Google CEO Larry Page Acknowledges Nexus 4 Shortages During Earnings Call


Google’s quarterly earnings were another shining light in the company’s current quest toward global domination. The fourth quarter 2012 numbers show Google raking in the dough, with the three month period ending on December 31st raking in $14.42 billion in revenue, a tremendous 36% increase year-over-year. However, that’s not what truly interested us, it was the comments from CEO Larry Page.

During the earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page reiterated some of what we’ve heard recently on Nexus 4 supply levels from the Google Play store. Page said there is “work to be done managing our supply better… and that is priority for the teams.” Page’s comments aren’t the first to recognize the company can do better echoing comments made by French LG Communications Director Cathy Robin, who promised Nexus 4 inventory would approve by mid-February.

Google execs also discussed the current state of Motorola, a company we haven’t seen launch a T-Mobile device in who knows how long. Responding to a question about the current state of Motorola’s financials, Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette stated that Google knew they were looking at a 12-18 month pipeline that wasn’t going to change as Motorola had to deliver on promised hardware. Motorola already had those products in the pipeline promised to customers upon the closing of the deal and reminded us that Google is only 6 months in a post-acquisition phase. Pichette reminded that these kind of changes take time, stating that “It’s just the nature of the beast when you’re reinventing a business.”

Even as Motorola continues to post negative numbers, Google isn’t concerned about the short-term, instead focusing on long-term goals and long-term profitability. Google has a war-chest of $48.1 billion and that provides them plenty of opportunity to turn Motorola around and hit on points where CEO Larry Page believes smartphones can improve including battery life and hardware durability.

Would you like to see Motorola devices return to T-Mobile in the future? Perhaps the long-rumored Motorola Nexus?

Android Central, TechCrunch

  • impaler

    What was the last Moto on T-Mobile, the Defy?

    • Verizonthunder

      Nope I believe it was Motorola charm

      • kevev

        The last “good” Moto device would have been the Defy. Would love to have a Defy HD with a large screen, water resistant, and bounce proof. I miss my Defy.

        • Verizonthunder


      • MoT

        CLIQ 2 with that funky honeycomb inspired physical keyblard

        • Verizonthunder

          Yes I recoil that device but the nightmare of too much moto blur

  • sirpat

    If they do i would like to see a high end device and not some piece of junk that t-mobile normally gets from motorola!

  • psychoace

    “who promised Nexus 4 inventory would *improve by mid-February” fix

  • Eli

    As a tmobile employee all the motorola phones we ever sold were trash

    • gsm1900

      I very much agree. Cliq? Cliq2? CHARM!? Absolute trash. This is why T-Mobile booted them too… they refused to support their old devices, refused to give anyone but VZW good devices, and the crap they did give us had hardware and software issues they did not want to support. I was very glad to see us kick them to the curb.

  • AndroidProfit

    Screw these clowns. They are now what Microsoft was when Microsoft sucked.

    • Sammie Bell


    • BlackJu

      Except google gets a pass on antitrust.

      • AndroidProfit

        Haha good one. These guys have yet to get a Nexus launch even remotely problem free. It’s as if they don’t give a crap.

        • Adrayven

          They don’t.. The more constrained it is, the more it looks like it’s in high demand. When Samsung and Apple both talk anywhere from 20-50+ million sold in a quarter, the Nexus numbers look very small indeed against those numbers.

          Nexus 4 was estimated to sell upwards of 350 thousand in one quarter, others estimate w/out supply constraints it would have been closer to 1-3 million. Either way, poorly executed, like an afterthought, they still had trouble meeting the meager demand..

  • Sammie Bell


    • archerian

      HTC has no patents and R&D to speak of, they are a glorified OEM manufacturer … The Motorola acquisition was majorly about the patents

  • David

    Screw google…they used NSF money to get launched and now they hide their profits overseas so they don’t have to pay taxes in the country who gave them their success.

    • tonkotsu

      yea so did every other smart corporation

      • David

        That’s not true and I’m not following you’re roll over and die position.

        • tonkotsu

          I am roll over and die position?

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I used a Phoenix Down on Tonkotsu Lol

  • Nexus 4 inventory would approve by mid-February. @David do you mean improve?

  • Gordo

    I would love to see a Razr Maxx type phone on T Mobile. I use my phone for business and go through ~ 3000 minutes a month. Combine that with tethering my laptop and I’m plugging in around 2 p.m. every day.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      They have a GSM Razr MaXX

  • Devlncrnt

    In defense of Motorola, I just want to say they made one of my all time
    favorite t-mo handsets, specifically the Defy. It flew under the radar
    and was never a Hero device but It was compact, light weight, could take
    a massive beating, and always kept on about its business. My only
    complaint about it was the atrocious GPS reception. If the new Motorola
    released a remake of that device with updated internals (a serious
    update not the 200mHz bump in the Defy+) I would grab it up in a

  • The only Motorola device that impressed me back in the day, was the original Motorola Razr.

  • jbrizzy

    I think motorola has since redeemed itself with the high quality phones they have on Verizon. But I had a Motorola CHARM and was excited to have it, but It was the worst phone I ever owned. I replaced it a good FIVE TIMES. And couldn’t even get Instagram on the damn thing. So happy with my Nexus 4 though.

    • Noel

      I second the part abt the Nexus 4…i love the device. In this era of JUMBO phones, it seems the perfect size right now. I hope the rumored HTC M7 also come in a similar size cuz i have been waiting for that monster HTC device to come to Tmo or come with bands that play nice with Tmo. I will also be looking fwd to the rumored Google/Motorola X device.

  • 21stNow

    I have no desire for a Motorola device. A Nexus manufactured by Motorola would make me hesitate more than a Nexus manufactured by LG did.

  • vrm

    I think that Google is in a fix w.r.t. motorola phones. They would like to churn out stock nexuses but they made promises to ‘partners’ samsung, LG etal not to compete.

    Motorola, for the short term, will remain a patent play and a hedging ploy. It is possible that they will churn out nexuses in small quantities ( like the LG nexus 4) and in case of a falling out with a partner, they will step in.

    For the time being, google is happy to carry the losses for motorola. This business has shown that circumstances can change quickly, as with m$, intel, HP etal and with HTC, LG etal. There is no guarantee that Samsung will not jump ship if something else comes along and that is why they have motorola.

  • Jedidiah Thomet

    I would love to see a Motorola Nexus — provided that it isn’t a Verizon exclusive (like virtually every other high-end Motorola device). (Really, While the last couple of Motorola phones made for T-Mobile left a lot to be desired, I have every confidence that Google would not allow them to put out a piece of garbage with the “Nexus” moniker.

  • D Velasquez

    Of course I would love a moto device on T-Mobile , it angers me the fact Verizon took every single awesome moto device, exclusivity should be abolished in my opinion but hey its business, I’m really looking into getting the rogers version of the droid RAZR and put the s3 back in its box.

  • Trevor Cason

    IDK if I cant wait till mid freaking Febuary for the Nexus 4. Jeez that feels like a eternity