Full Pricing Breakdown For Samsung Sale, Galaxy Note II On Sale This Weekend As Well

Some good news for all you Galaxy Note II fans out there soured by this mornings news that showed the Note II as not a part of the special Samsung sale this weekend. The good news is that the Note II IS on sale this weekend, just not for free. During the course of November 16th and 17th, the Note II will sell for $299.99, with a $200 mail-in rebate for a net cost of $99.99 and 20 monthly payments of $20 for Value Plan customers.

Classic Plan customers are looking at a slightly different deal with a $499.99 out of pocket payment, with a $300 mail-in rebate bringing your net cost to $199.99. It’s an interesting way to go about the deal, and I’m not sure how many will jump at laying out $500, but if you really want the Note II, this might be a good way to get it on the cheap. Of course cheap is relative when you have to wait for the rebate to come back after laying out the cash.

The rest of the images show a complete pricing breakdown for all the Samsung smartphones and tablets on sale this weekend. Classic Plans are on top, Value Plan pricing is below.


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  • I may have to get on this for the note II

    • if you’re due for a upgrade~ call customer loyalty. I got an offer of 269.99 for a contract re-up. Some people are reporting they’re getting it below $200 with no rebates involved. I’m due this 15th so i’ll give a few calls to see what the best deal they can give me.

      • nyuhsuk

        Are you talking about a Classic or Value plan? If the former, the deal David details in his article sounds better for that right? If you’re talking about for the initial Value downpayment for the Note, that might be more enticing..

        • orokukarisawa

          Well seeing as the value plans are nowhere near 2 years old, I’d assume he has to be talking about classic. And for some people a slightly higher overall cost is worth not having to deal with the MIR.

      • Rob Daman

        i’ll give it a try as well. it’s like trying to win the lottery with them when you call. it’s literally a different proposal every time.

      • Ive been due for an upgrade for about 6 months now. Just been saving for what i really want. I will try on friday and see what happens over the phone.

  • Pete

    And tmobile wonders why customers won’t buy and aren’t lining up for “free phones”. It’s because they make it the most confusing thing for a customer to understand. Same thing as value and classic and bridge to value. Let me see if I can come up with some new revolutionary way to change the american cell phone landscape but make it as confusing as possible. Sure customers will come in waves right????

    • FistofSado

      Well I for one went in yesterday to a retail store and it all got explained to me pretty clearly. I didn’t subsidize a phone when I went in to make a family plan in september. They switched me to a value plan yesterday with no fees attached even though I had signed a new contract in september.

  • ceegii63

    wait are these on NEW 2 year contracts or on EXISTING Customer accounts?

    • Daniel

      Thats what i wanna know.

    • Phedre

      me too! Plus, I’m eligible for a slight upgrade discount in December, but not the big upgrade discount until April. Can I get this price too?

    • Phedre

      Existing, as long as you’re atleast 22 months into your contract. or new.. new always gets great deals.

  • MarcusDW

    I’m in! $199 is waaay cheaper than I expected to pay for the device! I’ll happily wait for my $300 and just put it back on a credit card.

    Most of you probably won’t like this but it’s still the cheapest Note 2 available.

  • Tom

    This sale is terrible. 500 dollars? Even though you get 300 back that cou/d take a while. Come one T-Mobile. the average family couldn’t afford to drop 2000$ in one day just for phones

    • MarcusDW

      Then it sounds like the average family shouldn’t be shopping for premium devices that are obviously expensive.

      • AndroidProfit

        Speak it man! So many whiners on this forum who OBVIOUSLY shouldn’t be buying TOYS if it hurts their budget this bad! And they have the BALLS to blame Tmobile as if they are OWED something.

        • loueradun

          Well everyone on the Classic plans are expecting a subsidy, since that’s the whole point. The complaint here is not the price, its making the deal unattainable to those who don’t have the money on hand right now. So the folks that would appreciate the deal the most (those looking for cheap phones), can’t make use of it due to T-Mobile’s horrible rebate policies. On top of that, they don’t make it clear which plans qualify, and the exact terms of the rebate, so many will upgrade, and have their rebate denied due to not fulfilling the rebate criteria, even though they were told they did by the sales rep (happened to me last upgrade).

      • AndroidProfit

        Exactly! Too many whiners on this forum. Somehow it’s tmobiles fault you can’t afford something… that is rich!

      • Guest

        Thats silly. I think $50 or $100 is reasonable. $500 sounds like out of contract price. These rebates are out of control. Its like literally banking on your stuff getting lost in the mail. Can you imagine waiting on four $300 rebates coming back on debit cards? Especially with Xmas around the corner. This doesn’t help Tmobile keep customers. The other carriers dont do this AFAIK

  • Rob Daman

    sales tax is going to suck but at least it’s a better incentive.

  • steveb944

    This for $500, vs a nexus… I’ll take the Nexus. I’ll have to hit up my local stores this week to see it in person

  • rfgenerator

    So it looks like an f-you for folks who want an SIII but are on either Android Preferred or the 2GB data plan as apparently the only qualifying data is the “unlimited”. Ridiculous. I’m using a Sensation and I’m a pretty heavy user but offload to WiFi a lot of the time and have yet to use more than 600MB of T-Mobile’s data in a month. They are trying shoving crap that people don’t need down customer’s throats. I suspect the business model will be to require top line data plan for top line phones (who’s price is going up up and away) going forward. It’s reasons like this that after having been a customer since 2004 and resigned contracts without too much thought, next time I will be taking a hard look at the competition and maybe just learning to do without data as I did for until 2006.

