Windows Phone 8X, Lumia 810 Windows Phone 8 Devices Now Available

Android updates and releases won’t get all the glory this morning as T-Mobile launches the Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 810 to the world. We’ve long since called for a November 14th launch for both devices and we’re happy to see our intel come to fruition as future Windows Phone 8 owners now have two reasons to smile on T-Mobile.

I’ve spent some time with the Lumia 810 this week and while it’s a blocky device, I’ve come to once again appreciate the “zip” which is found while working with Windows Phone. Expect a full preview later today and a full review next week.

The Nokia Lumia features a 4.3” OLED WVGA Clear Black display, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8GB internal memory, 1GB RAM, HSPA+ 42Mbps capable modem, 8 megapixel camera, 1.2 megapixel Skype HD certified front-facing camera, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transit, and Nokia music.

  • Value Plan: $99.99 down payment after a $50 mail-in rebate card and 20 equal payments of $20 per month with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans.
  • Classic Plan: $149.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card and with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans

The Windows Phone 8X by HTC features a 4.3″ 1280×720 Super LCD 2 display with Gorilla Glass 2, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, HSPA+ 42Mbps modem, 8 megapixel rear camera with HTC ImageChip technology, and 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera.

  • Value Plan: $149.99 down payment after a $50 mail-in rebate card and 20 equal payments of $20 per month with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans
  • Classic Plan: $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card and with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans

T-Mobile Lumia 810

T-Mobile Windows Phone 8X

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  • Duney

    tmobile sucks. I’m switching to at&t. Their new windows phones are over priced and color options are very limited. At&t has the Nokia 920 and the 8X for 99$ no rebates needed and they come in all colors.

    • ddavis7712

      Pay $50 more upfront(tmo) or pay $50 more a month(att). makes perfect sense haha.

      • 8392910327

        It’s his money to spend; why settle for a device/color that you don’t want and pay for it on top of that?
        It’s worth it to pay for something you will enjoy, even if the financial expenditure is more.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Yup… have fun paying $120/month on their unlimited plan… compared to $80 on T-Mobile. You will save on day one, but 2-years later you will be behind about $850+.


      • Matt

        Actually in my case I could get 3 L810s for $450 out of pocket and pay $199 a month on T-Mobile or 3 L920s for $300 out of pocket and pay $210 a month on AT&T. Seems like a simple choice to me. AT&T here I come.


        • PiCASSiMO

          Check your math… you will pay $75 a month MORE for a family of 3-people, unlimited voice, text, and 2GB/3GB of data, when you go with AT&T. Over the course of 2-years, that $1,800 of additional cost. Have fun.


          Voice $120
          Data $30 x 3 = $90
          Text $30
          Total $240


          Voice/Text $100 + 5 = $105
          Data $20 x 3 = $60
          Total $165

        • Matt

          No your math is off.


          Mobile share plan with unlimited talk&text with 10GB shared = $120(10GB is plenty for my 3 lines. My family uses less then that per month now.)

          3 Lines = $90

          total = $210


          Value plan unlimited talk/text/data = $140
          monthly payment for 3 phones = $60
          total = $200

          AT&T offering better phones with a cheaper out of pocket price. Better coverage(atleast here in Philly) and LTE speeds for only $10 more a month. The choice is clear.

        • Matt

          btw, that $140 value plan is for 3 lines.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Speak with DATA Sanjay and back-up with sources:

          T-Mobile CLASSIC:
          $165/month ($100 + $5 + $20 + $20 + $20)

          T-Mobile VALUE:
          $110/month ($80 + $10 + $10 + $10)

          AT&T Family:
          $240/month (as shown above)

          AT&T Shared:
          6GB of DATA
          $195 per month ($90 + $35 + $35 + $35)

          So… with the 6GB shared plan, $195 is still $30 more than $165. 2-year savings of $720. If you brought your OWN phone, you would save additional $55 (from $30) for a total of $85/month. Extend that for 2-years, you have $2,040 in savings. Enough to buy 3 new SGS3 phones for about $550 each and still have $390 in your pocket.

