Rumor: Are We Looking At The First Galaxy S IV Press Shot?

The folks at SamMobile claim to have their hands on the worlds first press shot featuring the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. The site does admit they can’t confirm the validity of the shot as 100%, but that the image “looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all.”

By all appearances and working under the assumption this image is authentic, the device looks to feature on-screen buttons as there doesn’t seem to be any hardware or capacitive buttons underneath the display. Along with a thinner bezel, the screen appears large, but how large is anyones guess. Rumored specs include a quad-core 2.0GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 4.99″ Super AMOLED HD 1920×1080 display, 13 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.2.1.

SamMobile’s source claims to have more images so we’ll have to wait and see if those images surface before making a final judgement. Given the circus that surrounded the Galaxy S III launch and several faked prototypes Samsung put out to distract, the possibility exists we may not see the Galaxy S III successor until Samsung chooses the time and place.

On a separate note, a new report suggests that Samsung execs will bring the Galaxy S IV with to Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show next week to show off to carrier partners. The device will not be shown to the public and only high-level executives will get a sneak peek at Samsung’s next flagship device. The report further claims the device Samsung will show off may not be a final design and still a working prototype, and only will be shown under the tightest of security.

SamMobile, UberGizmo

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  • Scott Walsh

    How long will this bitch take to come out?

  • ghulamsameer

    It’s beautiful.

  • bisayan

    It appears that physical home botton disappered? It doesnt look far off from gs3! I hope this is indeed fake! Thanks for sharing David.

  • ProductFRED

    I highly doubt this is the real deal…It just looks like a slightly photoshopped Note 2.

    • dudewithstuff

      well thats what we can expect…. there is not much they can do her now! or this could be the galaxy IV that has tizen and not touchwiz? we will see next week!

  • jonkoz311

    cant believe these screens are still getting bigger. 4.3-4.5 is really the best size for a phone. 4.7 and up screen size is just silly. the phone looks great, and im sure will perform great…i just dont think the size is needed.

    • Hyuri

      Still getting bigger”? Did you somehow miss the Galaxy Note series?

      • Spanky

        Those are “phablets”, a category of their own.

    • Spanky

      I think the 4.65″ on the Galaxy Nexus was the sweet spot. In fact, that whole phone was the ideal size.

      • Herb

        The extra 0.05″ on the Nexus 4 doesn’t add anything to the size. I owned a GNex, too, and Nexus 4 is by far the better design and size. I thought I liked the weighted butt on the GNex, but now I hate it haha.

    • Chris

      For you. That’s your opinion. Everyone wants different screen sizes which is one of the best parts about android (or choice in general). I, for example, am excited for ~6″ displays. Luckily we all have tons of choices and can pick anything from a blackberry to a note 2 in screen size.

  • As I have said on another website…

    “This looks like a prototype of the S3 or some silly mockup someone made. I don’t think they would be going backwards in terms of design style. Chrome bezel and plan jane body seems much to similar like the S2.”

  • bisayan

    I love the looks of gs3 better than this, glad to own one..but if this infact a gs4 then I may reconsider ip5s, sure the specs. will be untouchable, but I just dont like phone’s that dont have physical button.

    • So you’d switch to the same-ol’-same iOS with one “dumb” button instead of using on-screen buttons? Dude….

  • Brian

    This looks just like my Galaxy Nexus, except it is white and has “Samsung” at the top.

  • mizzat

    I certainly hope not. This would be a huge step back from the design of the S3. I like the proposed hardware though.

  • auser72

    I still haven’t came close to tapping the potential of my Note 2.

    • Evan stills

      Yeah. The note 2 has the hardware to trump all current gsm/cdma devices by a long shot.. and I work for T-mo. Even beats out a hand full of tablets with its 1.6ghz quad core cpu and armV7 graphics processor

  • I don’t buy it. I’m pretty sure it’s a photoshopped T989 GS2. My reasoning behind it is just by looking at the volume rocker and (especially) the lock button. Why are they both so damn long?

  • Impatient Waiter

    no physical button!? COME ON! that’s the only way to ruin the Galaxy S series! I’m waiting for this phone and I’m going to be really upset if there isn’t a physical button – then I could have gotten the S3 2 months ago!!!! >:(

  • That is so fake. It’s got a camera flash reflection on it, but it’s got a shadow at the bottom that looks like it was printed. Terrible photoshop job.

    • Herb

      The shadow at the bottom is definitely peculiar.

    • PCJ

      its a photo of a image on a monitor. the flash is the reflection of the monitors glass.

