Second Round Of T-Mobile Official Galaxy S III Launches Set To Kick-Off Today

Today, June 27th marks the second “launch day” of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III launch with the expansion of Galaxy S III sales to all channels: retail, care, My T-Mobile and more pending inventory availability. T-Mobile’s launch kicked off in two parts with the first happening on June 21st with select retail and branded locations receiving availability in the top 29 markets, and even then inventory was limited enough to restrict sales to select locations inside those markets.

Due to the excitement surrounding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, customer demand will exceed the expected launch quantity available on June 21 T-Mobile anticipates the remaining Retail and Branded locations will launch on June 27. Stores that do not receive the initial distribution, and stores who sell out of their initial stock, should use the GSIII Call Back List and contact customers when the devices are available.

For the moment, inventory availability remains a major hurdle in finding a Galaxy S III from any official T-Mobile “location,” including corporate retail stores or even through customer care. As we learned last night, Samsung’s taking a hit of their own due to inventory constraints and T-Mobile customers are feeling the frustration as they search to find this magical device.

Let us know if you are able to find a Galaxy S III today, and where. Sound off so others can find their own!

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  • Good luck out there. Inventory is looking to be as slim as it was on the 21st from what I’m hearing. So while more stores are getting them in, I’m hearing it’s like 4 per location. 2 blue, 2 white. I hope what I heard is wrong but I doubt it.

    • Pnina_evans

       White? where? I don’t believe it!

  • Just called this morning about 9 EST and am on a “When we get them I will call you.” waiting list.

  • souggie

    In ATL, marietta, and austell, GA respectively, there are 2, 4, and 5 units for sale, and customer care has none. I’ve been told a myriad of reasons, ranging from not being available til july 1st, to waiting until tmobiles pacific time systems have updated, and waiting til 2pm today…..sigh…

  • robert

    Did anyone that ordered a phone from actually have one ship yet?


    Walmart Chicago NO FREAKING ANSWER!!.. I want a white 16gb..


      Your going to have to wait for white…

      • ROZCO

        How long?

        • TMOTECH

          IDK. I thought I read somewhere that only Blue would be available at first…
          I could be wrong. 

        • ROZCO

          WTF!.. Seriously.. why cant both colors come at the same time?..

        • Pnina_evans

          Yep, extremely frustrating.  I wish they wouldn’t get our hopes up and them crush them.  Worse phone release ever.

        • None

          We have seen muuuuch worse!!

      • Travis edwards

        blue though

    • Travis edwards

      Coscto has them , the one on clybourn

  • Holly Ebertsch

     I ordered my GS3 as an upgrade through my T-mobile on Friday the 22nd, it was delivered Monday the 25th. No delays or hassles or anything. 

    • Jeff

      was it 16gb or 32gb? I ordered two 32gb’s on the 21st online from the t-mobile site. Still waiting on backorders.

      • Holly Ebertsch

         16gb – pebble blue. I figured it wasn’t worth the extra money for the 32 since I already have a micro sd from my previous phone. It’s definitely worth the wait though – this thing is amazing.

  • Jaybird4535

    Just spoke with store in Columbus, Ohio and with Customer care.  No more releases until nationwide release on July 1st.  Tmobile website forums have many threads that include where phone was shipped without back and customer is having to pay to have phone shipped back to T mobile to overheating problems with phone.  

    • souggie

      the hell?

    • I have experienced no overheating what-so-ever on my GS3 in fact it runs considerably cooler than my Sensation 4G ever has.

  • Jordan

    We got 6 in our store yesterday and inn replying from our demo.this phone is a beauty!!!!


    After updating my wife’s GS2 to ICS with touch wiz i am not impressed.  As far as I know the UI is identical on the GS3 so I am going to hold off on getting this thing anyway. I am glad it is delayed so I did not waste my time. 

    i will be waiting to see if we do indeed get the G4X variant of the oneX before getting a new phone. 

    • tony

      it’s not identical, the ics for this phone is unique and it’s not the me, you’ll love this phone..

      • Thefencechild

        I agree with Tony. I have my s2 with ICS and they don’t even look the same at all

    • Kitpogi

      still crossing my fingers on this to happen

  • G1ana

    I called various Walmart’s in the DFW area and some have it but only in blue. I can order it online through mytmobile, but I am not willing to pay $329 for it. So I will wait until Walmart has the white one and pay $198, they did confirm the price. Costco has only blue for $249.

