As Samsung And HTC Post Vastly Different Financial Results, Can HTC Survive?

There’s little question that Samsung is the globally dominant smartphone manufacturer outside of Apple these days. In fact, to call it anything other than a two-horse race would be putting it mildly. At this point, it looks like LG, Nokia, HTC and the rest of the smaller manufacturers world-wide are just fighting for Samsung and Apple table scraps.

Preliminary results for Samsung quarterly numbers show a profit of $8.1 billion, thanks in some part to sales of 500 handsets every minute. Think about that, 500 phones every‚Ķsingle‚Ķminute. Samsung’s business continues to be aided by sales of flagship devices, including the Note II which has seen an uptick in unit shipments to the US. With Apple releasing just one smartphone over the past year, Samsung has hit the market with 37 devices geared toward their regional markets. For its part, HTC released just 18 models, LG 24 and Nokia with 9.

Sales of the Galaxy S III are said to have slipped in the fourth quarter, down to 15 million from 18 million in the third quarter. However, estimated sales of 8 million Galaxy Note II units are said to make up for the decline in S III sales. In fact, it could be the Note II numbers that are the cause of the S III sales drop as customers see the appeal in “phablet” devices. Predictions have Samsung selling 290 million smartphones in 2013, up from 215 million sold in 2012.

All these Samsung numbers are strikingly different from HTC which missed fourth quarter 2012 forecasts as profit dropped 91 percent year-over-year. HTC’s downward spiral has continued since the second half of 2011 when the company hit the high note in its global efforts to compete with Apple. Analyst predictions don’t fare much better for HTC in 2013, even the company hopes a dramatic shift in marketing will help its brand image. HTC’s profit of $34 million is the lowest the company has seen since 2004. It’s clear the company needs to reinvent itself.

“Q1 will be better than Q4 as Q4 was really bad, but full-year speaking, HTC’s EPS might not have bottomed in 2012 if its flagship M7 sales disappoint this year,” said Birdy Lu, analyst of Daiwa Capital Markets.

“The new phone could have a first-mover advantage for one to two months before Samsung launches its Galaxy S4 in April, but in the long run, it’s difficult to beat Samsung’s phones,” said Lu.

Reuters Samsung, Reuters HTC

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  • Chris

    That’s sad because HTC makes some great hardware. I dunno what it is though…I just don’t wanna buy it.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Bad advertisement, Exclusive deals with carriers and really, truly horrible software and updates might have something to do with it.

      • Chris

        Exclusivity and the updates I totally agree with. Advertising for these companies really has no barring on me because I’m a nerd about smartphones and research them all anyway :P

        • Jose Hernandez


  • ceegii63

    with an S4, Note 7″ and a possible Galaxy QWERTY looming for 2013 and HTC unable to trail blaze the 1080p phone market 2013 looks like SAMSUNG will go head on alone with Apple

  • noelsito

    stop with the exclusivity perhaps?

    • Chris

      Exclusivity is the safe route (or maybe something makes them stay exclusive?). Verizon says “Here’s a bunch of money this is our phone only,” they can either say ok look at all that money or no we’re gonna risk taking it to all carriers and see if we make more. I think it’s kind of obvious they’d make more on all carriers so I’m not exactly sure why they choose what they do…

      • Chris

        Exclusivity works if you don’t have competition. Yeah verizon gives them extra money for exclusivity, but how much of that money could’ve translated to bigger sales else where. Even in Verizon, htc has to compete with Motorola, Samsung, LG.

        Samsung did well because they pretty much released S3 in all carriers at the same time.

        • Trevnerdio

          Motorola and Samsung dominate sales on Verizon

        • Chris

          So why stay exclusive? I don’t get it.

    • 93camaroz28

      Crypto, I age with that as well. The One series could have been so much better. The one should have been available across all carriers like the Galaxy is. You don’t get special features because you choose one carrier over the other.

    • Sucks I can’t get the HTC DNA on T-Mobile. Smh I agree with others HTC shot themselves in the foot.

      • steveb944

        So true. I think I would have gone with the DNA if it were available to us, just the name makes me want to get it. But I went with a Nexus 4 instead because I don’t like Samsung updates.

        I miss my Amaze sometimes with its UI

      • bleeew

        I have the DNA. I hate the time they released it because Verizon always gets a higher end of a phone near November, and to soon be outdated in 4 months by HTCs next high end line up. The cycle happens every year.

