Shakira Concert Teaser Hints At T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Phase 3 Announcement?


With two rumor posts already under our belt, we’ve already begun suspecting at least part of T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Phase 3 announcement would have something to do with international calling and/or data. Now, thanks to a teaser post on a Shakira fan-based Facebook page we’re getting a better look at what that might be. According to the image, T-Mobile is set to release a global data plan that will work in over 100 countries at no extra charge. Think about that: Global.Data.Roaming. Given the price T-Mobile’s competitors charge for international data roaming (and T-Mobile’s current pricing), the carrier could make huge inroads with business community and frequent international travelers who often feel the sting of huge price tags attached to international data use overseas.

It’s likely this won’t be everything we’ll see T-Mobile announce later this evening, but this seems like a good sign of something we will.

Engadget via ShakiraMega Facebook


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  • Marcelo_L

    Ok….I’ll troll this. First Comment.

    Now…where do I sign up ?

    • Craig Hawkins

  • Aurizen

    oh wow! this is no roaming out of the country and probably unlimited talk to international calls.

  • Jack Hsu

    Frak- I just got back from France last week, dinged with a $240 overage. And I barely used my phone!

    • nd5

      Why wouldn’t you have just gotten a local sim card with prepaid data from Orange or Vodafone?

      • Jack Hsu

        Thought about it, but I thought it was too much of a hassle. I was on WiFi most of the time. I will do that next time.

  • Joe

    Perfect! I’m leaving for a trip to Europe in 9 days!

  • bisayan

    David Ive asked u earlier on the other post and im going to ask u again…when and what time is uncarrier phase 3 event? is there any live video like the last one? And lastly is there any live blog by any chance? Thanks!

    • it’s at 8:30PM Eastern Standard Time tonight. if there is a live blog, look for it at The Verge or Engadget maybe.

    • Lost_Fan

      5:15 P.M. Pacific / 8:15 P.M. Eastern. Don’t know about live video. Engadget will probably live blog.

      • bisayan

        @lost_fan @Deacon

        Thanks for the info! It would be nice if they put it as a live video like phase2. Thanks much!

  • just me

    Pretty awesome for business customers or other international travelers, and I’m sure the tech blogs will eat it up. But for the average customer, a rather ho hum announcement. Hope we see something that benefits mite people as well :)

  • easyxtarget

    This was tweeted earlier by Legere

    “@JohnLegere: Today is the day! The day we change the way the world uses their phones! You ready? #unleash”

    I really think the word world is a hint towards some kind of international package.

    • easyxtarget

      Not to mention legere always talks about pain points and international roaming is one of the largest. I mean T-Mobile offers data at $15 per MB while roaming. I’m sure Legere is well aware that’s not acceptable. I just want free roaming on T-Mobile in other countries and reasonably priced international roaming plans.

      • Trevnerdio

        I love that you apparently get GPRS speeds to boot lol

      • Trevnerdio

        And just like that, your wish comes true!

  • S. Ali

    Damn, T-mobile is stepping up its game.

  • melon3531

    Wow, this would be fantastic – taking a trip to France and Iceland next month and I was mulling what my options were – global data roaming would be fabulous! If any US carrier is well positioned to do that, it is T-Mobile.

  • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

    Geez I’ve been so excited I hope they have a link soon so we can watch the event live

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      And also congratulations to David for being invited to the event its about time! Lol

  • Rudy Belova

    I always thought if they had an international plan with free calling on t-mobile/D.T. Owned networks, they would have made a killing.

    • thunder

      I think they would have gotten the attention of a very small demographic, but Verizon could easily match it and do it better since Vodafone is available more places than tmo, so I don’t think that’s going to be the major announcement that other carriers can’t match

      • Mystery Man

        Huh… Verizon just bought the rest of their shares from Vodaphone for 100+ billion….

        • tmofan

          and tmobile officially split from dt, dont see whats so hard about it, the relationship verizon has with vodafone is much stronger than the one tmo has with dt

        • Rudy Belova

          True. T-Mobile USA was always treated poorly by D.T.. Not taking the U.S. Market serious.. I’m seeing a LOT of rural LTE here in California so obviously the metropcs influence is totally helping.. Until recently, when you asked about rural coverage, it was usually “gprs or edge, no plans on upgrading.. ever”

  • JB

    This is pretty perfect timing if that’s true. I’ve recently started to do some international traveling with my work… Though I’m hoping for more news than this :-)

    • jose

      And what Type of work
      Are you doing.

      • Mr Heisenberg

        He’s an international man of mystery and spy…I’ve said too much, this message will self destruct.

        • JB

          You know too much… I shall have to deal with you later…

        • qmc

          it’ll be hard to get him. You’ll know where he is or how fast he’s moving but never both at the same time.

      • JB

        I work in the music industry. I have an opportunity coming up to do some live production work overseas.

        • jose

          What área of production are you in. And what artist have you worked with.

  • Frettfreak

    i WISH this announcement would have an effect on me… sadly, international roaming doesnt do much for me. But i hope it brings more people to the network so they can improve coverage in the states more!

    • Paul

      If you get kidnapped and taken overseas, and happen to have your phone, you will be glad!

      • samsavoy

        Finally, the excuse to get kidnapped I’ve been waiting for!

        • Paul

          I’ll call Cousin Tony.

  • I’ll be there. Got a extra ticket if you wanna come David.

    • thepanttherlady

      David received his own invite. :)

      • nd5

        About time they showed David some love!

