Newest Galaxy S III Leak Looks As Real As Ever With Pics And Video

Reminder: These images and video show the device’s inner guts with a dummy outer shell. 

Let me say this right from the start, there is a very good chance this is the Galaxy S III. You’re asking “David, how do you know that?” Well, that Samsung is trying to get the video pulled from Engadget with a legal request is our first hint. That’s the kind of move we only see manufacturers or carriers do when they are really trying to keep something under wraps. That and you have to hit really close to home to call for a legal request.

The images and the video are all thanks to Vietanmese site, who has since pulled down their own post along with the images and video. Thankfully, a number of overnight bloggers grabbed the video and have since uploaded it to the YouTubes. The site’s video provides a tour of the dummy hardware and software, with a bunch of photos to support their claims as well. So what do we know about the specs?

  • Quad-core cpu running at 1.4GHz with 1GB of RAM
  • 4.6″ Super AMOLED 720p display (320 DPI) with on-screen buttons
  • Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz
  • 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, 1080p video recording
  • 16GB internal storage plus microSD card support
  • 2050mAh battery
  • NFC support
  • MicroSIM card support

If the spec list is accurate, there aren’t any real surprises but Samsung has a real contender on their hand for the “it” phone of the moment. Right now, security around Samsung’s launch on May 3rd is the tightest we’ve ever seen for a Samsung launch and a reminds us of the veil of secrecy surrounding any Apple product. The blog says this is close to a final design though with Samsung taking extreme measures to prevent any leaks, it’s tough to call anything final at this point. reportedly said: “Samsung has used a fake outer shell designed to ensure the machine is not exposed until it is unveiled.”

Engadget originally reached out to Samsung receiving a brief but telling response: “We will be able to tell you more at the 2012 Samsung Mobile Unpacked.” I’d say that’s a non-denial denial. So is this the real thing? It certainly looks to be more real than anything else we’ve seen thus far, but we’ll have to wait until May 3rd to know.

Engadget, Android

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  • Gordo

    Specs look good. I hope you are right about the outter shell not being the final product. The shell in this supposed leak is where its AT! Either way this will be my Next phone!

  • Tuio



  • Gogo Dancer


  • Heisenberg

    I was hoping for a bigger difference from the GS2.  Screen on GS2 is 4.52″ and this says 4.6″.  Camera is the same.  Internal storage is the same.  It seems the processor is the only major difference.  A bit of a disappointment

    • The physical screen size is similar, yes, but the GS2 is only 800×480, which is pretty bad for the size of the screen.  This phone will be 720p Super AMOLED+ (meaning RGB arrangement instead of pentile).  That’s a really nice spec bump and actually makes the 4.6″ screen worthwhile.

      I was not impressed with the GS2 screen, as it’s the same effective resolution as the 4″ Galaxy S, just with a much lower PPI.  The pentile effects don’t bother me enough to want to have a bigger screen with a lower PPI.  800×480 is good for 4″ and below, but if you’re going to go over 4″ the screen resolution really needs to come up.

      It just took Samsung a while to get LTTI going so they could make higher PPI AMOLED screens.

  • mreveryphone

    I just bought a 32gb sd card off 1saleaday for $15 so I’m ready for the first manufacturer to release these new generation phone’s with card support! Sorry HTC looks good but cloud storage is for idiots

  • Izzybrexx

    Lmao…comments great..u ppl are never happy……thank goodness I realized that 90% of android phones do the same galaxy s this n that is becomibg boring…im upgrading next month to a smartphone that does wat I need it to do..

  • Jimkenobi

    LED notification please!

  • Itsj

    I wish it had a qwerty!


      with a 4.6 inch screen the virtual keyboard is bigger than any physical qwerty out there. So whats the big deal? 

      • randomnerd_number38

        Not about size, it’s about tactile feedback and being able to type by touch too instead of just muscle memory. I much prefer a qwerty as well, but this year the One S is too nice for me to not use my upgrade. If a top-of-the-line qwerty phone comes out later this year, I’ll be upgrading to it ASAP

      • gan

        Because tactile feed back and resting your fingers on the keyboard while tapping the letters fast is something you just can’t do on a touchscreen.

  • Nain Fuego

    Touchwiz = blah

    Big disappointment =

  • in2android

    I’m ready for android manufacturers to up to 2gb ram and 64gb internal. As far as the processors go though, I don’t think we’ll ever need more than quad core on a mobile. I’d say its going to be a nice device, but it all boils down to what each individual wants. If it has varying processors from carrier to carrier in the U.S. then I would not buy a galaxy device again. I enjoy the development on these devices from xda etc…. So I would prefer an international phone, even if it only runs 3g speeds.