    • LuvTMO

      I am on a grandfathered family plan with $20 android preferred data plan. So I am not eligible for free S3?

      • Vadim Shun

        In the same boat, wondering to wait a few days till this becomes clear or grab Nexus 4 to replace wife’s Sensation phone (whose hardware/screen giving up at times).

      • loueradun

        According to T-Mobile you are.. At least they said I was, and I have the same plan. Last time we upgraded, they tried to deny our rebate because we had the $20 unlimited vs the $30 unlimited (apparently there is a difference?). We had to have T-Mobile pull a copy of the sales call to prove to T-Mobile that we were lied to about our plan qualifying… They say I’m eligible but if they try denying a $300 rebate from me again, I may just try strangling someone… The previous upgrade was about a 40hr process to get our Rebate amount refunded…

        • $6010966

          So you have $20 unlimited data, and I do as well. But what kind of rate plan are you on? I have a family 3000 min – unlimited text – $20 unlimited data. Now I am concerned if I qualify for the rebate/upgrade pricing!

        • loueradun

          I have the 3000 minute Even More Plus plan. From my personal understanding, we don’t qualify as we need to upgrade to the Unlimited plan, and also the Unlimited data (the $30 one), which would bump my bill about $40 a month. Although the 2 reps I spoke to today said I was qualified, I have been through this before, and I will no longer trust the reps opinion, as they are out for the sales. They don’t seem to mind lying to you to get a sale, and then provide you with no alternatives once they deny your rebate. Either that or they are totally clueless, and don’t understand the difference between qualifying for an upgrade, and qualifying for the rebate…

          I had to call back almost a dozen times to get my $250 rebate for the GSII for my dad. We were both on the line during the sales call, and both confirmed with the rep that we would qualify for the rebate without any changes to our contract. The rep said yes, so we continued with the purchase. After they denied the rebate and I called back to demand a credit on my account, they first offered us an $80 credit, then it was $100 the next call… then it was $120 the next call, then 160, then on the next call $180… Finally, after a 1000+ word essay on T-Mobile’s forum (that got over 1500 views in 1 day), I was immediately contacted by T-Mobile and they credited our account for the $250.

        • $6010966

          Thanks for the info, I will be cautious when I do my upgrade!

          I think we have the same plan!!! As long as the family doesn’t need unlimited minutes this plan is the best plan ever created!

        • loueradun

          Honestly it may be the best plan they ever offered… Unfortunately I have to fight with T-Mobile every time we need a phone upgrade. They are determined to get me off of this plan.

        • al

          I am also on a Preferred family plan with $20 android data. However, despite my many calls with customer loyalty, they are determined in disqualifying me for any on their free promos while keeping my plan. Seems like with them everything comes with a price (to bump it up). I’m wondering what else to do since I’m also eligible for best pricing (both lines) and been with them 12 years.

        • loueradun

          I believe they are correct in disqualifying you (as our plans don’t qualify for the rebates)… Unfortunately they always tell me I qualify, and then I have to spend 40 hours trying to actually get my rebate when i don’t. My best recommendation is to buy the GSIII at Walmart next week during their sale. $129 plus a $100 Walmart gift card back. AFAIK there are no requirements other than a 2 year contract extension. This is what I will be doing this weekend.

      • xmiro

        Call them and ask, call at least twice in a few days to make sure the reps give you proper info.
        You need an unlimited calling plan + a minimum data feature to qualify for the rebates

    • Secret Shopper #42

      I’m usually hesitant to respond to the “so it looks like an f-you” posts, because they’re always here. But in your case, it seems like the Value plan would give you a better deal with the flexibility you’re looking for. I hate the fact that classic plans lock you into a specific data plan (and upgrade fees.. etc). I’d definitely switch to value if you have the opportunity.

      • Herb

        This sale requires the unlimited data (even on Value) in order to qualify you for the rebate. If you don’t want data, you would have to pay for the data for 2 months ($40) in order to get your rebate (a $10 net).

        What happened to simplifying things for customers? This is all very confusing.

      • xmiro

        it’s totally fair, they front you an expensive device in the case of the Note II or the Galaxy S3

        • AndroidProfit

          So buy a flip phone

    • Phedre

      I know what you mean! Luckily, I got an unlimited everything plan years ago, so my total bill is pretty small. However, I use wifi at work and home, so I never go over 2gig data. It seems unfair to force people to get unlimited data plans when it’s not necessary.

    • Matlock

      You can switch back to the 2GB data plan once you get your rebate back! Its a requirement for the rebate, but once you have gotten your gift card in the mail, you can switch to a different data plan w/out any penalty.

    • od312

      I don’t see why so many people are complaining about the price. Go look at competitor pricing, including monthly service and you’ll appreciate what t-mobile offers us.

  • LuvTMO

    What about upgrades?

  • brow

    Darn. I don’t need unlimited, 2GB is plenty for me. Leave for TMo to ruin a good thing in such a silly way.

    • xmiro

      a value plan with a nexus 4 from Google play store might save you a lot

      • brow

        Not for my family plan.

  • So what exactly is a “Classic” plan? I’ve had the same Family 1000 plan for many years, does that qualify??

    • Guest

      Says unlimited is required anyway..

    • LaTanya Bagley

      Unlimited mins and 2G web

  • Guest

    Wait so this requires an unlimited plan? I guess its time to call 611

  • Dude, enough, final warning. Robert, you sound like the bigger fool here constantly ridiculing everyone. Last warning.