  • Patrick Sutfin

    So let’s see fast 4g LTE and hspa+ in most major markets in US best rate plans with no contract the best phones (including the note 3 with the most bands of the carriers) and now essentially free international data roaming and wifi calling (which means free international calling) I just don’t see why tmobile is not #1 (it is the fastest growing major carrier).

    • Frettfreak

      cause their coverage is SPOTTY at best. If you are in a major metro area its great, but step outside of that (even by a few hundred feet) and you go down to garbage speeds usually. and inside buildings and such (becuase of the bands they use) their coverage gets a little worse.. Great carrier, and i love them as a company but these are their pain points.

      • Please_Upgrade_The_Towers

        I agree, I’m in the Baltimore suburbs and it’s pretty spotty. I shouldn’t be still dropping down to EDGE in places. If they want to cover only the cities and their metro areas with 4G, fine. But they don’t even cover it well with 3G

    • Steve

      its the coverage, they may do well with people who live and work in the cities, but once you hit the suburbs you might be screwed, and building penetration is bad too. I would say they should be #1 in most cities though!

      • Dakota

        They also have a long way to go in changing their brand image. The advertising campaigns have still sucked

  • thunder

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe, at the most, during high travel season with the cheapest airline tickets ever….only about 20% of tmo customers travel outside the us. It’s a good announcement sure but just hope this isn’t the “major one” that would be kind of a letdown

    • UMA_Fan

      Its still something that caters to the high end consumer. A customer that travels internationally frequently is a good customer for Tmobile and one that is more likely to pay their bills.

      • tmofan

        when did i say it was a bad plan? when did i say anything opposite of what you said? all i said is that i hope this isnt the major annoucement because it would only affect a small percentage of the customer base. the major announcement needs to be something that affects the average person like the last two were.

      • Please_Upgrade_The_Towers

        If they have enough money to constantly travel, then chances are they’re paying the premium for Verizon or AT&T. T-Mobile is trying to reach a demographic they might not be able to reach. I’d much rather they took the money from roaming deals and use that to upgrade from EDGE/GPRS to at least HSPA.

        I want to like T-Mobile, but the reason I left them is that my smartphone is uesless (even for web browsing) outside my area. I live in the flagship Baltimore area and barely anyone has them here because of this.

        • UMA_Fan

          But that very same customer who has Verizon or Att likely lives in a city as well where Tmobile works well. They probably have a good chunk of customers who rarely travel to places Tmobile doesn’t work well.

          There are still countless people who left Tmobile for a device or didn’t choose Tmobile for superficial reasons

  • aluis

    Monthly Data Rollover!

    • thunder

      I was actually thinking that either this, some kind of improvement to phone upgrades or loyalty rewards would be the big announcement

      I would think they would offer some kind of credit on your bill if you’re not using your data allotment.

      • Frettfreak

        oooh.. loyalty rewards is a great idea! I have always wondered why most companies drap on the customers that have been there for YEARS and bend over backwards for new subscribers.

        • Dakota

          I always was told that it costs a lot more to sign up a new customer than retain an existing one. They used to offer incentives when you renewed

      • Dakota

        Or even do the boost discount after every 6 months to increase loyalty without contracts.

  • JointhePredacons

    Hopefully theyll also announce the 4.3 update rolling out to all HTC ONEs as well !

    • Frettfreak

      would be nice considering they are last.. like always. but i doubt that will be a topic for such a hige event.

  • Timbo1

    Now they need to step up their game on a domestic front. Coverage wise of course :-)

  • chuey101

    pretty clear what their strategy is, dominate the lower tier and urban areas. Combo with Metro PCS already made some headway into that segment, this is the headshot vs. ATT. Once that segment is dominated and fortified, shore up cash flow for inevitable network build out for “middle america”. You go Tmo.

  • Stephen

    So, they already have flat rate international roaming for business accounts that give you x MB of high speed data for a monthly fee. Once you exceed that amount, you are reduced to slow (mostly unusable) speeds, but you at least don’t get overage charges. My theory (just a guess here — no inside information) is that non-business users will get free, heavily throttled international speeds. You may get some minimum high speed access (20mb/mo?) But, if you want more high speed (usable) data, you’ll be able to buy these passes for 1, 3 or 7 days for high speed data. These passes already exist and can be used by non-business accounts. In either situation, you never run into the crazy bills the other carriers might charge. It’s pretty much pay as you go for international roaming with no fear of getting a crazy bill at the end. Local sim cards will still be cheaper, but this will be competitive.

    • Dakota

      Or get a sim card from a foreign carrier

  • tmofan

    the only way the international part of the announcement would be the major part if they were to offer something like for 5/month unlimited international calling period. other than that all the other international news will not reel in enough people.

  • thirty5thrifters

    That is really cool but I hope not all there is. I feel like this is a smaller market than the other 2 plans. I guess it could really draw customers that travel a lot. I wish I could make use of it though. I’d love to be going to other countries. Sad part is, they’ll probably get better service than us over here.

  • steveb944

    I will definitely be swapping in that data plan when I’m overseas. They could throw in a few minutes/texts into it so we can use our phone worry free.

  • shadowdawg

    DslReports just posted something about tmobile offering free data to 100 roaming countries, and it’ll be available later this month

    • thepanttherlady

      Did you read this article?

      • shadowdawg

        yes I did why? lol ,

  • Eugene

    Wow, when Legere tweeted that he will be changing the industry he wasn’t kidding. I think this really is incredible. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is what “eligible simple-choice customers” means. Does that mean not everyone will be able to benefit from this?