T-Mobile To Be Among First Launch Partners With Windows Phone 8

On the heels of the Windows Phone 8 announcement, comes word from T-Mobile that they will be one of the first launch partners for the upcoming platform. In a quick statement to PC Mag, T-Mobile confirmed they are “bullish” on Windows Phone 8:

“T-Mobile is very bullish on Windows 8 and will be a partner at launch,” a company spokesman told us via e-mail.

Looking at that above picture, I still love what I’m seeing, it’s definitely refreshing moving away from the static icons of iOS or various takes on Android. We’ll just have to wait and see how it resonates with the public later this year.

PC Mag

Image Credit: The Verge

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  • GwapoAko

    I hope we get the high end Windows Phone!!

    • Yea, I hope they don’t pull a ‘Lumia 710’ on us again… I want a top-of-the-line WP8 device! I’m eligible for an upgrade in November too. Seems to be lining up perfectly for me.

      • UMA_Fan

        It’ll make sense for T-Mobile to have at least one Windows 8 super phone this fall.  Verizon pledged to do with Windows phone this year what they did for Android so there will be A LOT of windows phone word of mouth.

      • GwapoAko

        I am on a Value Plan..so if Tmo will get the high end WP.. I will get one and a Surface Pro next year!!!! Yeah!!!

      • Foxeh

        Well, I would have hated to spend the money (or get on contract) for a “fancy” Windows Phone 7.5 device only to learn a few months later that it won’t ever get any Windows 8 apps.

        I don’t see any reason for T-Mobile to hold back this time around, but I may wait to see what their LTE looks like next year…

  • HalfwayCrook

    Pass. T-Mobile, bring me the next Nexus, kthx.

    • fixxmyhead

      probably not. i think google is just gonna start selling them in the play store from now on. cut the middle man out 

      • None

        the way God intended.  LOL

        • fixxmyhead


        • MacRat

          Very true.

  • None

    Please let it be a decent WP offering.  Radar_2 will not be enough this time.

    • None

      TITAN III?

  • That’s what I wanna hear, but too bad I already got a HTC One S. Kinda too late for me, but I agree with @5e8fa34727b5e1aefd3d0aeb941fff1b:disqus , Bring on the High-End Windows 8 phones!

  • LTEstyles

    Alright! T-mobile to be the first carrier to offer windows 8 phones! Low end windows phones of course.

    • None

      Would not shock me, honestly.

  • BigMixxx

    Windows Phone looks quite a bit nicer.  the ecosystem with it and a Surface device will be hard to deal with, especially those that have windows based computers.  As long as their is no ‘you gotta have Zune to…’ requirement, it becomes a monster in my book…

    • Windows has already stated updates in WP8 will be delivered OTA.

  • BahamasGeek242

    This is good news I guess but will Nokia give T-mobile another low end windows phone or will Nokia give T-mobile access to a flagship device.  

    • I believe T-Mobile has more say when it comes to which phones they want to carry.

      • UMA_Fan

        Very true.  Plus I think it was smart for T-Mobile to opt for the 710 whether it was their choice or not.  When it comes to people buying budget phone or browsing the low end looking for ‘free’ phone deals, Windows Phone is the way to go.  Your android experience on the low end hardware is usually awful and even worse so for people not too technically saavy which is why they probably went for a cheaper phone in the first place.  Windows Phone is stable and simple but lets people surf the web and do things they want to on smart phones.  

        When the market evolves to where consumers start SEEKING windows phones versus being recommended Windows Phones by sales people I’m sure T-Mobile will have one high end option in there at the least.

        • I also suspect now that T-Mobile USA turned away the Lumia 900 because of the upgrade issue. T-Mobile Germany made the same choice this week (along with Vodafone and several other big operators in Europe). They don’t want to launch a phone that won’t be fully supported with updates after the fall. Windows Phone 8 won’t come to any Windows Phone 7 devices, period.

        • Vim

          Agreed.  The Lumia 900 has been Osborned.  

        • MacRat

          AT&T paid for a US exclusive on the Lumia 900.

  • I agree, let’s hope T-Mobile gets at least one high end device. I have an HTC Radar and I am very happy. I wonder what I more sophisticated device would be capable of!

  • Silveroaks92563

    Sensation 2 or the Herc(wells few years now)….wake me then

  • MIA

    hell yea wp8 ftw – Lumia 950? please no low end bs this time

  • ChadBroChillz

    The new windows line( desktop, tablet, phone) has me super pumped about the future of it. I may have to switch to windows 8 on my Mac. Also switch to their phones Super glad tmobile is at the front line of this platform. Hopefully they stay in the foreground, and not let other carriers try and steal the thunder.

    • gwhyte01

      Hey hey…..get in line me first. lol. Have it on the pc. have it on the phone. i need that tablet to complete the circle.

      • ChadBroChillz

        Their tablets have me really excited. I am waiting for price and reviews on how well it works, but it has me leaning towards selling my iPad for the windows surface with keyboard attachment.

        The platform really has the whole ecosystem idea down. Way better than even apple, IMO. I am just wondering how their jailbreak/root community will look like.

        I feel like I’m 16 again, and about to get my drivers license.

  • Doubt they will have anything decent seeing as they prefer android and if they do we all know it will be at the low end.

  • Jazz

    Thanks David for the Corning ad you CCANNOT get rid of .
    Its always good to pollute your users experience .

    • Sorry, I can’t help some of the ads that run! Believe me, I know they often suck, but they are a necessary evil.

  • *YAWN*

  • Windows 8 bites the big one. The new Surface tablets announced the other day will likely be priced too high, and the release of Windows 8 for the desktop will be a bigger turd than Vista and ME combined.

