T-Mobile Highlights Windows Phone Sales After Windows Phone 8 Announcement

T-Mobile is riding the Windows Phone news wave today with their own blog post highlight the rising sales of their Windows Phone lineup. In fact, in the eight months of availability for the Nokia Lumia 710 and HTC Radar 4G, sales have more than doubled. Acknowledging that Android holds the lion share of the market for T-Mobile’s 4G smartphone portfolio, Windows Phone is coming on strong says T-mobile with a “simple and addictive experience.”

The Lumia 710 is consistently among the top 5 selling devices on T-Mobile’s network since its launch in January of 2012. In fact, 55% of all upgrades to the Lumia 710 come from a messaging or feature phone, leading to some of the highest satisfaction scores for all of T-Mobile’s smartphones. T-Mobile remains “bullish” on Windows Phone future announcing earlier today that they will be among the launch partners for the Windows Phone 8 release later this year.

While there’s no doubt that Android will continue to dominate T-Mobile’s lineup, writing off Windows Phone at this point is far too early. Microsoft has plenty of fight left in it and now they are doubling down with Windows Phone 8 and a host of requested and innovative features. The Windows Phone future shall be interesting indeed.


Full Statement:

Windows Phone Sales Climb as Consumers Demand Choice

By Brad Duea, senior vice president of product management

At T-Mobile, we focus on delivering amazing 4G experiences at an affordable price across a wide selection of cutting-edge devices. And we know that consumers demand choice when it comes to their next smartphone. Choices are a must when it comes to fitting a person’s individual needs – from the best smartphone to the right operating system to the best rate plan. This is why we support multiple smartphone platforms, knowing all will continue to evolve and provide the best experiences to our customers.

Today, Android continues to represent the lion’s share of smartphones on our 4G network however, Windows Phone has come on strong as a modern smartphone platform with a simple and addictive experience.  In fact, the mix of Windows Phone sales among our product portfolio has more than doubled in the past eight months with the availability of the Nokia Lumia 710 and HTC Radar 4G.

We continue to see strong sales and adoption of the platform with the Nokia Lumia 710 consistently being one of our top five selling smartphones since it launched in January 2012. Not only that but, as expected, we’ve seen a large number of first-time smartphone users select a Windows Phone as their device of choice with 55% of all upgrades to the Lumia 710 coming from a messaging or feature phone. Best of all, they’re loving their new smartphones; in fact, Lumia 710 users have some of the highest handset satisfaction scores among all of our customers.

The feedback from our customers has been very positive on Windows Phone software, with the Metro user interface and ease of use as two of the best rated Windows Phone features, and we know Windows 8 has the potential to take that experience even further integrating the platform across multiple screens with PCs, tablets, TVs and smartphones.

We’re bullish on the future of Windows Phone. In fact, IDC’s report out earlier this month predicts Windows Phone will surpass iOS by 2016 – and we expect Windows Phone to continue to play a prominent role in our product portfolio and marketing efforts. Microsoft announced today that T-Mobile will be among the launch partners for the Windows Phone 8 release later this year, and we’re excited to bring new, innovative Windows Phones to market.

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  • Mr P

    as a rep, the T-Mobile Lumia is a great great phone to sell to customers who are new to smart phones(cheap, easy to use, good size)…hopefully Windows 8 creates that market for hardcore users like the 910 somewhat did on AT&T…almost everything T-Mobile carries now is Samsung(all the Galaxys, Gravity Smart, Gravity Text, Exhibits, flip phones)…all the LG phones have been discontinued, HTC Amaze, Sensation & My Touch Slide are EOL…we need more Windows phones since Blackberry is pretty much dead…bad enough we don’t have an iPhone but we can’t have a whole store of Androids either. 

    • I agree on the Lumia comment.. my friend recently upgraded and was deciding between the GS2 and Lumia, personally its no comparison for me but for him he loved the Lumia and all its integration, Windows Phone leaves a great first impression for the average person needing to do some basic smartphone things.

      Note: He never got to try the GS2 I think.

  • MacRat

    “sales have more than doubled”

    Went from 2 phones sold to FOUR!

  • UnknownGhost

    I am just hoping that T-Mobile picks up a few high end Windows Phones when Windows 8 comes out and not just the mid tier ones. ATT picked up the Lumia 800 and 900 which were indeed the better 2 of the Lumias. I myself love HTC and love my Radar 4G more than my Galaxy line of phones but I would have liked a Titan II or something in that range. Please pick up the higher end Windows 8 devices too T-Mobile!

  • Don’t count out the Windows Phone OS indeed. My wife uses a 710 and loves it. She is not a ‘nerd’ by any means and finds the design of the OS easy and straightforward to use. 

    Also, Micro$oft recognizes the PC is on the way out and they must “change or die.” Consequently, I believe you’ll see a lot of $$$ poured into development for WinPhone and no doubt subsidies for software developers to include a Windows version of popular titles. 

    Game ain’t over yet. 

    • Nino

      Yes windows HTC 8x phone is going to be the way to go…the competition between HTC and Nokia for Windows phones is going to put out great phones with awesome new innovations …with androids crashing every five minutes look for windows to move up and moving up quick…

  • Carl Camera

    This is all nice and good. BUT. After ten years I feel no sense of loyalty toward T-Mobile whatsoever. Either they land the Nokia Lumia 920 or I walk. It’s that simple. My contract for my phone and my wife’s phone is up in six weeks.

  • Since I’m on the Value plan, I’d consider a Window phone if the price was right. It would have to be significantly less than Android devices.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    My wife wanted a smartphone and didn’t want to pay more that $150. Sub $150 Androids are pathetic, so I directed her towards a Lumia 521 for $130 at WalMart. It truly is head and shoulders above everything else in that price range….smooth is the best way to describe it and I would recommend it to anyone on the cheap.

  • torymknotme

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