  • Guest2

    ugly, Touchwhiz=sucks!

  • Irfan0922

    one of the same looking old galaxy phone …pretty ugly

  • Anonymous

    If the specs are true, then sorry HTC, samsung listened and you didn’t. Hope they’re accurate, could be my 2nd samsung!

  • Deadeye37

    Hopefully the exterior is as sexy as those innards!  That phone is going to SCREAM!!

  • LC

    At first glance, it ALMOST looks a little bit like the G2X.

  • Touchwiz is just so boring.

  • StarMenace

    Still getting a One S…

    • Nick

      One s u crazy that the wrist phone htc made so far no ad card slot no battery pullout nvm that tmobile can keep it looks like a amaze to me dont want

      • ogopogo

         Wow. You almost made sense. Isn’t it a bit early in the day to be hitting the bottle?

        • MarcusDW

          LOL Gotta be one of the worst written comments of all time.

        • MarcusDW

          LOL Gotta be one of the worst written comments of all time.

        • BigMixxx

          that’s what happens when you speak in ‘Text’.  I get his point…lol

    • randomnerd_number38

      Same here. I’d rather have a One S now than a Galaxy S III in however long I have to wait for it. I prefer Sense to Touchwiz :)

    • Jaygqitalia

      Amaze>One S… Imo

      • StarMenace

        How do you come to that conclusion? The One S has a better CPU S4 vs S3, better camera features, Sense 4.0 and ICS. That’s just off the top of my head.

        • Jaygqitalia

          Well I personally like how the Amaze feels in my hands. I still think its the most beautiful HTC phone ever made. The amaze is blazing fast, and based on reviews I have read, the camera shots between the 2 almost look identical. The amaze takes incredible shots as it is. Amaze is also getting ICS. Im not saying the ONE S isnt a great phone, because I believe it is. I personally need to have an SD card slot because the music on my phone alone takes up 10 gigs. I also like having a removable battery. I have a spare with me incase one dies. Its a good insurance policy. Thats basically why I believe the Amaze is better. Even so, I still believe its a matter of preference, but I just dont see the ONE s being better.

  • I wonder what the final hardware will look like.  Killer specs, nice size on the screen too.  1.4 quad core…hmmm

  • randomnerd_number38

    Well, doesn’t look like there’s anything that changes my choice of getting the One S next week. I’ll be missing out on 720p for qHD, a microSD card slot that I wouldn’t use, and NFC. No big deal for me personally, hope everyone that decides differently isn’t waiting long to get their hands on the next Galaxy! 

    • Benjamin Johnson

      Removable vs internal battery

      • JBLmobileG1

        If I had to choose the One S or the SGS3 I would get the SGS3 only because it offers a removable battery and SD card slot. While I’ve always been an HTC fan I have to say they really screwed up on their latest phone.

    • Jaygqitalia

      You wouldnt use an SD card? Pretty sure sooner or later, you’ll need more then the 10 gigs it comes with. Also, you can move some apps to the sd card for more storage. The choice is yours though

  • fixxmyhead

    i am very very dissapointed. i will NOT be buying it cuz it still has 1gig or ram,8mp camera (yea it might be better sensor but still) i was hoping for top of the line . meh im very happy with my s2

    • Mark_B

      2 gigs of ram is not needed unless you plan making CGI movies lol

      • fixxmyhead

        i know but i still want it. i want my moneys worth

        • JBLmobileG1

          Mark B is right… 1gb is plenty however I agree with you… you’d think in order to be the best phone out there and on a league of its own that they would have added more ram. I have the Amaze now with 1gb which has been plenty. I guess the nice thing about all of this is that my phone has life left since it’s very similar… I know it should be able to handle most upgrades to the O/S as they come.

  • MarcusDW

    I still need conformation about the screen.  It could still be PenTile which would suck.  

    And when the hell is Samsung gonna revamp TouchWiz like HTC did Sense?  Its way past due for a change.

    • Ali

      …They just revamped Touchwiz from S1 to S2

      • MarcusDW

        …I own the S1 and S2.  I’m speaking more of the ugliness of the TouchWiz launcher.  I love TW features but always put a new launcher in place.   The ICS update needs to hurry up so I can download NOVA.