          Unfortunately, people still can’t do basic math and believe they are better off with other carriers outside of T-Mobile.

    • dunnsantee

      Ask ATT if you can get the matte grey 920, or the 16GB highlighter yellow 8x…

      • 8392910327

        Well, T-Mobile doesn’t have those colors, nor the 920…

    • I did the #’s and in my case Tmob isn’t cheaper at all, with AT&T I can get pretty much the same thing I get now from Tmob for the same $69/month. I’ll no longer have unlimited mins, which I don’t use much of anyway, but I’ll get roll over and mobile to mobile, which pretty much cancels out unlimited, I have 2gb plan with Tmob, I’ll get 3gb with At&t, with texting included with data. Most importantly for me I’ll have a better Windows Phone selection.

      • coolgeek

        Does AT&T have a promo going on with messaging? I was looking at their plans, and to have messaging was an additional $20 on top of the $69.

  • Heath Cates

    The AT&T stores near me have the 8X at the same price as T-Mo but they do have the Nokia 920 at $99. I assume that has something to do with Nokia trying to dominate the WP market more than T-Mobile or AT&T. I’m getting my 8X today!

    Also, I went to several AT&T stores to look at the 8X and Lumia 920 and although they have them out it was like I was a leper when I asked about them. AT&T is all in on iPhone and Android just like everyone else. Let’s hope this round of WP will turn that around a bit.

  • ThomasBDX

    Thumbs down to only having a blue 8X.

    • Fish

      I don’t have enough thumbs to express my feelings for this…

  • They have not put out one commercial, so the only way people will know is if they go into a store. They do a bad job at marketing. They wasted all that time focusing on the iPhone and being able to get 3G on, and to only be kicked in the rear later down the line.

    If they don’t put out coming soon commercials, they won’t really get the push they need. The Nexus 4, HTC 8X, and the Nokia Lumia 810 came out today. How are people gonna know?? One other thing, PRICE. They are priced $50 to $100 more than the competition.

    • glen

      I agree on the lack of marketing and information out there. I read about the debut at AT&T. Few phones, and no one with any information on them. I’m afraid that if I go into a T Mobile store it will be the same thing. It is almost as if Microsoft and their partners do not want this to succeed!

    • Metal Maniac

      I totally agree with you J! Here in Dallas, Texas I got off work today at 1 in the afternoon, and by 1: 35 I arrived at a near by T mo store. Here are the details of my visit today. First of all I was lucky because the store was empty of customers with only a manager and one sales person there. Of course we all do the normal hello, and I immediately ask about the 8X. The young lady as nice as she was had no clue that it was cool to even show me the phone…I was cool and I simply informed her that today was the release date. At this point the manager stepped in and went to the back and came back with it in hand. They obviously were still in the process of setting up the display and the accessories were not even out. Even still he went back in the stock room and brought me an 810 to try as well. Initially for me, I was immediately pleased with the look of the 8x, but the for me the 810 felt better overall. It’s also very disappointing that with only a $50 difference between the two, it appears that T-mobile is favoring the 8x over the 810. There is no question the 8X is a great looking phone, but the feel of the 810 was way more substantial! J, what it really feels like to me is the only real marketing these phones have and seemingly will receive is from people like you and other tech websites. I say this because we’ve all been hearing about this date for over over a month…today comes and I saw first hand T Mobile had no plan for today. To them today meant we have three new phones we can sell….How or even when they will be presented, displayed or introduced doesn’t matter!! I’m not saying this based on my one encounter with one store…because I’m sure what I encountered happened in many places. More than anything I learned that NONE of us should depend on any website, or any set of phone specs to determine whether a phone is right for you….I was able to demo both of these phones before the anti-theft device’s were put on them…and it made the experience more real and again, the 8x emphasizes looks over feel in my opinion.

      • Wyn6

        I walked into a Tmo store in Grand Prairie, so not that far from you. A nice looking young lady approached me with a, “Welcome to T-Mobile.” I inquired as to the presence of the 810 and 8X. She appeared somewhat befuddled at my inquiry, stepping one way and then the other. Over to one display and then another she went, to see if some were there. Nope. Finally, she grabbed an 8X out of a drawer she had just started playing with (no 810s in stock. At least that’s what she said).