    • And you make it difficult for people to want to comment. If people worried about finances degrades the quality of my blog, than the world itself has a problem. Trolls, like yourself degrade the quality of the blog. People who have nothing better to do than laugh at the supposed misfortune of others (see trolls) degrade the quality of the blog. Thanks for playing.

      • thepanttherlady

        For someone who doesn’t find it a necessity to post on this blog you sure don’t stop.

        • Robert, you’re done. Thanks, but you’re comments will now require my approval before being posted. You’ve once again proven that you are the ultimate troll.

        • AndroidProfit

          Thanks David

        • thepanttherlady

          My handle is spelled exactly as it was intended and has been for 15+ years but thank you for the concern. :)

      • Marcelo_L

        It’s not about whether I can afford it or not, robert….it’s the tactic I’m making a statement about. Get real. If they really “can’t” sell it for less than $400-500 out the door, then come right out and say it. The other carriers aren’t making THAT much more money on the monthlies that they still can’t compete on price.

        It’s what I’ve said on this blog (and others) for “How many years now, Marcelo?” the last 10 years since I purchased my first TMo Windows Mobile phone. — “Sell the phone at a competitive price, and the customers will come. They can’t b_tch about the price after…but they will come…and buy !”. Obviously TMo prefers to do differently. And hence they lose postpaid customers like a leaky sieve.

    • loueradun

      Robert, most of us are on here because we are trying to be frugal with our cell phone purchases and take advantage of good sales/deals whenever possible. If money is no problem for you, there is no need to be here, just buy whatever phone you like whenever you feel like buying a new phone. No need to poke fun at those who aren’t as well off.

      • AndroidProfit

        I NEVER have ONCE said I was rich or can afford any phone! I CANT AFFORD the Note 2 right now! It’s NO BIG DEAL! I don’t turn around and cry about how it’s tmobiles fault.

        • loueradun

          Honestly there is a lot about mail in rebates to cry about. I was denied a $250 rebate last time I upgraded, after verifying with 2 reps that I qualified just to make sure! If I am going to put down $500 for a phone, T-Mobile needs to drop some more info on the rebate qualifications, as their reps usually don’t even know whats going on. The rebates used to be $50, then $100, then $150, now were up to $300 MIR… Everyone is pretty much paying for a phone outright and then hoping T-Mobile honors their rebate… I don’t mind waiting 6-8 weeks for my money, but I want a 100% guarantee from T-Mobile that I qualify before I’ll make my purchase. I have been burned with the mail in rebates a few too many times. A free phone isn’t worth 6-8 weeks wait for $300 on top of 40+ hours arguing with T-Mobile about the terms of the rebate that were not discussed at the time of sale besides the verbatim “You qualify” the rep uses to get a sale.

          Hopefully my comment will at least bring you some understanding of the concerns on here about the MIR process. Some of us have been with T-Mobile for a long long time and have seen this process get consistently worse with every new phone purchase. That said, I’m all for the free/cheap phones, kudos to T-Mobile for actually having a decent sale, hopefully I can make use of it.

        • Marcelo_L

          Hence why I’ll pay an extra $50 and upgrade through Wirefly (they’ll drop their price a little this weekend just to keep up, I’m sure). I’d rather go the “old fashioned way”, but this ridiculousness with rebates has got to stop.

          I remember with the Nexus 1 having to deal with a stupid minute plan just to get a reasonable deal on the phone….went from a 3000 minute to 500(Really? I hadn’t had a plan that small since they were called Omnipoint!) minutes, and then get a nice person at TMo to put me back onto the 3K plan once more w/o extending my contract)….that was the last time someone at TMo’s done something nice……Ahh, the good ol’ days.

        • Whitney

          why mock others

    • SkippyFlipjack

      Why would you want to waste time on a site where nobody really likes you?

    • AndroidProfit

      Hi David

  • LuvTMO

    I am on a grandfathered family plan with $20 android preferred data plan. So I am not eligible for free S3 with out changing the plan?

    • loueradun

      I just spoke to T-Mobile and they said I did qualify, but I went through tons of headaches last time due to the data plan, so it depends on whether you want to trust the T-Mobile rep with your $300 rebate (or suffer through hours worth of frustrating calls)…

    • LaTanya Bagley

      Correct unlimited plan 2g web

  • yozo

    Wow the full retail went up $50 ON THE Note2

    • thepanttherlady

      It went up last week. :(

  • Phedre

    Well I just called and you must be either new or 22 months into your contract. Which sucks ASS.

    • AndroidProfit

      Ya sucks having to live up to the contract YOU AGREED TO!

      • Phedre

        Um I have every intention of “living up” to the contract I signed. In fact, I have every intention of signing ANOTHER 2 year contract and “living up” to that one too. I am not happy that I don’t get the benefits of a sale because I’m not far enough ALONG into that contract or a brand new customer.

        But hey… thanks for judging.

  • Brandon

    On the Value Plan you’re still paying $500 for the phone seeing that for 20 months you’re playing $20 extra dollars on your bill. That’s $400. So The phone is $50 more than it is now which is $299. Then you take that $299 add tax $30 then add the $20 dollars extra a month you’ll be paying for 20 months…..so that’s an extra $400. So….follow me….$299 + $30 + $400 = $729 …..Oh but wait we get a $200 mail in rebate 21 months later when the Galaxy Note 3 comes out…. So take $729 – $200 = $539. Perfect! F*** you T-Mobile you greedy bitc***!

    • Marcelo_L

      Lovely logic…….

