Costco Puts T-Mobile 16GB Pebble Blue Galaxy S III Up For Sale On Website

While T-Mobile’s official channels are now said to all have launched the Galaxy S III, inventory constraints have us looking in every direction for available T-Mobile units. As of yesterday, Costco has placed the 16GB Pebble Blue unit up for sale on No word on in-store availability at Costco retail locations, but at this point ordering online seems like a great idea and not driving all around town hoping to find this elusive device.

Costco sounds like as good of a place as any to grab this super smartphone! In case you are wondering, our in-cart price for a new activation was $249.99. No word on final pricing for upgrades.


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  • rwc1792

    Most Costcos in the SF bay area have had the phone since last Thursday at the price of 249.00.  

    • GS3

       with white color?

      • rwc1792

        No, they said white won’t be out until July. Not sure when

      • GS3

         no white ones, yet..

        i want the white

      • GS3

         no white ones, yet..

        i want the white

  • nitefallz

    So $250 for upgrades.

    • gpt2010

      Yep. $250 +taxes. No mail in rebates to deal with. Got mine last week. 

  • Samsung is also offering to buy back your old phone –

    I am still running my HTC HD2; the buyback offer is $55 bringing the total for the III down to $194.99.  That’s a little more palatable and Costco give you the extras too.

  • Sofeisty

    Got my upgrade in Lenexa, KS on Saturday.   $249.99 with a free accessory pack which included a hard core storage case, two phone cases, a car charging adapter, and micro usb cord.  Excellent price with 90 days return privileges keeping contract, of course.

    • nitefallz

      I assume you need a Costco membership too?  

      • TmoNoMo

        If you want to buy anything from Costco, you’ll need a membership.

        • Joevisual

          Not true, you can buy alcohol without a membership. Tell them at the door and your good.

        • does not require a membership despite the name, that is Cosco’s wireless store online.

  • Jdmap1

    where is the white one??

  • nitefallz

    Nice, I did not know about this.

    • jhoff909

       Yup, $75 for my old Vibrant…

  • Psaux

    Man, I wish Costco would actually stand behind their listed “retail” price and really sell off-contract. (They won’t.  I love Costco, so this depresses me.)

    • MacRat

      Yeah. It’s annoying.

      But Costco isn’t actually selling phones. They are just a phone plan reseller like Best Buy and Radio Shack.

  • Pnina_evans

    So… the white one was just a myth then? nowhere to be found.

  • Marc Klein

    The upgrade price seems to be the same price as the new contract price. But it’s usel;ess if you aren’t a member.

  • Mightyfighting

    The better deal is paying whole sale for $389 at Costco and getting on a value plan.

    • mynigguh

      you still have to pay $20 extra every month…

      • Reveng101

        That’s incorrect. Costco does not offer an installment plan like tmobile. 389.99 is the final price on the Value plan. It is a very good deal.

        • GwapoAko

          $389 for the GS3? Is this true?

        • GwapoAko

          I saw the website. Can I buy it in the store?

        • theinfused

          All of the Costco warehouses around my area in Minnesota had a ton in stock… but only the blue version. So the ones around your area should have them.. just give them a call.

    • Dall

      how the hell do you do that? (on the value plan as it is)

    • TTruong

      I emailed Costco Wireless if I could do that online, but they replied saying the GS3 uses a micro sim which is not compatible with the Value Plan. Only regular sims are compatible.

  • Musasi

    I ordered white gs3 16gb version on 25th (upgrade user) and now I see that my order has shipped with tracking number. The estimate delivery date was 7/3/12 but it seems like I might get it on Friday or next Monday. Can’t wait for it :)

    • robert

      Did you order a white or blue? 

      • Musasi

        as I stated above, it was White :)

  • Kathy

    so this wasn’t the latest ANDROID 5 JELLY BEAN and not 2GHZ?
    when  will we receive the  ice cream sandwich  update on the HTC my touch 4g?

  • Digitalfreaknyc

    It’s gone now.  Anyone still see it?

  • King50

    must of sold out ,its not there nomore 

  • Lani

    Yep looks like Costco is sold out of the Tmobile version.  Still show Verizon, Sprint and AT&T versions available online.

  • GS3

    i called 2 best buy mobile stores… none of them in my area has it yet..

    i called 3 tmobile stores, all sold out  and only the blue one was available..


  • superg05

    150  for amaze 4g i think I’ll stick to ebay will get more

  • Corvend813

    I think it should be free for upgrades. T-Mobile is already a great company to have a cellphone through but it would be so amazing to have this phone available free through upgrade.

  • Jlynrn93

    The Costco in Corona, CA has the 16gb in pebble blue.  They’ve had them since the 22nd and still haven’t sold out.  I just called them today to inquire about the white one.

  • now THIS is a reasonable price point and exactly what I wanted to hear. I will be buying my GS3 from Costco come August when I get my upgrade. 

  • Terence Truong

    So is it possible for me to go in to Costco, and ask for 2 Samsung Galaxy s3 on the value plan and just pay $389.99/each upfront instead of going to my local T-Mobile store and pay $630/each? Thanks!

  • G1ana

    Walmart has them for $199.00. that is where I will be getting mine. now let’s see if I can find one, I will probably just wait another week to get my hands on a white one. 

  • FlyinUte

    I bought mine with upgrade at Costco on the 22nd, it came to $276.70 out the door. Would like to know if this $199 Walmart price can be substantiated anywhere, as Costco may match it.

  • Nanu

    Guys FYI – I placed my order for White Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB model on Tmobile website on June 21st and finally got UPS Tracking confrimation that it will be delivered 29th June. My price came in at $379 +Tax+ Upgrade Fee + I get a $50 dolloar credit..

    Just to let you know

    Good luck with all you waiting out there. 

    • slayr

      I ordered blue 32g same day/cost and got it 6/27. 32g sold our online now. Love my slll.

  • mrspiffy

    Got the white 16gb in store. A bunch of tmo stores in the l.a area got a shipment today… amazing phone but poor battery life!

  • Terence Truong

    So is it possible for me to go in to Costco, and ask for 2 Samsung Galaxy s3 on the value plan and just pay $389.99/each upfront instead of going to my local T-Mobile store and pay $630/each? Do I also need to pay $20/per month for 20 months too? Thanks!

  • Lani

    Just visited a Costco in Los Angeles and found out that you can buy the SG3 with the
    Classic, Value or Monthly4G Plans(no contract).  You can buy the phone at full retail if you use the Monthly4G Plan.  You can keep your same plans (if it has data).  Pay an $18 upgrade fee.
    Depending on which plan you go with, the price of the SG3 will differ.

    Anyone know the pros and cons of buying from Costco verses a Tmo Store?

    • Lani

       Meant to say, keep your same plan if it is Classic and has data.

    • Terence Truong

      Is the full retail price $389.99 at Costco?

    • Terence Truong

      Is the full retail price $389.99 at Costco?