  • Semi977

    Did tmobile stores receive white gs3’s or only the pebble blue?

    • Jordan

      As of right now only the blue.

  • No sight of the 32 GB model.

  • Jordan

    I’ve only been playing with this phone for an hour but I already love it going to order it as soon as they let employees do so!!!

    • None

      get back to work

  • Jeff

    nope, ordered two 32gb white versions, nothing yet.

  • I just called my T-Mobile store and they’re getting the 32GB Pebble blue model today, I may go in and exchange my 16GB launch day model for it.  I do have a 64GB microSDXC card in it also, do you guys think its worth exchanging it?  I do love this phone btw and I’ve owned almost all htc uni-body Aluminum phones in the past.  the GS3 is the Fastest device I have ever used and it feels like absolute silk in my hand.  thoughts?

    • souggie

      nah, you already have 80 GB of storage on it…do you really need more than that? unless u puttin movies and games lime nova 3 on it, i dont see why u would need the extra 16GB

      •  I was thinking that also but w/ the GS3 you can’t currently save Apps to the SD card, although I do think I can store additional game data on it.  something to think about and the only reason I’m considering exchanging.  but you’re right 80GB is already a lot and who knows what the partitioning is going to be like on it.

        • souggie

          oooohhh….well in that case… might have a case for exchanging then…i also noticed that the internal storage is similar to how its partitioned on the galaxy nexus….so that may not be a bad idea after all…

        •  Don’t listen to anyone saying that you don’t need more storage.  That is actually noone’s call to make but your own.  I actually would say if you can afford the phone with more storage capability go for it because you will be able to store more on it if you want.

  • SirMakoto

    just call customer loyalty, but was told due to high demand-their availability is pushed back until July 1st. sigh… i told them my phone was lost/stolen, and i’m only 8 months into contract, anybody think i would be able to get any sorta discount on this phone? or i should just go buy the phone at retail and forget about this whole asking for discount thing?

    • Zakk Eyster

       I have the sidekick 4g and i cracked the screen. Im about 10 months into my contract i went to facebook and contacted the “T-FORCE” people and i told them my situation and how ive been a customer for 7 years and they gave me a “full discount” but i asked how much that would actually cost and he said he would get back to me today.

  • Guest TMO

    Was told today that telesales does not have the phone to sell and they are not sure when they will have them. 

    • Jose Hernandez

       Same thing here, they flat out told me that they will only do it if you are adding a new line or are a new customer signing up a new contract. Screw their current customers….

  • LoganK

    You know that iPad has the patent on being a magical device. I guess that’s why the SIII was added to the lawsuit.

  • I picked up a 16gb Blue from the downtown minneapolis location (IDS) and they had only received 4 plus a floor model. I was luck recipient #3 – I’m sure the last one is gone by now as I bought it over an hour ago.

    • tcguy

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure that one is gone by now.  I went into the store to buy that last one you are referring to, but for some reason the online T-Mobile store was giving me a larger upgrade discount ($300 instant discount) vs. what they said at the store ($230 instant discount).  Oh well, mine is getting shipped today and will arrive tomorrow!  Has anyone else ever encountered this problem?  I’m just over 20 months into contract.

  • remister

    I hope they will be some available on Friday!

  • annoyed customer

    Isn’t this the worst phone launch ever , Tmobile and samsung handled this poorly

  • slayr

    Beware.  I bought SIII through tmo site and paid $379 for blue 32G SIII under impression I would keep cheap grandfathered plan.  Now when I check status, tmo added “required” $35 data to my account!?!?  They are giving option to accept this immediately or in 3 weeks duhhh.  Going to call them to straighten out.  Wonder what will happen if I don’t accept this if I can use my SIII?  Has this happened to anyone else?  Will cc help or is Tmo royally f***ing their customers?

  • Chad w

    Just got out of my local tmo store in Vegas guy said they didn’t have them yet but they expected them yesterday so check back in a few hours. I’ll let you guys know if/when I get it… good luck everyone

    • Nick

      Any Luck?

  • No

    Ordered 2 blue 32 gig on two new lines in the first hour of availability and order is still backordered.
    If there is no new info by tonight I’m canceling my order and just waiting a month.