    • Zach Mauch

      Put that in perspective. That is a phone only price. The best deals I’ve seen on that international was $579 (don’t know if that required tax or shipping costs). Otherwise, buying it at full retail is going to cost you well over $700 as they retail for $699. So, T-Mobile is giving this to you for more than $200 off when taxes are considered or (if you prefer) around $150 less than launch price.

      Second, if you are fast on the Mail in Rebates, you can get them in in less than 2 months. You just have to be fast and not screw it up. It’s not hard.

      I was hoping for a zero-down value plan promotion, but I might just jump on this anyway. Not sure I can wait much longer.

  • Marcelo_L

    Maybe customer loyalty may be the route to go with this. I can’t see ( even if they can afford it ) that 90+% of folks who would love to opt for a Note II will, just because this thing with mail in rebates is ridiculous. $300 MIR ? C’mon…really ? I can understand some folks’ financial model doesn’t support that, but really TMO, you’re that hard up that you have a flip a MIR for that amount ? C’mon…..get real.

    • FistofSado

      It just happens to be the best phone on the market currently, and many seem to be having inventory issues to keep it…demand/inventory drives pricing

  • jp

    Do they still do the debit credit card thing for the rebate or is is an actual check?

    • Marcelo_L

      Good question….

      • thepanttherlady

        I believe it’s still the debit card.

        • Marcelo_L

          More reason to purchase through WireFly…..surprise !

        • Don

          Before, I just took my rebate cards into a Citi Bank and they cashed them out for me. I’m not a member of that bank but it was a simple, five minute affair. Of course, to avoid rebates cards (and sales tax for certain states) Wireflyfriends is the place to go for some people.

    • mardi

      rebates are on debit card

    • TheSchwartz

      I hope a check. Those debit cards were awful.

  • loueradun

    I just called T-Mobile, and according to them, any plan that has a line that is elgible for a new discounted device is eligible… We’ll see… last time they had one of these sales we had to fight 40 hours to get our rebate, because the rep who sold us the phone, incorrectly told us our plan qualified when it didn’t… Once again I get the same “Oh yeah your qualified” from T-Mobile… If they try keeping my $300 rebate again, there will be hell to pay!

  • quityerbichin

    Nobody’s “forcing” you into anything. Don’t want to meet the plan requirements for this sale? Buy the phone at regular contract price. Want an even cheaper plan? Buy the phone at full retail and get a value plan, or even a prepaid plan. Personally, I save up to buy my phones with no subsidies and reap the benefits when it comes to the plan.

    I do think that T-Mobile should do away with these mail-in-rebate sales, though.

    • SkippyFlipjack

      Doing away with mail-in rebates would cost them a ton of money — a high percentage of people end up not qualifying for rebates

      • Marcelo_L

        Hence why they should come right out and say if you are or aren’t, instead of leaving folks in limbo. That, is bait and switch. You should always be told, in no uncertain terms, the price of something when you purchase.

        • TheSchwartz

          The ol: “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.”

          People who get burned by a MIR from TMobile are not going to be fooled twice when their contract comes up. Shame on TMobile.

  • maxvill

    Wait I just got my galaxy note 2 on Friday. Can I return it and get again on the 17th? I can save 200 bucks right?

    • thepanttherlady

      Don’t forget about the $50 restocking fee you will probably incur.

      • Marcelo_L

        I think you get 14 days still don’t you, without the restocking fee ?

        • thepanttherlady

          No restocking fee if you’re canceling the entire contract. If you’re just returning the device within the time frame for your state, count on a restocking fee.

  • remister

    Yea, no discounts for full retail price.

  • christian

    First of all, Tmobile is not thinking about us… why rebates? Even if the rebate cover the phone price, sale taxes will get you. Then they are sending you a debit card with the rebate, which i guess they have a contract with the bank where the cards come from, then people will have to pay fees to use the card … Also, tmobile also force you to upgrade your data plan, and get two year contract, then you would have to pay a fee To tmobile to renew you contract… so add everything up… you will see it is not a real sale…

    • xmiro

      you and math need to sit down and have a talk

  • Mike Mack

    back on the 25th I bought the Note 2 from tmobile full price at $650 (not $699) & I’m using it with my $30 unlimited web & text prepaid plan….I win!

    • 21stNow

      The Monthly 4G price is still $649, according to the website. T-Mobile increased the Value plan pricing. I’m glad that I got it when and how I did, though. I bought the phone on the same plan that you have.

      • Motoki_Mo

        Also bought it @ $649 full retail on the $30 a month prepaid plan here and loving it.

        • TheSchwartz

          How do you manage the minutes? We would die if we only had 100 minutes each as we don’t have a landline.

        • Mint

          I have a voip provider to replace my landline, and you can get an app (or even use the default android dialer) to call through it.

          If that’s too inconvenient, just get the $50 plan. Still much better than $90/mo for two years.

  • ceegii63

    so any idea how many weeks the REBATE will take?

    • thepanttherlady

      While I can’t tell you how long it will take precisely, count on at least 6-8 weeks.

    • xmiro

      about 8 weeks at most

  • MissP

    so annoyed, i bought my note II las week on the new value plan for 250 + 20 for 20 months. had i waited just a lil…. sigh

  • xmiro

    why do they keep rejiggering the retail price on the devices with these promos? I’m sure I’m missing something but it continues to strike me as odd

  • ceegii63

    if im reading it right the CLASSIC’s total cost after rebate is $199? am i right?

    • xmiro

      for which phone?

