T-Mobile Quick Ad Spot Highlights Monthly4G Unlimited Data

T-Mobile’s march toward wireless domination saw yet another boost with the introduction of their new Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan for Monthly4G customers. The introduction of the plan itself combined with T-Mobile’s goal of 200 million LTE pops by the end of 2013 should have the competition taking notice. T-Mobile might be the nationwide underdog in the US, but their fighting spirit with LTE along with a $70 unlimited talk, text and data plan on Monthly4G will be hard to ignore for AT&T and Verizon. Whether or not they will react is anyones guess, but T-Mobile’s definitely coming out swinging in 2013.

Want Unlimited Nationwide 4G data? Introducing T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G data. No caps, no overages and now with no annual contract. Check it out at T-Mobile.com.


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  • Droc

    200 million lte pops by the end of 2012? I didn’t even know it launched yet.

  • Newmexican

    2013 ????

  • cutienoua

    It must be for real since is mentioned 3 times ! 2012 !!

  • Gerald

    Should it be 2013

  • Richard Yarrell

    One thing is for sure i gladly left Verizon the ”So called big dog on the block” for Tmobile in June 2012 after the fiasco of the sad Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Tmobile pisses all over Verizon especially here in New York City. The unlimited data usage is truly a plus in my book. I can’t help but laugh at how much better tmo really is compared to Verizon. 2013 will be great for Tmobile that’s for sure.

    • I agree in cities T-Mobile is better than Verizon based on my experience. I get 4-5 bars all over town on my T-Mobile phone and 1-3 with my Verizon iPhone in many of the same places. Verizon shines in rural areas and when traveling along interstates though. LTE almost everywhere.

      • Richard Yarrell

        I don’t know how true that really is. I just completed a trip from Tupelo Mississippi and Clarksdale Mississippi to St.Louis Missouri, and Philadelphia. My device had 4g service throughout this drive except in Clarksdale Mississippi. Otherwise in Tupelo Mississippi it was great as well in St Louis and Philadelphia. Tmobile is much better everywhere than they were 1yr ago that’s for sure.

        • squiddy20

          Proof that you have no idea what you’re talking about, and more than likely made this up: on T-Mobile’s own coverage map, about two-thirds of the area between Tupelo and St Louis is listed as “2G”, and half the distance from Tupelo to Clarksdale is also listed as “2G”. You couldn’t possibly have had 4G “throughout this drive”.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Like you know what driving from Mississippi to New York City is like. Please my man your the biggest joke here on the tmo news page using Sprint’s 3g network. Go troll elsewhere. Mr Boost Mobile for two years now your on your mothers Sprint bill. Kinda hard making ends meet without a job i would imagine. Your mothers family plan great job squiddy20.

        • squiddy20

          1. I didn’t say anything about New York to Mississippi. You’d know that if you could read. But while we’re on the subject, most of the trip from NYC to Clarksdale, MS is also mostly 2G only, again according to T-Mobile’s own coverage map. The only areas where there’s 3G or even 4G are the larger cities along the way. Imagine that.
          2. I don’t have to physically drive there to know the coverage (or lack of it) when basically all of the carriers provide coverage maps that are more or less accurate than what is really there.
          3. You continually say I was on Boost Mobile with my “useless” Samsung Moment, when the Moment was ONLY ever sold on Sprint. I’ve said this at least 2 dozen times to your ignorant, sorry ass, and you still constantly get it so very wrong. Who’s the joke now?

    • Mirad77

      Verizon must have really pissed you off. OK just tell us the whole story, at this point I wanna know. Go on……..

      • bleeew

        His real story is that when he was at Sprint, he would talk about how good Sprint was, and Unlimited data, and cheaper than the others, and blah blah blah. Then he went to Verizon and said it was best on LTE, and was fast, and others suck, blah blah. now hes on tmobile saying the same thing. Hes a carrier fanboy .

        • Mirad77

          That’s feels so right. I thought the same thing but wanted to hear it from him and it seems even with my plea he isn’t gonna come out of his closet.

