Consumer Reports Rates The Top 3 Phones For T-Mobile

I’ll readily admit that I don’t place nearly the same emphasis on Consumer Reports buying decisions as millions of other shoppers. That said, the three devices Consumer Reports picked will come as no surprise at all, nor will the neck and neck results in their ratings.

Without access to the full article, it’s hard to tell what the deciding factors were that gave the Galaxy S III the edge, but we’re still hardly surprised at the results. Only the absence of the Nexus 4 has us wondering if this list is truly complete, but its hard to argue that both the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II don’t belong at the top of every T-Mobile fans wish list.

Anyone disagree with the results?

Business Insider

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  • Bill

    Shocked, not really

  • bisayan

    A little surprise iphone is not dominating in all carriers in general, im happy for gs3 came on top..David any news for release of tmobile iphone yet? Im really hoping we get to hear more details @ CES. Thanks David.

    • j f

      Iphone on Tmo: phone rep told me January. I wasn’t even asking about that. She added “yes, few people know that”. Indeed.

    • melon3531

      Not surprised about the iPhone, I’m thinking CR rated performance highly and a bunch of phones have caught up and passed it in the past year or two.

    • ratnok

      The iPhone rarely tops Consumer Reports list.

    • bwahahaha

      CR does voice quality testing, and the iphone always rates pretty low on that. Add to that battery performance that is below many other phones, and you can see why the iphone doesn’t rate at the top.

  • fechhelm

    Why does the GS III score a 78 on T-Mobile & AT&T, but a 76 on Sprint & Verizon.

    • od312

      Because Tmobile is better :)

    • info411man

      Probably GSM vs CDMA versions.


    I don’t even trust Consumer Reports anymore. The Nexus 4 wasn’t there because the writer probably was too slow to cop one at the play store.

    • bwahahaha

      They did test the Nexus 4, it came in 4th, that’s why it’s not on the list. The list is the “top 3”.

  • melon3531

    Nexus 4 is not up there because the average consumer only cares that phones work well at what they are supposed to do and can run apps OK. They are not really too bothered about ICS vs. Jellybean (both work well) and also don’t care or know the difference about it being “vanilla” and modding things…

    • Dan

      I don’t think the Nexus is up there because it came out pretty recently, and with the many delays, many people have not been able to rate it.

    • ratnok

      melon3531 – What are you talking about? ICS doesn’t have the same features as Jelly Bean- it lags more often, apps crash with it more often, and it doesn’t have the newer power features like Google Now and lock screen widgets. The Nexus 4 has the most powerful processor out there (quad-core S4) and a boss GPU. Not to mention that it is the sexiest and most comfortable to hold Android smartphone ever made. On CNET’s list, it is #1 for T-Mobile.

      • TBN27

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Matlock

        Two of the 3 phones listed for T-mobile are currently running Jelly bean 4.1.1. The S3 and Note 2 are quite smooth, and both have Google Now.

    • â™ adeafmuteâ™ 

      I personally could care less what average (dumb) sheeple want or don’t want. These people present themselves as experts so why is the HTC phone even in the top 5?

      • 21stNow

        They present themselves as “Consumer Reports”, emphasis on the word consumer. Usually these lists are populated by surveys done to the readers/subscribers to Consumer Reports. I doubt that the majority of those readers are the most technically-minded people in the country.

  • chuck

    why is the galaxy note 2 one of the lowest scored phones on there? unreal its the fastest best phone ive ever had

    • The fact that the phones are one point apart leaves room for questioning. I’d love to see the full article in the hopes there is a better breakdown of these scores.

      • OneSOwner

        I have a One S and I honestly think the Galaxy Note 2 is better haha! The longer i’ve used it the more laggy it is.

      • bwahahaha

        I have a Note 2 and my wife has an S3. While battery life and performance is very important to me, I think to most users the S3 is probably slightly better. Portability and ability to do things with one hand come to mind, that’s certainly the case for my wife. So I think CR has it right for their audience, which is less “techy” than tmonews audience.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I think you hit it right. For most people the size of the GS3 will give it a small edge over the Note 2. they are only one point apart. As for the Nexus 4, maybe they did not like the fixed battery and no option to expand memory? Maybe the pass problems with quality LG had played a factor

        • Spanky

          Don’t know about the Nexus 4. The HTC One S also has a fixed battery and no expandable storage. With regards to the Note II, it’s an excellent phone with top-notch specs; however, it’s just too large. I’m 6’4″, but the Note II’s size is a deal breaker for me.