      • ceegii63

        note 2

        • xmiro

          $499.99+sales tax minus $300 rebate

  • xmiro

    so I found my spreadsheet, ran it

    2xGalaxy S III
    Classic unlimited w/2 lines & $30 unlimited nationwide 4g data
    – vs –
    Value unlimited w/2 lines & $20 unlimited nationwide 4g data
    + South Florida taxes, FCC, E911 junk

    Value plan wins – $259.15 cheaper over 24 months than the Classic plan equivalent

    Enough savings to buy you a Nexus or Amazon tablet

  • fsured

    Some forum members are vexed with others talking about the cost of phones and this promotion. The costs are high but many people are ticked about the rebate debit cards and over all method of their promotions. It doesn’t mean they can’t afford new devices.

    Why not just apply the rebate at time of check out? I doubt this is a manufacture rebate so the money for it is still coming out of TMO. Cut out the “middle” work. Save some money by not paying people to process the claims. If it were a manufacture rebate then they as the company can process the claims in bulk. The computer is already scanning the device and processing a print out to mail in the rebate. Just add it to a list of devices sold for Samsung to get electronically and they mail a check to TMO.

    Use it as marketing promotion that the rebates are instant. The goal is to sign up people to the service, bring in revenue, and move inventory. As an example, show people who inquire at the stores that the cost of the phone is $569, sign the 2 year term and get the normal $200 off the price, but we have a promotion this weekend where our Samsung phones have additional $200 instant rebate. They see the walk out the door price of the phone at $169. That sounds like the better deal to customers than paying the walk out the door price of $369 and waiting 6-8wks.

    They got the subscriber, got the some revenue in the required data service, and will make Samsung happy with inventory movement. People upgrading or buying multiple lines will see a better deal paying $338 for 2 phones vs $738. It’s the same promotion just offered different.

    Counter argument: TMO makes more money because people forget to mail in the rebates. We wait out the 4 weeks to make sure the phone works and by then forget the rebate. I also heard they save money from buying the rebate cards in bulk. Whatever isn’t used gets rolled into the next promotion and they need to purchase fewer cards.

    • xmiro

      I would guess the reason for the mail-in rebate is both it gives T-Mobile short term cash flow and keeps fraud at minimum – people signing up, getting all the discounts upfront and bailing with the phones in hand

      • Guest

        In that case, they should just charge back the entire price of the phone if you cancel your contract. They do that anyway. I imagine it’s more in the event someone loses/doesn’t receive their rebate that they are able to have a little extra cash there as well… I mean God, it’s the obvious positive here. :)

  • Law school girl

    Does anyone have luck with getting mail in rebates waived..ive been with them for almost 8 years and I don’t want to pay anything for the s3

    • xmiro

      get to retention and see what they’d do, be reasonable
      if they say no hang up wait a day or two, call again
      I called Dec 31, 2010, said we’re looking into deals from other carriers and asked what they can offer, got free vibrants when they had no deals going on them

  • dunnsantee

    Any chance we could also use the ‘Switch To T-Mobile’ $50 MasterCard Gift Card offer towards the purchase??

  • almot

    On November, 23rd Samsung Galaxy III will be $0.96 at Sam’s Club. No rebate needed. Wait one more week.

    • xmiro

      doesn’t that carry an additional early termination fee by Costco itself?

      • Sirwilliam4

        I’m not sure on Sams Clubs policies, but Costco does not charge any extra fees ever. Period. The only fees you are charged are the ones the carrier charges.

      • Guest

        I’ve never heard of that. They can’t charge anything to your T-mobile bill. The only thing they can do is charge you the remaining price of the phone to cover the full retail if they are unable to get credit because you cancelled service.

    • I thought this deal was for the sprint s3?

  • xmiro

    Found this interesting. Why rebates, and why not instant rebates – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebate_(marketing)#Rationale

  • Ricky

    I have a grandfathered family plan with 3 lines. I have the Preferred 600 Minutes plan with My Faves on each line. Line 1 (me) has Preferred Android Unlimited for $20. Line 2 (wife) has Preferred Smartphone Unlimited Internet for $20. Line 3 (mom) has no internet on it at all, as my mom does not go online on the phone. Line 3 is the one eligible for an upgrade at this time. Would it be possible to upgrade on that Line 3 to a SGIII, but give the phone to my wife, and keep the same internet pricing and family plan, as I do not want to change anything. I know it could be done, but wanted to get any advice?

    • LaTanya Bagley

      Prefered unlimited is only 5g grandfather plan it is throttled after 5g. You only have truely unlimited with the new $30 unlimited plan.

    • xmiro

      call themthe screenshots show minimum of unlimited nationwide 4g is required along with an unlimited family plan as requirement to take advantage of the deal

  • caution1205

    what if you have a upgrade and been with T-Mobile for 10 years like me?

    • JB45

      Depends on who you talk too to be honest

      • Guest

        Same. Been with them the same amount of time.

  • Wait, they raised the price of the full-retail price of the Note 2 from $650 to $700? When did this happen and what the hell. I’m about to buy one and spending an extra $50 wasn’t in my game plan.

    • thepanttherlady

      Last week.

    • 21stNow

      If you know someone who uses the prepaid plan, get that person to buy it for you. The Monthly 4G price is still $650.

  • I’m confused, isn’t the Note 2 only 249 down payment right now on value plan? Why would they raise it?

    • See above, three posts. They have raised prices & now require MIR on Value.

  • Gabriel

    ok so wait quick question if I buy a GS3 (upgrade) I would have to pay for the data until I get my rebate and after I get my rebate I can get rid of the data? can I do the same even if I buy it from like bestbuy or something?