        • galaxydude

          I am so tired of this Guy. “Richardyarell” repeating his
          Same story over and over again. Just wish
          someone would piss on him.

        • Mirad77

          Am trying but he just seems to be jumping me. He knows if he dare gimme the chance I will chew him up.

        • Richard Yarrell


        • Mirad77

          You can do better than that.

        • Richard Yarrell

          galaxydude can go shit on himself. Just like that other asswipe @squiddy20 the trolling bum from sprint.

        • Richard Yarrell

          No need to come out of a closet my friends. I purchase 2 devices every year and will be doing the same thing in 2013. My beginning started on Sprint with the Htc Evo 4g in June 2010 to the Htc Evo 3d in June 24th 2011. Moved to another part of New York City and sprint service sucks to a point where my evo 3d became useless. Moved to Verizon purchased the Lg Revolution to open my line in November 2011 rode with the Lg Revolution on Verizon and my useless Evo 3d till December 15th 2011. That’s when i purchased my Galaxy Nexus from Verizon so i had 2 lines on Verizon and cancelled my Sprint service. The pitiful part is the Galaxy Nexus too was the worst Nexus ever no signal, Poor signal strength, piss poor battery life and on and on. The device never got any updates till June 2012. Anyway at that time i made up my mind after seeing the Galaxy Nexus on tmobile from a friend the difference between night and day. The tmobile Galaxy Nexus is what opened my eyes to the difference between CDMA vs GSM CARRIERS leaving Verizon was a total blessing. Been with tmobile since June 2012 purchased the Galaxy S3 then in November purchase the Galaxy Note 2. Yes 2 lines of service today. Will be purchasing the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Note 8 in 2013 that’s just what i do purchase what i want when i want on any network when i please. And yes the credit is mad strong. No hate on me all you want if that’s what gets you off. I will be perfectly fine doing what i always do in this tech game. It pays to always have the best and i pay for that yearly mostly twice a year. Mark it down guys Evo 4g, Evo 3d, Lg Revolution, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 and now the Galaxy Note 2. Sounds like i roll however way i want.

        • Mirad77

          The dumb thing you did in the beginning is that you didn’t do your home work as in coverage in your area and now you are blaming Verizon for you stupidity. So as you did to sprint and will probably do when you leave T-Mobile. What you are is a carrier bitch.
          So in your lifetime you’ve only had 7 phones and have the nerve to count them? I’ve use one more than you in just two years so no hating there.
          I’m sincerely happy that you’ve found the carrier that serve you best but you don’t have to sing the same old song on every post you write blaming someone else for you being dumb.
          Nobody hates on you, just keep to the subject on the post and you’ll be fine.

        • galaxydude

          I just don’t understand how you can upgrade
          anytime you want and everyone else has to
          Wait at least 20 months.? Seems like you just
          stiff one Carrier and jump to the carrier that has
          The latest and greatest

  • I love it !!!!

  • George

    David meant 2013. I am definitely excited about tmo’s plans. I switched from AT&T and could not be happier. I now save money, have better reception at home, and the internet is literary more than 10 times faster than what I was getting with AT&T. I have been with tmo for about 4 months now.

    • Dakota

      In Atlanta i get 2-3 Mbps more than 7-9 on the HSPA+. It’s been pretty disappointing. I’m surprised it slips to E even right outside downtown… And others say they can do things on e. I never can

      • George

        You get those speeds on t-mo? For me anywhere from 2 and up is fast enough. I currently get from 6-10mbps. At home with AT&T I was getting 1 bar of 3g and it would go to about 2 bars of edge constantly. My speeds on 3g were from .04 to about .3 mbps most of the time. I called them several times and they said there were no upgrade plans for my area. They said I could cancel but they would not waive the etf.

  • So it’s confirmed T-Mobile will allow prepaid customers to access its LTE network? Currently none of the other carriers allow it. If so that might spell trouble for AT&T/Verizon. $70 unlimited LTE and no contract is a major selling point.