      • V_i_m

        Sucks that T-Mobile didn’t get the One X when it first came out. Sucks that the One X+ for T-Mobile got cancelled. Sucks that T-Mobile didn’t get the DNA. Sucks that the 2nd tier One S was the only HTC phone released on T-Mobile in 2012. Sucks that HTC isn’t putting micro SD card slots and removable batteries in their phones any more. Finally it Sucks that the Amaze and Sensation aren’t getting JB but the GS2 is. I’m definitely sensing a trend….. ;)

        • Mimo Dak

          “Sucks that the 2nd tier One S was the only HTC phone released on T-Mobile in 2012.”

          You forgot about the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. Which is high end in my opinion, only second to the Lumia 920 in terms of Windows Phone 8 handsets.

        • MadJoe

          WP8X is junk for the same reason most of HTC’s lineup is junk: they are trying so hard to be Apple, they’re forgetting what the major benefits are to the average Android user over iOS are: Removable battery, and much more importantly, expandable storage (and the Nexus line is also forgetting this, but the desire for un-skinned Android and the latest OS updates is the reason there, which HTC could offer, but I doubt they ever will). These are the two major things that Samsung does that HTC doesn’t do better and look at the sales differences. The One X is a much sexier phone in every regard than the GSIII, except the GSIII has those two things… hmm. HTC can turn their fortunes around, but it’s going to take them removing their head from their arss to do it and I don’t see that happening any time soon…

    • the2000guy

      I think that HTC could get more profit buy providing their units in most of the carriers. Instead of having exclusivities, they seem to try to first fill their eyes before their stomach.

  • CalicoKJ

    Love HTC phones…hope they pull this off.

    • the2000guy

      I hope they bring a phone so awesome like the ONE X+ but with removable battery, and I mean great phone, obviusly with better CPU specs.

  • DRO1D

    Apple does not manufacture anything.

    • machino

      Neither does HTC.

  • Azazellov

    I used to buy HTC, non removable batteries and no SD card slot made me buy Samsung. If they don’t start adding at least SD card slots to their phones they are not going to go anywhere.

    • thepanttherlady

      I agree with this.

    • nmw407

      That was my main concerns as well.

      • colombiatulia

        If HTC wants to come bakc they need to listen and ser wath the people wants.

    • Fully agree, my last 2 phones (AKA every smartphone I’ve ever owned) have been HTC, but my next one won’t.

    • Wilma Flintstone


    • davedsone

      HTC really needs to understand that those things mattered. I had a One S, loved the UI and camera, but it was a bit TOO slim, slippery, and I wanted a microsd slot and removable battery. So I moved on to the GS3. Simple as that.

    • ant

      they give u cloud storage elimating sd cards do u want to have multiple sd cards when one get full people claim they want INNOVATION but people hate it

      • Jose Hernandez

        The problem with cloud storage is that a lot of people don’t have unlimited data on their phones, or no access to wifi. Also if you are on a poor reception area what good is cloud storage then? Innovation is a good thing, but we are not ready to give up on having SD storage. Not now. I am ok either way. I have an SG3 with SD card storage, but also have unlimited data, and very fast at home and most places. But when I go to my mom’s house, the connection is not that good. I need to have the SD card or wait all day to get something of the cloud? I think not….

        • thepanttherlady


          Call me old school or against innovation but I don’t want my files floating in some cloud I can’t control.

      • Azazellov

        Yeah but I take the subway a lot, how’s cloud storage going to help me when I have no signal? Sometimes I also go in areas that have Edge only, once again cloud storage is not helping. You’re forgetting that most cell carriers have 4G caps, so if you don’t always have access to wifi, cloud storage sucks. Nothing beats the speed and convenience of having everything locally, including movies. Either way if someone gives me the choice between 2 phones for the same price and one has an SD card slot I’d pick the one that has an SD card slot even if I didn’t need it, just in case. As it is, I do use the SD card a lot and you don’t need multiple SD cards, you can buy a 64 GB SD card for around $50, that’s a huge amount of storage. Finally if I wanted to a phone with no removable storage and non removable battery, I’d buy an iphone….

      • Azazellov

        I do want innovation, not limitations…. How about cloud storage+SD card slot so I can choose?

