Samsung Galaxy Mega Discovered On Its Way To MetroPCS

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.04.44 PM

Everyone stop what you’re doing and say hi to the Samsung Galaxy Mega on its way to MetroPCS. Unfortunately for T-Mobile customers, the Mega is apparently SIM-locked to MetroPCS and there’s no word on when or if T-Mobile will bring its own variant of the Galaxy Mega to store shelves. However, for MetroPCS customers interested in grabbing their very own, I’m told to expect the device on store shelves sometime before the start of the holiday season. Take that with the standard grain of salt however as these dates change with the wind.

We know the Mega comes with a dual-core 1.7GHz processor paired with 1.5GB or RAM, available in 8GB or 16GB internal memory expandable to 64GB with microSD, a 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera, 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, Android 4.2, and a 3200mAh battery to power the “Mega” 6.3″ screen.

For the moment that’s all we can decipher from these two images, other than to say the device is already loaded with MetroPCS branded software and our source was kind enough to visit TmoNews. Thanks for stopping by!


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  • Joshua Austin

    I really hope T-Mobile gets this device.!

  • Now, that’s a Surprise! I’m looking forward to even “more” Surprises later today w/ UnCarrier Phase 3. – )

  • taron19119

    I’m shocked T Mobile is given metro pcs the Galaxy mega I would of thought T Mobile would’ve have kept galaxy mega for itself

    • fsured

      Is MetroPCS getting the note 3? The note seems to be the better product spec wise even if it has the “smaller” screen. Perhaps this is the answer to that and a tool to get the brand some more name recognition if it is offering a large screen device not found elsewhere.

      • taron19119

        Sprint AT&T and us cellur all have the Galaxy mega and t mobile don’t have it but is given it to MetroPCS

  • TmoSamsungMan

    Who cares the Galaxy mega sucks anyway and is almost priced as high end phones. For a $100.00 more you can get the note 3 with WAY better specs.

    • Paul

      I was thinking the same thing, and it doesn’t even come with a stylus.
      Meh, it’ll appeal to some people.

  • RedGeminiPA
    • Joey

      Yes! but it doesn’t have T-Mobile LTE.

    • That’s way over priced. You can get it everywhere unlocked for less than $550

  • TBN27

    That phone is just undesirable to me. It lacks the smoothness and responsiveness of the smaller and better galaxy S4 and even the Note 2

    • Have you even used it? Because of you have, you would know that everything you pointed out is false.

      • TBN27

        Yes. I tried it out at the AT&T store and it is crap. Also if you would have played with it also, you would see that my statements about it aren’t false

        • JBrowne1012

          AT&T sideloads a bunch of crap, so it would run slow

        • TBN27

          Even so it shouldn’t perform like that.

  • Timbo1

    Hopefully for those who want a large mid range screened phone it will be substantially cheaper for Metro….just likethe LG Optimus F3 that my friend picked up for $89 after rebate . Plus Metro will unlock SIM locked phones after 3 months of service with them, just saying.

  • bisayan

    David, What time is phase 3 event start? I cant find any artictles that the event time will start? Thanks in advance!

    • googlephone

      8:15PST, so 6:15 central time

      • thepanttherlady

        It’s actually 8:15 EST, 5:15 PST.

        • googlephone

          You are right. My brain was just messed.

  • that phone is just way too big.

  • chi town

    what time is the uncarrier event???

    • Nick

      I saw 8:15 somewhere

  • zifnab

    This really can just be labeled as a small tablet… but with allllll that space all they could squeeze in is 8 and 16gb? seriously?

    • SemiProSlacker

      And only 1.5GB of Ram? This beast of a phone and they couldnt even sup up the battery? I have a Note 2(Which is awesome), and the battery is fine for that. But at 6+ “, I am sure that screen just eats up the battery. Although I am sure that it is a far cry from my old HTC Evo(May you rest in peace Evo).

  • Wow. This is a good thing, and will be very affordable. Hopefully it makes a TMo appearance.

  • OnlineRefugee

    I have a Note 2 and that’s about as big a screen as I am going to get. Main concerns, I can’t comfortably operate any larger display with one hand. And also, the form factor barely makes it into a jeans pocket.

    I have an S3 and that seems puny compared to the Note 2, so any smaller or larger than the Note 2, I’m fine where I’m at with the Note 2.

    SideNote (pun intended) – I see things going to “phablet” sizing (I HATE that word), with people opting for an integrated single device, rather than having a phone AND a tablet. These 5.5″ displays are about right for reading and use as a phone (which was the original idea with these, it is primarily a phone, isn’t it?) Besides, in this piss poor economy few have the coin for BOTH a high-end phone and a tablet.

  • OnlineRefugee

    Here’s a nice comparison, for those debating in their minds about a Note 2, 3 and the Mega:


    wow, metro coming up, guess now people might actually go for it

  • Niklaus

    I had the Note 3 and a chinese version of these phones way before they even released the Note 3. I wasn’t fond of it’s huge screen. Way too big for a guy to use. I ended up buying the S4 and loving every bit of it. One downfall about metro pcs, when you activate your account, and port your number over, it’s a pain in the a$$. It took me 4 hours on the phone with the representative and had them sent 3 tickets. Finally got it all working, and the service itself is great. Blazing fast and they gave me a months worth of free service, with extra $5 credit on my account. It’s an amazing company / service but you’d have to spend top quality amount and purchase the S4 for it’s fast 4g LTE service. Thanks

    • al

      Where you been at bro? metro been up there for a while now.. The merge with t mobile back in November made it even better the service.. You must of delt with a bunch of dumb asses ,because the porting number usually takes 24 hrs depending what company is coming from.. So you should be happy you got it working in four hrs…