        • Matlock

          Do you have small hands or something!? Everyone I know that thinks the Note2 is too big, once they actually handle it change their minds. Im 6’6″ and have a Nexus 4, but was totally comfortable using the Note 2, when I had the chance to play with it. ive even done the pocket test with the Note 2, and i couldnt even feel it in my pocket and that was with jeans and slacks on. Funny enough, most of the Note and Note 2 users I see are actually women, whats up with that?

        • Rob Daman

          i’d say it’s due to the sucky camera. i have a nexus 4 and own a note 2 as well. nexus 4 is smoother to work with though.

  • iFixThings

    Agree with the author of this article

  • ant

    so the one s better than the note 2? and i heard they was paid before on ch 7 or 4 (detroit news)

    • ratnok

      Your comment is unintelligible.

      • ant

        lmao seriously u dont see they said the note 2 76 and the one s 77 (so the one s better than the note 2?) and i said my news said they was paid or compensated by phone brands to get a better score or something like that by my news i dont know if it was channel 7 or 4 and i said i live in detroit so no one from ohio or cali saying they never heard that on the news

  • Jordan Williams

    The One S is garbage… Two in a two week period with SEVERE network issues that I have been unable to replicate before or since with any other device. Considering this was at work, I have a pretty good idea of the signal I am supposed to get. I wasn’t getting it. I wasn’t even getting a signal. Two Sim cards and two handsets in two weeks running stock firmware, plus a T-Mobile rep flat out telling me that HTCs quality has been slipping… Yeah, the One S needs to get off that list. Even if that means having it dominated by Samsung.

    On another note, I waited for the Nexus 4 and have had absolutely no issues with the phone in the almost two months I’ve had it.

    • anon.


      I really with my wife had gotten the Samsung GS3 like I did, so I wouldn’t have to deal with solving her HTC One S problems.

  • Anonymous

    im very surprised that the one scored so well

    my note 2 is SIGNIFICANTLY better in every way minus physical size

  • Trevnerdio

    I like those iPhone 5 positions.

  • JeffreyME

    CU did not test/rate the Nexus 4. My question is , how similar the Nexus 4 to the LG Optimus G?

  • Galaxy Note 2, all day everyday! Not saying anything negative about the others, cause I have them. But the Note 2 is my favorite device!

  • ant

    well they test the device on speed,call quality,size,weight not storage apps or any other functionability so that could b y they judge them on the phone itself aspect not what it can do

  • tomarone

    Show the One-S to an industrial designer and show the galaxy note 2. The one-s is great, I have no problems, I’m sure the Note-2 is great also but they probably took into account -COST- which for some reason the One-S is now cheap. This is ‘consumer reports’ which is heavily ‘value’ oriented. The One-S begs you to pick it up and hold it, and swipe the screen.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Overall on any carrier the Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST SMARTPHONE ever made period. If you want a simple balanced basic smartphone experience then purchase the Galaxy S3. If you want the ultimate productivity / all purpose device with the BEST battery life ever then YES you purchase the Galaxy Note 2 plain and simple. Software and features alone as well as true multitasking at it’s highest level separates this from any device. I get 19 to 22hrs of daily battery life with my Galaxy Note 2. That’s with heavy heavy use and 9 to 11hrs of on screen time daily. No device on the market does better than that. No Lg Nexus 4, No Htc Dna, No Droud Razr Maxx Hd, No Galaxy S3, Nothing period.

    • Spanky

      It’s the best PHABLET ever made. However, not everyone wants to carry around something that large, let alone on a regular basis. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Note II’s size is an automatic dealbreaker for me, and I’m not a small guy. It’s an excellent device, but it’s most definitely NOT for everyone.

    • squiddy20

      “Overall on any carrier the Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST SMARTPHONE ever made period. ” And yet you go on and on about how “shitty” the Verizon Note 2 is. No wonder no one ever believes you.
      “If you want the ultimate productivity / all purpose device… then YES you purchase the Galaxy Note 2 plain and simple.” Wrong. You purchase a laptop. Laptops can do a heck of a lot more, quicker and easier, than a smartphone.
      “That’s with heavy heavy use and 9 to 11hrs of on screen time daily.” Which means you have nothing better to do with your life than stare at a 5 inch screen for almost half of a 24 hour day. Sad.