T-Mobile Boosts LTE Network To 202 Million POPs, 233 Metro Areas


T-Mobile’s Simple Global plan may steal the headlines tonight but not to be out-shined is a brand new set of LTE announcements. T-Mobile’s announcing 202 million people are now covered in 233 metro areas covering 91 of the top 100 largest markets by population.

T-Mobile’s LTE market announcement is almost one month to date from their earlier news of 180 million POPs covered in more than 154 markets. Let’s just be honest, that’s a HUGE amount of work in a little under a month to make sure this announcement was ready for UnCarrier Phase 3. T-Mobile’s not just making announcements tonight as they are also making waves calling out the competition with recent third-party test results.

T-Mobile claims their nationwide 4G LTE network delivers faster speeds than both Verizon and Sprint. T-Mobile also claims faster median speeds than AT&T’s 4G LTE network in 10 of the top 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). T-Mobile has long promised they would hit 200 million LTE POPs covered before the end of 2013 and it looks like they’ll blow that number out of the water with 2.5 months left in the year.

  • T-Mobile’s latest-generation 4G LTE network reaches more than 200 million people in 233 metro areas in the U.S., including 91 of the top 100 largest by population.
  • 4G LTE is on top of and in addition to our nationwide 4G HSPA+ network, which covers 229 million people. Customers with LTE devices get access to both 4G technologies, creating one of the fastest combined wireless experiences available in the U.S.
  • We expect our LTE customers to experience typical download speeds of 6 to 20 Mbps. That’s like downloading an 11 song album in 35 seconds or a two hour (SD) movie from Google Play in less than five minutes.
  • T-Mobile is the only U.S. wireless company with nationwide HD Voice. All 15 of our LTE smartphones are HD Voice capable. We now have 18 total HD Voice capable smartphones.
  • T-Mobile plans to deploy 10+10 MHz of 4G LTE in 90 percent of the top 25 metro areas by year end. We will begin to deploy 20+20 MHz of LTE in 2014 and beyond.

In network news, T-Mobile tonight also announced that its latest-generation 4G LTE network is now nationwide, reaching more than 200 million people in 233 metros across the United States.

“We’ve not only delivered nationwide 4G LTE months ahead of schedule,” said Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile. “Our nationwide 4G LTE is right on top of our already nationwide 4G HSPA+ network – which translates to one wicked fast combined 4G network experience.”

In recent third party tests involving millions of results from real customers nationwide, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE nationwide network delivered faster speeds than the 4G LTE networks of Verizon and Sprint. Additionally, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network already has faster median speeds than AT&T’s 4G LTE network in 10 of the top 20 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). In fact, T-Mobile’s new nationwide LTE network delivers 4G LTE speeds more consistently than any of the national providers.

The complete list of T-Mobile’s LTE Metro coverage areas are listed in the image below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 5.51.52 PM


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  • Phantisy

    I am 30 minutes from Winchester VA and I am on 2G. UPGRADE MY AREA T-MOBILE!

    • cubanito151

      I was the same way in VA 2 or so years ago. Now we have 3g, but that’s just as bad seeing as I now only see at most 300kb/s down. Its annoying because I was happy to finally have just even 3g.

  • They finally have LTE is Louisville, KY! My speeds have been a little uunderwhelming though. My speeds are about 8-10 down and 4-7 up. I’m not too bitter though since they didn’t take as long as another provider *cough* Sprint *cough*

    • Frettfreak

      Your complaining about 8-10mb down on your phone….. waaa waaa waaa… get real bro. thats pretty nice.

      • cubanito151

        Honestly your are right. I’m lucky to see 1mb down on their crappy 3g in my city. When first deployed I was seeing almost 2mb constantly now I would probably be better off with edge as 3g now is always around 2-300kb/s. I know its better than other people that don’t have 3g but I don’t even want LTE I’d be fine with hspa+.

        • fsured

          I’m with you. I get better overall speeds and signal on hspa+ than lte.

        • UnleashTmo79

          I totally understand you. I am in the exact same situation. 3G is very slow and Sprints 3G is faster here than T-Mobile ‘s. It has not even been refarmed tto the 1900mhz PCS band. And LTE won’t happen until that at least happens.

        • cubanito151

          Yep pretty much. It’d be great if it was just at least refarmed that we we would get hspa+.

    • UnleashTmo79

      Actually that’s bad in Louisville Kentucky I got about 8 to 10mb on their HSPA+ I have gotten 26mb in Louisville on LTE.

    • Danny Lewis

      Yes, welcome to the T-Mo LTE club. We in Lexington have been enjoying our LTE for some time now. ;P

  • Marie

    I’m 20 minutes from downtown Sacramento and often have no coverage–cell or internet–at my house; very frustrating.

