Clearing The Air On Galaxy S III Availability Tomorrow, June 27th

Yesterday, we saw the unofficial word that T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III launch was getting broken up into two parts, along with Sprint’s due to heavy, heavy demand on Samsung’s part. With the news that the launch was being broken up, plenty of questions have arisen on the specific launch details of both the 16 and 32GB sizes along with the colors themselves. I believe we have our answer in the image above, unofficially of course as we await official word from T-Mobile about the launch.

For now, we’ll try and break it down with the most important channels for purchase:

  • National Retail Launches: Limited inventory at Walmart and Costco beginning June 21st at all locations
  • June 21st: Pebble Blue in 16 and 32GB sizes, only Pebble Blue ships at launch, Marble White in 16GB and 32GB launch details are to-be-determined
  • Target is june 27th for availability , pending inventory levels
  • Telesales: Said to have “higher” levels of inventory

Along with availability comes lingering questions about price, which is still said to be listed at the prices found in the image below. While it’s certainly possibility that T-Mobile could listen to immediate feedback and make last-second decisions on price, for now I’d go with the unofficial pricing details below.

As with everything else, these details are all current until we hear official word from T-Mobile itself.


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  • secano

    I’ll wait for the white one. Thanks.

  • spraynard

    At least Costco will have it at launch. Might be less expensive than buying direct from T-mobile, plus they always give you a bunch of free accessories. 

    • gpt2010

      Wal-Mart may sell it for cheaper, and you will never deal with a mail-in rebate. So corporate T-Mobile stores could sell it for whatever they like, cause I will not buy it from them when I am pretty sure I could get it much cheaper somewhere else. 

  • Joseph Wong

    Was going to get the SGS III but have decided to wait for the next Nexus. By then, the SGS III might have come down in price if I still want it. I’ve done the math like many others, and that in the long run I’ll definitely save money via the Value plan; however, perception is everything. I feel TMO’s marketing department could have done better to present the case. Oh well, I’ve been with TMO since 2000 and will stay for the foreseeable future.

  • Tophall

    I’m not happy with the cost vs ATT and Verizon.  I am still waiting for details on the Note before I make the purchase.  Wife is leaning toward the Note as well.


      Monthly bill would be more with the other boys. It ends up being cheaper at TMO in the long run…

      • That maybe but why wouldn’t I just go with the others since the phone is cheaper and their service is better.  Look at Sprints pricing. Their data speeds are bad but they are a lower cost carrier and they aren’t dumb enough to jack up the price of the phone and say it all balances out since our monthly rates are lower.  A phone that is exactly the same on the all networks should cost the same.  Now the monthly costs could be different since one provider is clearly better than one another.  If you want customers you charge less. You can’t say i want customers and we charge a lower monthly fee so we can jack up the cost of the phones and people won’t be smart enough to realize what is going on.  It turns people off. I’ve been a customer for 10 years + and this stuff makes me want to switch to Sprint.

        • UMA_Fan

          The other carriers are just banking on enticing people on low upfront charges on the devices and making you pay for it elsewhere and then some because the average customer isn’t smart enough to notice it.

          That’s the whole philosophy behind T-Mobile’s value plans.  It separates the phone from the plan.  Remember, all the other national carriers charge a $36 fee just to use an upgrade. That’s near $200 the carrier is taking from you on a family of five.  T-Mobile charges $0 on the value plans.  You pay full retail price of the phone but people should really be thinking of plan times 24 month contract plus price of the phone you pay.  THAT’S how much the carrier is truly charging you.

          I do agree that T-Mobile pricing the same phone differently than their direct competitors is a marketing and consumer perception catastrophe.  I’m going to assume from T-Mobile’s perspective, they were forced into this pricing in order to make the Value Plans come out cheaper than the Classic Plans.  If they subsidized the GS3 to $200 on Classic Plans, the Classic Plans may have come out cheaper in a 24 month period and at that point, what’s the point of paying full retail on Value at all?

          At the end of the day though, I really doubt price will stop people from buying the GS3 on T-Mobile.  The subsidized pricing MATCHES what people are paying for the GSII on T-Mobile right now plus $50.

        • TMOTECH

          And I Know it may not be important to you but Sprint has posted losses for the past few quarters too. They keep it up they are going to go bankrupt. T-Mobile is in the business to stay in business and the only way to do that is to make a profit so we can make the network better. 

  • billy padilla

    like the article mentions, tmobile might change their minds since this postings have stirred up a firestorm of negative comments. i too am very disapointed. somthing no one has mentioned is the price with the included tax on $629 plus $330 and in my case the $18 upgrade fee. looking like $400 upfront….am i correct??? i too will wait for the white version and will buy from walmart/best buy/costco etc. NOT Tmobile corprate store. “bastards!”

  • B-Mobile

    does that clarify that BestBuy will not be selling the T-Mo version of the SGIII?

    i will wait for a white 32GB SGIII at a national retail location, that doesn’t cost $379.98 (with a $50 MIR)

    • its 279.99 after the 50 rebate in store cost is 329.99 but walmart is bound to have it in a few weeks for 198 or less

      • Blaine

        Tmo is screwing their brand…The average person is just gonna see 199 vs 329 and check the other carriers first

        • 3560freak

          So other companies don’t do rebates? Since they do it should read $250 vs $329. And why are you surprised? TMobile’s galaxy s 2 was more than any other carrier too.

      • B-Mobile

        notice i mentioned the 32GB version (added $50 to the price of the 16GB SGIII)

  • billy padilla

    wow cell phones are expanseive!!

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    “National Retail Launches:  Limited inventory at Walmart and Costco beginning June 21st at all locations”.

    Does that mean T-Mobile retail stores won’t have it all until the broader launch?

    • 21stNow

       I understand that everything from the post yesterday still stands and that the first screenshot on this page is the lower part of the page that we saw yesterday.