        Her first comment to me was, “I don’t like the Windows Phone.” “Any particular reason?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she replied after mulling it over a bit.

        I then asked how much training they got on the devices. She muttered something that amounted to, not much. I proceeded to show her my Dell Venue Pro and its features and the difference between the newest models.

        After a bunch of, oh wows, oooohs, aaaahs, and, these are cools, I gave her back the phone and remarked, “They definitely don’t train you guys on these.” “Not as much as you have,” she laughed.

        As I said my goodbyes, she introduced herself, which should’ve been done as soon as I entered the store, and asked my name. I casually gave it to her as I stood, one foot out of the door. She thanked me for the training with a braces-garbed smile and like that, I was gone.

        • Philosoraptor

          This is funny because I had a similar experience over in The Colony. I called ahead to see if they had any before I drove there and the girl on the line had no idea what the 8X was and instead tried to convince me to get a Samsung (wut). She then asked her coworker if they had any “8-sixes or something”. Thankfully he knew what she meant and they held them for me. In the store though he said he thought more people would be interested in the Lumia. They’re all trained poorly in DFW apparently.

      • Mjhuff

        Although I had to go to 2 T-mo stores, I had a slightly better experience in the second, because I called first. The sales guy perked right up when I asked about the 810. When I got to the store in the Gateway at Salt Lake City, they did have the phone prominently displayed near the front desk; although no marketing materials were visible. They also had a selection of nice cases below the phone from Speck and Body Glove. I didn’t even bother looking at the 8X because I’d already decided that the non-removable battery and no SD slot were deal breakers on the HTC. Plus, and am coming from an HTC Sensation, and wanted to give Nokia another shot (HTC, for all its accolades, does have some quirks).

        So I bought the 810, using an upgrade credit, for $149 before a $50 MIR (hopefully I actually get that in the mail, but I won’t hold my breath). So far, so good. It definitely feels like a premium handset. I’m really liking the phone as an upgrade over the Sensation even though the Sensation was a “high end” phone, and the 810 is thought of as mid-range. Doesn’t feel that way.

  • MikeDupp

    Any word on off contract pricing for the 810 for those of us on Monthly 4G prepaid? Not listed on the TMO website yet.

    • It’s $549 but it says $499 in my account.

      • Mystictrust

        Getting the same thing here. And if there’s indeed a $50 rebate with every Lumia, then off contract price could be $450 in the end (if you order from…

        • So when you are not up for an a full upgrade you still get the $50 rebate? I didn’t think this was so, hmm. If it is, that’s a good thing. No, it’s a GREAT thing!!!

        • Mystictrust

          Even better… off contract price is $449 at the Microsoft Store. Order online if there isn’t one near you. No need to fuss with rebates and such

        • WOW…I’m on it. Thanks. WOW You are the MAN or WOMAN lol~!!!!

        • Mystictrust

          Haha, I’m a man damnit :P Your excellent reaction prompted me to make a main page news article – really glad that finding that out brought you as much excitement as it did for me!! It’s a great phone, I just bought it :)

  • yaddamaster

    Yes, tmobile is cheaper and I’m grandfathered in on a 10 year old voice plan which is awesome.
    But cheaper is worthless when I can’t get coverage in most places I go to.
    And ATTVerizon also seem to do better with employer discounts – bringing my proposed ATT costs in line with tmobile. With much better coverage.
    I so want to stay with tmobile – but I’m sick of the crappy coverage.

  • Sanjay

    I just got a Lumia 810 for my Value plan. Customer Service was very good to me, THAT is why I love T-Mobile. Can’t wait for it to arrive, still using 3G with my HD7.

  • Deihmos

    I like the look of the 8X but I will be losing too much by switching to Windows. Prices are too high.

