Mr. Blurrycam Finds The myTouch 4G Slide

Well thank you to Mr. Blurrycam the boys at Boy Genius Report have scored some in the wild shots of the upcoming myTouch 4G Slide. While we don’t get a good look at the device we can tell there is at least a four row keyboard and it keeps the same silver/chrome lining at the myTouch 4G. It’s hard to tell much more though we do see it’s running HTC Sense 3.0 and Android 2.3.4. Still for those of you eagerly awaiting any kind of a glimpse as to what the myTouch 4G Slide would look like, hopefully this will hold you over until we can see more.

BGR was told that the phone runs “just as smoothly as the Sensation 4G” and is “much faster than the myTouch 4G.” An 8 megapixel camera is confirmed although there was no sign of 3D.


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  • hella nice!

  • meme

    So doe this this mean 2.3.4 might be coming to the MyTouch 4G?

  • Anonymous

    Good god, why do they still think that earpiece design looks good? The earpiece was one of the only things that put me off the MT4G, it’s just hideous.

    • None

      Plastic dressed as metal is so 2009.

      2011 is the year of Aluminum (in the form of my new Sensation)

  • whosaidwhat

    Mytouch 4G with a keyboard. Interesting.

  • Billy283

    I so could not care less

    • Equandre

      So why comment you ass?

    • HTC

      Yes what was the point of your comment if you could careless?

  • Carmen Diva

    So basically a mytouch 4g body and the mytouch 3g slide keyboard it looks like?

    • Anonymous

       On steroids…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not interested in the phone, I would love the Gingerbread update! Is there any word on what’s been changed since the last update?

    • Loueradun

      The addition of dual core support… and that’s about it. Your not missing out on anything 2.3 is great.

  • alex

    forget the mytouch 4g lol, this is my new phone :D

  • tecjunkie

    I really think I am going to try this. It’s going to be hard to get past the Vibrants nice screen but I’m ready for a change until the new  galaxy is out.

  • tecjunkie

    I really think I am going to try this. It’s going to be hard to get past the Vibrants nice screen but I’m ready for a change until the new  galaxy is out.

  • i gotta have it lol, even though i already have the Mytouch 4G.

  • I so wanted this. Why July :(

  • Anonymous

    3.0 and 2.3.4 wow talk about being up to date on software.  I’m glad Espresso is a thing of the past.

    • It will have Mysense 3.0, far superior to mysense 2.0 maybe even better the sense 3.0 with the app dock built in.

      • Anonymous


  • FlyDevil

    Keep the info coming! Trying to decide between this and the Sensation! I’ve always had a keyboard, a little afraid to lose it on the Sensation. But if the Sensation’s performance blows it away….adios keyboard!

    • Peter Strohmeyer

      same processor + smaller screen = better performance, more than likely.  

      • Anonymous

        if only they shoved a qHD screen in there

      • Headmachine

        I think the snapdragons are different from the qualcomm

    • alex

      “BGR was told that the phone runs “just as smoothly as the Sensation 4G” and is “much faster than the myTouch 4G.”

  • Hope the Mytouch 4G gets HTC Sense 3.0

    • I’ll be ok with an official GB update on it.

    • Mmmaxheadroom

      If the the pick above is correct, yes sense 3.0 is onboard.

    • It will have Mysense 3.0, far superior to mysense 2.0 maybe even better the sense 3.0 with the app dock built in.

  • Anonymous

    no 3d=boo 

  • Peter Strohmeyer

    My next phone, I can’t wait to replace my MT3GS with this bad boy!  Any word on the bootloader?

    • HTC has already said their future phones won’t have the bootloader locked.

      • Peter Strohmeyer

        Yes, I know, I just wanted a conformation since rumors are the Sensation will be locked…

      • This one may be too late for that policy change, it was probably already in production when the policy was changed.

  • Gm Aharrington1

    Who is responsible for HTC’s phone design? I want to know so I can tell him or her in the words of Donald Trump, “You’re Fired!” How many phones are they going to make that look the same? I can understand having same look for a couple but they all look the same. Either you get the mytouch 4g look or the slide or the HD 2. Was actually happy the g2 looked different. Guess that’s the next look for their next phone. We want a new design.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called brand recognition. They have similar designs so the consumers will recognize their products.  Look at apple products, they share a similar design.  

      • Anonymous

        they could’ve at least made the design more appealing on the phones.

        • Anonymous

          “appealing” is subjective. I’m sure they’ve done market research and concluded that their design for the Mytouch line works.  They have to keep some cohesiveness in their brands for recognition. 

        • None

          LOL. That is really cute that you think TMO does market research!!

          I love my Tmobile and they will have to wrestle my phone away from me after the merge.  But “marketing” has never been my beloved carrier’s strong suit.  It actually pains me to think that some decent marketing could have saved us from our current state.  It only takes one phone, marketed correctly, to perform miracles for a carrier weather the phone is worthy or not (does not matter) — look at the iphone, evo, original droid.  None of these phones were flawless and sometimes not even groundbreaking EXCEPT for the marketing campaign that propelled them into mass sales.  MyTouch came close with the MT4G but has never shaken that kiddy image (even if the kiddy image is completely incorrect)

      • Gm Aharrington1

        Who cares about brand recognition. People think my HD 2 is a new iPhone. An iPhone looks nothing like it. I still love HTC. My favorite phones are HTC. Have g1, g2, HD 2, and mytouch slide. Oh and the fender. Also have a vibrant, original behold and had the behold 2. Prefer HTC over all other manufacturers. Samsung does make a great display. Just saying they can make them look different.

        • Anonymous

          Obviously T-Mobile and most corporations that sell products care about brand recognition.  This is obviously a circular argument with you, and you clearly aren’t grasping the concept.  Enjoy your HD2

        • None

          You had me until HD2

      • None

        Sometimes brand recognition is a bad thing (Hyundai).  Have you seen the recent Hyundai car models.  You would never guess they were a Hyundai.  Guess what… This has been the best year for Hyundai on record.
        Another example, VW Jetta.  You can spot one from a mile away and they have kept similar lines for 10+ years.  Guess what… Jetta is not selling well at all because people are bored. 
        A brand must evolve.  While you do not throw out the old and start anew each time, you must take some feedback from what else is doing well in the market.  Keep the good, toss the bad.  Toss this one for the chrome bling BS alone.  I can cover whatever disaster they make on the back of a phone but there is not much I can do about a chrome earpiece.  Shoot, you might as well but spinners on that joint and call it a day.
        MT4G almost had it all.  The back was “very HTC” but somehow TMO got ahold of the front design and jacked it up.  Sadly I am thinking this one will have the same fate.

      • None

        I can recognize a Motorola Razr from a mile away too but I do not want a new one.

        (actually saw one this week, hanging from an older lady’s neck like jewelry — Never know what you will spot when you walk into Wal*Mart sometimes)

    • Peter Strohmeyer

      I like everything but that stupid “mytouch” on the top.  My phone just has a gray “my” logo at the top which doesn’t stand out at all.  It would have been a much classier device if it had htc printed on it.

      • SocalTeknique

        I actually preffer the mytouch over the “T-Mobile” logo any day. Seriously why do carriers ruin the beautiful front panels of their phones. I love my Nexus S

  • Twit_lohk

    its juss a mytouch 4g with a keyboard -.-

    • Anonymous

      And thats a bad thing? the mytouch 4g is a helleva phone.

    • I guess you forgot about that 8 Megapixel camera and dualcore processor..

  • Anonymous

    I have the MyTouch 4G and think it’s a great device, don’t like seeing mytouch on the front of the phone. It would look a hell of allot classier if it just had maybe HTC on the front. It looks like a kids phone with all that crap all over the front. I use my Nexus One as my daily phone, looks allot more professional. That mytouch all over the pone has turned more potential buyers off then not. The phone designer should be fired from T-Mobile. Just my Opinion. Going to have to get a better look at it.

    • I COMPLETELY agree. So many people were under the impression that the MT4G was a midrange phone just because of the branding, even though it was voted as best android device of 2010 by I’ve always thought people would have such a different opinion of the MT4G if they had kept the name HTC Glacier, put on regular Sense instead of MySense, and had given it a 4″ screen. Keeping all internal and features the same (even the genius button) can you imagine what a beast of a phone this would’ve been in Nov 2010? Well, it still is a beast of a phone, but hell if people know that!

  • Anonymous

    Same shitty keyboard as the mytouch slide? -___-

    Throw on a sidekick keyboard!!!

    • Right?! I had the myTouch Slide and coming from a Sidekick LX, that keyboard was NOT friendly. I adjust to it after a while but, I really missed my 5 row. I got rid that plastic crap and got the Sidekick 4G. If the myTouch 4G were to have a 5 row, I would skip the Sensation (being that I’m a man of my buttons) and get the this. But, Sensation is still looking good to me….just the fact of coping without a keyboard. 

  • Habsg

    Hmm I am quite disappointed that it doesn’t come with 3D… I want both, keyboard AND 3D

    Someone solder this together with an evo 3D plz

  • Adeschanel1

    Finally a Qwery keyboard phone with a front facing camera might be my next phone after all.

  • Mikey

    The metallic outline is nice and all, but it kind of sucks when you drop it and some of it chips off

    • JayRello

      ikr… ive been looking for a replacement part for this for the longest. its the only part of my phone that is damaged; but very lightly. my phone would be in perfect condition for reselling if i could find this

  • Viper89ea

    I don’t know why people complain about it to much, too me the myTouch 3g slide and the myTouch 4g looks better and sexier than other phones out there but that’s me

  • Only a mytouch 4g with the keyboard added…. Extra bulk if you ask me. I’ll pass on this and wait for something better (if I wasn’t already getting the htc sensation)

  • Anonymous

    If its not a 5 row qwerty like the G1 or Sidekick, why even bother???? So frustrating……NEXT!!!!!!

    • Hermes

      i was hoping for 5row, too but i might have to wait forever then and i am tired of my G1

      • Man u still using your G1?? Mine is under my desk in my Galaxy 4G

        U gotta get off the tit man…It was hard but the 5 row qwerty sh*t will have u waiting forever and your missing out on so much as I learned. I went from my G1 to the vibrant, galaxy S 4G, Mytouch 4G and now the Sensation…

        The 5 row thing is a thing of the past.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, glad I didn’t jump at the Gx2 just yet.
    Might be upgrade time.

  • Looks kinda like a Epic 4G.

  • Youngt82

    Looks pretty nice :)

  • If this thing launches at a penny more than $100 it will be a failure. My bet is it will be $179.99 after rebate (like the 3G Slide) which means you’re are paying $80 for 2 extra megapixels and flash on the camera and gingerbread as opposed to froyo and a much worse keyboard (although I do like the fact that the alternate characters are now yellow unlike the 3G Slide) than the $100 Sidekick

    • alex

      what are you talking about is the same specs as the Sensation just with a keyboard, and no qhd screen

    • joel

      Yeah really. That’s like saying if the MT4G launches a penny more than the Optimus T it’s a failure :/

    • U are dumb, 5? extra megapixels, try 3. They both have flash. Ur comment is full of fail. and you don’t even know the full list of specs.

      • 007Bond

        Umm, the Sidekick has a three megapixel camera and no flash. Just as Lawless said…

    • michael

      Ohh, psh, what about the superior Sense 3.0 features, guaranteed 18 months of android upgrades, 1.2GHz dual core processor, and 1.5x the ram, which is DDR2? And if you wanna talk about quadrant my guess is 3-4x more, even tho quadrant doesnt mean much

  • I liked the MT3GS and I definitely like the MT4G so this is gonna be both of those fused togrther.. Go HTC and the myTouch line!

    • Craibailey

      so would you say the mytouch 4G is better than the G2? Just curious to know.

      • Hmmmmm……

        Such a hard decision.. I would say the MT4G is better due to the Espresso, which gives it more features than the G2.  I love the G2 though because the keyboard is #winning. The G2 also felt very solid and ran well on stock Android. 

        I think I”m gonna say the MT4G is better since I chose it over the G2. I used the G2 for almost 5 months with absolutely no problems but then fell in love with the MT4G once I got it. In reality, they’re equal to me, but the features on the MT4G put it ahead.

        • Tortionist

          It depends on what you are after. They both feel solid. I rooted both of them and there was a lot less bloatware to remove on the G2. The G2 also has better battery life and a lot more ROMs you can flash. To date, i’ve flashed over 15 different ROMs for the G2. right now it’s Super CM7 ver. 1.9 runs Android 3.3.4. It is also overclocked at 1.5 Ghz, looking for a kernel that permits higher Ghz. I’ll probably go with the MT4G Slide when it comes out. Anyone ? I have a rooted, overclocked, and ROM flashed G2 for $375 O.B.O…. In another month or two.

        • Craibailey

          Ok thanks MT4G it is.

        • Cupcake

          I agree.  The same with me.  Used the G2 for 3 months, got the MT4G and never looked back!  Now time to sell the G2.

  • HaVoKTEK

    Still waiting for my SGS II…..Thanks for the post David, I think I’ll write some more when that time is apparent!

  • Fsdf

    does it have a dual core processor, if not the g2x works great for those of you who want to buy a phone, unless the keyboard is what your looking for.

  • nerdlust

    Dual core plus keyboard nice replacement to my cliq2. Btw cliq2 is pretty sweet but dualcore is so tempting

  • alex

    t-mobile is the only one that is up to date software and hardware wise, but i must admit this phone would have been great as a 4inch screen, with qhd

  • wow, those specs are not bad at all.  Have to say more than I was expecting.  Nice.

  • andrew bui

    still rather go for the htc sensation 

    • well yea ditto, but for a handset thats supposed to be mid range the MT4G Slide is pretty impressive.

      • None

        If this is just as smooth as the sensation and faster than the MT4G, then why do you call it mid-range?  High-end would be what?

        • price range, it being another mytouch slide price point will probably reflect as such, lower contract price as well as retail price.

          BUT! this is all speculation 

        • Carmen Diva

          mytouch was never mid-range to begin with

          when it was released in November it was the same price as most Premium handsets found on ALL Carriers.

          If anything this is just a lower end of a Premium Device…
          Midrange would be the G2…which from a specs point can’t compete with the 4g slide if all is true 

        • Takooossss

          Not even g2 is hardcore i droped that from 40 ft and it didnt even get scratched…….it is a high end phone the processer is second gen qualcomm which is faster then the mt4g and samsung galaxy in a sense its like comparing a netbook to an old laptop with the same processer but it is true the specs dont add up but will the reliability and rootablility will ???

  • JayeJaye

    I had my eye on the Sensation 4G…now I gotta keep an eye out for this phone also.! 

    *Currently have the myTouch 3G Slide*

  • Phonegeek

    need to see fulk spec sheet its either this, sensation, or the hercules so many phones… little money

    • Phonegeek


    • Phonegeek


    • Thedude1484

      sensation, from a tmobile employee

  • None

    It looks like its rollin’ on dubbs.  Chromed out

    • MeAgain

      Sippin’ on Gin and Juice

      • Tatdude806

        Laid Back…

        • Mikeybags

          With its mind on its money and its money on its mind.

        • shamefulzero

          Ive got some seagram’s gin! everybodys got they’re cups, but ain’t chipped in!

  • Supaspydaman

    I waaasss curious about this one, but I might as well wait for the T-mobile’s Samsung GS2

    • Nando

       Are U Serious?? HTC Is Way Better Than Samsung As Far As Phones!!

  • racksonracks

    anyone know how the screen on this will compare to a super AMOLED phone like the nexus s?

    thinking about trading my nexus s in for one of these since i’ve been craving a keyboard

    • its probably going to have the same screen as the Sensation.

      • Setzer715

        3.7 inch super vga i believe.  Blacks wont be as black as AMOLED but movies/games will look overall better.  Basically, it’s a phone, not a TV, it will look good.

  • Anonymous

    Good news for happy MTS owner. I only need ff camera and more powerful processor, so this one will be a perfect replacement.

  • Headmachine

    It looks like the MT3G Slide keyboard

    • Pamelalibrarian

      It looks similar, but some of the keys are in different places. Also, it looks like the numbers  are yellow, whereas the letters are white. That would be helpful since they sorta blend together on my MT3G Slide.

  • Bigk1

    keyboards are so 2007! muhaha

    • Mr. Keyboard

      I don’t care if keyboards are “out”.  They are always in for me!  How everyone sends so many sms and email with SWYPE is ridiculous to me.  Terrible experience….

      Bust out the keyboard and type what you want the first time AND quicker!  MT4GS here I come!

      • Nando

        Swype Is Okay, But Keyboard Is 10X Better And Faster, So I Know What U Sayin

  • homer

    this whole mytouch lineup is a joke, they haven’t change a damn thing about it (physically)

    • Setzer715

      MT4G is very different.

      • None

        Not the front.  Put myTouch touches on the splash screen and leave the front of the phone as HTC intended.

  • xylophone

    anyone know the screen size on this?

    • Anonymous

      3.7 inch i believe just like the Nexus One.

  • Anonymous

    AGHH!! nasty chrome all around the phone is back as always.makes the device look cheap and tacky.

  • MLB

    I think I am going to get a Gx2.  Mytouches are cute, but I’m almost over my 3g slide

  • MLB

    I meant G2x

  • MyTouch 4G + MyTouch 3G Slide + 2011 specs set = MyTouch 4G Slide.

  • Anonymous

    As good an experience as I had using the G2 I’d be interested in giving this a serious look. I was not expecting to like the G2 so much and this is a huge improvement offer that phone…at least it appears that way based on the little information that leaks about it.

    • Dhines456

      htc needs to come out with a slide phone i hate all touch phones

  • bob

    finally a qwerty comes. but ugly ugly ugly. should have kept g2 model. ugly.

  • CJ

    Hey, would anyone happen to know if this phone will support network bands in Australia? Cheers.