Samsung’s Shipment Crunch Could Cause 2 Million Lost Sales This Quarter

While heavy demand for a new product is generally a case most companies wish for, in Samsung’s case it may have a heavy price. As Samsung struggles to keep up with demand, the lack of available units may cost the company 2 million units of sales in just one month. There is little question that Samsung’s Galaxy S III is in heavy demand and Samsung says it’s on track to become its fastest selling smartphone ever, with sales likely to top more than 10 million units sold in the first two months.

“Samsung might have been caught off guard by the demand, not because they did not believe in their own products, but because they might have over-estimated the competition,” said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. “In other words, aside from the iPhone and HTC’s oneX there’s not much out there at the moment, which would have certainly helped Samsung.”

Samsung blames part of the delay on issues caused by the case that were a “temporary blip” and have been since been resolved. For T-Mobile and Sprint customers, the launch has been rocky, with T-Mobile moving to a two-pronged approach to avoid a launch day frenzy that was met with disappointing quantities of Galaxy S III units for sale.

As it stands, Analysts expect Samsung to get back on track next quarter, but not before Barclays lowered forecasts for Samsung’s second quarter Galaxy S III shipments to 6.5 million from 8 million. However, they raised third-quarter estimate forecasts by 1 million to more than 15 million units sold.

The obvious statement here is that Samsung’s Galaxy S III unit is one of the first handsets to be truly compared to the iPhone as a bona-fide contender, rather than the “…least bad alternative,” says CLSA analyst Matt Evans.

“The change in status is most evident in the uniformity of the device among the five U.S. carriers. Unlike the Galaxy S II, there’s little customization. Samsung has obviously developed huge leverage in negotiations with carriers and created a ‘must have’ handset.”


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  • Tmo_employee

    my store location only received 4 devices for tomorrows launch 

    • Another_Tmo_employee

      My store received 3… and they gave us permission to sell them today. I said HELL NO…. all I need is 3 angry customers tomorrow morning that we told to come in on the 27th, now being told we got them a day early and sold them all.

      • tech80

         The store here in  Kennewick got 5 today and they were sold out in 4
        hours. I got the last one. I told the reps that they were a bunch of
        liars for saying that they were getting the phones on the 27th, I was
        just kidding, I am glad that I got mine today.

    • Heisenberg

      Yeah, 3 at mine. Ridiculous. 30 people on the wait list and calls non-stop and they send 3.

    • Get_at_Me

      Mine got 2.

    • yetanothertmoemployee

      my store actually got 75 on the 20th, we were one of the lucky few locations that got inventory. We still have over 40 left due to no one knowing we have them. (located in KC-KS)

      • mreveryphone

        Im coming to your store then lol

        • yeah midwest got tons im at walmart in ks and we got 4 and only 2 other stores within 150 miles got 2 so we got preferred lol, and we still had one when i left today lol cause no one knew we had them and they see the 198.88 price tag and think its the gs2 cause its half price as tmo corprates 381 after tax…

        • Sun

          Which part of Kansas?



  • Shatklover

    Why get white? The blue version looks great. It’s more like dark gray in my eyes.

    • ROZCO

      1st choice is black.. 2nd choice is white.. 3rd choice is grey..

  • s10shane

    hopefully customer service gets some in. ive been waiting without a phone for almost 2 weeks since i returned my htc one s for the GS3. they said they might have some on the 27th but they werent sure.

  • smithgo

    people are crazyyy about this phone in my facebook i got a bunch of them posting “can’t wait” statuses this phone is the hottest piece right now. samsung needs to wake up

  • mjsn

    Lol I got mine on June 21st one of the last few my local store had

  • bakalao2k

    I wonder when Amazon is going to start selling this phone at a lower subsidized price?

  • Wow if stores are not properly stocked tomorrow like they said they would be that number is probably gonna plummet some more.

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile’s insane Classic Plan pricing won’t  help bolster sales either. 

    • Hateyou

      What do you base this on?