  • Walmart is where I will end of getting it, because they will have it at the lowest price more than likely.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hopefully Walmart will carry it for $199 with a 2yr contract or upgrade. At least it will be in price with all the other carriers. They usually are cheaper anyways so at least some discount would be better than nothing or even having to wait for a mail in rebate.

  • I think the marketing strategy here is to have it marked up even though the amaze 4g and the one S are both 600$ phones they don’t sell with this price tag. I’m willing to bet that T-mobile is marketing it based on the demand and hype so that they won’t have to subsidize it as much as the other phones and to try and help lower the demand on it as well then at a future date when its availability goes up they may lower the price down.

  • Marc Klein

    What about Amazon? And why is T Mobile the only carrier to delay the White?

  • dcw

    Hey T-Mobile employees, thanks for doing your job we really appreciate it however… – you cant buy this phone!! But hey, we didn’t lay you off like those other hundreds of people a few months ago!!  

    I wish I was surprised, I mean, why would you want your employees to have the latest phone out. 

    Second rate treatment of employees (as well as customers many times) is why I had to move on. It’s been real.


      Second rate? We get 2 free handsets a year and 7 employee lines at 10 bucks a month with 2000 minutes of voice for each line and unlimited data and text. Yea I am sure everyone reading this is crying a river for you because we have to wait a couple of weeks to get our free handset that costs the rest of them 600 dollars. Boo Frickin hoo. Sorry you had to move on but with your attitude it was probably a blessing for your co-workers and your department. I personally cant wait to use one of my 2 free upgrades for this handset and am happy to wait a couple of more weeks so my customers can get theirs now. 

      • tmo_rep

        Someone didn’t tell this employee we get our “free” upgrades after 5 years on tenure, and it’s really not free seeing how we get taxed on our pay check.  A phone of this value will be close to $160-200 coming out of our check…

        • secano


        • Scapegrace

          I wanna know where you live where the tax rate is 33%

        • tmo_rep

          I don’t think it matters where we live (i could be wrong with that) but they hit us hard on our check.  I had to pay a little over $120 when I got my amaze.  Because the company can’t do anything about those taxes they lowered our plan by almost 50% over a year ago.

        • UglyPete

          we are taxed on INCOME TAX not sales tax. when you factor $629 earnings ON TOP OF a $400 pay check, that is a hell of a lot of tax.

    • Look how long VZW employees had to wait to buy their Iphones. 

  • Lenix38

    Would be nice if they would list the stores that would have it or at least a pre-order option geezes.

  • Is there any news on the pricing at Costco, Bestbuy, and Amazon?

    Hopefully those stores are offering the STANDARD $199 price point. 

    • sharklover

      I just called my local Costco. They confirmed they were getting it tomorrow. The tmobile rep was standing next to him. The sales person said he thought it would be $199 but the tmobile rep told him he was way off the mark. The sales person also told me I could not exchange my phone which according to wireless advocates is not correct. They are now trying to get that resolved.  

    • fenderbender

      I was told $199 by a Costco sales rep as well. 

    • billy padilla

      im hoping there is, bestbuy tmobile rep says he thinks it will sell for $199 based on what all other flagship pgones have sold in the past (one S, S2) but you never know, keep in mind all these super stores price match. no word on their prices that i know of to date.

    • Arvin

      amazon no longer supports tmobile subsidies 

  • Hmm

    The document says that the White GSIII is TBD under the category… could that possibly just be for the online store, and not for the retail stores?

  • secano

    What are the disadvantages of buying at Walmart rather than buying at a T-Mobile retail store?

    • S3drool


      • tmo_rep


    • Having to step foot into Walmart :(

  • rickerlore

    And the only word we have from Tmobile today is a tweet with a link to a facebook page.  It still metnions the June 21 date with no metion of the delay or split release.  It just seems very strange for them to handle this in this manner. 

  • well i getting one tomorrow and they got white and blue. she ask me over the phone which color i wanted.

    • Taron19119

      who got the white

  • S3drool

    I paid $20 for 5Gb of data. If I get from Costco or Walmart would they change it to $30 for 5GB data? This is the reason I always ended getting my upgrade with authorized store.TIA

    • Scapegrace

      I have had good luck explaining to the rep at the costco counter and they called in to T-Mobile and I was able to keep my preferred $20 5gb package. YMMV

      • S3drool

        ty billy and scapegoat

    • billy padilla

      they dont touch your data plan or anything else if you dont want to, my experiance was they clicked a “dont change on my paln” and i was good to go.

  • billy padilla

    the only dis advantage that i recently experiance is that if you upgrade thru walmart and return the phone for a full refund you will NOT be allowed to upgrade thru them again. this has frustrated me so much. i upgraded to the S2 and then realized the S3 was aout a month away, after i got the refund i was told i could not go thru walmart for future upgrades. i called walmarts corprate office and i was told i was going to get a phone call back in a few days. tmobile walmarts system will not allow them to revert your upgrade thru their system. i could go to other stored (best buy, tmobile stores etc) but not walmart. it far cheaper to go thru walmart because they tax you on sale price not retail price (at least in california). overall i think its cheaper and they have phones on the spot. hope it helps.

  • billy padilla

    the only dis advantage that i recently experiance is that if you upgrade thru walmart and return the phone for a full refund you will NOT be allowed to upgrade thru them again. this has frustrated me so much. i upgraded to the S2 and then realized the S3 was aout a month away, after i got the refund i was told i could not go thru walmart for future upgrades. i called walmarts corprate office and i was told i was going to get a phone call back in a few days. tmobile walmarts system will not allow them to revert your upgrade thru their system. i could go to other stored (best buy, tmobile stores etc) but not walmart. it far cheaper to go thru walmart because they tax you on sale price not retail price (at least in california). overall i think its cheaper and they have phones on the spot. hope it helps.

