Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit Leaks To The World, S III Mini Variant?



The very first T-Mobile handset leak of February apparently comes from the land of recycled names as the “Samsung Galaxy Exhibit,” better known as the Samsung T599 shows its face to the world. The Exhibit name will of course serve as a reminder for the Samsung Exhibit II, later renamed to the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit — all before T-Mobile released the first-gen Samsung Exhibit 4G. So that’s two phones, three names and now another mid-range device with a recycled name. What’s going on here T-Mobile?

According to @evleaks, the SGH-T599 is a Galaxy S III Mini variant of sorts with a dual-core processor, WVGA display and five megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the S III Mini doesn’t have all the power its older sibling brings to the table, but with an expected price tag that won’t empty your wallet it might serve as a nice introductory smartphone. Expect this one to drop before the end of March.


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