    • Cordovarubio

      I order a 32GB White version and it also says back order on my account..but it tells me that I should be getting it on Friday on the 29th but idk if is true……what does yours say??

      • Nanu

        I placed an order for a white 32BG Samsung Galaxy S III on the T mobile web site on June 21st. I Setup next day delivery. it is now end of business June 27th and the status says on back order yet delivery says 22nd June !!! Obviously i Have no phone. Has any oen got any insight from t Mobile when they will ship and in what order.

  • Abe_The_Babe

    I just called my local walmart and they said they had it but can’t sell it until July 11, what’s up with that?

    • Blkbear

       Means that your local Walmart won’t be getting any until July 11th or the night before to sell.

      • Abe_The_Babe

        No, it just means that they have idiots working there. Called two more times and got different answers each time. Decided to speak to a manager and let them know how incompetent their employees are, she said they didn’t have any but a different Walmart has it. Called that Walmart and they didn’t have any.

        Moral of the story? Don’t call Walmart, ever.

  • sdk4

    Just picked up a 16GB Blue from the Stamford, CT Mall T-Mobile store. Sounded like they had plenty left.

  • Apocalypse911

    Picked up a 16GB blue from the Ellis Ave. T-Mo store in Jackson, MS… they only had 2.  Lucky I was the first customer in the door this morning!!

    The guy said he didn’t think there were alot in the area; even at the larger corporate stores.

  • Marty

    Picked up a 16MB Pebble Blue at the Silver Spring MD store.

  • Musasi

    I ordered white gs3 16gb version on 25th (upgrade user) and now I see that my order has shipped with tracking number. The estimate delivery date was 7/3/12 but it seems like I might get it on Friday or next Monday. Can’t wait for it :)

  • Ben Kelly

    Got my 16GB Blue T-Mo version in the Nashville area. The West End store in Nashville had some and the store in Rivergate had some which is where I got mine. Good luck!

  • Johnny

    i got mine at walmart for $198.00 + tax= 213.00  16gb blue i wanted the 32gb but every store told me 32 was only online and if i did online thru tmobile it would cost me 440 so i just went with walmart instead much cheaper,  and i get to pocket $100 since i sold the gs2 for $300

    • Samsunguy

      they sell them at walmart for just $200 16gb model??????

      • Johnny

         Yes they do, i upgraded thru wallmart  for just 198.00+tax=$213  and plus upgrade fee of $18 which will be charged to my tmobile bill.   I think walmart has the best price for the phone, 

        • Taron19119

          Where what city are u in

        • Johnny

           Im in  houston,tx

        • Sam

          Well I guess you should go to other walmarts because I live in Katy to and even they have it. So the ones in Houston should too. I also called a Costco and they had it.

        • Nitefallz

          Must be a regional think.  My Wal-Marts don’t even do anything with T-Mobile, let alone have this phone.

  • Matt

    This release is a joke. I’ve called 7 different T-Mo retail stores in my area and received 6 different answers about release information and availability. I understand that this is not entirely T-Mo’s fault…but it’s really frustrating to wait in line this morning after having received a phone call night telling me that the launch was this morning, only find out that was wrong. Similar thing happened on the 21st.  First it’s the 21st, then it’s the 27th, now it’s “probably the end of this week…we’re hoping”. Ridiculous. I realize we’re only talking about a phone here, but come on Samsung/T Mo…get your shit together and get the damn date right. It’s irritating to take off of work for an hour in order to stand in a line only to learn that nobody at T Mo knows what the hell is going on, and there are no S3s for sale. What’s more, I can’t get on a wait list at my local store(s). It’s first come, first served. Great…my local store(s) get a whopping 3-4 phones each and blow through them by 10:05. Just stupid. They should have just announced a release date of 7/31. I doubt we’ll be seeing healthy inventory levels before then anyway. 

    • Weak

      Same here. I called around to 5 stores yesterday. Each store had between 2 to 5 phones to sell. I called the same stores this morning to see if they sold out, and which of course they did. I asked if they all went to employees, and 3 stores said yes, the other 2 wouldn’t answer the question.

  • I called T-Mobile stores and now they are saying July 1st! Give me a break. By the time they release this thing something better is going to be announced (exaggeration I know but still). I called Walmart and was told they can’t sale it because it’s not in the system yet! Hahahaha 

    • VibrantToS3!