  • jt

    Got a Lumia 920 Dev phone yesterday for $550. Works great on T-mobile. Now I just need better signal in my condo. Hate not having WiFi calling. Also, miss my swype keyboard. LOL

    • Porkistanis_suck

      where from? I want to buy one too

      • jt

        I got it off eBay for a buy it now price. You can get a Rogers unlocked from for aroun $690

  • WindowsPhoneAlive

    In myTMobile when I go to upgrade it says 99.99 after rebate of 50.00…wonder why its showing 149.99 after rebate on the TMobile homepage…

    • Matt

      That’s the classic plan price for new customers.

    • Mjhuff73

      I am an existing customer of 8 years, and I got it for $149 at the T-mo store in SLC, and they gave me the $50 MIR card to send in. I think $99 after rebate is also the price after a full upgrade. At least that was my experience, unless I don’t get the rebate, in which case I am still have with a $149 upgrade.

  • Nokia Lumia 810 $449 off contract directly from Microsoft, woohoo! Thanks to @Mystictrust:disqus link here

  • oktoberrust

    Just checking around the web for 8X pricing; both Best Buy and Wal-Mart have the 8X for $199.99, no mail-in rebate required. I had planned on buying from my local T-Mo store, but I’d much prefer to not have to deal with a MIR. Anyone see any other deals?

    Also, I forget..can I charge the cost of the phone to my account? Or do I need to pay for it up front?

    EDIT: Costco (via has the 8X for $179.99, no MIR, and a free accessory kit.

    • Ashley

      Wal-mart, as far as I know as it for $149.99

      • Any reason not to use WMdeals? I think that just gives the Microsoft employee equipment price right (no monthly discount though.) $74.99 for the 8x after rebate seems like the best deal out there…$24.99 on the Nokia… am I missing anything?

        • oktoberrust

          It’s for new customers only, or if you’re adding a line.

        • Ohhhhh….crap….Well….maybe the kid gets my old HD7 and I get a new 8x….anyone know if I am able to swap a HD7 to a new line with no data? :)

        • Joe

          They told me it was for new customers – but then I spoke with the cancelation department, and they credited my account $150.00. So, basically, you can still get that deal as a current customer.

  • Nibras33 has the 8x for $79.99 after rebate and the Nokia for $29.99 after rebate! HOW the heck is that info not out yet!????!!!! I remember buying a WING on WMDEALS back in the day!

  • frontrowfred

    I just went and checked out the 8X, nice phone, really smooth to operate, but I just can’t get over the screen size. 4.3 inch screen is nice, but 4.5 would have been great. I have a HTC Sensation and love it, it has a 4.3 inch screen also. I really want a phone with at least a 4.5 inch screen or larger. My wife has a GSIII, and I love the screen size, just not a Samsung touch wiz fan. Really looking forward to trying out the windows mobile platform, Android has grown old to me. You know us fickle consumers….hero today, gone tomorrow! If the 8X had a 4.5 inch screen it would have been bought today.

  • oktoberrust

    Sam’s Club shows the 8X on new contract or upgrade price for $129.74. My local Sam’s doesn’t do T-Mo, but their website shows next day shipping free, and it “ships when available.”

  • Overpriced. I’ll try to get an unlocked 920 instead. Also upset that the 810/8x have a new version of My Account that us old WP users haven’t gotten. And our old version sucks… T-Mobile is starting to get on my nerves…


    Check out the old wmdeals site:

  • supermansdad

    Dont know if you already covered this and I missed it but I just saw the new Steel grey Galaxy S2 on the T-Mobile website

  • jwballing

    Why did i sign up to be notified of the availability of these phone when you dont send it tmo?

  • Fish

    I’m gonna go in to look and play with it, because I’m still on the fence, but I won’t be buying one until after a Surface Pro is in my hands. By that time hopefully 2nd gen or the bugs will be out.

  • Fish

    I went to a store and played with an 8x and 810 for a while and I have to say I am somewhat disappointed.

    -A lot of the apps don’t reorient themselves in landscape mode.

