HTC M7 Rumored For Every Major Carrier…Except For T-Mobile?

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According to smartphone ninja tipster @evleaks, T-Mobile may be the only nationwide carrier to pass on the launch of HTC’s upcoming M7 handset. Let’s be clear however and add that the Twitter account only adds that there is no evidence for T-Mobile — but that doesn’t mean T-Mobile is going to be the last one standing at the dance. “Lacking evidence” isn’t a sure thing, and while its still possible T-Mobile won’t carry HTC’s newest flagship device, our focus is already on the Galaxy S IV anyway, a device we can expect T-Mobile to support.

So, if you see this story floating around the interwebs today, give it the typical grain of salt and “wait and see” approach to the rumor mill.

Current rumored specs for the M7 include a 4.7″ 1080p 468ppi SoLux display, quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 processor, 32GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, 13 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, Android 4.1.2, Beats Audio, 2300mAh battery.

If this rumor does turn out to be true, it’ll provide even more fuel to the fire argument that HTC is hurting its position by not adopting a Samsung Galaxy like approach to their device lineup.


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  • this is why htc was in the hole in 2012 wasn’t it? exclusivity contracts do not work

    • the2000guy

      And also for not having removable battery ans no sd card slot as well

    • Garrett

      If it is released on all major carriers except T-Mo, it’s not an exclusive. It’s just T-Mo not wanting the device.

      • Richard Yarrell

        I want tmo to get this device. But maybe passing might be what’s best. Tmobile know’s it’s customers want removable battery and sd card. Htc just doesn’t understand that and it’s sales will prove that.

        • Garrett

          Personally, I don’t think a removable battery is an issue. There are other, more versatile, ways of recharging your battery if you’re not going to be near a plug for a while.

          Lack of SD card? Yea, that is more of an issue I suppose. However, as long as a phone has 32gb of internal storage it should be more than enough for most people. I have 16gb in my Galaxy Nexus and still have 9.4gb available. I stream all my music through Spotify, so no need for local copies. I think watching movies on a 4.6″ screen is silly, so no need for local video files.

          I’m not trying to make excuses for HTC here; just commenting on mobile tech in general.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Internal storage cool at 32gb but to be able to add that 64gb sd card like i have now nothing beats that.

        • nyuhsuk

          I agree for the most part but I do like the fact that a lot of reliable companies such as Anker or Mugen make larger capacity batteries in the same form factor as the OEM battery, giving you the easy and instantaneous option to replace the battery yourself as long as the phone has a removable battery. I just replaced my 1+ year old Amaze OEM battery with an Anker one and it’s fantastic. And I can still charge up the OEM one and use it as a backup, on top of carrying an external battery if on a long trip. With a built-in battery, you’re going to experience some kind of downtime to get it replaced, whether its in-store (I don’t think any of the companies do this) or mail-in.
          Removable for the win. Gonna hold onto this fantastic Amaze for as long as I can before I’m forced to purchase Samsung or whoever will accommodate both the features you mentioned.

        • fsured

          They also sell 32+gig wifi drives for like 50 bucks. They are the size of a pack of gum. It sends off it’s own signal so you don’t have to be connected to a home network. If you were going to do something that required large video files (recording wedding segments, birthday, concert, etc) thats an option instead of loading/downloading them from a cloud drive. That eats up data if on the cellular network.

        • fixxmyhead

          i didnt know they had wifi drives. i checked some out but i dont see any that are the size of a pack of gum. care to tell me which one. smallest one is the kingston 32gb but that looks bigger than a pack of gum unless your talking about the new bigger packs of gums. i want one thats like super small like a 5 strip pack of wrigleys

        • Marcelo_L

          I’ve owned HTC devices since the very first Windows Mobile phone they produced (I even remember EXACTLY where I have it in the house. Yes, I’ve owned 5 HTC devices including that one ; 3 Windows Mobile and 2 Android, including the Nexus One which I recently retired for the GNote II.), and I could not disagree with you more.

          1. People generally do care more about removable/replaceable batteries. It’s one of the greatest complaints among iPhone people, the lack of a user replaceable battery. Might I even point you at all the flack that Apple’s garnered with their new MacBook Pro’s that are user hostile with respect to their serviceability (you can’t replace the battery yourself…or at least not easily, anyway.).