        • Ohgeez10

          Thats why you go with other launchers. I’m not a fan of TW so I installed GO Launcher. Lots of customization. I use ICS theme and it looks great. 

        • MarcusDW

          Not to be a smart___ but did you read my whole comment?

          “I love TW features but always put a new launcher in place.   The ICS update needs to hurry up so I can download NOVA.”

          I use ADW for for ICS right now but I can’t wait to use the NOVA launcher.

    • NardVa

      I think it’s the same screen from the Galaxy Nexus which was Amoled HD (Pentile) and not Amoled HD Plus (RGB Matrix).

      • MarcusDW

        Yeah that’s what I’m afraid of because the guy in the video said that its the same screen like the Nexus.

    • ogopogo

       I agree with your distaste for the PenTile decision. With all of the hype surrounding this phone, it seems more like an Apple 4S reveal, rather than something revolutionary.

      • MarcusDW

        Keeping my fingers crossed.  I can get over the on-screen buttons (that I don’t prefer) but I’ll keep my 480×800 RGB screen over the HD PenTile.

        Come on Samsung, bring something Resolutionary!! 

  • Benjamin Johnson

    Thank you, Samsung.  I can barely get through a day without replacing or recharhging my battery, but HTC thought we don’t need a removable battery.  I’ve been a loyal HTC customer since the T-Mobile MDA (2006?), but I’m ditching the One S for the GS3 this time because they didn’t provide a product that meets my needs.  I don’t think my decision will affect their sales, so I wish them the best. 

    • Cashman

      You haven’t even tried out the HTC One yet, they have a bigger battery and from all the reviews I’ve read, it easily last 24 hours. And instead of replacing the battery just do an warrenty exchange, it’s cheaper than buying a battery

      • Benjamin Johnson

        Are you suggesting that I do a warranty exchange every time my battery runs out of juice?  I don’t know if that’s what you’re thinking, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

        • Jaygqitalia

          Dont know if you know this but if you need an extra battery, just call HTC. You get a free battery, back cover, and charger during your 1 year warranty. I called and got myself a White back cover to my amaze since I have black, and got a battery with it, fed exed. 

    • IQ

      if you long press the power button on the One s it works the same as pulling the battery out.

      And this phone you see here is available now….its called the Nexus Galaxy, damn near the same phone.

      • Benjamin Johnson

        No, long pressing the power button doesn’t work like a battery pull.  I’m into rooting my phone, so battery pull and an SD Card slot are a must have.  I also remove the battery to replace it with  a charged battery.  I don’t know where you read those reviews, but I’ve heard otherwise.

      • Spanky

        Agreed about the Galaxy Nexus. I’m using an unlocked GSM version and the SGSIII (based on the above specs) just doesn’t seem like a significant upgrade. Sure, it has a microSD slot and a quad core CPU, but I really don’t miss the microSD card (still have 10 GB free on my GNex), and the quad core alone is not enough to entice me. Let’s not forget that nasty TouchWiz. No overlays for me.

  • Cashman

    HTC Sense > Touchwiz

    • Bleacherbums1

      HTC sense all the way

  • drivethruboy168

    Not a fan as of now…

  • Enoel69

    PLS HTC TAKE NOTE….WE WANT BIGGER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES, MICRO SD CARD SLOTS, you got the Camera tech right on the ONE Series…just give the customers what they crave for, besides they will be the ones using the devices. Love the specs of the GT-i9300 so far but the design can use a face lift. If not i will still be ok with it. Now i will just wait to see what Samsung announces on the 3rd and the detailed comparison with the ONE X b4 i decide on which to go for. Well that depends if Tmo will have a One X…surely the GS3 will be Tmo bound.

  • Ohgeez10

    As a former TMO employee, I’ve gone through so many phones and still have a lot of them. Whenever I upgrade, I usually give my old phones to either my wife or two sons. My wife currently has my old Samsung Galaxy S4. I recently sold my HTC Amaze and got the SGII. Now that she has played with my phone, she wants it.  I thought about about getting the HTC One S but its just not impressing me.

    I’ve been waiting for the SGIII leaks/specs and at this point, I’m not “wowed” by it. Knowing myself (addicted to tech toys), i will probably get it anyway and give my wife the SGII. 