    Windows 8 is ugly, garish, and very unintuitive…typical Microsoft.

    • None

      Why did you even read this article?

      • Guest

        Agreed. I think some people have nothing better to do then just to look for opportunities to b$tch.

  • jelliottz

    I’ve owned every T-Mobile WP7 device. The Dell Venue Pro was lacking on some hardware specifics and updates, the Nokia Lumia 710 was a disappointment, but the HD7 and the Radar were both very pleasing. I hope T-Mobile moves beyond mid-range devices for the next round.

    If they give us a high-end HTC (or maybe Samsung) my Galaxy Nexus may very well find itself on the auction block.

  • ics

    Without reception in most areas of my apartment, cannot consider a switch w/o wifi calling! Really hope they develop a solution. Intriguing software.

  • Deihmos

    Hey tmobile I’m not interested in windows phone. I want to get rid of my android phone to get an iPhone. Make that happen!

    • None

      There is no one stopping you from getting an iphone on tmobile and there are already a million users that have one on tmo.  What I do not understand is why you people must jack another thread to keep saying it.  Go to the apple store and buy one today.

      • Guest

        Amen None!

        • Deihmos

          Only idiots are willing to be stuck on edge to use a phone. I need 4G or whatever you call it and full support. 

    • MacRat

      Unlocked iPhones are available directly from Apple’s web store.

  • i’m really hoping Tmobile gets a worthwhile Windows 8 Phone ..

  • Orlando

    I currently own a SGII and HTC Radar (my extra line). I am a fan of WP7 although I still feel its missing too many things that I enjoy with Android. With that said, I’m looking forward to WP8 and a HIGH END Windows phone. If TMO is really serious about this, they won’t screw around with only mid-range devices. I was so tempted to open a line with At&t because of their selections of Windows devices.

    I’m not asking much for me to use Windows. All I need is Turn-By-Turn Voice Nav (like googles), a screen that’s at least 4″ and above and a good camera. The Radar’s screen is small for my old eyes and the pics/videos suck compared to my SgII. I’m willing to sacrifice some of the other Google services I use.

    • Fray26


      There will be 2 high end phones coming from HTC. Plus the features that you want is already coming to the Windows Phone at the end of this year. So have patience.

    • Fray26


      The features is already coming to Windows Phone at the end of this year. So have some patience :)

  • HeLLo

    Oh my they really are serious about having that garbage.Don’t worry I will be laughing so hard when this W8 crap fails just as WP7 did.W8 was overhyped so when people come around complaining about W8 dissapointing them I will laugh at them for falling into that W8 hype.

    • MIA


      • MacRat

        Microsoft Fanbois?

        • None

          Are we french now?  Fanbois is adorable!!

    • Aaron Tant

      define “fail”.

    • UlyssesGhost

       I think a 12 step phone support group may help.  You are clearly too self involved with your phone choice and how you look at others and the world. Get some help.  Really.

    • Fray26

       Garbage? You mean that shitty ass performance that your using right now. An iFake iPhone wanna be with their iFake wanna be iPhone performance and their buggy ass OS. Yea, thats complete garbage. You wanna know whats funny? The galaxy s3 version of Windows Phone is gonna be a lot faster than the CrapDroid version.

      • None

        Was that English because I think I caught a few words here and there that sounded familiar.

    • None

      …and you wanna talk overhype.  THAT would be called the GSIII.  A very fine phone, but overhyped is an understatement.

    • Lubbalots

      I’m not understanding your nonsense anger towards WP.  Theres a whole bunch of Androids that tmobile carry to your liking.  Doesn’t make sense.  Idiotic!

  • GS3

    a little suggestion with that UI.. make give it a snap scrolling feature option, the ability to have blank spaces like you can have the option to have widget-less/icon- less right in the middle portion of the screen or anywhere on the screen , that way you could see your wall paper… how about an option in the setting to switch to static UI ala windows 6?

    with all the bricks showing on the screen , it looks nice at first , then you get bored real quickly with all those bricks… just IMHO..

  • None

    I like windows… but when you make all the “tiles” small, 4 across, someone please tell me what you have??  You have ICONS, just like iOS and Android (albeit “live” icons).  They had a great idea to set themselves a part and ruined it by trying to look like the leaders.

    • Lubbalots

      You must be new to WP or a total idiot.  Its customizable with 3 size options.  Make it the way you want it!  There is NO comparison to the other os’s!

      • Well I have used all three OS, I started wit my g1 and moved on to the g2. Now im using the Lumia 710. I also have an ipod touch, which is just like an iphone. I really prefer Android over iOS. I like the style of WP and the feel of it. However, it lacks apps. Thats the only problem I have seen with it. Im tied between both WP and Android. I think they both are equally good and fun to play around with. Just my opinion.

  • Lubbalots

    Oh I can’t wait for my HD8! 

  • HTC One S with WP8 please. Thank you.

  • UMA_Fan

    Everyone hoping to get Microsoft to support T-Mobile WiFi Calling on Windows Phone, go here: 
    http://windowsphone.uservoice.com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions and type in ‘T-Mobile WiFi Calling’  and vote for all the WiFi Calling threads.

  • Blah

    I remember seeing a chart showing how many features were missing from windows phones that Android and iphones had. 

    I’m hoping Windows 8 phones will close the gap somewhat?

    I want one, but only if Tmobile doesn’t screw us again by only offering something low end like the 710 again. 

  • eric stallings

    I swear, if T-Mobile launches second teir windows phones–like with WP7–then I’m done. Sadly, I’ll make the leap to AT&T.

  • Bshit

    Wow, that’s a tuff statment. I absolutely look my HTC WP7 phone it’s amazing and the best phone I’ve ever owned. I am a business user and it’s very business freindly.