T-Mobile Quick Ad Spot Highlights Monthly4G Unlimited Data

T-Mobile’s march toward wireless domination saw yet another boost with the introduction of their new Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan for Monthly4G customers. The introduction of the plan itself combined with T-Mobile’s goal of 200 million LTE pops by the end of 2013 should have the competition taking notice. T-Mobile might be the nationwide underdog in the US, but their fighting spirit with LTE along with a $70 unlimited talk, text and data plan on Monthly4G will be hard to ignore for AT&T and Verizon. Whether or not they will react is anyones guess, but T-Mobile’s definitely coming out swinging in 2013.

Want Unlimited Nationwide 4G data? Introducing T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G data. No caps, no overages and now with no annual contract. Check it out at T-Mobile.com.


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