          2. When you buy electronics with storage nowadays, how often do you find a 16Gb device only really means 11Gb(Asus Transformer T101) ? How often do you find a different device that’s marketed as 32Gb is really only 20Gb storage(MS Surface, Yes, I know this isn’t Android, but it goes to the point.). The fact is that with external uSD storage being so plentiful and so inexpensive, there is NO reason (at least from a technical standpoint) that uSD storage cannot be supported, and even leveraged out of the box.

          3. When HTC changed their direction and started locking the bootloader, and not being as open about their architecture, that’s when the development community turned their backs on them in great numbers. You only have to look at the fact that the HD2, as old as it is a design, can be made to run Jelly Bean( Jelly Bean for crying out loud!) without too much headache, and is still revered in those circles that to find one for purchase is still a somewhat rarity, but that it still commands as high a dollar amount as it does for as old of hardware as it is.

          Fortunately, HTC can salvage this. They CAN turn this around. With offerings like the OneX, OneS and OneX+ it was too little change, too late. I’m sure SOMEONE is running a TMo branded OneX+ somewhere, it just never saw the light of day en masse because the GNote II and the GSIII Juggernauts couldn’t be stopped by that point.

          The way HTC can salvage this is by OPENING UP THEIR handsets. Putting BACK the features that the Propeller-heads loved. Including the features that those folks love. They’ll not only buy them, they’ll LAUD the hell out of them. People will NOTICE. “HTC is Back!”

          Barring that, all HTC can do is churn away, and the crankshaft leads downward, not upwards.

        • davedsone

          I actually went back to the Htc One S from the Galaxy SIII. The lack of microSD and removable battery irk me, but the camera is just too awesome on the One S. I use a lot of camera in my job, and the focus and fast response on the One S was the difference maker. The better color temperature and superior battery life were just pure bonus.

        • V_i_m

          Amen Brother!

        • g2a5b0e

          I want T-Mobile to get this also. More choice is better for everyone. It means more customers for our beloved Magenta & that’s better for all of us in the long run.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Yes I agree

        • Yea neither does apple with the most sold phone ever

        • phillip martin

          Did you ask TMo customers or did you just make that up? Because I’ve never heard a none “geek” mention either.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Htc will never be Samsung never

      • V_i_m

        They don’t need to be. They just need to go back to being the HTC they used to be.

    • It’s one of the reasons. Having your phone on only one carrier is a recipe for failure these days. Samsung showed with the GS3 being the same phone across all 4 major carriers + even on regional carrier US Cellular, this is the way to maximize sales and visibility of your device.

      HTC went One X exclusive with AT&T and other different devices on T-Mobile and Sprint and now look at them.

  • gpt2010

    Does anybody even care about HTC? Go Samsung and release the S4 already!!

    • the2000guy

      Actually, there is, but htc buried themselves by changing their style on their smartphones

      • fsured

        I agree that I wasn’t too pleased with the style of their recent phones but I like this one. I’m more for the square look of the s2 over all rounded futuristic curves. I didn’t go for the s3 because of how it felt in my hand. The s2 felt solid to me. I also liked the shape and size of the MT4G.

        • the2000guy

          Well, i felt the s2 bulky compared to the s3. I was considering to get an htc one but when they said that only the One S was going to be available, then, I said no thank you, I wanted the One X. Also I cant believe the OneX+ arrived and they neither took it. Thats right about it, the s3 felt so fragile compared to the s2.

  • the2000guy

    If the specs are for real, then its time to come back to HTC, I always prefer HTC over samsung. However, I’m still waiting for the BB10 because I think this one is something real new, iphone is the same as 5 years ago, and Ive noticed that samsung is only focusing on performance which I think that is unnecessary because what is the purpose of so many cores and morwe than 2GB of RAM? I am trying to replace a laptop with my smartphones but right now is so difficult to do it.

  • Doesn’t matter, those specs would be somewhat of a downgrade from what I’m currently using anyway.

    • kalel33

      Huh? You have a quad core phone when no phone has been released with one? Do you have a 1080p screen when only the HTC DNA has it. Other than internal storage, there isn’t one spec that is surpassed by any current phone.