    • CRT24

      So if T-Mobile’s classic plan pricing is “insane” then what does that make the cost of AT & T, Verizon, and Sprint’s pricing.

      • well vzw’s new shared data crap makes them the bad guys and in the midwest sprint gets spotty coverage so our only choices are to get att and pay more or get tmobile and have ok coverage most places

  • TheInfused

    Does anyone know if the retail stores like Walmart or Costco are going to receive the white one tomorrow? Both have been fully stocked on the blue one the past week around my area.. but still didn’t receive the white one….

    • ROZCO

      i wanna know this too, White 16gb..

    • i asked sdr reps for tmo today and they said prob no white s3 cause were still receiving the white s2 so they have to replace it first in the inventory system to ship them out

  • Tinkeritis

    It seems the 32GB is no where to be found in Denver, yet Customer care says the Denver stores are getting them. They should talk to their retailers who would disagree with them.

  • Taron19119

    come on i dont like this news hope cc gets them im calling at 6 am when they open if they dont have them then they well get hell from all of us but i think t-mobile needs to do a preorde yes a preorde cause this way well know how many they need

    • souggie

      damn that, im calling at 1230 am….no mercy!!

      • Taron19119

        not going to work cause cc open at 6 am est time they work on pst time so if u are on the east cost they open from 6 am to 1 am so for the east right now cc  its still tuesday so not going to work


    If any of you are still looking for a GSIII and you live in the McAllen TX area we still have a few left…. Our store is on S 10th street McAllen Tx.

    • Chrisxremainsx8

      What’s your store number, I’m from mcallen and I want one

      • TMOGUY

        956 630 21 64

        • TMOTECH

          You are insane. How many prank calls did you get? 

  • TheInfused

    The Costco website now lists the Blue Galaxy S III for T-Mobile. Available online and in the warehouse… still no white one though 

    • Kirbdaddy

      And it’s $249, not $199 :(

  • They will be just fine, this is something they probably knew would happen.  A couple of million won’t hurt them.

  • Guest

    Lol, supply and demand. Figure it out. 

    • None

      You mean fabricating demand by lowering supply?  It works every time from technology to beanie babies.  eeeeevery time!!

  • Tmo_Fan

    is this a way of saying buy before there’s no more left.. so people do buy the product… or are we talking of a real crisis here. I need that phn ASAP

  • ML

    Atlanta received ZERO for authorized dealers, while Corporate Tmobiles & Walmart received in bulk, way to stick it to the dealers….

  • Taron19119

    cc is now selling the gs3 but the retention department is close so have to call at 6 am

  • CactoesGel

    Any reason why I should get the 32GB over the 16GB? Please advise.

    • It has 16GB more than the 16GB version.

    •  Absolutely pointless if you can just buy a 32GB microSD for $30, why pay $50 for an extra 16GB?  Not worth it.

  • robert

    Anyone order the White version on June 26? Any idea when it will ship? 

    • robert

      ordered it from

    • cm

      I ordered my white 16gb on Friday and got it on Monday (with overnight shipping)

  • Jordan Johnson

    got mine at walmart on the 22nd, $198 w/full upgrade. No problem and I love it!

  • s10shane

    i called customer service and they still have no GS3’s yet. tired of this BS wait. 

    • nitefallz

      Sucks for T-Mobile if this is true.  Retentions said they’d call me today when they received more phones to talk about “helping me out” about the pricing.  Probably a lie but a good reason to move to another carrier.

      Spare me the “plans are more expensive elsewhere” crap too, they’re not.

      • s10shane

        yeah they said, they are suppose to get some in today but they dont know when. she told me to call back later. i was talking to the account specialist since they are doing a full 2 year upgrade discount for me even though im only a little over a year. so thats why i can only do it through customer service. this blows 

        • Earthrazer

          +1. Not only that, the pricing estimate they told me on the phone to make the devices cheaper than Sprint’s was apparently “iffy” or flat out incorrect. 

          So I guess if T-Mobile can’t come up with a couple of Galaxy S IIIs for me today, I’m going to be moving my family plan over to Sprint. Lame.