      I was actually told the same thing when i got mine on the 21st. They said they didn’t know the price either. However, the Walmart associate told me to go to the store and I would be able to buy it, so i reserved 2 S3’s went to the store and got them both for $198 each (before tax). Also Walmart will reserve the phone for an hour if you ask them to hold it. 

  • Bluerave

    Mine’s arriving today via UPS. COME ON 5 O’ Clock!!!

    • robert

      When did you order yours? blue or white? 

  • Nick Sulicki

    Any luck in NYC. Stores are selling out fast and I cant seem to get my hand on any. Not to mention, the only one stores seem to be getting is the blue one. Any help would be appreciated. 

    • Dragonkal

      There are a few phones out in Long Island. The store I went to only had two phones in the morning. 

  • Dragonkal

    I just picked up mine at the store near my house. They only had two in stock when I arrived in the morning.

    • Dragonkal

      Pebble Blue 16 GB btw for anyone that is wondering.

  • Tmo_Fan

    yeah.. the sell started today and  there’s none left.. im not sure if people’s buying or tmobile just dont wanna sell cheap

  • Alex

    I was the first one at my local store today only to be told that they received 2, and that they were both reserved for other people…absolutely ridiculous. They didn’t even bother telling me that when I called them earlier to confirm they were receiving them today.

    • Matt

      I agree. That’s absolute garbage. Reserved for employees I’m sure. 

  • stores in tampa have like 5 units each. i finally got to play with a demo of one today and honestly…its actually too big for my tastes. its design makes it look even bigger. cheap plasticy feel. svoice was garbage. touchwiz wasnt my taste. ill just wait for the one x or one xxl to come to tmobile.

    • Needspeed64

       The One X is about the same size…

  • Mjerpca

    To whoever cares, Walmart has S3 and I got mine the blue one today for 199.99. Im in Cincinnati Ohio.

  • Mjerpca

    Also I’ve found random TMobile stores have the in stock. You have to call around. One store told me they could take care of rebate in store. So wouldn’t have to worry about mail in rebate. I think most TMobile stores have a monthly budget to offer this to random customers.

  • G1analaura

    If I go buy the blue at walmart, can I go exchange it for a white one when it becomes available?

    • That is highly unlikely.  As they cannot sell returned/exchanged items as new, they lose money if you do that.  It may certainly be possible to do so, but you can be sure they won’t like it.

    • Blkbear

       Only if you don’t crack the seal and open the box. If you open the box and turn the phone on, it’s used.

    • billy padilla

      you sure could return or exchange it for the white one…thats what im doing. i had bouht the s2 from walmart a few months before the s3 came out and i exchanged it once and ended them decided to return it for a full refund just before my 30 days (california)  where up. i used the phone and everything. you do need to keep everything the is in the box. even the plastic lining of the sim card. thats very important. so take it from someone who recently exchanged/returned an s2 with walmart and somone who will also exchange it for the white version in the very near future. 

      • G1ana

        thanks for the information. I won’t need to open the SIM card, I already have one. I guess I can take my chances, worst case scenario I will be stuck with a blue SG3. which is not a big deal, but would prefer the white one. 

    • rwc1792

      I doubt you’d get someone at walmart to do that.  I’ve done it before for my wife that had to have a white mytouch slide two years ago, but that was at a corp. Tmo store.  Took the permission of the store manager.  He said they normally didn’t do it.  I’d guess the only way you could do it, is if you paid a restocking fee, and returned it within the 14/30 day window, but again, probably only at a tmo store.  Totally guessing here

  • Mig

    Just picked one at Wal-Mart for 199.00 also, they only received one today. Full upgrade kept my existing family plan. 16 gig blue one. Very nice piece of hardware. Love it, not sure it a huge improvement from the s2, but if you have a 2 year old phone. You need to upgrade.

  • 1coolazn

    called tmo this morning to order mine through customer loyalty…. to make a long story short, they didn’t have ANY!  as far as i’m concerned, they didn’t sell a single one.  when i asked about picking one up in store, i was told the tmo store may not honor what was quoted to me because the quote and upgrade were done through them.  needless to say, i now have to wait until this weekend…. but i’m chalking that up to more like MID-JULY, since no one, nor their great-grandma, can tell me when they are expected to release the phone through CC.  WTF! 