      • That’s just my point. Stop buying phones that come out for the specs, so you can say you have what you consider to be the best and fastest device. The best, is only in the mind of the person who using it…

  • Tmo_employee

    The one s was a bust tmobile sells 86 percent samsung

    • FaxisFax

      The return/warranty service rates for HTC devices, like Amaze or Sensation, have been higher than Sammy phones

      • Marcelo_L

        Yeah, and TMo hit me with a return charge on my oldest’s Amaze that had had so many issues with bulging batteries and such, because there was a small scratch on the lower edge of the bezel ( we’re talking sliver here, people, not a gash)…$80 for replacing a phone that hadn’t even worked right since a few weeks after we’d purchased it for him. The $7 monthly warranty was ridiculous because they wanted $140(!!!!) to replace under warranty a phone that had only been bought a year before ? Why do I even PAY for the insurance policy?! To save the $59 difference between what I paid for the thing in the first place ?

        • UMA_Fan

          You answered your own question. What you paid for the thing in the first place is NOT what you would pay for another one in the middle of your contract.

          Makes me glad Tmo is getting rid of subsidies so people will realize what smart phones REALLY cost.

        • kalel33

          That’s why I don’t have the insurance. I only pay for the extended warranty, $3.99 a month, so if there is actually liquid or physical damage then I turn it in for some manufacturer’s defect and take the out of warranty hit. The insurance is ONLY better for lost/stolen phones.

      • therealmikebrown

        I loved my MT4G, but I had to return it twice. The third one had the “good” screen. But screen started to rise on the bottom corner and dust got under the glass.
        Have exchanged my S3 once so far. Bad usb port. Plug it up and it would just connect/disconnect nonstop. Only had it since Sept., so we’ll see.

        • therealmikebrown

          Forgot to mention I don’t have insurance, so I only have a year to exchange. And I returned one MT4G rooted with a stock rom. No issues.

      • Don’t forget Samsung also made the heavily returned Sidekick 4G. I have several customers who have been through 3 of those phones.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can understand Tmobile being selective of what they want on it’s upcoming New LTE network. Looking to the Galaxy S4 is something that will definitely be a part of the tmobile network just like the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 as well. Regardless of these devices that will appear on tmobile as the year moves forward let’s throw in the Motorola X phone too tmobile MUST get this HTC M7.

  • Garrett

    I really hope T-Mo picks up the M7. I’m not much of a fan of Samsung phones…

    • fixxmyhead

      HTC sucks they cant even update there 2yr old flaghships meanwhile samsung is pushing JB to the s2

      • Garrett

        Samsung is definitely better with updates, but HTC still wins when it comes to build quality and software.

        • g2a5b0e

          Build quality, maybe, but I disagree with you on software. Even if you like Sense more than Touchwiz, Samsung’s phones have more helpful software features than any other manufacturer.

        • kev2684

          sense was good during gingerbread days. after ICS, touchwiz really took off feature wise.

        • fixxmyhead

          no not software wise. what features does sense bring other than some cheap customizability

        • mingkee

          There’s one thing interesting:
          Samsung devices (except Nexus) can play .flv
          HTC devices cannot.

        • J-Hop2o6

          There’s an app for that.

      • fsured

        Are they officially going to update the currently sold s2’s with JB? I thought they were just looking into it. I know the new s2 with TMO Lte is to have JB but haven’t heard them bringing it to the entire line.

        • fixxmyhead

          s2 with LTE? what are u talking about. there is no s2 with LTE. i think u mean the new tmo s3 with LTE. the current one already has JB via an OTA but im assuming the new model will have JB out of the box

        • fsured

          Ah yeah I got it wrong. Went back and read the article. the small blue lines in the link looked like only 2 present to me. Yes the new model is supposed to have JB out of the box. But I still haven’t heard anything confirm Samsung pushing the OS to the s2. Just they were considering it.

        • fixxmyhead

          Samsung is already pushing JB to the international s2 in Spain right now other countries will follow then US carriers which will be later on

  • rfgenerator

    Just another piece of evidence that T-Mobile’s offerings of “Flagship” devices will be few and far between once the subsidies end. Lots of low and middle range Android devices but top flight devices won’t have a big presence with T-Mobile from April onward.

    • Garrett

      I guess it’s good that I’m officially out of contract now. Hopefully they do get some top-tier devices in the very near future…

    • Dion Mac

      I’m not sure how that makes sense. Just like with the iphone, they are now able to get it because of not having subsidies. So… they would be able to pick up any phone they want now. I’m sure there still has to be a deal, but not an arm and a leg on the back end. But what do I know, I broke a shoelace this morning.