        • Bigjokerjoe

           Then get your bags packed and rent the u-haul sir, cuz they have nothing. Can’t do a thing for you

    • Bigjokerjoe

      Hard to blame t-mob because samsung is the manufacturer, but still. Their total lack of preparation is astounding. You could talk to 10 different people and very likely hear 10 different things. I def think it is time to switch carriers. I love ya t mobile but this how debacle, even if not entirely your fault, is the last straw

      • Bigjokerjoe

         meant ***whole debacle

    • Taron19119

      ok now im mad im going to see what they can do for me cause i want the 1550 off the phone that im going to get im going to see if that can give it to me in store

      • s10shane

        yeah now there is a 20min hold time to talk to a account specialist, this is my 2nd time calling in to see if maybe they checked some in there stock. everyone must be calling in for the GS3. what a let down this has been to get a phone. if i had a phone to use i wouldn’t care so much but i got nothing till i get the GS3 and its been 2 damn weeks. 

        • Bigjokerjoe

           Just to let you know, there is no chance they have any phone. They just told me they have none and no information on when they will be getting them. Get ready to be disappointed big time

        • s10shane

          ok well i just got off the phone with tmobile and the lady said she is making a list for her customers that she talks to. she said the GS3 wont be in till monday or tuesday but she put in the system that they will give me the phone for 199 after rebate plus they will wave the upgrade fee and the shipping cost. she said she would call me when they get them in stock so i dont have to keep calling. so we will see if thats true when monday or tuesday comes around. i doubt it though. this is a big let down for me not gonna lie.

        • Luv4greenleaves

          Don’t believe that bullshit…They cannot call you.. It is first come first serve. TMobile, is seriously pissing me off. I could go down the street and get it, but they cant flip the upgrade date for me so I have to deal with these clowns. Service is okay and phone is now overpriced..  Time to stop into Sprint today. Remember, there is a reason why this carrier is going to shit.

        • Luv4greenleaves

          Your stupid if you believe this… I called two times and they told me they don’t know anything…. I think its time to move to Sprint… No wonder is Tmobile is tanking… Time to jump off and get a cheaper phone and LTE and better service.

        • Taron19119

          Your dum cause all of them dont have gs3s in

        • CRT24

          It is not “cheaper” when you factor in plan cost as has been illustrated a million times…..I can’t defend the lack of phones to sell but if you.think that sprint’s service is better then you are smoking something.

        • nitefallz

          You guys keep spewing this thing about T-Mobile’s plans being cheaper, but you’re wrong, unless you’re talking about the Value Plan.   Which doesn’t apply to most customers.  I can’t even switch plans without incurring a migration fee of $350.  How moronic is that?

        • CRT24

          you have a migration fee because you recently got a discount on a phone and extended your contract, you can switch to value with no charge after you have completed 18 months of that contract……and T-Mobile plans both value and classic are less expensive even than sprint, that’s a FACT so you are either mis-informed or a liar…..which is it?

  • Taron19119

    Just call cc and they said that they wont have the phone tell july second and they going to call me back and im geting it for 99.99

    • cheetofingers

      how did you get them to offer it to you at 99 bucks?

  • CRT24

    We are one of the markets that is part of the secondary launch and my store received a whopping 3 phones to sell which were gone within an hour of letting people know we had them…….stores in my market received anywhere from 3 to 6 per store. I do have to say that this is by far the best phone we have ever carried and I can defend our prices and service all day long but the level of incompetence with which this launch was handled is indefensible…its just embarrassing for us to be put in this position and have to try and explain to customers why we don’t have phones for what should have been the biggest launch in our history, just inexcusable.

  • 1coolazn

    i called tmo at 5cst and was told by customer loyalty they weren’t selling them yet… they’ll call me back at 8 to place an order.  got a call at 745 saying, nope… still aren’t released to sell, they’ll call me back at 11cst.  wtf… 

  • souggie

    i called at 730est, and they told e its not on their list yet, they shouldnt give dates unless they’re ABSOLUTELY sure about when they’re really gonna get it… 

  • souggie

    now im hearing july 1st….seriously?