      • MadJoe

        Ant, you miss the point. Apple offers the absolute best experience IF you want a phone with limits to the storage, and/or access to the battery. HTC can’t beat them, even if they were to get an agreement to start shipping iOS handsets, which we all know isn’t going to happen, they still wouldn’t come close. So by them removing what really helps Android devices stand out against iPhones, namely the SD card and removable battery, they push a large portion of their customers away. Sure cloud storage is nice for music and maybe a movie or two, but realistically, pushing all of your photos, music, and videos to the cloud not only gets data intensive, it makes them unavailable when you are most likely to need them (such as on the subway or flying). Let the iSheep have their limits, as an Android user I expect NOT to be limited!

        • ant

          ok i tried i feel the same way you all feel if u dont belive me look at what i said in the past i just changed my mind because i was kinda forced in gettin the one s to replace my sensation with phoneclaim insurance people

    • Victor A Paulo

      totally agree to this. most of my customers were turned off the one s due to lack of sdcard slot. whoever thought deleting this hardware was ok should be fired as he caused htc as a company to fall. Not hard to recover thought. just put out a phone to TOP the s3 and note 2. beat samsung to the punch with quad core, bigger screen, better camera packed into one beautiful looking phone and make it available for ALL CARRIERS at the same time. stop the exclusivity BS. Done. I should be president of HTC I’ll make it happen yesterday.

    • the2000guy

      I also agree with you Azazellov, I used to have and HD2 which I personally think that was my favorite one. rooted running froyo and then gingerbread flawlessly and also wifi calling option :D Then I had the HTC sensation but that one I didnt love it so much compared to the HD2. I was considering the One X if was available to Tmo, unfortunatelly they did not provided it. So I bought a GS3 and it simply amazing.

      • Azazellov

        Yup I had an HD2 too, it finally died a couple months ago, it was running Jelly Bean too. I also had a Touch Pro 2, Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G.

        • the2000guy

          Man Mine died a last march. was working flawlessly until the touchscreen started to give problems. I took it to repair the digitizer, and then got a volume rocker problem, then it died.

  • Azazellov

    Also HTC screwed up with the One X, it wasn’t available for all carriers (not for T-mobile, for example), and it only had 1 GB of RAM. The Galaxy SIII came out right after, with an SD card slot, removable battery, 2 GB of RAM, slightly bigger screen, a larger battery and available for ALL carriers at once. How does HTC expect to compete???

    • PiCASSiMO

      This is pretty much the same story I’ve been saying to all the other OEMs. Nokia, HTC, and LG need to stop making exclusive to ONE carrier phones.

      Take the One X, Lumia 920, Optimus G…

  • cybersedan

    Note to HTC, stop signing these BS exclusives, the One X and Droid DNA stand shoulder to shoulder with Samsung’s offerings (barring removable battery and sd slot, which mainstream consumers don’t readily care about anyway).

    The data of exclusives have come and gone, same note goes to Nokia with the Lumia line. How can you compete with Samsung and Apple when their premium well known devices are available on all carriers?

  • cybersedan

    Another interesting point, who remembers the days of the Samsung Vibrant aka Galaxy S, the software update debacle, and everyone pledging not to buy Samsung again.

    Funny how things turned out.

    • Spanky

      I remember that piece of crap very well! In fact, the Vibrant was the sole reason why I didn’t purchase the GS2, opting instead for the HTC Sensation. Samsung has certainly come a very long way in just about 2.5 years.

      • cybersedan

        Yep, I went with the Sensation as well, so the fact is there is hope for HTC, they just need a firm and decisive turn in the right direction.

        • Spanky

          The Sensation was a good phone, but HTC managed to screw that one up as well. The EVO 3D, which was essentially the same phone, got 1GB of RAM, whereas the Sensation was shortchaged with 768MB. I didn’t care for the 3D camera gimmick, but the EVO 3D was significantly less laggy than the Sensation. I’ll definitely consider HTC in the future, as long as they begin listening to the consumers. For now, Samsung gets my money.

    • The Architect

      I got fed up with the wait and rooted mine with cgm 6/7/10. Since black friday I’ve been using it as a wifi media player after getting my note 2.

  • D Velasquez

    perhaps is SENSE that is making NO SENSE? HTC had some great phones like the MyTouch 4G, that phone was really awesome then it went downhill with the Amaze and it’s reboot problems, the ONE series is really ugly as a lot of us prefer a removable battery and a slot for an SD card, is like HTC does not listen to it’s customers. when i renewed my contract i got an S3 but i really wanted a windows phone 8 device however the 810 is not the power horse 920 and the 8X looks like a cheap version of the 920. i don’t know what to think of HTC but i hope they can come back with a better flagship device and most importantly…they need to get rid of SENSE.