    • Deadeye37

      I don’t see how thats different from how things are right now. Currently, the only real high end phone that we have is the GSIII, Nexus 4, and (maybe) the 8X.

      The fact that we’re slated to get the iPhone and the new BB device after the subsidies go away shows the opposite. Personally, I think we’ll land more flagship devices. What I really hope for is that T-mobile steps up their game and get flagship devices from the cheaper manufactures and sell them at a lower price point (medium-high) so that there is something for everyone.

      • the boogeyman

        Let’s not forget the note 2

    • philyew

      This reasoning makes absolutely no sense. TM have been squeezed on top-end devices to date because they were unable to offer competitive subsidies once the MSRP passed the $600 mark.

      Isolating the device from its dependence on the revenue recovered in the service plan means that TM can now select devices purely on each device’s ability to generate sufficient sales to justify it taking up marketing space.

      Historically, despite having a fraction of the market to work with compared with AT&T and Verizon, TM managed to keep on a level with them for wholesale pricing because their limited portfolio has enabled them to sell around the same volumes as the competition.

      There will be an issue about maintaining those volumes when Apple products start to make a big impact on TM’s sales, and TM will need to improve overall volumes dramatically, or suffer a deteriorating relationship with Samsung in particular.

      However, none of that has anything to do with the removal of the subsidy.

    • It’s actually the opposite. In the past T-Mobile lost out on high end exclusives because they couldn’t afford/weren’t willing to subsidize the devices. With subsidies ending it will only make it easier for them to afford high end devices since it eliminates the financial burden on T-Mobile by having customers pay for the full price of the device (over time).

      Also with HSPA+ being moved over to the more worldwide standard 1900mhz band, it will make it easier and cheaper for manufacturers to build devices that support T-Mobile’s network. There won’t be anymore need for AWS T-Mobile specific devices. AT&T is the only US Carrier currently using this standard and it’s no coincidence that they get more devices than any other carrier. Maybe Sony and Motorola will begin to offer more phones on T-Mobile as well once the network is fully refarmed.

  • Dickfutty

    HTC went with the no removable battery no sdcard which made me not jump to the one series and later get the sgs3

  • tmo trololol

    T-mobile can pass this up, it’s all about samsung phones these days…our htc one is collecting dust and never sells and its not because reps dont push it trust me they do people rather go with samsung, last time htc sold a phones people were behind with was the g2

    • James Shaggy

      I disagree, Tmobile needs to support to this device. This device could rival the next iPhone and maybe (most likely not) the Galaxy S IV. It sounds like a beast, at the very least, if Tmobile doesnt get it hopefully the at&t version will support aws DC-HSPA+ 42 and aws LTE.

      • Marcelo_L

        They didn’t get behind the OneX and instead went with the OneS (Fail). I have to agree with tmo trololol, I completely passed upgrading from the Nexus One to the OneS…SPECIFICALLY because it had no uSD card slot.

        Do you think I would’ve bought the GNote II (beast that it is) if it HADN’T had a uSD slot ? Of course not.

        The OneS is the “Also ran” of the HTC ONE line. It was the middle sibling that didn’t get the proper nurturing. It didn’t have the bigger screen, and anodized skin of it’s bigger sibling, and a much higher price that it’s “little brother” the OneV. Who buys an “also ran”….not many people, folks!

  • TBN27

    They should be able to get this device with no problem especially with their subsidies ending soon.

  • mingkee

    I’d rather see HTC Nexus phone

  • F**K HTC! Unless it is TMobile who is screwing them. It all comes down to the money involve in the deal.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Lol does this really surprise you? I do like HTC’s hardware builds more than Samsung’s but HTC really hasn’t released much on Tmo in a while so this is not a real surprise to me.

    Maybe they’ll change their mind about the M7 but I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting on the Motorola and Google device.

    • Marcelo_L

      Yeah……finally…the Nexus X ! And I don’t mean the Nexus 10….I mean the Nexus X phone ( Please don’t call it the Nexus V…. IV=4, V=5).


    It’s okay… we have the HTC One S… in black!


  • ceegii63

    all that CES goodness TMO brought stopped to a screeching halt

  • nerdlust

    I have the HTC sensation and I would consider this but if this doesn’t show up the rumored xphone and nexus and note2 will give me plenty of choices. HTC should release this on all carriers to have a chance of a comeback.