    The SGII was/is a great phone. It was a big leap from the first gen Galaxy phones. I was hoping the SGIII would have been the same way. Regardless, Sammy is still getting my money. :)

    • StarMenace

      Your wife has your “old Samsung Galaxy S4”? You must be a Time Traveler. :)

      • Nick

        Lg?? U funny to get any of there phones

    • NardVa

      SGSIII appears to be a an SGSII with a two more cores and a Galaxy Nexus Screen.

    • Drew

      I know what you mean. We’ve perhaps reach the zenith as it relates to specs in the mobile space and mobile devices. You can only make the screen with so many pixels that eventually we won’t be able to tell the difference anymore (HD+ LOL!!). That’s where we’re at screen wise right now. 

      To me, quad-core is unnecessary and I’m betting that they will stop there for a while (I hope they will, anyway). This all happened so fast that we’re jaded with anything below a 12MP camera and 1.5MHz dual-core processor.

  • BigMixxx

    I have to have something with an SD card slot. So No One S for me…I have a sensation, I can put Sense 4 on (Love you XDA community).  Got a 32 gig class 10 card, REAL HAPPY…
    Samsung tore it’s man panties with me, when I had a Behold II, trying to think of something that would have lasted me for at least 12 to 15 months, and BOOM, no support.  Galaxy S II is a great phone, so the S III may be the next variant I pick up.  Remember, this won’t hit the U.S. till probably 6 months later. 

    I may pay full price for this…..

    • Wilma Flintstone

       No, it might not hit Tmobile US until about 6 months later.

      • BigMixxx

         Yeah!  6 months later.  And it may not be the same thing as what’s released everywhere else…

        • MarcusDW

          I’m betting big money that ours will be more attractive than whatever is underneath that shell.

          I hate the design of the international SG2 which is just a rectangle.  Thankfully ours came just how a brotha likes em, curvy.

        • BigMixxx

          Yup, The t mobile version is tight like Pinky used to be….

        • MarcusDW

          No you didn’t go there LOL.

        • Fujitsujeff

          Now that’s funny

      • JBrowne1012

        Why does that matter? especially considering if t-mo actually goes through with refarming for 1900 band… We will be able to buy all unlocked phones and get the updates and so on.

  • Vim

    Ha! I knew it wasn’t going to be a 1080p Super Amoled Plus.  Some of the rumors floating around were clearly ridiculous.  Unfortunately it doesn’t even sound like it’s going to be a 720p Super Amoled Plus, just a pentile Super Amoled like the Nexus.  The Nexus’s display is quite good, but the One X’s display is better.  Kudos to Samsung for keeping the microSD card slot however. 

    • Khalints

      This is why the optimus 4x sounds very good to me. I love the One X / Optimus 4x HD IPS screen over any of the super amoled screens out there, but with the optimus 4x you also get removable battery AND sd card slot.

      IF LG finally worked out the kinks in their software, I would definitely pick the Optimus 4x over the GS3 and One X

      • Vim

        That’s a big -IF-.  Yes, it sounds beautiful, but so did the G2X.  You’re welcome to be the guinea beta tester.  Let us know how it works out for you… ;)

        That said, I do agree with you entirely on the superiority of HD IPS over super amoled, and LG does makes great IPS displays.  I’m also all for keeping the removable battery and sd card slot, even if it adds a mm or two to the thickness.  Now if only LG could put together a reliable android smartphone…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Yep, this confirms it, Samsung sucks with designing a phone’s shell.  However, they’re great with the internals of the phone so maybe they can get another company to design the shell while they just work on the internals.

    Anyway, It has an SD Card Slot so that’s a huge plus.  Also, the design isn’t bad, it’s just too much of the same design as before.  The GS4 will look just like this I’m willing to bet but with better internals. I’m’ interested in this, the next variant of the Galaxy Note and whatever Tizen devices will be shown early next month.

    Come on Sammy and Intel (who just released their first phone called Xolo which has a craptacular battery but pretty decent specs.  Single Core 1.6GHz with Hyperthreading which is actually better than Dual core and may actually match Quad core, anyway yeah, definitely check that phone out).  Samsung and Intel will be great teamup!!  Can’t wait to see what internals Samsung chooses with an Intel chip inside.  The possibilities. :D

    • Cat_capilis24

      You obviously did not read the big bold letters on the top of the article. Its a dummy shell.

      • Snoopyalien24

        True, but Wilma Flintstone (lol) is right. Samsung is not the best in designing phone shells, especially with all the plastics they use unlike HTC and Nokia. 