    • WW

      I did that once as well.  Walmart didn’t tell me what they told you (“we don’t want your business”) but I did find out (when I tried to use my unused upgrade at Best Buy) that in TMo’s system, that Walmart purchase will show up as your upgrade date.  
      Best Buy told me that I didn’t qualify for a full handset upgrade (they could only go by what their system showed) because of the recent Walmart upgrade (even though it was returned).  
      TMo CS verified for me that they could see that I reversed the Walmart purchase so still qualified but couldn’t make it reflect that in their database so I was stuck doing the handset upgrade/contract extension through TMo corporate stores, official website or CS.  
      I couldn’t do my handset upgrade through any authorized dealers.

  • Thecrark

    Im not eligible for an upgrade til december. What will be my cheapest option to get it this week or next?

    • Einrae214

      Add a new line of service

    • Man, don’t EVER add a line of service to get a new phone…unless you need the line.  You are creating another bill, just for a quick fix on a phone.  Do not do that, PERIOD.  Pay full cost, or wait until it’s your time.  Search online for one, ie craigslist, eBay, or Amazon for a deal.

  • Scapegrace

    I wonder if Costco/Walmart will only get the blue as well

    • Well, I called my local Wally world and they were very rude.  But they just told me they don’t know until it comes…

      • fixxmyhead

        haha wally world

        thanks for the cheap laugh. havent heard that in a while

  • Psaux

    David, any chance we can get more info on how the SGH-T699 compares to the SGS3?

    • fixxmyhead

      its inferior trust me. also why do u ask him?  theres plenty of people here that will answer ur question hes not the only one with answers. also the gs3 is like the hottest most talked about device right now and ur trying to compare to some phone with no hype or info? (its on middle/high side in case ur wondering) the answer is pretty obvious even if u know nothing

      • Psaux

        I was looking for an actual specs breakdown, given that some of us really need physical QWERTY keypads.  There are some things that have extraordinarily negative reactions to the kind of typos onscreen keyboards, pattern-based input systems, and autocorrection problems can create.

        • fixxmyhead

          Thing called google but I’ll save u the trouble
          If I remember correctly from previous post on here

          5 row qwerty kb
          5MP rear shooter
          Front is VGA
          Android 4.04
          720p screen
          Dual core snapdragon (most likely s3 chip) so far that’s it

    • hgjkgukggklg

  • TheInfused

    The picture only indicates that the White GSIII launch date is TBD for Does this mean that it’s still launching for the retail stores? 

  • Jmotley69

    Just got one reserved for me to pick up from a T-Mobile store here in Jacksonville, she told me on phone they were only getting 7 and I was the 6th one on the list,now if T-Mobile will just officially announce pricing and come down on the assuming price.

  • JMack85

    David (or anyone else): being outside one of their magical 29 markets, in order to upgrade I guess I have to wait until Jun 27?  Correct?  Can I not give telesales a call tomorrow morning to do an upgrade over the phone??

    • I was told by customer service u can do telesales at midnight tonite. for upgrades and new activations.

  • Guest

    best buy, target ,frys will have them next week for cheap

  • rwc1792

    We are exactly two weeks away from July 4th.  I’m willing to bet there will be a July 4th sale, and that it will include this phone.  Waiting two weeks isn’t too long to save a few bucks.

  • Fake

    Go Figure T-Mobile screws up a launch date, again. Just like the G1, just like any other Android based phone they understock and oversell as much as an airline. Even employees are being screwed with the inability to order it.

    • Matlock

      Dont forget the HD2 launch fiasco! They didnt have enough phone for almost 3months. I remember when the phone launched, I was an employee but hadnt yet gotten an employee plan, and bought my phone in my store before we opened, LoL! Manager, just shook his head when he heard I did that, we only gotten 15 in stock for the launch.

  • After calling two different T-mo locations in NYC the employees said, “Due to legal reasons, NO ONE is getting it until the 27th…” I don’t think this is true, but I thought I would offer this bit of info. Why’d they say this? Lack of updates on their end? Quelling the overwhelming demand? Prank? 

    • Fake

      Because they are trying to pass the buck. Apple didnt block Samsung from selling the devices, they just didnt order enough on time to get them in stock.

    • That’s another lie. 

      Apple has made it clear that it would not try to obstruct the SGS3 release in the US, although the litigation will continue.

      It’s just T-mobile’s logistics issue. One problem that I am aware of when dealing with imports is the customs clearance backlog which is a huge issue in New York. In any case, whether it depends on them or not they screwed up big time by not being able to cope with the promised date. Let’s see how AT&T behaves. They’ve been mum about tomorrow date.

  • Well guys/girls, I’ve accepted reality…this is it.  I’m just gonna buy one, because I really want one.  So the price is gonna have to do.  I have a ‘mobile phone fund’ if anyone needs help getting theirs, let me know.  Donations here.

    • Brfield

      I prepared to pay $200 to $250 out of pocket, not over $300! Hell, I would have been fine with a $300 charge up front, then a $100 MIR. This is horse shit. Think I might have to wait for a deal on this. 

    • Andrew Davis

      Yeah, me too. I just can’t wait any longer. $330 it is :)

    • 21stNow

      If I take a donation, do I have to buy T-Mobile’s GSIII?

  • My store doesn’t have any on the inbound shipment list for tomorrow.  We are in the Charlotte market, though in one of the smaller towns outside the city.  Pretty sure we won’t see it here until the 27th.  Too bad.  The GS3 could’ve given us a big weekend for sales.

  • Matlock

     If Tmobile is charging so much for the 16GB model, I can only imagine how much they are going to charge for the 32GB model! YIKES!!! im guessing the 32Gb will probably be close to $400 on classic before rebate, and probably 300 on value for the down payment

  • Gac

    Called my local walmart and the person said theyre gonna have it next week. 
    $199.99 for 16gb and $249.99 for 32gb.  I cant wait!

