Upcoming Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot User Guide Spotted, Noted As First Android Based Unit

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T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot Pro has been outed for a second time thanks to a leaked user guide. That’s not all our source was able to extract from his poking around on T-Mobile’s website…a release date set for October 16th. Pricing remains an unknown but Mobile HotSpot devices have never been known to tip the scales in the price arena. The most notable part of the user guide and related T-Mobile support page alerted us that this device is listed as the first “Android based” Mobile HotSpot. Whether or not T-Mobile meant for their network or for HotSpots in general is something that remains to be seen. In fact, the very same page also states this is the “First Mobile HotSpot by Samsung,” again not specifying if that’s for T-Mobile or for the overall market.

With T-Mobile’s LTE network on the rise and their efforts to capture more of the B2B market heating up, a brand new Mobile HotSpot seems like a perfect addition to the company’s device lineup. Now let’s just see if the price matches earlier HotSpot devices on T-Mobile’s network.

Thanks Merik!

 User Guide; T-Mobile Support 

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