Newest Android Distribution Shows Continued Rise In Jelly Bean, Drop In Gingerbread

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As expected at the beginning of every month, the Android Developers Dashboard has released the newest distribution chart showing each version of Android running as of Monday, February 4th, 2013. These numbers are determined based on the number of Android devices that access Google Play within a 14 day period ending on the data collection date, which is in this case yesterday, February 4th.

There is some good news as Android 4.0 and above continues to close in on the elusive 50% mark with a now 42.6% percentage of Android hardware. Unfortunately, Gingerbread continues to reign as the crown price of Android market share with 45.6%, a number we hope to see decline rapidly in the coming months. Jelly Bean, composed of Android 4.1 and 4.2 makes up 13.6% of devices, up from 10.2% last month. Ice Cream Sandwich dropped one-tenth of one percent from 29.1% to 29.0% from January into February.

As the graph below shows, Gingerbread continues to make a slow drop, a direct result of the increase in Jelly Bean updates and shipment. Still, let’s continue to hope that Gingerbread makes a sharp fall and is down into the single digits well before 2014, as those users deserve to know Jelly Bean. Of course by the time that happens, Key Lime Pie should be well on its way from stealing market share from Jelly Bean. Here’s to hoping.

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  • Josue

    Gingerbread still dominates the chart

    • MacRat

      No kidding.

      Nearly 2/3 of the Android market is still pre-4.x

      • superg05

        well not everyone wants to get a new phone they keep using it and not everyone has the brain to update

        • Josue

          that is true…and I realized that it’s not googles fault its mostly the carriers fault as well

        • MacRat

          You do realize that there are still new phones being shipped with Gingerbread, right?

          This stat isn’t just about OLD phones.

      • Josue

        blame Google for that

        • MacRat

          It is Google’s fault that manufacturers are still shipping phones with older versions of Android?

  • g2a5b0e

    No way Gingerbread reaches single digits before 2014. Froyo just did a few months ago. I expected ICS to start declining soon, but not this soon. If ICS continues to decline, which it more than likely will, Jellybean will surpass Gingerbread before ICS does.

  • theking_13

    I feel sorry for all the HC users, looks like they’ll never get a taste of ICS/JB.

  • The Architect

    Still keeping my S1 Vibrant on Froyo since I can toggle data on/off without having to use an app for that! I just fine with that since I’m using as an wifi media player anyway!

  • jim

    If TMobile would release JB for the HTC One S already those numbers for JB users would be higher….What’s the hold up?

  • Dakota

    Glad I have agsm galaxy nexus… Might be older phone but updates make it feel new.. Only 1% have my is version

  • Mobilewolf789

    This is why I got a Nexus 4. I was hesistant about the memeory but so far it has not been an issue for me. I was coming from an LG G2X and when I saw the last Google I/O conference I vowed to always get a nexus, I just could not stand having to deal with all the rooting just to get the most updated OS. Even up until now I feel so good zipping past all the headlines about how this HTC or Samsung phone will be getting the JB update in the very near future knowing the wait will not apply to me for a pretty long time. (On a side note I would love to know who is still rocking a Eclair or Donut phone!).

  • techpro1993

    The only manufacturer still upgrading Gingerbread to ICS is HTC and they are about done with it also. Samsung/LG/Moto all abandoned Gingerbread phones already.

    HTC needs to learn lessons from Samsung, focus on perception marketing, build crappy phone to force customer upgrade, do not update phone that is more than 1 year old. Upgrading 2 years old phones does not get you any new customers or sale figures. Should just spend that R&D money to get 10 seconds super bowl ad.

    • Nick

      Sadly true these days. Although when it was time for me to upgrade, I REALLY wanted to stick with HTC for that and their hardware build quality (I hate how most of my Note 2 is plastic same for the rest of Samy’s lineup). But that was when they were making meh phones (aka b4 ONE series).