    • BigMixxx

      I would not concern much with Intel, until their next iteration of mobile devices, where they are developing the complete spec……Samsung, Nvidia, Qualcom and T.I. really have something going good in a market they DOMINATE.

      Bwhahah…If IBM gets one of those Power 7 (and Power 8 cores, can you say 5.6 to 8 ghz) processors small enough to to fit in a mobile device….I’m ALLLLLL for that…your face my burn off, but hell my sensation gets hot as hell..

  • mel

    the phone looks so thick & ugly..but the specs are niceeee!

    • WirelessRefugee

      You need to read articles before opining. Give that a try. It says that Samsung stated there is a shell encasing the phone so people can’t see what is what.

      Then again, perhaps it is a good thing if Samsung’s competitors say “We have no worries, the new SGS III looks so thick and ugly.”

  • Spanky

    I sure hope it’s a dummy shell – those corners are seriously hideous.

    • MarcusDW

      Like a 1987 woman’s shoulder pads.

      • now_onTMO

         that was funny! LOL

  • WirelessRefugee

    Are some people so desperate to have something to say that they post drivel.

    When saying the SGS III is ugly or has a bad case design, what part of the below did you not comprehend:

    “Samsung has used a fake outer shell designed to ensure the machine is not exposed until it is unveiled.”


  • WirelessRefugee

    On looking at the pics blown up and made brighter you can see the shell and how much thickness it adds to the frame, bezel and rails.

    Also, on the front they placed small pieces of black tape to conceal the capacitive keys at the bottom of the screen and to disguise the contours and design.

    Despite all that, looking at the phone from the front, it appears it will have the same look as my Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T i777, at least the phone in this pic is similar.

    As to the back, it is completely covered by the shell, so I have no idea what shape and look the battery cover and camera area will look like (note they made sure to cover the camera with yellow tape).

    • I’m not sure WHY the black tape was there but I find it hard to believe it was to conceal the capacitive keys. I’ve got a T989 and between the display and the buttons there was barely enough room to cram that Samsung logo in there as it is. Besides, I think ICS simply won’t show the onscreen keys (except the menu button) if capacitive keys are present.

  • Ca$h

    Waiting on GSIV

    • Jay

      Seriously? This phone isn’t even out yet and no has so much as seen it in person and you’re already whining? People like you are the reason that Android will never be as successful as the iPhone, and this is coming from someone who had had and love 2 androids and is preparing to buy my 3rd next week. I hate the internet.

    • Drew

      Fantastic then..!! We won’t be hearing from you for another 18 months…

      • JBLmobileG1

        With the way these manufacturers are running things I give it about 6 to 8 months before the SGS4 is announced. Maybe then we will see something worth while from Samsung… unless of course another company beats them to it.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Not much of a WOW factor if you ask me. Kind of reminds me when Apple released the 4S. Sure it’s a bit better phone but nothing that says “gotta have it”. Personally I think I will be happy for another 6 months with my Amaze since I haven’t heard of anything else that’s expected to be big besides the S3. The camera should have been 12mp with a 1080p screen. Yes it also has a quad core processor but does the latest version of Android even take advantage of such a processor? I am not saying this phone should be passed up because I know for many it may be a huge upgrade to what they have now… but for me… I think I’ll hold out for my ICS update instead.

    • no2apple

      This is 10 times better than your old amaze and amaze will look 5 year old as as S3 comes out.
      You sire are in a denial….

      • randomnerd_number38

        I snorted milked out my nose when I saw “10 times better than your old Amaze” … what is it with people stretching the truth here? Fricken fanboys man, I swear.

        • Jason

          Your Stupid . The Amaze Is A Great Phone ,, Just Because It Ain’t Quad-core Doesn’t Mean It’s Not A Great Android . The SGIII Looks Ugly , Same Old Everything . There Should’ve Atleast Been A 12 Megapixel Camera . But Still 8 . ? I’m Pretty Sure That The Amazes Camera Will Still Be Better . I Don’t Understand Why People Obsess Over A 720p Display , They Make It Like That So That The Screen Doesn’t Look Crappy With It Being So Big . It’s Almost Like A 4.3 qHD Display . They Just Make The Screen So It Has A Higher PPI Density So It Doesn’t Look Crappy .

        • no2apple

          if you are not able to upgrade bcoz you just got amaze or you cant afford S3, stop spreading BS. You want 12MP camera for what ??. How can Amaze be a great phone when S3 is not ??. 