    • Ikhtiaralam

       What’s your location? Were they sure about the price?

      • Gac

        Im sure he was sure. I live in Virginia. When i asked about it he was really excited. lmao

        • Ikhtiaralam

           That sounds amazing, haha. 199.99 it is. Walmart saves the day.

        • Gac

          Getting the 32gb version:P 

  • Elder Mo

    My local Wally world has the Samsung g3 on sale for $849 (no contract). The regular price without a contract is $899. Not much savings here.

    • Chili

       That should be for the unlocked version. 

  • Abe_The_Babe

    I signed a contract on June 17 so my brother can get the HTC One S for free, now I have 30 days to upgrade my phone. Will I be able to go buy it from walmart with my upgrade? Will the T-Mobile stores have it in addition to Walmart?

    • TMOMag

      No, you won’t be able to return the One X? Why did you buy when it was well known that the G3 was coming out? Unless you want to pay full price for a G3, you are SOL.

      • Psaux

        You’re lucky there’s not a “dislike” button.  The fellow you’re replying to doesn’t seem to be saying anything along the lines of what you think he is.

        • Abe_The_Babe

          Thank you, I was about to say what is this guy talking about? We just signed a new contract and my brother got the One S, and I was told I have 30 days to upgrade my phone for the subsidized price. I’m just worried they won’t have the white option in time :(

  • Marissa F

    I just called two local stores. One told me it doesn’t come out until the 27th. The other said it got delayed a week. My area was on the list of the top 29 cities, or however many it was, to get it on the 21st. So what gives? Are they lying or was it actually delayed a week?

  • So much for the T-mobile boasting.

    Apparently there will be no SGS3’s in stores tomorrow, at least in New York.
    I visited the nearest T-Mobile store on my way home and when I asked about tomorrow release and availability a rep told me the release has been pushed for June 25.”T-Mobile will still be the first carrier to offer the device in-store…”Lies, lies, lies.Now with the missed launch date plus the overprice let’s see how much they’re going to have to swallow on the way.

  • Valentino Rossi

    What’s the difference between and Will I be able to buy this full price (no upgrade) at midnight tonight from their website or will I have to be a new customer?

  • this is such a mess. i called t-mobile and spoke to their cancellation department (based on my experience, they are the most knowledgeable), and they claim that there are no updates in their system about the s3 launch. they told me that the information on this webpage offers them more information than what they have access to as employees.  after i hung up with them, i decided to give costco a call and see what they knew.  they told me to call back in the morning because they don’t have any info in their computer about receiving any inventory of it tomorrow.

  • tekmonkey

    How much will the 16GB be for customers on a grandfathered plans?  I have an old Family Plan with unlimited G1 data and unlimited messaging.

  • Ken Sze

    wow tmobile screw their employees as well…looks like they cant even get the phone. 

    •  nor should Employee’s get first crack, that’s business.  Employee’s should always have to wait until customer demand dies down.

  • rschauby

    Sounds like Tmobile is going to sell 10 handsets tomorrow just so they can claim to be the first American carrier to sell the S3.

  • in2android

    I just got back from the T-Mobile store in canton Ohio, and they sold it to me tonight! It was $370 out the door, but I have to say it’s a fantastic phone! Absolutely gorgeous color in metallic blue, and the processor is buttery smooth. It seems to me the extra ram helps things a good deal. My buddy has the international version, and though I haven’t tested side by side, it seems to be no different besides the bloatware. I’m going t o assume that the only noticeable difference will be in gaming, as the exynos gpu is going to be the only area of far superiority….

    • Taron19119

      all lies u did not

      • in2android

        Not a lie at all? I don’t have a reason to lie? Call your T-Mobile stores, I’m sure the one in canton isn’t the only one. Call t-mobile in canton Ohio if you like? It’s on w. Tuscararwas st? I don’t make things up, and I’m not the only one that has one…

        • Taron19119

          ok so how u pay 320 for it then

        • in2android

          Not 320, 370… And i know most phones qre great when you first get them, but this phone is worth tmobiles high price to me… I havent been this impressed since the first time I used the Note. I’ll be more than happy w/ this until the Note 2 hite the scene & then i’ll be prying open my wallet w/ teqrs in my eyes again! Lol

        • Taron19119

          yeah 370 dont sound right so was it an full price or upgrade price

        • Jawonchance

          Well if its $329 for classic plan customers before the mail in rebate add the upgrade fee and taxes $370 is about right.

        • Taron19119

          ok did they have the white and the 16gb

        • Nicetry

          phones are not loaded into the system with prices until the morning of release date.  lies.

        • in2android

          Im uploading a video to you tube now, search for Tmobile galaxy s3 shoupd be available @ all retailers, its only @ 10% so giv it a half hour…. sorry for the shakey hands… lol… i used an old sensation to film one handed

        • in2android

          alright guys search for the video I stated above

        • in2android

          I swear to you guys they sold it… Blue is the only color available & only 16gb in stores. I wouldnt make it up. The rep told me every store is getting some in based on their volume. Im typing on it now… I dont thiink anyone will get fired either, they are just authorized retailers anyhow, he even had to call customer care because the micro sim needed the phone # of a different line on my account thqn the line that had the upgrade, so they had to change it after i made a call to be eligable for the rebate. Also, when you turn the phone on tmobile now requests diagnostic data collection permissions, which you have to turn off in settings, I believe its just carrier IQ… Beautiful phone, but it is expensive. I love my pbones though, & I really do have unbeatable prices on my 4 lines. And it eends up at 370 because an 18 upgrade fee, & taxes. If you dont have at least 370, then I wouldnt head to the store because tax her is only 6%..