    • moises1204

      get rid of exclusivity the DNA is a winner but only Verizon have it!!

      • D Velasquez

        oh yeah, that’s a killer phone!!

        • Azazellov

          yeah it’s a really nice looking phone but here we go once again, even if it was available on T-mobile I wouldn’t buy it, simply because it only has 16 GB of storage (only 11 GB usable) and a relatively small battery (2020 mAh), non-removable as well. That’s why I bought the Note II without thinking twice. I don’t care that much about the 1080p screen, I think 720p is enough for now, I give credit to HTC for pulling it off though.

  • Ben

    Two companies, different strategies, different results. After being a loyal HTC customer for five years, I sadly switched to Samsung. I went from my Sensation 4G to the GS3 and havent’s missed it (HTC disappointed me with the One S). Here is why. HTC forced me to use my precious data to access my files (dropbox), Samsung allowed me local access (SD Card). HTC decreased advertising while Samsung launched a media blitz. HTC chose carrier exclusivity, while Samsung launched on all major carriers, resulting in more popularity and developer support. HTC made a change to their layout just for the sake of change, but Samsung stuck to something that works. I think you get my point, so I don’t need to go into software updates. There were some stark differences between the two, thus resulting in the difference in results.

    • moises1204

      also their boot-loader policy sucks, they have become too appleish.

      • 21stNow

        Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Even though a good 90% of customers don’t know what a bootloader is, HTC did a bad thing when they alienated the people who do care about this.

        • iamnumbersix

          Exactly, as any good politician will tell you, you never piss off your core base. Locking the bootloader was a mistake; compounded by making it unlockable with the warranty invalidating bootloader unlocker; and made worse by leaving S-ON even after the “unlock”. Waste of time. The along with the teeny tiny battery with insufficient life to last 1/2 day of real use, non-removable batteries and no sd storage put me off HTC until they get their act together. I had been using htc since the Dash, Dash II, G1, My touch 3g, Nexus One, Mytouch 4g slide.

    • cybersedan

      Another great thing with the galaxy s3, is available accessories, thanks to the universal design I’ve never had this many options for accessories with an Android phone before, love it!

    • the2000guy

      To be honest, I think that HTC tried to imitate iphone features like cloud storage and non-removable battery but they forgot that most android user don’t like that option. The best thing that samsung did was to have the option of cloud-storage and sd-storage, also keep the removable battery option.

      • Ben

        And the deal with beats was not as successful as they’d hope. You’re right about them trying to imitate Apple while ignoring the fact that Android users are more demanding. The first iPhone didn’t come with those features so their customers have learned not to expect them. Heck it took over 4 years before they came up with a bigger screen while Android is already pushing 5+ on phones. The G1 got us hooked on expandable storage and removable battery.

        • the2000guy

          As well with windows, android platform in mobile has many options. That’s why I prefer android over an iphone, and I own 4S to test if it was worth it. To be honest, the ipad and iphone ecosystem is great but has a lot limitations specially with NO wifi calling that I used too often with my GS3. The GS3 for me is more useful and has more options and is way too faster also than the 4S.

  • for the first time of my HTC love affair, i actually don’t care that they even rebound or whatever .. they’re so slow with updates to their phones and their marketing is so confusing who knows wtf is going on and if the One series is actually their signature series now . just a mess over there ..
    i’ve always owned HTC devices but if they fold .. no one’s to blame but their own stupidity.

    • kalel33

      Historically, they are faster to get out updates than any other manufacturer, including Samsung. Samsung has been absolutely horrible with updates in the last 2 years.

  • HTC was the first to introduce Android with Google Phone G1. It had a white Trackball that got dirty, and a funny looking Jay Leno chin at the bottom. The HTC EVO was nice, but haven’t come out with anything really good lately. I myself have always bought Samsung. Galaxy S3 rocks!

    • frigadroid

      I wish samsung had the track pad. The same problems I had with the gs1 is still a pain trying to type & navigate the web with the Gs3. When trying to scroll the screen zooms in and out and wants to open links. Come on samsung can’t you fix this in 3 years? Damn I miss pacman too!

