Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit Leaks To The World, S III Mini Variant?



The very first T-Mobile handset leak of February apparently comes from the land of recycled names as the “Samsung Galaxy Exhibit,” better known as the Samsung T599 shows its face to the world. The Exhibit name will of course serve as a reminder for the Samsung Exhibit II, later renamed to the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit — all before T-Mobile released the first-gen Samsung Exhibit 4G. So that’s two phones, three names and now another mid-range device with a recycled name. What’s going on here T-Mobile?

According to @evleaks, the SGH-T599 is a Galaxy S III Mini variant of sorts with a dual-core processor, WVGA display and five megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the S III Mini doesn’t have all the power its older sibling brings to the table, but with an expected price tag that won’t empty your wallet it might serve as a nice introductory smartphone. Expect this one to drop before the end of March.


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  • Doakie

    I thought the second gen of the Exhibit started by being named the Samsung Exhibit 2 then they renamed it the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G? You have it the other way around.

    • Aaron Peromsik

      Yeah, what he said.

    • Prod1702

      It started with Samsung Exhibit 4G, Moved to Samsung Exhibit 2 4g, and now is Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, I am looking at the tags in the store right now that i work in. :)

      • Aaron Peromsik

        Exhibit 4G and Exhibit 2 4G were two different phones. The latter was renamed to Galaxy Exhibit 4G, but was the same phone. A firmware update changed the name for existing users. The new one sounds like a nice upgrade as long as the prepaid price remains reasonable.

  • TechHog

    If priced correctly, this ought to be a pretty good budget phone. They should have kept the SGS3Mini design, though.

  • tmo_employee

    we have enough budget phones!! concord, blaze, lg l9, mytouch 4g prisim

    • Aaron Peromsik

      The previous Galaxy Exhibit was a great price/performance compromise about a year ago, and at $175 it’s still not too bad today. However the update will help it better compete with the Optimus L9 which is pretty interesting at $200. (Both Wal-mart prices for the prepaid versions.) I say competition is good.

      • zx6guy

        “performance compromise” sums up the galaxy exhibit well.

      • john

        I would get the L9 but it’s too big. THis is perfect!

  • Just another budget phone that may be used as a backup only and nothing more.

  • JMccovery

    I’m hoping this phone will have a WORKING ambient light sensor, as the current Galaxy Exhibit has a non-functioning sensor. I’m also hoping this drops at ~$179, would make a good upgrade/replacement for my current Galaxy Exhibit 4G

    Would it not be funny if this gets called “Galaxy Exhibit 2 4G”?

  • David

    Looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Express SGH-i437 offered by ATT. T-Mobile should be focusing on releasing LTE capable phones and S-Beam/NFC capable phones if they are Samsung.

  • That looks pretty nice…

  • Jax

    Maybe this is meant to replace the Galaxy Exhibit AND Galaxy S Blaze. Both are nearly a year old right?

    • Aaron Peromsik

      Good point: spec-wise it does smell more like a Blaze. But I hope they will price it more like the previous Galaxy Exhibit, given the pressure from Optimus L9.

      • TMOREP

        I agree. However, I feel more comfortable selling a customer the Galaxy S Blaze instead of an LG optimus L9 because of the reliability.

  • Wow this has LTE