about America why don’t they open up some American call centers instead of routing the calls to India? Can’t tell you the nightmares I’ve had with their “cs”.

    Sprint said it best that at&t’s network sucks because they failed to invest in it. Buying out T-Mobile won’t solve anything for them. Their empty promises are just at&t bs.

  • wishful thinking you would think that orange and Vodafone would sweep in and buy t mobile  that would not happen because t mobile is a money losing business no one would buy them for the right price except at&t. And as for t mobiles 4g network it is hspa+ it is another form of 3rd generation technology 42 mps is not going to help them in the long run they would have to switch to LTE somehow but that cost money which they don’t have.  And buy spectrum from clear wire or light squared would be too costly. T mobile is losing customers  and when people heard that at&t is buying t mobile  they already are leaving so when next years financials come out t mobile will still be in the red it can’t stay on it own if this merger fails. DT would still sell the company  maybe too sprint  so either way you lose.

    • Undertmocover undertmocover

      T-Mobile has not lost money within the last 8 years. In fact, even when losing subscribers, T-mobile has been extremely profitable. Look at the financial releases before you comment. Also, have you even seen the roadmap for hspa+? 42mbps is only the start, hspa+ can easily be pushed to over 100 mbps, it is just not needed yet. Besides, in order to support speeds on that magnitude, you need enormous amounts of backhaul support that becomes very expensive, whether it is supporting LTE, HSPA+, WIMAX or any other network technology. Oh, and enjoy the 3 hour battery life on your LTE devices, there is no quick fix to THAT issue. My HSPA+ device runs all day at 6-7 mbps on one charge!

  • Alacard

    I’m still wondering why know one has asked them this question!!

    The average user want go over the 2gb data limit (mind you that’s the highest they got) but a power user will eat that up for lunch and keep going. Now I understand they may charge the power users more money (maybe a 10gb plan?) and I’m fine with that, but at the same time at the end of the day we would like to still have both legs & arms. The main reason I love T-Mobile is because they have a unlimited data plan that don’t cost that much (heck i think it cheaper then ATT 2gb plan). That is my main concern for the buyout.

    • Frank

      Ultimately the consumers have the most too lose…it’s all about the bottom line. Ralph has shareholders to answer too. Not consumers

  • Frank Maina

    At&t needs T-mobile to deploy LTE coast to Coast…T Mobile is one of the few carriers with enough Harmonized Spectrum to cover the entire country with at&t backed 4G LTE. So don’t be surprised to see Hexaband or Octaband phones in the near future.

    • Frank

      at&t has a lot of spectrum to launch LTE….but it is all over the place. LTE launch needs at least a clean 20 Mhz of paired spectrum. which they have from the last spectrum auction of the 700mhz, Which is about 40 markets. The spectrum At&t purchased from Qualcomm wasn’t enough. At&t needs  to finish the buyout to stay competitive in 4G LTE. HSPA+ is faster to deplay…but it uses up too much spectrum to be effiecent. LTE is more effiecent in such that it can use as low as 1.25Mhz in Dense populated areas and as 20Mh z in areas where the 20Mhz in areas where the towers are 50 miles apart.

  • William

    I believe that the end of the growth of the cell business has arrived and it’s because of backward thinking people like Mr. Ralph De la Vega.Mr. De la Vega has actually gone after AT&T customers that tether and is acually planning on shrinking the simcard, so forget about using unlocked phones on AT&T.Mr.De la Vega also got rid of the unlimited data plans ,so don’t even dream of streaming Netflix on your phone or while tethering your laptop or Ipad .No tethering means ipads and tablets won’t be selling .Mr. Ralph de la Vega and AT&T Wireless spell serious trouble for the cellphone industry. I feel sorry for Tmobile customers if they get picked up by Mr Ralph De La Vega and AT&T Wireless.

  • Michael

    What’s more important to the FCC AT&T becoming a GSM monopoly or the pasty on Janet Jackson’s left breast?I can’t wait for the answer.