          You are sure amaze camera will be better, on what basis ??

          So you dont like 720 display for what bcoz it has more pixels then amaze?? 

          S3 is ugly, when did you see the real S3 ??, do you understand the report properly saying that the shell is to hide the real S3 ??

          Are you smoking the same think that the OP smoked?

          Sour grapes anyone

        • Rhjupiter

          your obviosly a fanboy saying that this will be 8 times better than the amaze. And giving the specs of this phone and  the recent training we had from samsung i doubt this will even better than the amaze and s2 at all really.

        • TopTechRep

          Are you Amaze owners on crack?! Look, the Amaze is great on paper, but it didn’t an will not hold a candle to the T989 and certainly will not against the SGSIII….12 mp for what?! How is that a deal breaker when the human eye can’t differentiate anything over 5mp! The HTC One S is an Amaze killer and it will not be as awesome as the SGSIII. The Amaze was price dropped TWICE for a reason. The price on the SGSII was INCREASED! Get a clue bro 

        • JBLmobileG1

          It was dropped because it was actually more expensive than the SGS2 and I am pretty sure the SGS2 had a price hike was because it was the popular one of the two and like everyone who works in retail knows that if something is popular and sells well you can charge more and people will pay. Why do you think Apple is so filthy rich? Why do they make carriers almost go bankrupt just to carry the iphone? Because they know people will buy it. Heck their ipods aren’t any better than some MP3 Players and can even offer less yet they charge 3Xs as much. Did I prove my point yet and answer your questions? Cause honestly the Amaze and SGS2 are almost the same…. even down to the processor.

        • TopTechRep

          You did not sir so please re-read the actual questions and try again. The HTC Amaze and the SGSII are not “almost” the same. In fact one of the VERY FEW things they have in common is the processor.  I can tell you this for certain, ICS will go together with that quad core processor like peanut butter does with jelly….but you strike me as a nutter butter type of guy so you won’t get that.

        • JBLmobileG1

          You asked two questions… If us Amaze owners are on crack and 12mp for what? To answer your first question… No we just were wise enough to get a phone that can actually hold up longer to some of the newer phones coming out. As to why would anyone want a 12mp camera on a phone? Well if it’s a good camera like the Amaze already has… then it could easily replace your camera when you go on Vacation. If you knew about mega pixels then you’d know why a higher mp on a phone would benefit you. Since camera phones don’t offer an optical zoom having a higher mega pixel would help if you want to enlarge the photo that you took. I myself have taken some very nice poster quality photos with my Amaze so the higher the mega pixel the larger the poster I could make.

        • FURTHER

          Lets make this reply wall go out further!

        • Vim

          ugggh :P

        • csr

          that’s not even true, its not like what you say is actual knowledge or set in stone, solid facts. amaze isn’t old, or obsolete. two down falls, heavy and poor battery life. look past that, its one of the best phones TMO offers among its lineup. with the incentive of reduced price to make way for htc one s. i’m going to buy an amaze just as a backup device.

          no, the amaze and the htc one s are far apart. basically recycled technology re branded with their new newer sense version. no exciting. everything that made the amaze great. gut it out. a slimmest chassis without removable battery. thumbs down. 16 gb memory no sd card. thumbs down. smaller screen, its like bragging you have a 32 inch 1080 tv. lol resolution doesnt matter the size is too small. thumbs down

           its a mid entry device stepping into 2012 technology only making the hype exciting about micro sim and s3 chipset. nothing exciting, moving on. one s vs amaze hard to say… one may want to brag about having four cores and how they must tether there phone to the charger all day.

        • I don’t agree with everything you’ve said but I test drove the Amaze before eventually settling for the GS2 and I must say… even with the same processor and specs the SGS2 made the Amaze look like it was full and lazy from too much stuffing. Amazing what Sense 3.0 did to that phone…

        • JBLmobileG1

          If you compare the two the Amaze does have an 8mp camera with dual led flash. It also offers a 2mp front facing camera. I am pretty sure the Amaze camera will be just as good if not better even though it was released earlier. As for the memory they both offer 1gb of Ram and 16gb of internal memory with an SD card slot. They both can record 1080p video as we so nothing new there either. The Amaze a 1.5ghz dual core processor and the SGS3 a 1.4ghz quad core processor. They both will eventually offer the same version of Android especially since we know how often Samsung likes to update their phones. Honesty… I really believe besides the larger screen and a better battery life… they isn’t a huge difference between the two. I really thought for Samsung to WOW everyone they were going to announce something that would have been worthy for someone like myself or even someone with a SGS2 to upgrade to. This however isn’t the case. I remember when the first Nexus One phone was released… now that was a WOWZER phone that was a quantum leap in phones because there wasn’t anything like it. Now it seems like the manufacturers are retweaking the same old phone over and over and over again just to add that one extra feature and milk every hard earned penny from the ones who just want the latest and greatest. In reality… this is the biggest let down yet. Full of so much hype and potential and its just a slightly better SGS2.