    • Danny Lewis

      How heavily constructed is your home? T-Mo’s frequencies aren’t as good at penetrating buildings as other carriers. Hopefully, when the government auctions off the 600Mhz spectrum, T-Mo can afford to acquire it.

      • Marie

        Not heavily constructed–it’s over 50 years old. I just checked the new coverage map and we still have a large area around here that’s considered “Good” by T-mobile but it most definitely is not.

  • Marcos

    I live in Yuma, AZ. A city bigger than Nogales, Flagstaff, and Seirra Vista, they all have LTE, while Yuma has EDGE. Completely ridiculous and backwards.

    • Rudy Belova

      UGH!! Tell me about it! I go to yuma from San Diego and OMG, its terrible!!! I get into california on I-5, and i get HSPA+ in places with nobody!!

    • Danny Lewis

      Marcos, I understand your frustration, but consider this: Their goal is to satisfy the majority of their customers first. This, along with their other moves, will get them more subscribers and more subscribers makes it more economically feasible for them to expand and improve their service.

      Remember when they announced their first seven LTE markets? That was in March of THIS year. They now are in 233 metro areas. For the speed they are moving, they are doing a pretty good job, especially since they were last to the LTE game and have only been at it for 7-9 months.

      I live in Kentucky and T-Mobile did an odd thing here too, they launched LTE in Lexington instead of the largest city, Louisville. The only reasoning I can figure is that maybe Lexington had more subscribers per capita. T-Mobile or any other carrier doesn’t throw darts at a map and then grants that location LTE. They do some serious research and analysis to determine when and where they will deploy next to maximize profits which end up being invested back into the network. I’d say it will happen soon enough. Keep your eyes on Sensorly to see if LTE is deploying in Yuma.

  • Verizonthunder

    Very Good on upgrading your current tower’s to LTE but what about all those Edge tower’s??? I am seeing frustration from the last three people on here. I am hoping this is not all they plan to upgrade.

    • besweeet

      They’re *slowly* upgrading EDGE towers. Folks on Howard Forums posting EDGE > 4G or LTE upgrades. It’s happening, it’ll just take a while, but might accelerate with an upcoming spectrum auction.

      • samsavoy

        Many of those are in areas they overlap with MetroPCS.

      • Verizonthunder

        There has been no concrete evidence of such new’s and that would be monumental if so. I would consider switching but their lack of transparency with tower upgrade’s is a complete joke and makes them look foolish for claiming to be a uncarrier, Yes they are making good strides but all this good new’s can only last so long if they continue to ignore this constant complaint and eye sore.

        • SZL

          I would like to put that they are working on converting Edge. A part of area I drive by everyday used to get Edge, now has LTE. SO they are working on it, slowly but surely.

        • Verizonthunder

          Until there is transparency on their part it’s going to still be a mystery but yes in the past i was aware of minor upgrade’s but the lack of any announcement’s is dishearten.

        • TMOLOYAL

          If they announced it officially you would just be pissed off that they did not upgrade your particular street, those bastards!!! Look above at the comment by Christian “they can get Longview, abaline, amarillo, and san angelo. but NOTHING in lubbock”. People act like it is an instant thing to upgrade towers to LTE or HSPA services.
          They have to be very guarded about what is announced or then they are ridiculed for not covering you street first.

          What level of transparency are you looking for? Do you want a phone call when a tower is upgraded? T-Mobile to cover it on the evening news “Today we upgraded the tower on the corner of 12th and maple”? You do realize you are talking about 30,000+ towers being upgraded so far with more to go?

          You say you are with Verizon now, do they call you when upgrading a tower? Get real guy!!

        • Verizonthunder

          Not really any improvement would be a good thing in my book and so far look’s very promising. They used to show you on their map’s when a new tower was added the new website is less transparent. Verizon in coverage wise has been excellent and I get a very nice corporate discount and Unlimited data so until otherwise I will be staying put but keep an eye on T-Mobile as well and will be rooting for them.

        • Walt

          My city is on the list, and I am located in the central part of it. What do I see on my phone 4G….

        • fsured

          If they were to acknowledge the issue and say they are working on it then many people would back off this topic. They don’t have to be specific to which towers are being upgraded. Admitting there is a growing frustrated customer base over coverage can also help address reviews people write on their overall network. Or reviews on which carrier to get for the best performance of whatever super smart phone is flavor of the month.