        •  that’s a lie, the stores near me all confirmed they’ll have 32GB models in stores as well as 16 tomorrow.

        • JayMo86

          That price does sound right, u guys forget to factor in the upgrade fee and taxes. It should be about $378 in NY after sales tax. And that store in canton might get shut down or fire some reps for selling that phone early…

  • Jmotley69

    what is a care to care upgrade?

  • Someone in another article made a good point about why TMo might be pricing their GS2 higher than everyone else.  I forgot that their ETF is only $200.  Meaning if they sell the phone for $200 upfront on the classic plan, you can just go and cancel your plan for $200 and effectively get the GS2 for only $400.  Meaning they would lose a ton of money.

    Maybe they could come up with an increased ETF specifically for this device?

  • Taron19119

    t-mobile is have a party tonight at 7 to 8pm so we well know at 8pm every thing

    • Ikhtiaralam

       Eastern, Central, or Pacific time?

      • Taron19119

        its not   one  party they haveing 20 of them at once all over the us its on there facebook page

  • WW

    I’m hyped about this phone but have a 1 month old GNex so can’t afford to do this upgrade yet.  
    At least maybe I can consider an upgrade when the 5 Nexi (Nexuses? Nexus? conflicting info on the Infonet).  
    It’s been kinda quiet on that front since the announcement.

  • s3333333333333
  • Zbarak

    I just spoke with 611, they said to qualify for the stupid $50 rebate, you need to have an Unlimited voice and unlimited data plan!!   This is a hoax, really pushing me to leave Tmo…

    • Taron19119

      and what about price

      • Zbarak

        I didnt bother asking, the price is already known….

    • JayMo86

      That isn’t true, go to and print out a rebate foit 2morrowr and it explains all the requirements for the rebates. Only the Fathers Day promo had an unlimited voice plan requirement

    • Themat

      Dont be a fool, even with that its still cheaper than other carriers, i guess if you wanna spend more money for less services then you should leave but otherwise stop complaining

    • LC

      The unlimited minutes has never been a requirement for any phone, unless it’s during a special promotion.

      Data should be the only requirement.

  • Landotheripper

    So the one being sold tomorrow is only the “Pebble Blue”? It says on, not sure if this also means that the “Marble White” isn’t going to be available in stores.

  • Taron19119

    maybe t-mobile well say something about this at midnight and we well know everything

  • Landotheripper

    Is the Pebble Blue version the only one that is going to be available in stores?

    • remister

      The Blue one is the only one that is being launch tomorrow.

    • TheInfused

      Well.. according to the picture it doesn’t indicate what’s being sold in the retail stores. But for, it will just be Pebble Blue.

    • LC

      The white will be launching on the 27th, during the second half of the launch.

  • Pig_Vomit

    Called three stores in Orange County, CA, which I would have thought was part of the “Los Angeles” market scheduled to begin selling tomorrow.  Each told me they would not be selling until the 27th.  I then called a store in Norwalk, CA, which is in Los Angeles County.  They also told me they would not have them in stock until the 27th.  Makes me wonder exactly what T-Mobile thinks the “Los Angeles market” is…

  • according to this speed test, the  tmobile gs3 blows away the at&t version on LTE, note that in the top comment, the uploader said the price is $500 full retail and $200 on contract….we will all know the truth tomorrow! 

  • AlcaloidE

    I called this morning to the tmobile store in Stamford, CT and they told me that will be available tomorrow but they said first come first serve. I hope that they didn’t lie to me.

  • Vinh7706

    what  about best buy mobile?

  • Calvinwatterson

    They probably won’t have it either.
    They offer to new customers first that is a great way to drive away current customers. Not to mention charging more.

  • mike


    • Bybochka

      How much would you have to pay tomorrow?

  • Timp_66

    Just called my local t mobile store as it was on the list of stores getting the phone. They got a good shipment and ill be getting my phone at 9am tomorrow

  • Az_Native

    I live in the Phoenix, Az area. I called a few stores and they said 3 stores in the entire state are getting a shipment of limited supplies and most of the supply is going to a call back list so the actual availability is only a hand full and will probably be sold out extremely fast.

  • Omgatiger

    So as a noob to all this phone stuff, if i’ve been with T-Mobile for 7 years or so and I’m on a grandfathered plan (i think) and i’ve had my current phone for 2.5 years so i’m up for a new upgrade/contract, can I get this phone at wal-mart or something and still use it with my current plan? or should I just save up a bit more to buy this phone from t-mobile?

    • id like for someone to answer this also….i want to pick this phone up from somewhere else, hopefully cheaper and still keep my current plan!

      • Aleksandr Peredereyev

        Most likely not, because they require atleast $20 data plan..thats what they told me today on the phone..

        • i currently pay $30 a month for the android web data plan thingy…..if i were to say get this on Wirefly or bestbuy mobile for a cheeper upgrade price, can i just upgrade my contract through them and keep my current data plan, since i already pay $30 dollar a month for the internet that shouldnt be a problem right??

        • LC

          Data would be $35 on old grandfathered plans, and you just want to make sure you recognize that you’d be signing a second contract with that company. Just makes sure you read the fine print, so you can avoid making changes that might incur an ETF with that third party retailer.

    • toto

      You can keep your same plan, but you will need to get data

  • Bybochka

    What would be the full price of t-mobile galaxy s3? anybody knows?

    • 21stNow


  • Themat

    We have over 100 phones ready to go 2mmrw in our store, both colors

    • Bybochka

      Where is your store?

  • Bybochka

    34 street(6-7 Ave) store in Manhattan have s3 now for tomorrow.Garanteed.

  • bigsexy808

    Just went to one of the local t,-mobile stores here in Hawaii and the rep said statewide its coming out on the 27th.