        • WirelessRefugee

          LOL… I love it when someone says to someone else “Your stupid.” when in fact the grammar shows that you’re the one who is stupid.

          Sidenote: How does one even type in title case, that’s bizarre. Must be you’re phone, I mean your phone.

          If it is your phone, you better make a warranty claim because it making your comments look… well… stupid.

        • Drew

          I find it difficult to take you or this rant seriously. (Unspoken) Rule number one is never tell anyone ‘you’re stupid’ while misspelling the word ‘your’. Didn’t bother to read whatever else you said due to the fact that ALL CAPS was utilized in the first letter in every word throughout the entire post… Please stop.

        • PiCASSiMO

          12MP??? Why??? So I can have plenty of noise in low light conditions? No thanks. If Samsung wants to compete for my dollar, they will need to match or surpass HTCs awesome F2.0 camera that is found on the One S and One X.

        • no2apple

          ok 8 times atleast… 

      • JBrowne1012

        did you forget what day today is?

  • J-Hop2o6

    This is NOT the GS3. This is the other mid-range Galaxy M phone. Look at the battery. It says “M Project.”  Plus its using the SAME chip/SoC that was in the GS2 LAST YEAR. Samsung wouldn’t put a year old chip in their next flagship phone. So just wait til May 3rd for hard concrete info on the GS3.

  • Bleacherbums1

    This would be the SG2 HD SA +

  • Mike

    Might end up going with the Optimus 4x instead because it looks like Sh*t and has touchwiz..
    Stock ICS all the way

    • NickWestward832

      You want a lg phone ur weird they phones are trash

      • Drew

        Yep, he (Mike) clearly has no idea what a good phone is. You can lump Motorola and their repetitive garbage software along with LG and their buggy crap. Good luck with that Mike…

        • Fed

          G2x is great once you find a stable rom


          LG Nitro HD P930 is an amazing phone. Obviously don’t keep it stock, but even at stock it ain’t so bad. Root and put CM9 on it (which we recently got, nightlies so far.) or just root and modify stock. Runs amazing, beautiful screen. Only difference between this and SGSIII is the dual core to quad core and higher mp camera.

          Needs more of an upgrade imo. I was really hoping for a 1080p screen.

    • Seanbargo

      If the 4X is anything like the 2X it will be total crap especially with t-mobile service behind it. I had a 2x actually 6 before i was bought out of my contract to go with at&t and the galaxy note. Good luck

    • spartanjet

      You couldn’t pay me to use an LG anything.  Every LCD from laptop to phone that had an LCD screen from LG has been crap and promptly returned.

  • chaching

    For those of you who are illiterate. It clearly says DUMMY OUTTER SHELL IN BLACK BOLD LETTERS. Dummies!

  • GinaDee

    Correct.  The guy had a dummy shell.  The real shell will look different and include either a ceramic or metallic shell and come in 2 colors.  

    Samsung isn’t that stupid to allow the real version to hit the wilds just yet.  

    They will unveil the real deal along with the new 10″ Tablet very soon.  

  • Bratty

    I am not an Android fan but even I am amazed at some of the comments here. This phone looks great! How much more “high end” do you want? You dont have to buy it but to claim that this is “nothing special” or “just average” seems nuts.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Don’t get me wrong… this is still a high end phone. It’s just not something new that we haven’t already seen. While it may sport a quad core processor there isn’t much new to it. It’s not that much better than the current SGS2 and for such hype and anticipation… you would have thought Samsung was creating the next generation of phone’s that would out do everything that is currently on the market. And not by a fraction but a landslide.

      • Bratty

        Totally understand and thanks for explaining your thoughts. I guess I look at phones now and realize that most of the changes will be incremental and not huge.