    • xmiro

      cannot get rid of the data permanently, you MAY be able to go to a cheaper tier of data without breaking your contract.
      For BestBuy or a 3rd party dealer you’ll need to read the fine print – modifying your plan in a way that is cheaper from when you signed up could trigger an early termination fee

  • Josue

    this sucks i just got a S3 :|

    • You actually are OK, as you dont have to deal w/ a MIR! :-)

      • Josue

        I got it on a value plan tho :|

  • AJ

    How does T-Mobile truly expect to be considered the “Value Carrier” when these deals require extreme out of pocket costs with hopes of getting a “MIR.” Many people hate dealing with “MIR” and would rather not bother with it…..or the “Sale” 500.00 Out of pocket in order to take advantage of a sale is not reflective of a “value” carrier…And before, you used to be able to put the price of the phone on your bill instead of having to shell out big bucks and wait for the rebate. T-Mobile has also gotten very confusing with the pricing plans…I like cell phones and everything, but this is ridiculous.

    • AndroidProfit

      So get a flip phone

      • AJ

        LOL, get a life.

        • AJ

          Can’t help but to laugh at you….spending all day trolling a board.

      • Please stop Trolling. Why man?

  • AndroidProfit

    Tmobile still has many great flip phone options.

  • bmw328i

    Alright I usually do not post. But I wanted to provide you all some info.

    Contract Classic Family up. Got GS3 paid $179.99 but got credit to account for $179.99 so basically it is free and Note 2 $179.99 no Mail in rebates and no taxes or any other fee.

    Spoke to loyalty department.

    • jp

      Pretty good. The best I could get was 270 out of them. Shall try tomorrow.

    • Marcelo_L

      When was this ? And to whom did you speak to ?!

      • bmw328i

        Spoke to John yesterday.

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile officially wins the title of offering the most ridiculous and cumbersome phone pricing in the US industry.

    I’d rather T-Mobile just bump up the ETF to $350 and keep their out the door phone pricing reasonable + simple if they are worried about churn.

    T-Mobile is obviously counting on thousands of subs forgetting or deciding to forgo turning in their MIR’s in order to bump up temporary cash flow.

    They continue to lose hundreds of thousands of valuable postpaid subs. It’s apparent that their sales tactics are not working but now they go full throttle to ridiculous to add insult to injury. But as always the same people will defend their sales tactics as if they were somehow working.

    If smaller company’s like US Cellular can offer a high end phone on contract for $199.99 out the door then so can a much larger T-Mobile USA.

    • FistofSado

      I disagree because I just heard that US Cellular will be backing out of chicagoland area due to how “expensive” it is….Really sucks for people that have US Cellular.

    • xmiro

      I suspect the whole industry will transition out of device subsidizing. It is literally killing Sprint to have to subsidize the iPhone. And AT&T started offering 1 year contracts again so it’s just a matter of time

    • TheSchwartz

      No kidding. $200 is a good price for the Note II, but $500 out of pocket??? As a classic customer, I sometimes feel like they are trying to sqeeze us out by not offering very good deals, but then I call customer service and they offer me free GSIIIs and to reduce my two line Unlimited Everything plan by $10 to $130/mo.

    • Guest

      $200 is unfair for the Note II at launch, just because of
      the screen real estate, the pen technology and the higher specs. It’s an above average high end phone and deserves the higher price tag. I agree with the rest of the phones though… The full retail price of some of these phones and the Note II are set higher than other carriers and that’s added costs.

      I’m hoping you’re wrong with T-mobile, but this is what I’ve suspected is or imagine could become the case with churn if they’re not careful. To me personally, a lot of this “Value plan” stuff is about hiding costs. I’m not sure how rebates help T-mobile’s bottom line except when someone loses one in the mail or forgets to mail it… that’s $50-300-ish per upgrade. I’m not sure why T-mobile needs to price their phones higher than others except for margin… but seems pretty clear if they call for Value plan custs paying full retail on the phone, not only do they guarantee more in-store upgrades because of the EIP payment structure, but that it also adds extra revenue via the additional margin on tacked onto the phones.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Regardless I was more than happy to have my Galaxy Note 2 on Thursday. It was a wonderful experience at my favorite tmobile store. I played with the Lg Nexus 4 while waiting for my Galaxy Note 2 it was a great 2hrs….

  • ghulamsameer

    God, T-Mobile’s pricing is so confusing.

  • Keith Colombo

    I do not understand why there is an Unlimited (or Higher LOL) Data Requirement on the Value Plan. I get that they are giving a rebate but Value Plans still pay the $20 per month for 2 years for the phone!

    • xmiro

      scroll down and find my post about a Classic vs Value comparison I ran last night
      also, the unlimited nationwide 4g doesn’t allow for tethering I believe or T-Mobile hotspot, the data-limited plans above it have tether and T-Mobile hotspot features

  • ceegii63

    is it possible for me to get the phone by renewing an existing contract? and am i understanding that the NOTE 2 is $199 after the rebate and resigning a contract?

    my folks renewed their contract last JUNE and they are on a CLASSIS FAMILY PLAN with only my sister’s phone having UNLIMITED 4G, she had a free GALAXY S2, is it possible to get a NOTE 2 on my Sister’s line?

