Samsung Galaxy S III In Titanium Gray Pictured For T-Mobile

We knew that T-Mobile was prepping to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III in Titanium Gray as early as tomorrow and as late of January 9th, so these images don’t come as much of a surprise. Still, I have to say that I’m a big, big fan of Titanium Gray in the pictures and if you haven’t scored a Galaxy S III thus far, perhaps this is the color to make you jump on the Galaxy train.

As a quick reminder, T-Mobile is dropping the 16GB Pebble Blue model in favor of the 16GB Titanium Gray. However, the 32GB Pebble Blue model will still be available via The Gray model is expected to be¬†available in all T-Mobile retail locations including national retailers and authorized dealers by next Wednesday. Unfortunately, no price was¬†provided but if we had to guess, we’d say it’ll be the same price as the Pebble Blue model it replaces.

Any takers?

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