  • nd5

    Samsung gave us the roadmap…

    A) Release on ALL Carriers

    B) Removable Batteries

    C) External storage support

    Of those, I would say A is the most important, case in point, HTC & Nokia’s insistence on releasing their best phones on AT&T only, and eliminating the potential customers from all of the other major carriers in the US.

    But B & C are important as well, and If I were to make a choice between a phone with or without both of those options, all things being equal, I’ll choose the one with one or both.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Apparently Peter Chou thinks the reason HTC tanked is because of Poor Marketing.

      He’s right but that isn’t the only reason.

      • Chris

        That too. I haven’t seen that much commercials for them for their Android phones. Maybe I’m just at watching TV at the wrong time or they completely dropped their balls on their ads.

        • kalel33

          Yeah, the HTC DNA is the best phone that Verizon has but nobody hears about it.

        • MadJoe

          I’ve seen one commercial for it; but it was an absolutely terrible commercial. But I also admit that I rarely watch TV, so that I’ve seen even one is actually saying something.

  • TMoFan

    HTC limiting themselves to one carrier hurts more than it helps. I would have bought the HOX+ without even thinking but it never came our way so the next choice for me was the SIII. Have to hand to to Samsung on getting their flagships released on all the national carriers plus U.S. Cellular.

  • Josue

    not unless HTC has an ace up there sleeve then they’re screwed

  • AndroidProfit

    HAHAHAHA! Karma is a bitch after they pulled a fast one with the mytouch 4g and the screen issues. LOLOLOL!!! SINK SINK SINK

    • kalel33

      Now that pissed me off, because I was one of the one’s that got the bad screen. It was extremely evident side by side with a good screen.

  • mikkej2k

    Stop with the exclusives HTC. Let all carriers offer flagship phones. And bring back removable battery and SD card slot- problem solved = better sales.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nobody was a bigger Htc fan than I was back in 2010 and 2011 with the original Evo 4g and Evo 3d. I need for Htc to do well but their software needs to get better and they need to stop sciming needed feature. People need sdcard availability on their handsets as well as bigger batteries that offers an option to be removed. After June 2011 Htc lost their way and during that time I found a giant that I was ignoring cause it was all about htc. That Galaxy S2 Skyrocket opened my eyes to Samsung and how great the software was compared to htc. That knowledge made me purchase the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and now the Galaxy Note 2. Going back to htc i could say today will NEVER HAPPEN unless Samsung dumps or switches off from android. Time for Htc to make a reality check 2013 devices need bigger 3100 to 3800mAh batteries plus sdcard slots with the ability to take 64gb cards. Stop going cheap give the customers what they need. I will be rolling with Samsung until their is NO Samsung plain and simple.

  • ant

    i dont know i just like htc even when i didnt have htc i wanted htc i thought of the note 2 and s3 but im staying htc people complain about no sd card but they give u cloud storage and u have google play music and no extra battery but u can buy portable chargers i think people complain just to complain or they see enough people complaining then they must complain too like why do we need the best picture quality n audio quailty because a lot of people say thats a must but i know for a fact we all not photographers n djs so im staying with htc hopefully they get kobe or durant to do some ads n it will be all good because they phones are awesome

    • thepanttherlady

      Or some of us know what we want and don’t want in a phone.

      I loved my HTC Sensation, hated the Amaze and had no interest in the One S because it didn’t have a removable battery or offer the option of using an SD card.

      • ant

        its a phone if u serious about what u want u would invest in 900 cameras and high tech audio equipment and hop off these trains honestly because they are a good company losing for tryin to please the unpleasable

        • thepanttherlady

          I don’t recall mentioning anything about a camera or high tech audio equipment. What I DID say is that I won’t buy a phone that doesn’t have a removable battery or offer the option of using a SD card.

          Unpleasable? I was happy with my Sensation, S2, S3, and now Note 2. These things offered me what I wanted at that time.

    • Jose Hernandez

      We already explained to you the issues with cloud only storage,

      Why would you want to buy portable chargers when your phone should last you a whole day with one charge?
      If you like HTC, that’s ok. but don’t dismiss others issues with the brand just because you don’t seem to care about them. They are legitimate complaints and should be addressed as such.


    HTC doesn’t stand behind their products if they didn’t sell enough. I have a MY Touch 4G slide, which in my honest opinion is HTC’s LEAST problematic phone. I’ve had experience with many HTC phones.

    The Sensation, Amaze, and the One S are some of the very few phones that got the ICS update. HTC gave up on the 4G Slide, even though the normal my touch 4G was crap.