  • me

    Do T-mobile stores ever open at midnight on launch day for new phones?

    • Sherif

      No Midnight openings, 34Th Street store opens at 10 and Staten Island Mall opens at 9 i believe. They may sell out before the end of the day

  • @6954cc41e6d13149fabb0cf1e9251850:disqus  what store is that? 

  • Can who ever is posting the leaks – please post which stores in the LA Area have stock? I am sure that Intranet app has that info :) 

  • Rupert

    In case anyone is in the Bay Area. Most COSTCO’S in the bay area will have the phone in stock tomorrow!! Super promos with it. Free activation fee and free accessories with all purchases!!

    • rwc1792

      Thank you very much, sir.

  • Thekcguyme

    Any clue what time it will go on sale on the 21st on

  • Xjt Computers

    they always fuck over the employees… if anything we should have had the option to atleast acquire the device first since we will be the main ones being questioned on how to use it… smh

  • Only 3 stores in KC have them in stock tomorrow. Shawnee, 119th & Blackbob & Zona Rosa. Shawnee has about 75 in stock right now ready to go for tomorrow

  • Mark

    Does anyone have any information about el paso?

  • John

    3 stores in Minnesota. Maple Grove, Coon Rapids, and Burnsville Center. First come, first serve.

    • guest

      Sweet. I’ll be in coon rapids one early morning. Thanks

      • Dave2metz

        Minnesota what’s up? Maple Grove for me tomorrow morning..

  • Annonymous rep

    The lack of info on employee availability saddens me…

  • Duck Dodgers

    I heard that the Southcenter Mall Store will have them in the Seattle area.

    • tmo_rocks!

      there’s a waiting list…only 4 stores in washington state will have them

      • tmo_rocks!

        southcenter and bellevue square corporate owned tmobile stores will have them

        • jhoff909

          but not the seattle store – weird.

        • tmo_rocks!

          there are two authorized resellers getting them in, forgot which two…people will be camping at bellevue square for sure

  • MGPM27


    • Scapegrace

      Holy crap. No one cares.

    • jelliottz

      I don’t mean to be rude, but please turn off Caps Lock. I feel you screaming in my face. Also, if you would mind adding some punctuation (while removing multiples) it would make for a much more smooth reading process for us end users. Thanks!

    • Oryandunn

      Ok, great idea. Go to a different carrier for a bit less upfront cost, but pay 10x more over 2 years. Awesome plan, who else is in?

      • LC

        I’ve never understood “reasoning” like that. For me, I’m paying my bills every month. Sure, I don’t hold on to my phones for two years, on average about nine months, but still. I’d rather pay less every month for the same services than pay more so I can get a “break” on a phone.

    • Hateyou

      Lol. This guy is flat out sad! Dude first stop typing in caps, second just stfu

    • Stormy

      If you’ve been waiting this long why dont you have money saved?… the S2 was sell for $279.99 before rebate when it came out. Thats only a $40 difference. And if you want to pay a $200 ETF and then the price of the phone and activation thats gonna be near $500 dollars,  your stupid… Other competitors are alot more expensive on their plans… Just wait and ge the phone in a wk or so… the first batch usually has bugs and needs updates w/in a few wks anyways

    • Mr.GetDown

      What a baby lol… Use one of those androids that you had to do some math….

  • Nate595

    So are all walmarts and costcos getting it tomorrow?

  • John

    Any news on the prices for the 32GB? So far no price has been announced. Kinda afraid to see what thier price is compared to the 16GB model.

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Will the white phone be sold at any brick-and-mortar location on the 21st, like Costco?

    • gekswag03

      Yes, I will be at walmart at 8am lol

  • Jsboogie5

    if you can not afford the phone dont buy it… simple as that

  • Vinh7706

    does anyone know about the stores that will have it in dallas?

  • Vinh7706

    ok update. ALL TMOBILE STORES ARE GETTING BOTH COLORS TMRW. i got an email from a rep.

    • CRT24

      Nope, you got bad information.

      • Vinh7706

         how? its an email from tmobile themselves

        • Get_at_Me

          Not true…only 16gb blue available on 6/21

  • tmo_rocks!

     NO STORES WILL HAVE WHITE TOMORROW…and yes i meant to capitalize that…no stores will get them til July and no date has been set, yet….32GB release date is also unknown

  • Marage19

    I am so frustrated.  I called and spoke to a TMO rep that said it would be available online at midnite ET.  So I hopped on the computer logged in for 30 minutes to find no S3.  I call in and the rep advises that there is no information indicating time of release.  I think the TMO reps are having fun being able to lie and get away with it.  The rep advised the agent didn’t put in the notes she told me an exact time, just that I wanted to know the date of launch.  GRR!! 

    • tmo_rocks!

      most stores should get their shipments next week….just call your local store and get on the waiting list…calm down, it’s just a phone

      • Vinh7706

         the reps say all stores get it tmrw

      • Marage19

        The point is not that it’s a phone. It’s about a reputable company (and I use the term loosely) lying. Btw there aren’t any stores within a 4 hour radius. People out here must have the right idea..other carriers.

        • LehighNewb

          If you are assuming that the reps are purposely lying to you than you have no idea what it is like to work in customer service. The information they are given can be changed several times in a day. The rep at the time might have had info saying a midnight release and than later a rep gets newer info saying no information. 

        • Marage19

          Sounds again like tmobiles problem. I’d call that an internal area of opportunity.

        • Mr.GetDown

          You sound like you might know what it takes to run a cell phone company… you should start one and let us all know how that goes for you…

        • davedsone

          Yeah, I’m going to BET it’s only Tmo that does this, and you will be super happy with the service at one of the other carriers.  So many good stories about Verizon’s love for their customers.  Have fun over there.