        • Danny Lewis

          I’d like to point out that people wishing to have “at least 3G/HSPA+” in areas that have EDGE need to consider this: LTE is a total upgrade of the wireless industry. LTE is replacing the legacy networks. Eventually, it will all be LTE and even voice calls will eventually be sent via LTE. Essentially 3G/HSPA+ are wastes of time and money that could be better spent rolling out LTE.

        • Rudy Belova

          Well, in rural California (north side of the state) t-mobile customers are getting LTE in places they got edge or nothing. Plus when i go through AZ, OK, TX and NM, i saw tons and tons of HSPA when the map showed nothing..

        • Verizonthunder

          Good to hear but is many area’s especially where i live is nothing to laugh at.

        • Rudy Belova

          I understand that very well. I’m out in western Illinois a lot and t-mobile is just edge there. And a crappy network to begin with. Don’t bother asking about 3g, it’s nothing planned.. But, they’re upgrading that market, and HUGE parts of Wisconsin.
          At the very least we have hope. They’re not sitting on their ass.

        • Verizonthunder

          Well we will see what happens this holiday season. That would be the perfect opportunity to capitalize on their recovery

        • Rudy Belova

          Well, and now that Verizon customers are taking t-mobile seriously, t-mobile has an incentive to get the rural areas upgraded.

        • Verizonthunder

          Regular average people have no clue or understanding of the competition. All they are worried about is A. Coverage, B. Free phone’s let’s face it we all know majority of people think that mindset just not the technology loving type’s like you, myself or other’s that comment on this site and C. Price of plan/service

        • Rudy Belova

          It didn’t help that deutsche telekom treated T-Mobile Like the black sheep, only investing enough to get a good return with a sale. Now that their european operations having issues and T-Mobile usa is making money now, T-Mobile USA is getting the attention it deserves, and needed back when they acquired Voicestream

        • besweeet

          The evidence is there, posted from actual users…

        • Verizonthunder

          Again in few area’s yes but there is so much work that need’s to be done.

        • besweeet

          We know that… All I was saying is that progress IS being made. I’m sure they’ll make real announcements when/if they land deals in upcoming spectrum auctions, which will supposedly do great things.

        • Adrayven

          Ehhh.. Verizon, ATT, Sprint are the same.. Besides.. it doesn’t matter if they have the money and will to go into all new areas. if they don’t have the spectrum, it matters not. Many of the EDGE areas they have NO spectrum for 3G, much less 4G service..

          complain all you want, but until more spectrum is available for t-mobile, little if any expansion will happen. Not there fault if it’s owned by others.

          They’ve pushed their spectrum they do have to insane limits. There is a reason they are considered 2x more efficient with their spectrum than Verizon and ATT.

          Want more, write your congressman… Thats where it’s going to come from people.

        • Verizonthunder

          Well has a lot to do with management and T-Mobile finally has some decent management and making great strides but need to keep up the momentum.

        • redman12

          John Legere, game changer.. T-Mobile future is so bright.

        • samsavoy

          What are you talking about? They have minimally 5MHz of AWS spectrum available to them on the AWS D and F-blocks, for a total of 10MHz nationwide. Except for one part of the country which I believe they recently acquired anyway, they have another 5MHz on block E.

          Source: http://specmap.sequence-omega.net/

        • ben7337

          Tmobile owns something like 60 mzh of aws and 20 mhz of pcs spectrum in my area, there is no excuse for them having only 2g and very little 3g in the area. They have more than enough for HSPA+ and LTE, heck they could fit the 2g and 3g on PCS as they are refarming, and have 20×20 for lte and 10×10 for HSPA+ and be doing just fine. They choose not to upgrade their towers.

        • William Burr Winans

          I was told that by 2015 90% of all the T-Mobile Towers will by 4G or LTE starting in 2014!

        • ben7337

          Where did you hear that from?

        • William Burr Winans

          Why do you think Deutsche Telekom is investing 10 Billion Dollars to T-Mobile USA?

        • ben7337

          I agree, they are all 2G and 3G by me, I need 4G speeds to really consider them usable, at least HSPA+, but there’s no news of any potential upgrade, and they still have 27 million of their HSPA+ people to cover. Thought HSPA+ coverage did add 4 million people which is good. If they keep up the pace, they’ll have decent coverage in like 20-30 years. They did great rolling out LTE to HSPA+ towers that had all the fiber and backhaul already set up, what they need to work on is what the other 3 carriers had to do, which is adding fiber to towers that don’t have it and upgrading the equipment.

        • Trevnerdio

          @besweeet:disqus is right, it is slowly, slowly occurring. Like I’ve said before, a little town of 250 people here in the Florida panhandle previously had zero T-Mobile coverage. Now, they have at least 21mbps HSPA+.

