Shakira Concert Teaser Hints At T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Phase 3 Announcement?


With two rumor posts already under our belt, we’ve already begun suspecting at least part of T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Phase 3 announcement would have something to do with international calling and/or data. Now, thanks to a teaser post on a Shakira fan-based Facebook page we’re getting a better look at what that might be. According to the image, T-Mobile is set to release a global data plan that will work in over 100 countries at no extra charge. Think about that: Global.Data.Roaming. Given the price T-Mobile’s competitors charge for international data roaming (and T-Mobile’s current pricing), the carrier could make huge inroads with business community and frequent international travelers who often feel the sting of huge price tags attached to international data use overseas.

It’s likely this won’t be everything we’ll see T-Mobile announce later this evening, but this seems like a good sign of something we will.

Engadget via ShakiraMega Facebook


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