  • Jvf251991

    Everyone here is just saying what they think is gona happen lol but nobody has concrete information 

  • Robert Medrano

    Did anyone here receive a text today inviting you to the sneak peak party? hopefully this will be fun!

  • in2android

    Hey guys i was able to get the device earlier tonight for 370 out the door… pricey but worth it… check my youtube video by searching “T-mobile galaxy s3 should be available @ all retailers”

  • Paulwall2234

    there is only 3 stores in michigan getting the phone on the 21. the other stores will have it by the 27th ;(

    • Edy6401

      do you know wich ones?

      • Paulwall2234

        I know all the metro detroit stores will get it on the 27th. i know the saint clair shores store has a short waiting list, I suggest going /calling there to get in line for one. 

    •  thats not true.

  • Ashido480

    Guess I won’t be getting my phone until July, I hate the blue one

  • Jmtztech

    if you are going to be in dallas. the store on buckner n Garland rd is going to have the device. not all stores are getting the phones. they only picked a select few locations across the US. Its not T-mobile’s fault. just Samsung did not think that they were going to have such a high demand for the device. same thing happened to sprint. they pushed there release date back to the 27th,

  • Njcmiddle

    Mn. St. Louis park TM 25 tomorrow

  • tomnewtn

    I guess this is a device that’s sure to catch fire! (see what I did there?)

  • LehighNewb

    I find it kind of terrible that samsung was saying the phone will be $199.99 but than the carrier goes and ups that. While I understand they are trying to make up for cost on their end it just looks bad. 

  • Arvin

    329 no 50 $ for upgrades fuck tmobile 

  • Arvin

    no pebble blue for upgrades if you want 16 gb and no 50$ rebate, Thanks tmobile appreciate the love for the loyalty….

    • davedsone

      I was waiting to get one… as soon as I got wind of the price and lack of any MIR I just called Tmo and said “Hey, Best Buy has the One S for $99, I don’t want to deal with them, can you match it?” and they did.  I like the SGS 3, but that’s a lot of $$$ for it.  I love the One S, really nice phone.  Just don’t feel like paying for a “premium” device that is nearly identical to the one I got for $99.

  • Guest

    Pricing info is up on

  • Cronq

    Congratulations New Customers! You get first crack at the GS3!! is unwilling to sell the GS3 as an upgrade, but if I pretend to be a new customer I can check out with one right now.

  • Gac

    Its in Tmobile website now

  • Devinlking

    The no MIR was the killer for me and no free shipping smh..

    • Ikhtiaralam

       Walmart’s cap for smart phones are 198.00 so they’ll be selling the Galaxy for that price. They’ll be getting most their shipments on the 27th so stay on the lookout.

      • Arvin

        this is not true wallmart has no cap for smartphones don’t spew bs. They are charging 250 for one s for upgrades i have the link up. 

        • Ikhtiaralam

           Actually, no they are not. I’m in Dallas/Fort Worth. Every Walmart I went to today has lowered the GSII to 99 and Every One S is 198 also.

        • Ikhtiaralam

           I’m going tomorrow morning to actually upgrade two of my lines. One for the One S and one for the GSIII. I’ll post a receipt of my purchases.

        • Ikhtiaralam

           Just so you know, in-store and online are completely different markets for Walmart.

        • KingJamez

          I work there in the electronics and wireless area and there is no limit on the phones.

        • Ikhtiaralam

           I’ve done research and actually gone to Walmart myself.

    • Marage19

      I just got one on and there is a MIR. No billing to acct so I paid 370 incl tax/overnight shipping for 16gb pebble blue. I tried to order whit but it said not available until 6/25.

  • Upgrades are live now, and they have the blue and white version 32gb in stock for 379, white 16gb…but NO blue 16gb on my upgrade. HMMMM

  • Bigjokerjoe

    same here

  • apparently you only get the $50 rebate if your a new customer a so its gonna be $329 for 16gb &  $379 32gb..i’ve been looking forward to getting this phone in my hand but for this price..its kinda ridiculous..c’mo tmobile

    • Bigjokerjoe

       not to mention the fact that they shit the bed when it comes to availability. Well more likely Samsung shit the bed. How are they surprised and unprepared that demand for this phone was gonna be through the roof? Phone was absolutely the most anticipated of the year.

    • CRT24

      You will get the rebate on upgrades if you are at full discount

  • TickedOffInOR

    I can tell you this: Having T-Mobile wanting to charge way $329-$50 MIR=$279, instead of $199 ($149 at Amazon Wireless and Target) is seriously making me reconsider staying with T-Mobile.

    You can be CERTAIN I’ll be looking at other providers, thanks to that bit of high seas piracy. I’m leaning toward jumping ship at this point… AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are all valid options now. I’ll be comparing the price of everything, too, not just the phones. But yeah, that’s way too much of a markup compared to everyone else on the S3….

    • Mr.GetDown

      Make sure you compare apples to apples…

  • 2TO8

    I’m going to wait till the 27th and see what I can get then.. prices are ridiculous with a 2 year extension..

  • Marissa F

    I just tried to order it from my Tmobile account, the White 16GB version (because the blue 16GB version was not available) and when I got to the cart I got “We’re sorry. This item is not available for immediate shipment.” – Sigh. That, plus, Tampa/St Pete is supposed to be in the “Top 29 Markets” having the launch today and none of my local stores in St Pete have it. (They all told me it was delayed to the 27th.) Tmobile sure isn’t making it easy to get this phone. Plus $329 with the 2 year contract?? Really?? – Coworker of mine who is on Sprint preordered his Blue 16GB version, its out for delivery TODAY, for $150 with 2 year contract.  What is going on here??? :(

    • Taron19119

      ONLINE dont have white one i got same thing

  • Bigjokerjoe

    We all know t-mobile has a bit cheaper contracts which is nice, but come on this is still pretty ridiculous. Not just the price, but the fact that they are terribly unprepared for such a HUGE launch. I have literally talked to 5 different reps (between in store reps and online reps) and they all 5 had varying answers for me. How is that possible? I am on a family plan and pay 220 dollars a month. I am up for an upgrade on my line and can not pay 280 dollars. Especially with such unbelievable uncertainty. How can this be real? It is almost like they just heard about this S3 launch two days ago, that is the way they seem to be scrambling….it is very disappointing. I am definitely gonna look and see what else is out there. I like t mobile and am a loyal customer but this whole situation has really really turned me off.

