Samsung Galaxy S III In Titanium Gray Pictured For T-Mobile

We knew that T-Mobile was prepping to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III in Titanium Gray as early as tomorrow and as late of January 9th, so these images don’t come as much of a surprise. Still, I have to say that I’m a big, big fan of Titanium Gray in the pictures and if you haven’t scored a Galaxy S III thus far, perhaps this is the color to make you jump on the Galaxy train.

As a quick reminder, T-Mobile is dropping the 16GB Pebble Blue model in favor of the 16GB Titanium Gray. However, the 32GB Pebble Blue model will still be available via The Gray model is expected to be available in all T-Mobile retail locations including national retailers and authorized dealers by next Wednesday. Unfortunately, no price was provided but if we had to guess, we’d say it’ll be the same price as the Pebble Blue model it replaces.

Any takers?

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  • g2a5b0e

    Any word (official or otherwise) on whether this model will have LTE capability like the Note 2?

    • ILrep

      All of the S3’s that i’ve sold lately have shown LTE/GSM/WCDMA when in the settings. Just something I observed, cant confirm if it works and/or what the speeds are.

      • ILrep

        That was in white and blue, I would assume titanium would be the same

      • genoh8

        I have also noticed the LTE settings on my S3 and I thought it was odd that a phone have LTE settings that doesn’t even have a physical LTE radio. A T-mobile rep told me in November that all of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II devices already have an LTE radio embedded in them and are LTE ready, and that they will simply need a software update and or new sim card to utilize T-Mobile’s LTE network once it is switched on. Not sure if that is true or not but that’s what he said.

        • adam

          Tmobile motherboard have LTE antenna connector but back cover does not have that extra antenna inside. AT&T version has that 3rd antenna inside its back cover connecting to 3rd connector on motherboard. Both motherboards look identical only back housings/covers are different

  • 2dott0

    That’s kind of hot but at this point, who doesn’t already have an S3?

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      Me. I have the iconic iPhone 4S.

      • Not so Iconic iPhone 4S

        • VapidRapidRabbit

          It is iconic. Not as iconic as the 4, but definitely more iconic than the 5.

        • TechHog

          iPhone 5 too big for you?

    • PCJ

      me, a G2x

    • qpinto

      i did but i sold it for my n4. they should have released this color at launch.

    • Mujo Berbic

      I don’t.. chose the N2 instead

    • TBN27

      I have a Galaxy S2


      I’m rocking a galaxy nexus

  • Trevnerdio

    Lookin’ good.

  • Oscar Dominguez

    Its a nice alternative to the current colors.

  • Gdm Laz

    I Like it…… But I already have a white one :P

  • farfromovin

    I like that holder in the pic.

  • Jason Walker

    I have to find someone to trade my blue to

    • thepanttherlady

      Not here :)

      • Jason Walker

        Sure you don’t want it?

        • thepanttherlady

          Why would I downgrade my Note 2 and go back to an S3? ;)

        • Jason Walker

          I thought we were taking S3 I don’t even want a Note

  • Derrick

    So does this mean that the s2 will be phased out and the s3 will take up the current spot for the $350 monthly phone?

    • unlikely for that phone to drop to 350 from nearly 600

      • bleeew

        But its past 6 months from when it landed on T-Mo. Usually phones get price drops every ~6 months(besides iPhone).

    • AppleWaffles

      Where in the world did you get that from this article?

      • Derrick

        Pure assumption. With the color change and the S4 announcement on the horizon, it would only be a matter of time. I’m probably wrong though haha.

  • TMoFan

    I like my pebble blue but titanium gray looks sharp.

  • Does Samsung not believe in the color BLACK?

    • Shaquille Burton

      Black version on Verizon

      • Well if thats so samsung needs to make that universal

        • bleeew

          AT&T and Verizon probably bribed not to put it on Sprint or T-Mo.

    • Kevin Hart

      Apple: Design Patent 677: Ornamental design of the iPhone (black color)

      that will answer your question.

  • Impatient Waiter

    it’s nice to have variety, but why get rid of the blue? I think that’s the best color for it, although I’m impatiently waiting for the Galaxy S4 since there are so many rumors saying april…

  • sidekicker89

    Shouldn’t people just wait till the GS3 LTE version to come out instead of buying this? It’s still a great phone though! :)

    By the way, has anyone seen any new refarmed locations yet?

    • Mujo Berbic

      I think they’re refarming Houston because my signal is currently CR#P! I’m on a Note II but I have trouble even sending texts let alone streaming radio at work like I used too a week ago. I went into a T-mobile store and they told me that they’re working on the towers in the vicinity of where I work.

      • Turtle07

        Where about in Houston are you? I have a note 2 myself and I stay in Pearland and travel inside of 610 frequently. Downtown/Midtown, Galleria and reliant areas

        • Mujo Berbic

          lol same as you.. i work across the street from reliant and live off 288/BW8

  • RubenstineJr

    after seeing a concept for the s4, I’ll be holding onto my upgrade this month.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I was sold when I saw the Note 2 in that lovely Amber Brown color. If Tmo US would’ve gotten that Woodgrain Brown S3, I would’ve bought it day one.

  • Mae

    I’ve been waiting for this for months. Finally.

  • The Architect

    Just another color, nothing major to get happy about. :-P. Most phones will get wrapped in a fully enclosed case to where you won’t see the actual phone color anyway.

  • erick

    I got a quick question i got a 16gb pebble blue galaxy and now that tmobile is dropping that color what would happen if i breakk my screen and have insurance replace it wat would tmo do send me a silver one or give me a blackk one or the unlikable white one would i have a choice of color to pick because im sure they wouldnt upgrade me to a 32 gb galaxy any one kknow ?
    You guys feed back would be greatly appriciated .

    • they’d give you what they had in stock … same phone, different color that’s all :)

  • Faust

    Our store just got ours in. Not bad at all really, quite nice.

  • crystalbella

    Like someone else on here said when will we see a black galaxy s3 on another carrier other than verizon????I mean not all of us want to switch to verizon lol n pay more.. i saw the black s3 at the verizon store and first thing that came to my mind was daam this is one sexy phone on black i think it looks better than the white n blue s3. I wud deff get the black version if tmobile got it. .

    • bleeew

      I have Verizon, but I skipped the S3 for the DNA. T-Mobile really needs a new high-end phone.

  • ant

    i like this color more but im stayin teamhtc

  • Should have been out at launch, but still nice to have another color option.


    How about a bronze or metallic silver? Just wondering

  • Nathan Aker

    I would of loved to have this color instead of the Pebble blue, oh well.

  • patrick

    Galaxy s3 titanium has been in denmark the last 6 months :)

  • niididdy

    Black would have been nice. Black will now be my color of choice. I had the Pebble Blue GS3 which I gave to my wife for the Nexus 4, and I must say I like that pure black color with light titanium-like accents on the edges.

  • I am just wondering if we can expect a 64 GB model anytime? I know it has been mentioned in the few months a Galaxy S III 64 GB would be available (not specifically mentioned for T-Mobile) but would be awesome.

  • Mae

    Every manufacturer should release a gray or black version of their device… then add alternative colors as they see fit. I like minimalism, class… I want my electronics to look sleek. I can’t believe I had to wait 6 months for a standard tone.

  • Once you go black you never go back