      • I gotta agree. I’ve got a SGS2 on Tmobile and I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me want to run out and cough up $600 for a new phone. HTC’s One series is looking awfully nice, but still not worth an upgrade just yet. My phone’s screen density doesn’t bother me a bit and there’s nothing on the Play Store that my dual-core setup can’t handle. Until that day comes, I’ve no good reason to upgrade. Maybe that’s why everyone in the comments is like “bleh”

      • I’m just so irritated that they have not done anything new when the have the money too.  And I’m sure that Apple will have something that makes them superior again.  I just wish they at least had more space as a 32gb internal or 12megapixel rear camera.
        i feel like i should have bought the gs2 or amaze 4g when i had the chance.  This not really worth the wait……. now if the next Google phone were to come later this year then maybe…..just maybe, i’ll get that.(but not really expecting anything)

  • Yvrcouve

    I’m still happy with my mt4g!

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Question is whether T-Mobile will have to change the CPU to run on HSPA+ 42?

    • J-Hop2o6

       Samsung’s next Exynos chips should support HSPA+ 42.

  • Jon

    I’m kind of excited about the SGS3

  • Gouv

    Seems like a nice phone overall!  I just think it’s crazy that it probably does take a CPU like that to run android smoothly.  IMO its taken them way too long to get it to this point.  I’d still rather have a stock version of android if i were to get an android phone.  Even charge the customer a few extra bucks for the ability to do so.  I really wish they gave customers these options to run vanilla android devices without consequence and full carrier/hardware support.  

    I’ll be honest i’m not an android fan at all but the only android phones I’ve truly enjoyed using (honestly!) were the nexus phones and I feel that’s because i enjoyed the pure Google experience.  They could possibly make even more money if they offered customers this option for some device models.  I’d offer it as an accessory and charge $20, that would be amazing imo!  I have 2 phones, one for work and one for personal… My work phone is palm pre 2 on vzw which needs replacing soon, personal phone is iphone 4S (AT&T)…. i’d honestly ditch the pre 2 for an android phone if i could be guaranteed a vanilla copy of android on any current android device of my choosing they offer and have it supported by vzw and without having to use mods or roms…  Sometimes i’m blown away that it seems too much to ask for from the android world!  I truly understand why it is this way, but I guess i’m not happy about it and it keeps me , a non-novice user, away from Android personally.  

    Also, since my employer pays for it, it has to be a phone in the verizon stores of that the traveling sales reps offer so galaxy nexus is out of the question :-(  

    any suggestions from t-mobile land if any of you are familiar with vzw at all?

    • Vim

      VZW carries the Galaxy Nexus which runs the pure version of android you want and has a 720p super amoled display to boot.  It’s an awesome phone overall which countless reviewers have loved.  The only downsides are a mediocre camera and no micro SD card slot.  There are a lot of T-Mobile customers who are unhappy that T-Mobile didn’t pick it up.

      • Gouv

        I guess I’ll see if our Verizon business rep guy can get it again.. Thx

    • Young

      Actually.  Once you root and use a rom without all the carrier stuff added, pretty much all android phones except the G1 run smooth as butter.  I”m on ICS on my G2x and it is fast as lightening

    • your not an android fan? I could have never guessed. BTW ‘they’ do sell vanilla android devices… multiple devices like the Nexus and G2X.  

    • your not an android fan? I could have never guessed. BTW ‘they’ do sell vanilla android devices… multiple devices like the Nexus and G2X.  

      • Gouv

        I guess I should elaborate. I wouldn’t ever buy an android phone for personal phone use or as my main phone. But I’m taking a hobbyist approach to it as I’ve never liked it but ICS had peaked my interest. So I wouldnt mind using it as a work phone seeing that my emoyer is willing to buy a nice one for me. I’m disturbingly loyal to apple. But at the same time I want to be a gadget glutton and have the best of both worlds.

  • now_onTMO

    not the galaxy s 3..

    this is the galaxy m and been hearing that it’s a mid-range device, then what’s a high-end nowadays? LOL

    can’t wait for the GS3.

  • is it a little premature to release a phone like this when LTE suppose to be out for Tmobile come this winter? Just curious. 

    • LTE isn’t going to be out until next year for T-Mobile, not this winter.

    • LTE isn’t going to be out until next year for T-Mobile, not this winter.

  • steveb944

    Retina display anyone? Take that Apple

  • Black berry power cable?

  •  So its a high rez 8 mp. Now I wish I could figure out why the mali 400? Guess its good enough. Game play great on it. The Processor boost will be a welcome addition to my smartie family.

  • Jaynae

    How much is this going to cost a person