  • urmom

    Wow 2300 mAh battery. Sounds a bit low considering whats out there. Htc has never been good on battery so I think id pass on this one.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    People want this phone on Tmo and I agree with them.who doesn’t want to try this beefed up device on Tmo network. ust imagine the speed. I really hope this is just a rumor and not the real thing. Tmo shouldn’t live off the iPhone, that’s coming up, and other devices that are own their way,mid tier devices,it’s about time we Tmo customers can say proudly…”we got the phone and we got the 4G..”

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    isn’t this always the case with HTC. they give the other carriers the best then throw us the scraps in a nice lil package to shut us up. then they soon forget that those scraps/phones ever existed and offer crappy support for them.

    • iamnumbersix

      No, Motorola was the same. Absolute crap phones with no support for T-Mo, good stuff for their pals at verizon.

  • Dan Pentrack

    That really sucks! I’m sorry but I’m not looking forward to the Galaxy s4. I’ve had the s3 and note 2 and the amoled screens don’t compare to htc phones. Who wants a phone that has a screen you can barely see when any sun light hits the screen? When is Tmobile going to get some real phones?!

  • Bling_Diggity

    And this is a prime example of why T-Mobile is losing me as a customer, more and more every day. Every awesome top of the line phone that has come out in the past year and a half T-Mobile has decided not to offer. Instead, they’ve decided to concentrate their efforts on shit phones like the Galaxy S Blaze, MyTouch, and the HTC One S. T-Mobile either needs to step up with the big boys or GTFO. If I wanted a shit phone with shit service, I could go with any one of the multitude of pre-paid carriers in the U.S. and pay a whole hell of a lot less than what I’m paying T-Mobile right now. Or, I could get the top-of-the-line phone that I want through some other carrier and pay like $10 more a month. Either way is better than what T-Mobile is offering.

    • urmom

      Good bye. Leave tmobile please!

  • tonkotsu

    Always seems to be the same story with tmobile

  • Maybe they are still working out a deal or something, after all T-mobile is changing their business model. Verizon will never call their version of the phone the HTC M7 (if it is named that) so HTC will not be able to have a samsung galaxy approach, they will stick a droid in there and change the name. I also feel like the relationship between HTC and T-mobile is not as good as it was during the G1 and my-touch days (maybe HTC devices become too expensive for T-mobile to subsidize, idk).

  • cruzz563

    Typical. T-Mobile didn’t get the One-X. Just like Motorola, ignoring the 4th place player.

  • That is too bad. That phone would do well on T-Mobile. I think the only other phone that has 32gb of int memory is the SGS3, which is what I own. HTC puts out great hardware and hope T-Mobile jumps on this phone. I am a sucker for any good phone on T-Mobile.

  • chris

    T-Mobile NEEDS the M7. It was rediculous we didn’t get the One X or the oft rumored X+. I would hands down take the M7 over the Sammy anything.

  • chris

    The “wahh wahhhh no removable battery/expandable memory” bullstuff is losing more and more steam. lets be honest. 32GB = Ample.

    • kalel33

      That’d be fine for most people if the HTC phones didn’t have the worst battery life of the manufacturers. Thank goodness my HTC Amaze has removable battery so I that I was able to replace it with a much better Anker battery that lasts 4 hours longer than the stock battery. Give me the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 or Motorola Razr HD and then we can talk, otherwise you’re just spewing bullstuff.

      • V_i_m

        I own an Amaze as well and I completely agree. Battery life is terrible. HTC needs to get its act together on battery life. Making it impossible to swap out the battery does not inspire confidence.

    • moises1204

      What is so wrong to have both? i like choices don’t you?

  • sushimane

    what the f??????

  • rob

    what if T-Mobile is making their version of the M7 a G series and well launching it with stock android and the G3 name…as Verizon might make it a Droid and Sprint an EVO, assuming HTC doesn’t demand the M7 (or w.e it turns out to be called be called) to go by that name across all carriers.

    • If they give Sprint an “Evo” line and Verizon a “Droid” line for this phone it will be another fail year for HTC. All these different names and devices only confuse consumers.

      • moises1204


    • moises1204

      that have not work so well for HTC!, they need a killer device on every carrier under the same brand name.