  • Chad w

    Anyone know if Vegas retail stores will be selling these phones this morning for a full retail purchase?

  • souggie

    so now im hearing that they should have it when tmobile’s pacific system updates, so us on the east coast have to wait until 2pm….lets see if the lies continue…..

  • G1ana

    WTH! I already have my phone sold, thinking I would be able to get the phone today or tomorrow! I’m calling the walmarts and they don’t even have them, one said later today but only blue. This is the dumbest release of a phone I have ever seen. I am for sure not getting with T-mobile, if it’s over $100 more. 

    • Mardux258t

      So you don’t want to pay more than $100 for a $600-$700 phone? Makes no sense. That’s called being cheap :(
      maybe METRO PCS has something for you :)

      • Tman

        You misread the post. G1ana said why pay $100 more for a phone when you don’t have to i.e. Walmart charging $200 and Tmo charging $300+.

        That’s not cheap, that’s called smart budgeting.

  • Guest

    Got mines from T-Mobile in the mail on the 26th. I ordered it on the 21st.

    • robert

      Did you get the blue or white? UPS ground?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I waited for today (Google I/O) to decide if I’m going to get the GS3/Note or one of the 5 Nexus Devices (If any of them even come to Tmobile) or maybe even switch providers. Today is the day I decide. :)

  • Travis edwards

    I had mine last week from costco… loving it….

  • d3mon_fx

    Called my local store yesterday to check and they had 5 blue 16GB in stock, he said that I was the first person to call asking about the S3, I didn’t get it because I’m need 2 and the price is stiff. Still I have a hook up at another store and he is going to sale them to me for 199 when he gets them, maybe next week.

  • slayr

    Please explain why Tmo is allowing Costco/Walmart to sell at lower prices instead of stocking their own stores first??!  Very frustrating for loyal customers.  I ordered blue 32G online 6/21 scheduled for delivery today.

    • Costco and Walmart can order units from Samsung directly instead of going through T-Mobile, that’s why.

      • slayr

        Why is Samsung selling to discounters at launch when they are trying to position SIII as a premium competitor to iphone?  Doesn’t make business sense with strong demand and they are frustrating customers who want to buy at phone store.

  • Maybe

    I cant believe all the bitching on here…Are you serious??? a bunch of morons who cant live w/out a phone.  So you have a to wait a few days…omg dont commit suicide yet.  Bunch of morons.

    • Matt

      Point taken. However, it is very frustrating to be on a call list, receive a call last night to tell me that today was the launch, take an extra hour off work, wait in a line along with several others and come to find out the T-Mo emps have no clue what’s going on. And of course, there are no S3s in stock. I don’t mind waiting for the phone. That’s not the issue. After all, it’s only a phone. What I don’t like is being jerked around on both the 21st, and now on “release day”. I’d much rather they just told us the release date was going to be 7/15 or 7/31 or whatever. 

      Memo to T-Mo: Get the damn release date figured out. Samsung sending 2-4 phones to a handful of T-Mo retail stores in my area. (S.F. Bay Area) does not a release make. (I called 12 stores this morning to check) Your retail location employees have no idea what’s  going on. Your internal communication is laughable. We’re not talking about some run of the mill POS phone. We’re talking about a major manufacturer’s flagship product. I realize you have no control over when Sammy sends the phones out, but YOU GUYS set the “release date” not Sammy. 

  • s10shane

    well i was told by customer service that they might get there GS3’s in on sunday july 1st. it might be true since sprint is selling there GS3’s on july 1st

    • 1coolazn

      nope… they still don’t have it.

  • stevec5375

    I find it rather pitiful that an American Corporation can’t handle a product release any better than this.

    • Good thing they aren’t an American corporation!

  • RioMann

    Very frustrating waiting for the blue 32GB to get here in El Paso. Tmo stores here saying “Don’t know when they will be released.” Told them they need to start reading Tmonews.