    -Very disappointed with maps (another app that doesn’t reorient itself in landscape), it took a while to download directions for a place <15 miles away and there's no GPS navigation unless you get the 810 with Nokia Drive. Nokia maps and navigation look like they belong on a Win95 website, they definitely don't match the sleek look of the rest of the phone.

    -The tiles and everything look slick and it operates smoothly, but underneath it just seemed like a hodgepodge of settings and options that make it hard to find what you're looking for. Granted, that would get better with use, but still, it wasn't very inviting.

    -I couldn't swipe to close any of the apps in the recent apps list, makes me wonder if that will use RAM and cause the phone to slow down.

    -The phones themselves just seem big for the screen. Especially the 810, that thing is a brick.

    I did like how the volume buttons make the music controls scroll down from the top so you can play/pause but it would be better if I could do that from the tile itself.

    I'm gonna revisit WP8 again in about 3/4 months (hopefully there will also be a wider selection of phones) to see if it has improved any before I buy a new phone, but the N4 is looking mighty fine right now.

    • Wyn6

      Let me see if I can allay some of your concerns.
      – Most apps ARE designed in portrait mode as that’s how most tend to be used, but many work in landscape mode as well. WP definitely supports landscape, however this depends on the developer and how they wish their app to be consumed.

      – Not sure what happened with your maps experience and the only comment I can make on this is that WP8 uses Nokia maps which is the top one or two mapping solutions in the world (Navteq). Whether you like the look or not is of course up to your preference. But, I still have my WP7 device and am using Bing maps (no landscape), so I can’t speak to the exact experience on WP8 yet.

      – Windows Phone is probably one of the easiest and most user-friendly experiences out there. You can find whatever you need in a snap and you can pin almost anything to the Start Screen (People, apps, web sites, notes, documents, different areas within apps, etc.) making it readily available.

      – Apps in the recent apps list use no resources thus need not be closed. This will be conditioned behavior from other platforms you’ll have to break with on Windows Phone. Also, Windows Phone doesn’t slow down. I’ve got over 50 apps and 20 games on my phone and it’s as fast as the day I got it.

      – Whether a phone is too big or small is a personal preference. So, only you can decide whether this will work for you or not.

      Ultimately, a lot of your concerns are unwarranted. WP has been a pleasurable experience for many. And, of course not so much for some. In the end, you have to decide what works best for you. And, remember… you can always grab one and try it for a few weeks (a few minutes in the store does it absolutely no justice) and if you don’t like it, return it and get a Nexus.

      TL;DR – Most of your concerns may go away by actually using the device over the course of two weeks than just using it in the store. Grab a Windows Phone. Don’t worry. Be happy.

      • Fish

        Thanks for the response.

        -I do agree with you about the settings and using the phone, it would get easier over time, it was just my first impression with settings available on one panel of an app but not the other and different settings on each panel, etc.

        -The HTC was using Bing maps which looked alright. I looked up directions and it gave me a small map in portrait mode. As I scrolled through the directions it moved the map along the route. Then I discovered no GPS navigation, quite disappointing. Looked at the 810 which has nokia maps and navigation but they just looked like they would fit into a Win95 environment better than Win8.

        -Good to know about the recent apps.

        -The HTC 8x looks great, slightly bigger than my Nexus S, about the same weight. The 810, though, big square and lots of phone above and below the screen, but quite light. I do hope we have more options available after a few months. I’d like to hold the Ativ S in my hands as well.

  • Philosoraptor

    I have 2 of them. The screen is awesome. The blue seems to change color slightly when in different light. In doors it seems kind of purple but outdoors it’s very blue. Also, you finally have access to the phone’s file directory so you can just drag and drop music instead of having to use Zune. XBox Music streaming my Zune collection was very cool too.

    Great experience so far and my HTC One S sold in less than 24 hours. I was told they weren’t going to have very many of the 8Xs in-stock. The store I went to had 3 and I bought 2 so good luck to those waiting it out!

  • Looks Like WMDeals has the 8X for $74.99 after $50 rebate and The 810 for $24.99 (under current promos.) Anyone else seeing that? I got a HD2 back in the day using that code…whatever Microsoft Developers is..