  • fake .. but i’ve also heard the rumor about the increase in screen size .. and i have to wonder why? stop increasing screen size!

    • thepanttherlady

      If screen size can be increased without increasing the overall size of the phone, why the resistance? Just curious.

      • atari37

        Because no one has done it yet?

        • thepanttherlady

          If I understand you correctly, because no one has done this, we should resist/not like it happening? Doesn’t make sense to me.

          I hear people say they like the screen size of the Note 2 but not the physical size of the phone. What a great way to compromise and give the customer what they want by decreasing the bezel, increasing the screen yet keeping the physical dimensions. Seems like a win/win to me.

        • atari37

          You totally missed my point. I don’t even know why the word resist is coming up. No one is resisting anything. It’s more like people love to have powerful phones that aren’t mini tablets. But with the way things are going, you will need to setting for a bigger phone than you want or stick to a mid to low end phone.

          All I’m saying is that Deacon made a good point and my point was that no one has done what you suggested yet so he has a reason to be worried.

        • thepanttherlady

          And you missed mine so we’ll just call it even. :)

        • yah that’s basically it .. enough with the phablets .. they have the Note series .. why bring the Galaxy S series to phablet status .. 4.5-4.7 is MORE than enough real estate for “just phones” that don’t have to mirror phablets.

  • Worst prototype ever!

  • atari37

    I find it hard to believe that last year Samsung had their baby in a shell/case up until they were ready to announce it but this year, it’s already in plain view and the announcement is months away.

    I personally think they will do something very different this year to show the world (or the fruit company) that they can do something ground breaking but we’ll see.

  • zifnab

    I hope the 4.99 ends up not being true. Honestly how big does the display have to be before its too big? That’s only .3 smaller than the first galaxy note. If they keep it up they might as well drop one of the 2 and just make 1 size. I just got the Nexus 4 and think the display is too big for a phone. Somewhere between 4 and 4.7 lies the perfect cellphone size, anything larger is phablet.

    • Drew

      Your argument is pretty ridiculous…on many levels. An S3 @4.8″ is not a ‘phablet’. Being 2.7mm larger than your Nexus 4 end-to-end is not even recognizable. A Galaxy Nexus while having a 0.5″ (12.7mm) smaller screen size is physically larger (1.6mm) than the N4 is with a larger screen. You’re just mincing sizes when in actuality you’re dealing with millimeters that can hardly be distinguishable between 3 different devices… And if your N4 is too big, sell it and stop complaining of how LARGE your display is.

    • In your opinion. I’d be happy with a 7 inch tab/phone.

      inb4 “hurr durr u gonna hold that to ur head?” Learn2headset

  • Spanky

    This is most likely a prototype. I wouldn’t count on it being the final design.

  • Josue

    I thought 4 was a bad number for Koreans?

  • Herb

    David, do you agree with them that you think this, “looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all?” I think it looks pretty fake.

    The obvious thing to say here is that there is no physical button on this mock-up. I highly doubt Samsung would abandon the physical Home button only one year after introducing it on their Galaxy S line in America. I also do not believe they would abandon the soft roundness of the Galaxy S III compared to their previously preferred, Apple-patented rectangle, or revert to the Galaxy S II volume rocker. I also think it is clear that this is a picture of a glossy print out. It explains the flash reflection and the drawn-in shadow under the device. It’s clearly someone’s mock-up of an S III or possibly an S IV, but definitely not Samsung’s.

  • mikkej2k

    iphone5. Looks too similar. Expect drama with the round corners and what not.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    If so, I like the design so far. Looks a bit touched up though so I’m not sure. Thanks for this tidbit of info David

  • ant

    nothing special but idgaf since i heard htc gone to be back at it

  • If that is it, I’m getting it to add a long side my note 2 just because.

  • FILA

    you wouldnt be able to see the capacitive buttons anyways

  • Evan

    Didn’t we not know what the SIII looked like till it was revealed?

  • 5 inch screen, on-screen buttons, and oh those specs. I’d buy the sh*t out of this phone!

  • Need full specs. But honestly with the GS3 I’m quite happy. I’ll probably skip a generation or two to actually see some new innovation besides just a higher res screen (although I do like that). What I really want is truly lag-less wireless mirroring for gaming, ect.

  • Boring….everything has become expected. This looks like a stretched out note two

    • Josue

      but people will still buy it….

  • Cat Isidor

    “Under the tightest security” which someone will some how ‘accidently’ elude to get pictures of that will end up on the internet. What leaks aren’t staged to get free publicity? ;-)

    • I don’t know, they kept the S III under wraps pretty well.