        • Danny Lewis

          What do you think they should focus on first? Deploying LTE to rural areas or urban areas? Their goal is to satisfy the majority of their customers first. This, along with their other moves, will get them more subscribers and more subscribers makes it more economically feasible for them to expand and improve their service.

          Remember when they announced their first seven LTE markets? That was in March of THIS year. For the speed they are moving, they are doing a pretty good job, especially since they were last to the LTE game.

        • Joe Hartley

          Here is something for you. I live in Louisville which just 2 weeks ago I was seeing LTE here and there. I work south of Louisville and would get only EDGE at work, but as of two weeks ago when they started turning on LTE I started to get LTE at work too. But I can also get HSPA+ and 3G there too now. So they are upgrading more than just major markets. Be realistic and understand that to upgrade the entire network from EDGE to anything faster will take time that thousands if not millions of towers across the US.

      • bucdenny

        2-3 years out. That is long ass time. Makes me laugh because my sister on T-Mobile with S4 and Brother-in-Law iPhone 5 had to tether off of my Sprint LTE. We were only 10 miles north of Atlanta, GA going to NC. T-Mobile is quick with their LTE deployment only because overlaying their existing HSPA+ in all urban cities.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    Still no EDGE to HSPA+ upgrade plans announced though? It’s a shame that people would get better data speeds overseas with the newly announced international roaming at no extra cost plans (even if those are capped at 128 kbps).

    • Danny Lewis

      Bad news: you will probably not see any more HSPA+ expansion, but the good news is you will see more LTE. It isn’t worth investing in a technology that is being phased out when a much superior one exists.

      • yeah right

        I don’t know if this is entirely true as TMO networks can make calls over 3g conditions. It will probably behoove TMO to expand their 3g coverage simultaneously with their LTE coverage for at least 2014 – 2015. 3g networks won’t be sunsetted in America until at least 2019 (Verizon will probably be first to sunset 3g as they will have two separate LTE networks – LTE 700 and LTE-A 1700AWS).

        The only problem is that the HSPA + expansion will probably be HSPA+ 21 instead of 42 in solely the 1900mhz range.

        The only way at this point for tmobile to sunset GSM/EDGE/2G coverage is to have coverage in all those locations on a more advanced network 3G/4G

  • Frettfreak

    My city isnt even on the list and i KNOW they just put LTE here. Its still SPOTTY AS HELL but i got 8mb on a speed test. Cant complain about that! I just wish they would realize that their network isnt as developed (read: spotty as HELL) as they claim it to be.

    • yeah right

      your city wont go up on the list until 50 – 70% is covered by lte and the gaps are partially filled with hspa. feel lucky, in another 3 months you would have won the lte lottery (i have watched my Orlando coverage go from spotty to lte 80 -90% of the time

      • Frettfreak

        SWEET!!! That is pretty exciting!! thanks!

    • May I suggest Sprint to put this in perspective?

      • Frettfreak

        LMAO… had them (notice the past-tence there?) lol they were un-usable

    • Danny Lewis

      If I had to guess, they haven’t officially announced your city because they are not finished deploying LTE there yet.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      When a market is over 65% done that when they will put it on the list

  • samsavoy

    Wow I can’t believe they consider Wilkes-Barre/Scranton an official market. I went back to my old phone because LTE was so spotty it wasn’t even worth using.

    • rav

      i live in wilkes barre and we had LTE for almost 2 months now. :) ive been using it just fine.

      • samsavoy

        Yes I know it’s there but it’s too spotty to call it a market. Not all of the towers even have it yet. Though, I did get 30mbps when I used it which was nice.

        • enkay1

          They have Scranton and Wilkes-Barre covered pretty well IMO. Interstate 81 and surrounding towns aren’t finished yet though.

        • rav

          I get full coverage from wilkes to scranton except certain parts of 81 which i agree. i get amazing speeds i got over 50 meg down, even with hspa i get over 25 easy. our area has very nice speed. and great coverage in luzerne and scranton area. im sure once the other LTE towers are up it will be nothing but lte for most of it.

        • enkay1

          Yeah. I can’t wait until 81 is done with LTE. It is a struggle using my iPhone 5 (non-AWS HSPA) on the road

  • tmofan

    is this really it? this is the major announcement? oh well. the first two were great

  • Nick

    Wow….. my city sitll isn’t on the list….. Yet I’m in the 230 million or whatever covered by hspa.

  • tmofan

    well lets see i live about 9 miles from the state capitol in columbia, sc……yup still getting EDGE

    • William Burr Winans

      T-Mobile will start rolling out more 4G in 2014! 2013 is the year for getting LTE and changing the game.