    HTC, you screwed up, and your going down hard. I’m never buying an HTC phone again never in my life.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I had a My Touch 4G Slide, two of them (my wife had one too). For us, those where the most horrible phones we have ever owned. They had way too many problems, the first (Two) sets we got, we had to send back because they just died. No reason, they just died, the other (Two) replacements where ok for about 4 months before they started having software issues. We had to factory reset them 2-3 times a month. We finally gave up on HTC, I have a GS3 and my wife got the GS2. We could not be happier with them. HTC does forget about their phones if they don’t sell a lot of them. Their software updates police is horrible second to none. I am up to the point where I will never buy another HTC phone again. It is a sad situation, but they have put themselves in it.

      • kevev

        Don’ forget about the notoriously bad radios. HTC phones have bad antenna designs for the most part. And the radios crash alot leaving me staring @ an “X” in the signal readout until I toggle “airplane mode”. I have owned many HTC devices since the Windows Mobile 5x days. My new super cheap L9 has great reception and so far has not lost signal. It’s not the fastest phone out and I have replaced it twice so far because of software issues. Hope it lasts a while.

      • kalel33

        Let’s get things in perspective here. HTC over the last 3 years has updated their phones more often and faster than any other manufacturer. Remember the Samsung Vibrant 4G that Samsung never updated? Samsung is absolutely horrible about getting out updates. People seem to forget the Samsung Behold, the original Vibrant, and Exhibit all getting left out in the cold or later to the party than almost anyone else. The worst is LG, because they just don’t do updates at all.

    • Team Stonewood


  • The simple answer is ‘no’ they will not be able to compete with old Sammy or survive!

  • derwahnsinnig

    HTC doesn’t play nice with customers or the Dev communities. They didn’t follow GPL agreements with the Amaze, and blamed everything on TI. I like having removable batteries and SD-cards, I feel as a consumer they are both needed. I have a GNote coming from the Amaze and love it, but I feel HTC has lost touch with it’s consumer base. Very sad they were a great company…

  • Tim

    HTC needs to get back to its former glory. The Nexus One was a phenomenal phone and the Mytouch 3G is still one of the most solid mytouch devices at least in my opinion. Samsung burned me with the vibrant and to this day I feel like the bloatware and the lack of customer support in a Samsung phone just isn’t worth it.

  • BahamasGeek242

    Easy Slim the phone line down. HTC I hate to say this but you need to copy Samsung and Let every major cell phone NO EXCLUSIVES. SG3 is on every major carrier in the world so is the I-phone. So slim the phone line down an market market market

  • Alfonso Fuentes

    I have an Samsung galaxy s3 I like it a lot but I miss the sense UI I really hope that they get it right I love the quality of there phones

  • eanfoso

    Of course they can survive, look at nokia, they’re below htc and still kicking, htc is in a better position than nokia

    • 21stNow

      This! And the mere fact that we still talk about RIM and wonder whether BB10 can turn that company around when they didn’t release a BlackBerry (at least in the US) at all in 2012.

  • V_i_m

    The marketing and the long term software support issues HTC has been having would be so much easier to solve if they’d just quit with the exclusives
    and put their high end phones on all carriers. The higher volume of
    sales would justify greater marketing dollars and better support. It’s
    more expensive to market and support lots of low volume phones than one
    high volume phone. The EVO 4G LTE with its micro sd card, bigger
    battery, camera button, and kickstand should have been the One X, and it
    should have been sold across -all- carriers with extensive marketing
    and a firm commitment to at least 2 android OS updates. They’d have had a
    smash hit then.

    HTC used to have the upper hand in terms of
    software support, but that’s no longer the case. The GS2 will be
    getting JB soon while it looks like the Amaze and Sensation will be
    stuck with ICS. And don’t get me started on the terrible battery life
    of my Amaze. There is no way in hell I’d touch an HTC phone without a
    removable battery now. Samsung has come a long way since the debacles
    that were the Behold 2 and Vibrant. HTC on the other hand has been
    going backwards. I’ve bought nothing but HTC for several years now, but
    unless HTC rights its ship, my next phone is going to be either a
    Samsung or a Nexus.

  • frigadroid

    I wanted to buy HTC but lack of micro sd was a deal breaker. They need to read the blogs. Old guys like myself have 6 to 12 memory cards we like things that work for us to stay the same. We know free cloud storage won’t be free forever give us what we want.