  • rob

    or four other possibilities 1. we are getting the phone under this one (another One S)
    2. It fails T-Mobiles “quality test” as the One X+ supposedly did
    3. We do get that long time leaked One X+ after all but no M7

  • Samiam

    I hope they don’t pick up the M7. I have an HTC Sensation 4G and it is the WORST phone I have ever owned. I can’t wait to qualify for an upgrade so I can get a Note 2!!!

  • 0neTw0

    Considering ATT phones are now and will in the future work on T-Mobile’s Network it makes since. They are trying tom get away from Subsidies after all.

  • Who cares?!?!? If they offer it the same support as the one s.

  • ghulamsameer

    I really used to like then Sense UI, but after being accustomed to Touchwiz and Stock Android, Sense looks very over designed and not as aesthetically pleasing.

  • iamnumbersix

    I used to love HTC, owned lots of them going back to the Dash and Dash II. I loved my Nexus One, best phone I ever owned. Lately they seem to put teeny tiny batteries in them that can’t be replaced. And then to add insult to injury, they got rid of the sd card expansion. They also locked the bootloader down tight alienating the tech/modder crowd. (Yeah I know you can use the HTC Warranty Invalidating Bootloader Unlocker on their site that still leaves S-ON and makes it a continued PITA to flash roms). I moved on from HTC at that point, they had nothing to offer me. It is sad, to me at least, as I would love to buy another HTC because I loved the build quality of the handsets but with their present offerings, I pass.

    • moises1204

      their just to busy trying to be like apple!

  • Ordeith

    Another day… Another Android device…

    • Josue

      that is true

  • If HTC wants to be a strong competitor against Apple and Samsung in the smartphone race they have a few major issues they need to address.

    – Flagship device THE EXACT SAME on all 4 major carriers. No exclusives
    – Better battery life. HTC usually has the worst battery life of all Android manufacturers
    – SD Card support. Either add the SD card slot or ship flagships with 32GB out of the box. Apple is probably the only company I know that can get away with not having SD card support
    – No more “+”, “HD”, or “Pro” whatever versions. Make ONE device that is the iconic flagship for the year and stick to it. It’s okay to release some low end devices the same year but keep it to ONE flagship. i.e. Galaxy S3, iPhone 5

    What they’re doing right:
    – HTC has and continues to have the best build quality of all Android manufacturers. That’s one reason why I continue to choose their handsets over Samsung despite the poor battery life
    – Impressive cameras in their devices compared to other manufacturers
    – HTC Sense seems to have improved and isn’t as bloated as it once was
    – Impressive screen quality. One X+ trumps the 4S, GS3, and Note 2 screen in overall quality and the Droid DNA outshines the iPhone 5. Now they need to put all this together in one device.

    • J-Hop2o6


    • V_i_m

      I agree almost entirely. My only qualm is that I don’t really care if the product cycle is 12 months, 9 months or 6 months as long as the devices are released across all major carriers. The exclusivity BS needs to end. SD card slots and removable batteries need to be added, battery life needs to be improved, and the ROM needs to be more developer friendly. HTC should also go back to 18 months of OS update support for flagship handsets. The lack of JB on the Sensation and Amaze is a travesty. On the plus side, build quality, camera quality and software, and screen resolution and quality are all HTC strong points. Finally HTC Sense has improved immensely from the bloated monstrosity it was. So there is hope for HTC.

  • NardVa

    1080P screen has to be at least 5 inces.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Its 4.7″

  • Noel

    It will be a shame if the M7 doesn’t land on the magenta runway..HTC and Tmo must work this out for HTC’s sake. Despite the presence of the N4, the iPhone, Samsung GS4, Motorola X phone and some of the 5″ devices from the Chinese OEMs, LG, Sony etc…Tmo can not pass on the M7 like they did with the One X+. Many HTC fans myself included are waiting for this device on Magenta. Tmo/HTC make it happen…the M7 should be on all the major carriers just like the GS4 will. .

    • J-Hop2o6

      Yes, I hope it comes to Tmo also. Sounds like a beast (1080p in a 4.7″ screen 0.o!)