  • Pissofftmobilecustomer

    T-mobile is for rich folks because i want the galaxy note 2 on classic plan i want to add 2 line’s of service so the walk out price for both phone’s is $1120.00 WITH TAX’S for two lines man t-mobile says you can say money in long term but damn i can get 3 galaxy note’s with at&t for $1090 dollars WITH TAX’S . T-MOBILE BECOMING A COMPANY TO GET STARTED WITH FOR RICH PEOPLE . They called that a sell i know you get rebate but do you really get rebate or is only for show . The other day i call 1-800tmobile i ask about the rebate to customer services lady she said you don’t get rebate but it’s get’s credit to your account so it goes back t-mobile so i guess you in up paying $499.99 for phone with no rebate cause goes back to your account and she said most people don’t even claim a mail in rebate and lose there rebate money. T-mobile go back to your old way’s where a high end smartphone was $199.99 not $499.99 i mean i don’t mind paying $299.99 for galaxy note 2 and $199.99 for galaxy s3 with no mail rebate’s .!! HELP ME TOM CRUISE !!

    • Get it on Value. There’s pretty much no reason to buy a new phone on a Classic Plan these days.

      • Guest

        My grandfathered “classic” plan is cheaper than Value not including EIPs… :(

  • S3

    Hey S3 users!!! Jelly Bean 4.1.1 rolling out. I just updated mine.


    I’ve said this before on my last post:

    Currently have Family Value Plan with 1000 min / unlimited text / 2GB of data for 2-lines, paying $80 before taxes. We don’t use more than 600-minutes per month combined, nor do we need anymore than 2GB of data for each line.

    If I wanted the SGS3, I could buy it for $550 directly from T-Mobile… and retain my $80 per month plan.


    Buy it here:

    $200 x taxes – $200 Rebate = Taxes (About $20 worth of here in Chicago)

    $20 x 20 months = $400 for the phone

    $20 increase x 24 months = $480 to move into Unlimited Minutes

    $10 increase x 10 months = $100 to move into Unlimited Data

    Total Cost of Phone = $400 + 480 + 100 = $980

    So $980 – $550 = $430 MORE.

    No thanks.

    • Amal

      Why not drop the rate plan and data plan to your previous one right after you receive the rebates? If you get rebates in 2 months (max) that’s still 20×2=40 plus 10×2=20, total $60 extra. So for the s3 u will end up paying 400+taxes + 60. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • I have to agree that T-Mobile has officially launched the most confusing price structure ever with this sale. Convenient that they raised the price of almost all handsets by $50 last week right before this sale. Going to be interesting to see how customers respond.

    • xmiro

      the sale would be a success, just like it has pretty much every time they had it

  • Jenn

    I agree that a $300 rebate is pretty rough, but I’m in. Fortunately, we are able to borrow the money from my father-in-law for 3 S3s, and we will pay him back after we get the rebates. Without that, we couldn’t do it. We are switching from Verizon and I look forward to being on TMobile again. They are the best carrier I have ever been on. I’m not buying from Sam’s Club for 96cents because even if I camp all night there is no guarantee that we will be able to get 3 of them. And- dealing directly with the Tmo store they will immediately apply my husband’s 15% military discount and we get free activation.

    I do have a question- Is it possible to buy 3 S3s on the classic family plan, wait for the mail in rebate, and then pay $200 per line to migrate to the value family plan? If that is the case, then it is like getting the S3 for $200 each and not having the monthly $20 installment payment per phone (that add up to $400 in the long run) and getting a super cheap bill. I’m not looking to cheat, but it is my understanding that is within their terms, and makes the most financial sense for us. Thoughts?

    • xmiro

      Sure you can but moving to Value would stick you with a new contract.

  • When I bought my note 2 for $649.99 launch day I had to exchange and I noticed the price went up to$50 any info on why that changed

    • Yes. Starting last Wednesday ALL Value Plans & Classic will require a MIR in addition to prices going UP. This is meant as a way to deter people from returning the device & cancelling service, reducing Churn.

  • I’m laughing at some comments on here. What is so confusing about what can be understood? Are we the consumer so dumb and sheep that we need to “simplify”…and wow the average consumer DOES NOT follow forums or sites like this, so I’m trying to justify why people are so confused……………where is the intelligence at, yea the pricing module may not work in your personal favor or the 8gb nexus 4 might not work for you but jeez its not hard to believe it works for someone else. If you can’t rationalize carrier pricing, contracts, YOUR MONEY then maybe you shouldn’t do any business let alone have a cell phone it’s NOT that serious, so fed up with the internet diplomacy and unnecessary opinions about another’s CHOICE

    • Guest

      If many people are confused, there may be a reason for that. To turn your own comment on it’s head, you’re in the position of being inflammatory here and yet you’re in the minority passing judgment on others. I don’t understand the part about being upset with the internet community? What does that matter to your argument then?

      I agree with you though that not everyone needs dumbed down. BUT, I feel this way because I’ve worked wireless sales quite a number of years, which means I’m not entirely sensitive to the “average” customer. I’m used to the tacky bullshit that carriers put us customers through, just like cable providers and all the other service providers do similar things. I’ve taken time to understand some of T-mobile’s pricing models, but I don’t have to agree with them and what the company is trying to put out.

      This is some of the more confusing stuff I’ve seen out there that to me just
      makes it harder for people to make earnest purchasing decisions. Even answering something as simple as “Will this save me money in the long-run?” frustrates people because T-mobile’s sales models are ALWAYS changing. It’s nothing new in the industry though. AT&T does the same things, but my own opinion is T-mobile has to make money somehow and to me, and they’ve found a way to hide some costs in the long-term… I don’t like the inflated phone prices for example.

      Discussions aside, the internet is not always a pretty place to be so it’s not necessary to point it out for the 999th time what a toxic place it can be… we all know. I haven’t read all the comments, but it’s not necessary to be inflammatory and call people idiots just because you do not agree with them. It’s not skin off your back that somebody thinks differently than you, so just let it go.