    • cheetofingers

      Exact same bs happened to me, which is stupid. I’m pissed off. What price did they offer you if you don’t mind me asking? I was offered instant rebate, free ground shipping and waived activation fee. Which isn’t much really. 

      • Taron19119

        I was told that im geting 150 off

        • Cheetofingers

          How’d you manage that? I’ve been a customer for 7 years now and for some reason whenever i call 611 they are always rude to me and definitely never offer me discounts. i’m so upset with them, my local costco has the s3 on the release date and i wasn’t able to get one because my upgrade dates were different at costco and at tmo customer support,saying they couldn’t communicate with costcos system, she told me I’d get a call back today, which i didn’t. So i called and they told me they don’t know when they’ll have the s3 and that i can’t get the instant rebate at my local tmo, only through them but they don’t have it. WHAT THE HELL TMOBILE.

          I want a discount for the headache this has become. And for having to watch my dumb friend on sprint take super cool motion activated screen shots on his s3. Any tips?

        • rwc1792

          I find that the front line customer service reps are often horrible.  They’ve often lied to me, or tried to sign me up for some plan that was worse than the plan that I had.  The tried to tell me my data was capped at 2 GB, so I should upgrade to the 5 GB plan.  A no, my account clearly shows premium android data plan, 5 GB’s.  My solution, never do a deal with them, always speak with the retention department.  This type of stuff never happens when I speak with the Loyalty department.  They’re straight with me, they tell me when I’ve got a better deal, tell me when they can offer me a discount.  I do think they’ll start offering discounts on this phone, but not until it’s in high supply.  I’m willing to wait, it won’t be long, sometime next week is my guess.

    • 1coolazn

      i’ve been a tmo customer for 9 years (due to “great cs”, really) and have an old grandfathered plan… but, you when you call the tmo line, ask for CUSTOMER LOYALTY, which is a different dept than customer service.  i basically told them i wanted to upgrade which my line wasn’t fully eligible, but two of my other lines were and asked them what they could do for me since my contract was almost up.  they offered the phone for $274 out the door (no taxes, fees, etc)…. but then, after speaking to a supervisor yesterday (which i ended up telling him that i wasn’t going to call everyday in july and he needed to call me), after finding out i’d have to wait for mine, i was told ONCE the phones are AVAILABLE through CUSTOMER LOYALTY, they would offer me the phone at another “discounted price”.  i told them, they should give it to me for the price that sprint, att and verizon are selling theirs for, considering NEW TMO customers can order theirs online for $199.  ISN’T THAT COMPLETE BS?!  anyway, i’m an unhappy customer right now, stuck in an extended contract without an upgraded phone… and, that really pisses me off.

  • RioMann

    Went to a t-mo store this PM to ask about availability. Saleslady said to come back in a week because all the S3s had a defect and were recalled. The would have the second batch then. It would be better to get them from the second batch. What the heck was she talking about??!?

    • exeot

      HAH. Yeah… a new batch would be weeks in the making, and not possibly be deployed days after launch. The last thing samsung would do is recall a device. They would do something like the gps reset app excuse for the vibrant. But in all seriousness, I did read a report about a GS3 blowing up while someone was using it, but a new batch would take weeks if not months to deploy.

    • Twizzer18

      There was a problem when hyper glazing the plastic backing of the pebble blue version , and Samsung had to throw out tons of plastic backs that didn’t come out right.

  • Palmbeachmail

    ive had the s3 since june 21 got it in boston at the tmobile store on newburry street. the reason for the shortages arent because of the over excitement its because apple was suing samsung so samsung wasnt going to produce this phone and possibly not be able to sell it. so they started making more when the judge of the case said “ok samsung go ahead apple has no case here go ahead and produce more” so thats why the release dates were staggered. 

  • Adam Raian

    They are only distributing devices in small batches. The offcial launch will be July 7th. T-mobile customer care/loyalty department does not even have them. They claim there is a high demand and they have a limited amount.

    A few stores will have them, based on a waiting list. July 7th will be the date……….Supposedly.

    • Bigjokerjoe

       haha we have heard that before…..about 10 different times. I would NOT count on that being accurate at all.

      • Adam Raian

         Thats why I said supposedly ;-)

  • Palmbeachmail

    whens the white one coming out?!?!?!?

    • Adam Raian

       July 7th Supposedly.