    • ant

      its more about htc wanted more money prob than tmo passing up on them


    T-Mobile should pick it up but I rather see that Moto/Google X Phone head over to us if the rumors are true

  • Namaste

    I’m not sure if I am going to stay with Tmobile if they pass up another flagship device by HTC. I waited all last year for the One X to come to Tmo. Then at the last minute they reject it, and then the next thing you hear is AT&T has an exclusive on it! That really pissed me off. Then it gets refreshed in November as the One X+ and guess what? Its still only available to AT&T. I like where Tmo is going with the ending of subsidies, but they have to get more flagship devices. Devices people want. The One S was not a flagship device and is only marginally better than my current old Sensation. The M7 looks like a winner to me and Iam ready for an upgrade. I will not renew my contract with Tmobile though. They dont’ seem to care what their customers really want. They’ll bend over backwards for an iphone but not a device that is clearly superior to it. I’m over it. It maybe time to think about a new carrier that has a decent selection. TMobile hasn’t gotten an HTC flagship since the Sensation. Thats pathetic. And they wonder why they’re losing customers. This is one reason.

    • V_i_m

      The Amaze was the last flagship actually, but that’s part of the problem. Neither the Amaze nor the Sensation have been well supported because they were released too closely to each other. The Sensation was HTC’s top phone for only 3 months before it was made obsolete by the Amaze which was also sold simultaneously on T-Mobile. Then a month after the Amaze was released it was made obsolete by the HTC Rezound on Verizon with its 720p display in November of 2011. T-Mobile hasn’t had a flagship HTC phone since.

  • i’ve loved HTC for a while .. not really excited about what’s next for them … if they give TMO a broken down version that’ll push me even further towards Samsung

  • Nooooooo!!!!!

  • D Velasquez

    I started this year with a promise and that was not buying phones from T-Mobile , I’m tired of HTC and Samsung been the only ones with a strong presence on magenta inventory, there other manufacturers as well and T-Mobile seems not willing to get better devices , honestly I was very disappointed with the s3 and praise it all you want but the quality of the s3 leaves a lot of room for critiques. I really regret getting the s3 at this point but hey at least I didn’t go for EIP or VP. I’m thinking that one my contract is over to go on Tmo prepaid and get the rogers version of the droid RAZR.or any phone that are exclusive for art or Verizon on their rogers/Vodafone variants.

    • D Velasquez

      Meant to say att or Verizon**

    • ant

      honeslty thats who want to make the better phone and they worry about people pockets when u think about it its crazy to pay 400-600 for a phone n 2k for a bill like thats a car almost n then u dont keep the same phone forever if people worry about the phone itself samsung n htc wouldnt be the only worth brand

  • BahamasGeek242

    Well that is HTC’s loss at least we have the NEXUS 4….in stock


    WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER DEVICE THAT HTC WILL NOT CARE ABOUT IN 6 MONTHS! Save yourself from softwares issues and lock buttons breaking and go buy a different brand. HTC is a bunch of losers. I WILL NEVER SELL THIS PHONE IF IT COMES TO T-MOB!

    • ant

      yea i feel you considering they only had about 3 android releases for tmo within 2years that was supposed to be they flash ship and all of them still have android 4.0 well idk about the one s but i heard it do

  • Wtf… Great ….. T-Mobile terrible phone line up continues

  • perry

    I think the article means to suggest that it was tmo who supposedly passed up on the m7, not that htc wouldn’t offer it to tmo.

    I hope thats not the case. tmo needs all the help it can get and new flagship devices are one such area to focus on. htc has always been a big player in tmo’s lineup so I hope they will carry the m7.

    Obviously since the nexus 4 is not available…..again……..and again……..and again……..

  • ….. RIM is the new webOS …I would love webOS on a galaxy note two screen size with pen input, similar large vast app store a SUPER Pre! Now that is a device ! The rest of these devices have all similar specs and no real innovation that need to STOP releasing the same damn thing over and over again, the “updates ” are so predictable now, next year or perhaps later this one, wireless charging will be default, 1080p hd, big screens, octa core I mean BLAH……take a year off to breath and enhance what we already have, make it more efficient

  • Josh Hamilton

    HTC Should really wait for the release of the Galaxy IV so they can blockade the new Galaxy phone and make everyone forget about it and promote the M7 abruptly! Like how the Galaxy S3 did with the release of the One series. Also to see what specs the S4 would have like if the new Galaxy phone has the Octa-Core processor well then their Quad-Core Processor will be forgotten and the new Galaxy Phone will push through..