    Well that sucks! I bought my Galaxy Note II about 11 days ago. I paid $400! Now it’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!

    • lollllll


  • mardi

    I got My note2 last week from Best Buy, running a special of 25% off total was 270.0 with tax and 2 day shipping

  • mike larry

    so if i want to get a S3 on a value plan 500min + text + unlim plus 2GB, this plan will NOT qualify ? it has to UNLIMITED TALK + TEXT ? also how much would I pay for the S3 upfront on value plan ? do we also get a MIR ?

    • xmiro

      to get the rebate you need unlimited talk and text on Value or Classic.
      How much you’ll pay for an S3 upfront on Value is in the 2nd screenshot

      $299.99+sales tax out of pocket minus $200 rebate in 4-8 weeks. And $20 a month for 20 months

  • tech916

    Buy a Nexus 4 for $299 from Google and be done with it no contract.

    • xmiro

      and be on a Value plan and save a heap tons of moneys, most of the time

  • operator7

    Does anyone know if the 32gb or 64gb models will be coming to T-Mobile USA? If not, will the GT-N7105 (international version) work on T-Mobile USA?

    • ceegii63

      no on 32/64gb and no on international version only having ATT bands no 1700AWS and no LTE

    • thepanttherlady

      I believe the international version is the N7100 and the US version is the N7105 but see below for the answer to your question. :)

  • GalvestonOG

    Ok, so I want the NOTE 2. Will it be included, as the screen shot indicates, or not? $99 would be great, if it’s true. I just called 611 and was told that, for my upgrade, the NOTE 2 pricing would be $499 at checkout and a $300 rebate. Effectively $199 total price. How reliable is this screen shot?

    Nishika at my local store told me that I would pay &299 up front, get $200 rebate, and then told me that I would be paying $20 a month to pay for the REST of the phone. she finally told me that I would be paying $650 total for the phone despite my 2 year commitment. WTF?!

    • thepanttherlady

      What plan do you have, Classic or Value? Both scenarios you describe above cover each plan and you can only have it one way.

      • GalvestonOG

        Ok, so in the end though (at the end of 2 years). Which one would end up costing less? I just signed up for classic yesterday. Maybe I can change it if I call soon.1

        • thepanttherlady

          The cost of the phone itself will be less on the Classic plan; however, Classic plan rates are higher than the Value plan.

          I suggest you go into a T-Mobile location and have a rep go over both plans with you so you can compare and decide which works best for you.

          Keep in mind that if you switch to a Value plan, you will NOT be allowed to go back to the Classic plan.

        • GalvestonOG

          Thanks for the insight panthlerlady!

    • xmiro

      the screenshots above are what’s the right amount, really simple:

      On Classic plan you’ll pay $499.99+tax out of pocket and get a $300 rebate in about 4-8 weeks with your total being about $229.9894 out of pocket depending on your local sales taxes, mine is 6%.

      On a Value plan you’ll pay $299.99+tax out of pocket and get a $200 rebate in about 4-8 weeks and pay $20 a month for 20 months on top of your voice/text/data charges bring your out of pocket to $117.9894

    • galvestonog

      Ok, I get it. Thanks for the clarification!

  • dtownjodi

    Coming from Sprint this deal looks awesome! Their unlimited value plan plus $20 for the phone is still the same monthly price as Sprint. The pricing doesn’t look confusing to me at all. But y’all do have me worried now about collecting that rebate check. They better not be shady about it.

    • xmiro

      they aren’t, i’ve had to use T-Mobile rebates twice and had no problems. Just follow the instructions

  • independentmami89

    Is this deal for all tmobile or certain 3rd party tmobiles?

  • jim hoch

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to order online without paying CA tax? I hate to pay tax on the rebate amount.

    • thepanttherlady

      Try Craigslist. Walmart (of they have the phone you want) only charged tax on the sale amount.

  • unknown

    I just called CS and was told that I’d pay a total of 349 out of pocket for the Note II

  • David

    So is this in-store only or should we expect to see this live on the website in a few hours? Does Tmobile usually do web and store sales together?

  • Androidpheen

    I think this sale only applies to new customers. I am eligible for best plan pricing and I cannot get the discounts for this phone. I looked at the mail in rebate requirement and it only stipulates new costumers, it has no upgrade option. I went into my account and tried doing the upgrade and it only showed a 200 dollar instant discount.

  • viv

    i dont understand you people talking about upgrades. i switched to the value plan in sept. before that i had fave 5 and my upgrade was gone..like didnt show on the site. every time i would try to add a new phone to check the price…it was full price..no discount(fave 5 plan,jan would be end of 2 yr agreement) last upgrage i got from them was a free G2,anyone remember that? lol. had upgrade pricing show for nov,changed to july..,then completely disappear about a wk before i qualified in july to never show again. call to ask, they didnt know what i was talkin about,lol .i have a nexus from google play now…but how are you older customers getting upgrades? when i was on an even older plan than,EM /EMP+ and they took mine away? please, no one explain to me im on value and dont get a upgrade. i switched to value and went with nexus cause tmob pretended like my upgrade pricing days were over..full phone price WAS my only option

  • Swag

    What’s so confusing? A least Tmo offers options to its customers! Go to a vzw store and ask for the unsubsidized option. Exactly. Value plans do not require data. Move your plan to the plan you want after you receive the rebates. How can someone complain about this? You are getting top tier handsets for less than what they are worth (speaking specifically about value)