      • G1ana

        I don’t know if I should just go and get the blue one, most walmart’s here in DFW had them. I hate to wait until next weekend, because I have already sold my vibrant to a friend and was suppose to give it to them today. 

  • guest

    worse released ever,cant even find one after the 21 of june released what a joke

  • I know some people won’t like this comment but it is my opinion and I’m going to give it lol……. The phone looks nice but I don’t like the single button thing at the bottom.  I think the layout with menu/home/back/search touch buttons looks a lot better. 

    I am waiting for the Galaxy Note…. perhaps the Galaxy Note 2 if T-Mobile is lucky enough to get that one when it comes out but if I end up with the Note 2 I’m dreading it will probably have the same physical button thing like this phone has. 

    Maybe I don’t get it about the 1 button 2 touch buttons on the side thing…… What’s the advantage?

    • Needspeed64

       so you don’t accidentally press the home button when you hold it side way?

      I actually touch the back button a few times by accident when I tried to use the phone with just my right hand (because of the thin screen bezel)

      To be honest, I find the button a little to hard to press sometime.  I am starting to use my thumb to press the button instead of my index finger now, and it gets a little better.

    •  All I know is Samsung is starting to win me over.  My most recent two phones have been HTC MyTouch phones and while I loved them, I have really started liking the Samsung and(still not too keen on the button thing on the bottom though…. but I would live with it if I had to I guess lol).  I bought a Galaxy Tab 8.9 a few months ago and while I love that device, I find it is just too big most of the time for my liking.  So I know I am ready to step up to a larger screen phone that would work as a small tablet which I think would be better for me….. heck the only thing I really use my Galaxy Tab 8.9 for is viewing instagram, pdf files, and google market lol.

  • Guest

    On June 21st I went to two stores to look for the S3. One wasn’t even open yet by 10:20 so I went to the next closest one, they didn’t have any but said they would put me on a list. Today rolls around and I(having forgotten about being on a list) called close to a dozen stores near me and they either said they didn’t have any or were sold out. I went back to sleep and when I woke up I had a voicemail for a t-mobile shop saying they had one reserved for me until closing today. I jumped outta the house and picked up one of the three they were shipped today. There are still 15 people on the waiting list, I guess I was lucky to get in early on the 21st. 16GB, Pebble Blue BTW. Awesome phone so far! Big upgrade from my Vibrant!

  • Tmo_Fan

    This is pure BS the efing Tmo either dun have any left or saying call back or come back 1 week later to get one for sure .. and the price is insane… this is gettting me in a comma

  • Well it took me a while I had to catch like five public transportation buses to get one. But after that and 3 Tmo stores later I found one and the price was more to be desired but it was worth it nice handset. 

  • MikeOlson

    My wife and I basically cleaned out the area Walmarts yesterday (South Bend, IN). Apparently each store got exactly 1 phone. While doing the paperwork for my wife at the first store I called all the other ones in a 20-mile radius. Only one other had them (the others must have been already sold, never got them, or had clerks who didn’t know what they were talking about). When I got to the second store the guy said they’d already gotten three calls about it that day. Only one was from me, but I got there first I guess. Sorry, folks.

  • Ricky McLaughlin

    I’m not sure if anybody is still looking here for spots to pick up a GS3, but the Wal Mart at Memorial & Penn in Oklahoma City (Quail Springs Mall/Edmond area) received two a week ago and I just brought home one of them.

  • slayr

    I have a hate/love relationship with Tmo.  Received phone yesterday and have spent alot of time with cc to prevent them from trying to add fees to my current plan.  Tmo tried to add $35 for 5G, when I uploaded Name ID app they added $3.99 monthly fee (first it was free then removed so they could add a fee.  I paid $379 through them for 32G blue and am really sick of being nickle and dimed. Beware of added charges after you get the phone.

  • slayr

    After I down loaded free Name ID app customer service removed the free trial twice so they could add fee to my account despite a big banner advertising their “free” apps right on the phone!!!!!  All this aggravation is detracting from my enjoyment of the phone.  Paying over $100 more for the phone didn’t satisfy them : (

  • Deklox

    SGS3 23GB is still not available. According to tmo loyalty rep samsung shipments are delayed

  • Cheetofingers

    For those of you who got discounts via tmo customer service, how did you guys manage that? I’ve been trying to get 2 gs3’s since they “released” and its been a pain. I’ve been a customer for 6+ years and I’ve never gotten a discount, i feel i deserve one this time, but how some of you get good deals is beyond me, the reps are always rude to me. Any tips?