      • ben7337

        Well then they had better announce plans, because over 80 million people are still on Edge or no coverage for Tmobile, and that’s a huge chunk of the population. When you consider how many of the 229 million people in 4G tend to leave it at some point, it shrinks Tmobile’s potential customer market down a lot. They need to upgrade to become relevant. Their entire network needs to be all 4G by 2015.

        • Danny Lewis

          At the speed they’re going, they just might do it! They just had 7 metro areas in March that had LTE.

        • Bryce

          No because that requires fiber backhaul to all of those towers that don’t have it yet. That is the major source of delay for carriers building LTE networks. Sprint has been moving slow because they don’t have fiber backhaul.

    • Andrew Dos Santos

      If you live 9 miles from the state house, then you probably live in a dead spot and might want to call T-Mobile. I get LTE on my Nexus 4 throughout most of the city and I have a lot of customers using Verizon phones on the 1900 HSPA+ network with no problems.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Overall Columbia has good lte. They are still working on towers though. 1900mhz is awesome so far. You might want to invest in a 3G mircocell for your house. Just call tmobile tech support and ask about it.

  • besweeet

    Maybe they’ll have a phase 4 in early 2014 to talk about spectrum acquisitions and upgrades.

    • bucdenny

      Ain’t going to happen within 2 years. Maybe when they gain sub 1Ghz spectrum next year and won’t be until 2015-2016 to deploy it. T-Mobile will be stuck with LTE covering only 225-230 million POPs which is overlaying existing HSPA+. Wohoo! LTE was deployed faster than Sprint as of today.

      Sprint is upgrading EVERY site with LTE and will reach over 276 million POPs. That is over 39000+ sites, including the ones near ALL T-Mobile site that will stay EDGE. Once Sprint’s 800Mhz LTE is turned up, it will be nearly impossible to hide from.

      It is a matter of time when that comes and it will be like comparing T-Mobile and Sprint from night and day.

      T-Mobile die hard fans, don’t keep your hopes up because John Legere ain’t going to upgrade ALL those EDGE sites anytime soon. Give Sprint some credit as they are upgrading ALL their shitty and slow 2G/3G sites to LTE.

      • Jaden Keuten

        Here we are today with T-Mobile covering 290 POPs and Sprint covering around 280. We all know which network is better.

  • christian

    they can get Longview, abilene, amarillo, and san angelo. but NOTHING in lubbock =[

    • Jarobusa

      Have patience.

  • NOOO

    Wtf?!?! What about Porterville, California!?!?! AT&T & Verizon have had LTE here for a while!!!

    • Guest

      I was down there a couple of weeks ago and had pretty good speeds all around .. averaging 9 mbps on hspa+

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    This list is not extremely representative of actual LTE coverage. There are many cities omitted from the list that actually do have LTE.

  • GameBoi/KillaBit

    I been with tmo for 6 years. For years we roamed off of at&t. A year ago (after calling them every 3 months) we have HSPA, in the center of my town of South East Missouri. Go out two miles and it’s back to 1g. There smaller town that get 3.75G everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere. I know it takes time, but they really need to upgrade their 2g area. Verizon has LTE here now and AT&T is about to soon. It’s pretty sad, but the price of tmo is great, but if I don’t see change in another year, I’m going to one of the other guys. Yes, you are an UNcarrier with crappy coverage.

    • Frettfreak

      dude i said the same thing a week ago and you know what? I am getting LTE in sporatic parts of town now and have seen it increase over the last week a little. With the kind of moves tmo is making, and the speed at which they are deploying LTE, hang in there!!

      • GameBoi/KillaBit

        So there’s hope. I believe, lol

  • epsiblivion

    I’m getting 12-15mbps in LA area.

  • sickofit

    It doesn’t say good coverage, just coverage. Time to start building more towers TMO! I’m in a Top 25 Market and only get Edge in many densely populated areas around town. I can’t even get 0.20Mbs.

  • KingCobra

    Glad to see the LTE network growing and I understand the LTE is priority now for marketing purposes. Hopefully in 2014 they will begin an attack on Edge data along highways. Still a mostly EDGE trip along I-95 between DC and Jacksonville, FL.

    Working great here in the Charlotte area though. I’ve noticed they’ve done a good job of filling in areas where my phone used to still drop back to “4G”. LTE is almost all over now.

  • sushimane

    im happy with everything they are doing so far. getting lte everywhere i go. i use to not get service in gaffney,sc now when i go there im getting edge or 4g depending where im at. so im hoping for the best for tmobile in the coming years.

  • robert

    Still waiting in biloxi ms, