FCC Asks Most Major US Wireless Carriers To Fill Questionnaire Regarding AT&T/T-Mobile

The FCC has sent formal requests to most of the major players in the US wireless market place asking them to complete a questionnaire regarding the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition. The FCC asks:

“In order for the Commission to complete its review of the [merger] and make the necessary public interest findings … we require written responses, supporting documentation, and data, as applicable from other commercial wireless carriers against which the applicants compete.”

The nine question survey covers information such as coverage maps, future network expansion plans, cell site ownership and existing agreements with AT&T, spectrum outlook for the next 5 years, competitive reports on how they respond to the actions of other carriers and current billing data. It’ll be interesting to see how the carriers respond to this and they have till June 20th to do their best or worst. I bet Sprint is foaming at the mouth for this opportunity.

Phonescoop via FCC, Questionnaire

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  • Anonymous

    Theyre just gathering ideas for conditions of the deal.

    • Anonymous

      Dude they got 40 thousand responses . I’m a cynic by nature but 40k responses mostly asking for the merger to be denied can’t be swept under the rug . And the DOJ has a say . This is going to get messy & thats good thing : ) 

  • Anonymous

    How about asking most wireless CUSTOMERS?

    • I agree, but we did kind of have that think where we could write, or better I say type in to the FCC regarding the issue on their website. But, I get where you coming from.

      • Anonymous

        Have you ever written the FCC on their website?  You just get an automated response and if you follow up you get nothing.  I see your point — and things should work that way — but unfortunately they listen about as well as a rock does.

  • Doubt Simple Mobile will be included, but i hope they are – As far as i know they have been quiet on the whole thing but I’d love to know what they think – aren’t they T-Mobiles biggest virtual network?  Asking people to buy unlocked phone on wavebands that are threatened by the merger surely threatens the business.

    • Guest

      SimpleWireless is ALL my 4 nearby Wal*Mart stores carry.  And Target and Best Buy around Baltimore have shunned TMO altogether (except for the Nexus S)

      I wish there was a used phone depot like game-stop so I could pick up and sell back old units.  That would be such a hit in the 443

      • Anonymous

        If you think so then find a way to get a business loan brother. Life’s too short to sit around wishing someone else would do something cool. I’ve personally thought about it myself but I have no means (as of yet) to acquire the capital to start such a business. Unless of course you wanna go the flea market route.

  • Anonymous

    The commission seems to be throwing plenty of questions and making allot of noise. Just hope this isn’t a big smoke screen and they are serious about this. I would be very pissed off if down the road we found out that this buy out was going thru anyways and this was all show and dirty deals. If this buy out doesn’t go thru I wonder what T-Mobile plan 2 is??? Hope they stick around and give this market another shot. With their current fast network and great plans, I think with the right advertising they could take many customers away from the other carriers. If people just tried T-Mobile they would never leave. Maybe offer all new customers a free month of service and if they weren’t happy they could leave. In the Boston area AT&T sucks so bad it is pathetic. DL speeds are just ridiculous. There is just no comparison between the two. 

  • now_onTMO

    So im just wondering, what happens if the merger didn’t go through? Will TMobile continue to be a network provider? Or will it shut down or file bankruptcy a couple years from now or in five years? Why does it seem like it will since the company is trying to sell it?

    Huh? Hmmm

    • Respawn

      Actually T-Mobile is very prosperous despite the fact that they’ve lost contact subscribers over the past few quarters. AT&T will be giving them $6 billion in cash, roaming agreements, and spectrum if it didn’t go through and T-Mobile will continue operating as a separate entity.

      • Mopar6464

        Only for a short period of time because DT which owns T-Mobile already stated they Want Out of the business.They will just sell off T-Mobile in peices if they have to to get out of it.
        Either way T-Mobile is soon to be history.

        • J. Williams

          T-Mobile is not history, and will be around for years to come.

          If anything, they are gonna make history with good things to come.

        • Mopar6464

          Please share some of those drugs.
          T-Mobile USA is soon to be sold either to AT&T or someone else.

        • Yancy

          I think you should share your drugs.. This will not be approved.. You just have a horrible negative life and have to share it with all of us.. So “shoo fly don’t bother us”!

        • Mopar6464

          Nope not negative , I just don’t try to bullshit myself that T-Mobile will last forever even though DT has already stated many times they don’t want to be in the U.S. cell business.
          Stop dreaming and face reality ,  T-Mobile USA will be Sold one way or another.

        • Yancy

          They have been discussing letting T-mobile run as a separate company. They are still are very profitable and have only started to lost customers in the last few quarters. They had rapid growth till the beginning of 2009. I don’t see where you get that DT said they will sell one way or another. I never have read or seen plans for the selling after this acquisition.

        • Mopar6464

          If they were that profitable why would DT even consider selling T-Mobile ?
          Because it’s clear , they still want out of the U.S. market.
          Otherwise they would let T-Mobile USA run as a separate company.
          You have’nt read any plans yet about after the acquisition because they are focused on what they have to do to sell it off. If the FCC blocks the acquistion , you can bet DT will take other lower offers which in the end will end T-mobile USA.

        • Setzer715

          T-Mobile USA is profitable, but DT is in trouble.  They have been for quite a while.  The ONLY reason they are selling T-Mobile USA is because they see an opportunity to make enough money to BUY themselves out of their current situation.  T-Mobile USA IS making less money than they were, ever since their venture into the 3G/4G world, but ARE profitable.  Just not enough to save DT’s but UNLESS they sell.

        • Mopar6464

          That’s my point , not profitable Enough.
          DT knows T-Mobile will always be #4 in the U.S. cell market and don’t want to pump any real money into it so the logical thing to do is sell it and help DTs financial situation.
          Again , one way or another T-Mobile is finished. It’s just a matter of time and who ends up buying them.

      • v8dreaming

        I find it funny that AT&T will give T-Mobile spectrum if the deal doesn’t go through when they are crying that they don’t have enough spectrum as is. haha Should that alone tell you that AT&T is lying about their spectrum shortage?

        • v8dreaming


  • I’m glad it at least “looks” like the FCC is taking this seriously, & not just sweeping the real issues under the bridge & approving the “takeover.”

    • Guest

      I have not seen a good crack in the “looks” part.  If it is all a game, the game faces are pretty good right now politicly.

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Major players? Besides Sprint and Verizon, who else would be considered a “major player” to have any input on this merger? Lol Cricket? US Cellular? Metro? Net10? Lmaooo!!

    • J. Williams

      You would be amazed at how many people have those services. Also, boost, metro pcs, and virgin should not be left out.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile are part of Sprint so I didn’t feel the need to mention them. And I did mention Metro or whatever!

        • J. Williams

          Well, that’s a typical white person’s response. ;)

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Nice sub-racist response! I’ll bite my tongue on this one lol.

        • J. Williams

          You’re kidding right?? Lol. Hmmm, can you see your name?? Lol. You put that out there, not me. I was just kidding around with ya…

          I will change my name, so you can get one on me. Lets see…how about.

          Hunglowforreal? LOL

        • Sgt. Cell

          You sir made me laugh, well done. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Also when you consider that ATT called out Metro as a major competitor with 1/10 the subscriber base as T-Mo that they are now involuntarily involved in this. That also means that any other small company with numbers close to Metro is now considered a competitor because ATT is full of shit. That’s why

  • Ferminmartin2003

    I hope this deal doesnt got through but I know DT wants out of the U.S. Market so I hope google will jump in and buy out our beloved T-mo and still keep all the great features it already has and invest on the spectrum more but a man can only dream

    • Ladyfish27

      Now that is an awesome idea! Google buyinng TMO would be great for the customers, employees and for google since they are loved anyway. AT&T only cares about money!

  • TmoNewClient

    I wish the buyout won’t be approved, but I think 99% it will. 6 billions cash is a lot of money and I don’t think AT&T intend to give it away. The best law firms charge their clients about 2000/hr. If AT&T hire 10 law firms like that for a year (around 2000 hours), it only cost them 2000x2000x10 = 40 millions = 0.7% of 6 billions. Unless a miracle happen, AT&T will get the deal approved. 

  • Maxinllerzeta

    Is there a way that we consumers have a say so in this crime. Shouldn’t the FCC allowed us consumers to heard our opinions. Because at the end of the road we are the ones who are going to pay at$t.

    • I’m guessing you missed the posts on being able to comment on 11-65?!?!

    • Guest


  • J. Williams

    Sprint is very happy, lol. They are lay down the hammer now.

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      The same way if AT&T wins, they’ll be saying…

  • Anonymous

    Personally I fell this will be blocked and sprint will prevail on it’s goal to disrupt this situation that truly tmobile customers would be hurt the most about this merger. I can’t halp but wonder if this merger would help sprint even more since they will be THE LAST AFFORDABLE CARRIER LEFT STANDING that can be a big draw to many many people that was a part of tmobile. Plus sprint will already has the best android/tablet devices on the market at this time and all these devices are updated with gingerbread not that crappy froyo….

    • Anonymous

      They are to dependent on roaming . They need the backhaul competition to keep the rates low . They also would be such a distant third they could be excluded from those handsets you are talking about . This merger really is Sprints mandatory line in the sand .

    • Anonymous

      Honestly even with the EVO line they are still very far behind in terms of number of customers and such. If everyone bailed from T-Mo to Sprint I foresee a disaster such as when AT&T got the iPhone. There would just be too much congestion. Of course with that extra money Sprint may actually improve their service unlike what AT&T does which is hog all the money and spectrum and then make it seem like they’re “hurting”. The only other problem is that Sprint would have a short time to make the necessary changes to keep customers on board before they just get too fed up and switch at the end of their contract. 

      I know there’s many other factors that play into this and that’s why Sprint wants T-Mo to stay alive and independent of AT&T. They just wouldn’t be able to handle that surge of customers.