    • Tmo Guest

      I called in and asked to speak to retention and advised I was upgrading 3 lines and was wondering if I could get the phone at the 229 price. They gave me a $200 credit on my account and told me to call back in when they have the phone to sell thru customer service for additional savings. I hope everything works out for you

      • cheetofingers

        I called and they price matched ATT and gave me a discount, but I ended up opting for the Value Plan they are offering and paying full price for my phones, which turned out to be cheaper than my monthly bill. And then after 20 months of paying off my phone (which is still 40 bucks less than my monthly bill now) my bill gets even lower. Hundred bucks for 3 lines all with internet. I think I got a pretty sweet deal. The value plan is going to be non existent soon so I went for it.

    • 1coolazn

      call tmo customer loyalty, which is a seperate dept than customer service.  i’ve been a customer for 9 years… just tell them you want $200 applied to your next month’s bill, and have them discount the phone (waives taxes, upgrade fee and rebate) out the door.  and if your contract is due to term, they’ll more than likely say, “okay”…. hell, i’ll even ask that they match the price of $199 which is what NEW customers are paying for the phone….  hope this helps.

      • Adam Raian


        • Adam Raian

          I found out the details for this. If you’re like me and have a family plan, this can only be applied once.

  • Adam Raian

     So I went over to to my local T-mobile store today interested in
    the 16G white SG3. Turns out that they did have the SG3 device. My
    account is currently at 100% full upgrade (7 years with T-mobile). After
    speaking to the turns out that the SG3 is really 379.00 + upgrade fee,
    tax. The rep shows me the sticker price displayed:$229 as a “down
    payment” + $20.00 each month tacked on to cover the original price. He
    goes on to state that all T-mobile customers receive that price. He
    further states that if you are under a classic plan, they you would pay
    $379 + upgrade fee, tax. In this case, the price would really be looking
    around $400 give or take.
    retail stores are a big scam. When T-mobile rolled out the SG3, the
    initial price was $229.00. After looking at the online price, the SG3
    displays $329. What’s the real story here? How much is the actual price?
    Why are there multiple prices?

  • BSpitzer

    Got my white 16 gb today as they got 4 and I was on the callback list just be nice and they will help!


    Any Walmart or Tmo retailer or Costco have the White S3 16gb yet?

  • Jvf251991

    Got mine for $390 out the door. Im loving it. Pebble Blue. And paid $40 for invisible shield :-)

  • Jimoreto

    Got mine over the weekend. 399.99 with 2 year renewel. So far so good!

  • slayr

    Got my blue 32g yesterday via ups. Love phone but alot of aggravation wrangling with cc trying to add fees to my account :( tmo store had great cases. I got the silicrylic case which came with screen protector for $30, done.

    • Taron19119

      Where did u buy it from

      • slayr

        Tmo store in east midtown NYC had great selection of cases. Buy 3 get 1 free accessory deal but I just got my case & screen protector combo. I already bought a slim case which I will refurn since it doesn’t provide protection. Love case, secure grip & not sticky.

        • Taron19119

          So u got the phone from a t-mobile store

      • slayr

        I got slll online from Tmo site. Tmo store did get them 6/26 but sold out. Try to get on wait list.

        • Taron19119

          how the hell u do that cause it wont let me buy from t-mobile website

  • slayr

    Which of the “free apps” prominently displayed on slll screen are actually free? Cc removed my free trial for number id before I even got a call and added $3.99 to my account! I spent a lot of time on phone with cc to remove $ from my account despite paying $380 for phone.

  • guest

    Costco has more SGS3 on their online website 16GB Pebble Blue. On top of the accessories bundle that u get w it they are also giving anyone that purchase one a $35 bill credit.

    • guest

      The $35 bill credit is good till 7/1/12.

  • clinardhoffenburger

    Does anyone know when the Galaxy s 3 will be available for EMPLOYEE upgrade? 
    By the way, if your on the east side of Metro Detroit, the 9 mile store has  white and blue  g s 3’s in stock.

  • GS3 FAN

    Got my 32GB Pebble Blue for $269.99. Talked to a supervisor and he offered me a good price.

  • guest