New Android Distribution Chart Shows Jelly Bean Passing 10% Adoption

Google’s newest Android distribution chart breakdown is now available for the world to see and what we see is Jelly Bean passing 10% market share. Android 4.1 and Android 4.2, both Jelly Bean software passed the 10% barrier amassing 10.2%, a jump we can likely attribute to holidays shopping.

As we break down the numbers a little further, we see that 29.1% of Android users are on Ice Cream Sandwich, up from 27.5% last month. Honeycomb users dropped 0.1 points to 1.5% and 47.6% of all Android users are still on Gingerbread. That’s down from 50.6% last month, which again hope to attribute to holiday shopping and new Android devices filling stockings around the world.

The numbers we’re focused on now is the breakdown of Jelly Bean and Android 4.1 and Android 4.2 growth. Android 4.2 only nudged a little, moving from 0.8% to 1.2%. However, Android 4.1 gained a total of 3.1% moving from 5.9% to 9.0%. We’re also happy with the drop in Gingerbread users which we hope is due to both more Ice Cream Sandwich updates releasing around the world as well as customers who are upgrading to newer Android hardware.

We’re content with the knowledge that Gingerbread is dropping, Jelly Bean is grabbing more share than Ice Cream Sandwich, at least in December and we hope that Jelly Bean will pass Gingerbread before 2014 rolls around. Hopefully by then the long-awaited Key Lime Pie will be grabbing market share away from everyone!

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  • My Galaxy Note is still waiting for that Jelly Bean, y’all.


    Finally ICS and JB numbers are getting higher, we need that.

  • atari37

    This stat is getting silly. It should really be for Nexus devices ONLY and not for Android as a whole, because we all know tons of OEM’s manage their own version of Android.

  • Bryant J

    I think Google should show two charts; phones that shipped with jelly bean and phones upgraded to jelly bean.

  • jbhotnessmon

    Wanna know who is still in that 48% its the LG G2X CAUSE of LG’S and TMO’S POS SUPPORT FOR THIS POS DEVICE. THEY SHOULD GO BANKRUPT

    • setzer715

      T-Mobile just sold the phone, they didn’t make it. If you bought a HP computer from Best Buy and a year later they wouldn’t update the drivers for Windows 8 would you go and blame Best Buy? NO. You would blame HP. Point your tiny little finger at LG. They are the losers when ti comes to updates. It’s how it’s been with EVERY SINGLE ANDROID DEVICE THEY HAVE EVER SOLD! Love them caps locks.

  • Joshua

    too bad htc one s doesnt have JB

    • Mark

      It’s apparently in beta and coming to the rest of us this year.

  • Mark

    2.4% on Eclair… Original Moto CLIQ FTW!

    • setzer715

      The original Nexus Phone, the Nexus One was shipped with Eclair, FWIW.

  • mobile phone manufacturers are using newer android versions as a way to upsell more expensive products. low budget phones are still being shipped with older android versions. microsoft does not allow this practice for windows, therefore new windows versions gain traction much faster.

  • rhetoric.assassin

    and people wonder why there are no quality apps for Android…lol. what a clusterf*ck for developers. And this chart does not even tell the whole story. There are 1000s of unique development devices since every carrier has to taint the Android batch with their own “flavor”. Besides the numbers for android users actually “paying” for apps is abysmal. No consistency, no standards, loose app store policy, a mobile OS that actually needs malware and virus apps to combat its own app store apps and a phisher’s/hackers paradise is what Android “open” OS has become. Amateur hour indeed.

    • rhetoric.assassin

      These numbers are also condensed as to hide the true fragmentation of the Android OS.

    • setzer715

      I don’t understand how it’s a “clusterf*ck”. Google updates the operating system, developers get the code and do the same. It’s no different than iOS (which is what I’m sure your comparing it to). My son was on an old 3GS, Stuck on iOS4 and couldn’t install MANY apps due to incompatibility because they were updated to iOS5 or 6. Just goes to show that even on the all mighty, amazing, world dominating, super flux capacitor having, cooks your f*cking breakfast in the morning iOS/iPhone has inconsistencies in applications and compatibility with different iOS versions.

      But I suppose you could develope a better OS? No? Thought so.

  • ant

    lmao i remeber when froyo and gingerbread was a big deal and honeycomb

  • sII greeter

    I’ve S II waiting on Jelly bean as well

  • Mirad77

    That number would double by the end of Q1.