Rumor: Are We Looking At The First Galaxy S IV Press Shot?

The folks at SamMobile claim to have their hands on the worlds first press shot featuring the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. The site does admit they can’t confirm the validity of the shot as 100%, but that the image “looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all.”

By all appearances and working under the assumption this image is authentic, the device looks to feature on-screen buttons as there doesn’t seem to be any hardware or capacitive buttons underneath the display. Along with a thinner bezel, the screen appears large, but how large is anyones guess. Rumored specs include a quad-core 2.0GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 4.99″ Super AMOLED HD 1920×1080 display, 13 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.2.1.

SamMobile’s source claims to have more images so we’ll have to wait and see if those images surface before making a final judgement. Given the circus that surrounded the Galaxy S III launch and several faked prototypes Samsung put out to distract, the possibility exists we may not see the Galaxy S III successor until Samsung chooses the time and place.

On a separate note, a new report suggests that Samsung execs will bring the Galaxy S IV with to Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show next week to show off to carrier partners. The device will not be shown to the public and only high-level executives will get a sneak peek at Samsung’s next flagship device. The report further claims the device Samsung will show off may not be a final design and still a working prototype, and only will be shown under the tightest of security.

SamMobile, UberGizmo

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