    Now it begs to question what incentive is there to sign a contract on the Value Plan with T-Mobile? Unless you absolutely need EIP in order to get a new phone, there will be no point to go Value Plan unless you have a family plan where it’s only $59.99 unlimited for the first two lines.

    • Alim

      It will be all you can eat. But not sure if prepaid will see the lights of LTE. If Tmobile can call themselves ‘uncarrier’, then I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      • RotaryP7

        M4G will see LTE. There is no difference in the coverage between prepaid and contract plans. Same coverage, same service. Biggest differences is in the features it brings and has. Not in bars or speed.

        • Whiskers

          Not exactly the same service between the two , you do not get roaming with prepaid service .
          Other than that i have not seen any difference between the two even though others here on this forum will paint a picture on how bad prepaid is compared to postpaid service.

        • Guest

          You don’t get *data* roaming on prepaid, but you do get voice roaming where available. I’ve used it once or twice around Central Virginia.

        • Whiskers

          “Where Available” would be stating it mildly.
          I live in Ohio and when i go south near the Ohio River my smartphones on VP lines switches to AT&T for roaming for my calls.
          My step son which is on M4G , his phone will show ‘”No Service” and he can’t make any calls until all our phones switch back to T-Mobile regardless if it’s showing on my VP lines of service or his M4G line.
          I have yet to see him be able to make a call when he is outside the T-Mobile coverage area. He always has to wait until he is back in the T-Mobile coverage area or use my phones.
          I can’t comment on the Data use though because my Step son hardly uses Data when on the go. I’ll have to check that out next time we go south again.

        • Guest

          You’re definitely right about the lack of coverage, roaming and native. It seems like roaming only came to Virginia after the AT&T takeover failed, and it’s still pretty limited compared to what Sprint users get from Verizon. (Of course, Sprint’s data speed is unbearable compared to Tmo in the Richmond Metro area.

    • Whiskers

      As i see it most customers don’t have $600.00 to kick around every year for the latest smartphone available , so their only other option will be to sign a VP with the EIP service to get the new phone they want.
      So that would eventually be the only reason someone would sign up for the VP and the 2 year contract that comes with it.

      New customers that can afford the cash out of their own pocket for that new phone would be foolish to sign a 2 year if the M4G service includes LTE .

  • Joseph Lagalla

    their not they’re


    Could see myself jumping on this plan in a month or whenever the Nexus 4 becomes more widely available

    • perry

      whenever?? Has it ever been available? A few hours worth of stock are a joke. and so is google’s attempt of retailing directly to the public. This nexus 4 launch has been a total and complete fiasco.

  • galaxydude

    I recently switched back to monthly 4Gs i get
    superfast data all the time you just cant not a better
    deal then tmobile,s monthly4Gs

  • Tim

    Any unlimited data only plans?

  • Dakota

    They really need a major advertising and. PR campaign. Amazing as I read conmments on other blogs, which are from android aficionado s how many know nothing about T-Mobile unlimited plans

  • Dakota

    Still don’t understand how so many need unlimited. You must be streaming movies and music 24/7 without WiFi. I have no desire to watch movies on a tiny screen; if I need music it’s on an ipod. And at home have Wi-Fi and many do at work too although they need to be working. So just curious what you’re doing on your phones… people on blogs like this are not the normal issue ; most people use<1gb. Remind me of when worked in McDonald's marketing Dept.. They called people who went several times a week SHU/super heavy users… the CEO said I don't know who these people are but God bless them.

    • yeah i have to try really hard to even break 2GBs a month and i consider myself a pretty heavy user.

    • I feel the same way

  • Will they morph this into a family plan in the future? Maybe offer unlimited everything starting at $120ish/month for two lines.

  • landmarkcm

    Ive had every carrier etc & thought I was set with Windowsphone. Man the Lg optumus l9 I think is under rated for 199.00 best Android on Monthly 4g only paying 60.00 bucks now. Lg got the device right this time. Highly recommend!