    • Mr.GetDown

  • has anyone had any success at walmart or costco yet?  the memo says that they’ll be available at those stores with very limited inventory…

    • Guest

      i called about 20 walmarts and few costcos they don’t have it yet

  • Mighty1

    The price tag for the 32gb version is absolutely insane! My employer has a 20% or higher discount with every major carrier except T-mobile; which has a %15 discount. I’ve tallied up all the cost and with  a comparable plan and my discount, I can pay $75/month on At&t and have the 32gb GSII version. Highly thinking about jumping ship.

    • Mighty1

       ATT doesn’t have a 32gb version…damn

    • Mr.GetDown

      Please tell me about this comparable plan…

  • Deklox

    been with tmobile for 8 years and gotta pay $379 for the 32GB version???? That’s crazy. I’ll get it $50 cheaper if i sign up as a new customer…

  • Mighty1

     Are you kidding me!!! No rebate for loyal customers, only new ones; where they do that at?  I feel as though the GSIII launch has been quite botched from all carriers, but T-mobile takes the cake. This is arguably the company’s worst launch ever in my opinion. I’m switching carriers today.

    • Mikelfl

      You do get a 50 dollar upgrade as an upgrading customer

    • Make my day..Sayonara…

  • Guest

    Costco will have it next week according to the rep there.

  • Mikelfl

    Just got my phone set up. Tmobile customers DO get 50gb of free dropbox for two years :-D

  • Mikelfl

    Just got my phone set up. Tmobile customers DO get 50gb of free dropbox for two years :-D

    • TickedOffInOR

      It’s not free. Not when they’re charging $129 more than everyone else.

  • This is so FUBAR! I was just at Wal-mart for an hour (where they had TWO
    S3’s, which they showed me).  The phone wasn’t in their system yet, so
    after calling manager after manager, it was determined that they are not
    authorized to sell me the phone until the 25th.  They claimed that this
    decision came from Wal-Mart corporate headquarters, who said there were
    two release dates for this phone, and that they weren’t selling the phone until the 25th.

    I ultimately ended up placing an order online for the 16GB white
    version, which said it was not available for immediate shipping.  The
    lady on the phone couldn’t give me a straight answer on if they
    currently had any inventory, so I have no idea when I’ll be getting this

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 6 years, and this is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with them! 

    • You realize the fault is “on” Samsung who is working as fast as they can to produce enough inventory right?

      •  I can’t imagine Samsung is responsible for not authorizing the sale of the phone at Wal-mart, given that Walmart received the phone. For me, this is an issue of miscommunication by T-Mobile. I’ve spoken to 5 different reps (in-person and on the phone), and they all have a different story.  The last rep I talked to from T-Mobile said it was a misconception by many that the phone launched today, and that today is actually only the beginning of the pre-sale date!

        • Bgbagz

          in an age of light spped communication and for a company that deal sells commincation this launch is PISS POOR

  • Irfan0922

    that’s why T-Mobile is nation 4th largest company not the first , the problem they have they are not commented regarding ,customer satisfaction, knowledge of plans and phones, and always late to took action

  • Cashman

    $380 or $330 before $50 mail in rebates………..I’m sorry but that is way too much money considering other carriers are offering the exact same models for $200 or $250. With everyday that passes, switching carriers is slowly becoming a better option for me

  • Was at Costco – They said they get their shipment today and it will be on sale tomorrow but you can not buy it retail you have to bump your contract. 

  • For those of you who upgraded through, what is it saying for your “status” and “estimated delivery date”? mine says “Being Processed” and 06/22/2012 (I did overnight shipping).

    • If you did a upgrade on tmobile site you will get the phone on the 29th. Unless you added a line there is no way to get it before then. Only new customers can ger it tomorrow.

  • guest

    june 27th??? i though it was june 21 st…

  • Cyclone

    Walmart upgrades are risky. If the phone is faulty and you want to take it back to the store you lose your upgrade. On top of that their employees are often clueless.

    in Costco you have to be a member.

    T mobile store you walk in and out with new phone.

    • None

      but then you need to by a new wallet because TMO just stole yours!

    • billy padilla

      you only lose your upgrade with walmart only if its a full refund NOT an exchange. that happened to me after i asked for a full refund on an S2 i had. i was able to exchange with no problem but after i returned for full refund, their system does not allow to revert you upgrade with walmarts only. im ok to go elswhere. kinds sux because walmart is always cheaper. and your right, some wamart cell reps are idiots!!! in my experiance in walmart pico rivera CA, i got ghetto attitud. a nice mangr helped afterwards.

  • ETphoneHome

    I got mine for 199 @ Wal-Mart. Talked them into a price match with Costco because they didn’t even have a subsidised price in their system. It was real iffy though because they couldn’t verify the Costco price, but one of the employees lied for me. Took like 3 hours all said and done.

    • ETphoneHome

      Actually half to do the upgrade myself with tmo customer service. I’m sure if I had someone pretend to be them instead I could have gotten away without even actually upgrading and still paying 199

  • billy padilla

    heres a thought, go to costco and ask for them to price match walmarts in store price of $198, they would need to call a walmart that has them in  stock or have pricing on them. im guessing you would get it for that price and get the accessories kit too. im going to try that today. keep you guys posted.