  • Yancy

    It’s starting to look really bad for At&t.. The FCC is pulling out their Bitch Slapping hand and aiming right for At&t’s face.. Hope they catch it on tape.. 


    the breakup deal is the prize.

  • 1-1-10

    if this does happen I will be the first calling tmobile to cancel my service and go elsewhere…depsise AT&T

  • Guest

    I would like to see then rrequest briefs of some kind from other companies that may be interested in TMO.  We are not American owned NOW, so there should be no problem for Orange, Voda, or an outside interest making a plea (or a bid).

  • Civicintegra

    I’ll like to see the merge then sprint couldn’t handle all the ppl coming over then they would have to sell out to Verizon all you guys complain that would a monopoly you guys didn’t complain when sprint took over nextel but what ever AT&T for the WIN!!!! love my at&t

    • Ricktrann

      Dude. Why are you even on this website, go be a douche elsewhere like at&tmo.com or some ish

    • Ash

      Because there were still 4 big carriers, 2cdma and 2 gsm.
      Go troll on ATT blog or something.

      Love ATT? As in love getting a good old BFing every month?

    • Mike G

      If you all remember correctly AT&T couldn’t manage their own wireless division and was one of the worst carriers out there, so they had to sell out to SBC/Cingular Wireless which was pretty good, until AT&T had to buy SBC and then it has gone down hill since then. AT&T doesn’t care about its users, it only cares about taking their money.

    • Darkcloud25

      Att is crap and it proves how trashy they are they cant get a better networj so they buy another companys network because they have crap tech and hardware they just have money if tmobilw had atts money att would not have this so called better handsets what iphone and spin offs no one cares about. I hate att every service they have is straigt trash

  • ash you are wrong there was 5 carriers at that time Verizon ,at&t, sprint, t mobile,alltel  when sprint bought Nextel.
    And civicintegra Verizon does not want sprint they have enough network to  roll out their 4g network. this is what  see happening these small carriers are going to complain that the merger is wrong and that it stifles innovation and competition. but the fcc going to make at&t divest some markets that have too much consecration next move the fcc might do is make at&t make cheaper roaming agreements with the smaller carriers. next thing they going to make them sell some spectrum. 

  • HaVoKTEK

    What they need to ask is who the hell gave AT&T permission to run that presumptuous commercial about the “combining of the two”.
    My wife summed it like this when she saw it…………Welcome to AT&T baby, it’s a done deal!

  • OK, I just need to say that there will be countless number of articles coming out in reference to this proposed buy out of T-Mobile. What gets me is that many people don’t directly comment on the actual topic, but continue to say how much they hate AT&T (as do I) and how they plan to leave in case it does go through (as I may as well). It’s like they see an article of this nature and copied/pasted their same sentiments each and every time.

    I’m with the majority of you that are AGAINST this from happening, but I think we all get it. You don’t like it. You will leave. The Deathstar is evil and so on and so forth. Let’s try and discuss the content of the article so that the discussions don’t become cookie cutter of other postings on the same subject matter. It may actually benefit us to see opinions on the matter at hand, not on what everyone is planning on doing FOR THE NEXT YEAR OR SO.

    I’m just saying…..

  • Adeschanel1

    I find it kind of funny that so many people are against this merger/buyout, the reason why I say this is become. Well because I’ve been coming to this blog for about 2-3 years now……everytime I would come here I would read about how people a cancelling their contracts with T-mobile and switching to Verizon,Sprint, or ATT or one of the regional carriers because T-mobile phones sucked, their service sucked and they hated T-mobile. Now flash forward to this last couple weeks and now people are singing a completely different tune about how they love tmobile and how they don’t want the big bad ATT to gobble us up.But let’s rewind for a minute now people use to didn’t care if Tmobile had a great customer service or low cost plans, people only cared about the super trendy Android phones that were being released on other carriers, they would complain day and night that if tmobile didn’t change they would be going another carrier. Now the same people who hated Tmobile oh so much now love tmobile I say f**king hogwash to them. To all the people who say I hope Google buys Tmobile yeah right google has treated Tmobile in my opinion as the red headed step child and what I mean buy that is when google first releases the G1 it was great, then after that they forgot about tmobile the N1 they didn’t released on Tmobile but it could be used on Tmobile and the Nexus S which should have be released in Tmobile stores wasn’t but they released the Nexus S 4G right on in Sprint stores. So all I ask you to think about is really do you think google has treated Tmobile fairly I would say no they haven’t

  • We are true Americans!!
    We want to pay more and get less service- think Att
    Drop calls are hip- think att
    We are union and its all American- think att
    Look at our android line up – its the best- think att
    we have spectrum – we just want more- think att
    Tmobilers-keep your phones they will work great on edge- think att
    It will work if you don’t think about it- think att
    And best of all- you too can have a $500.00 paperweight (iphone)

    thank you
    Moron J Stupid.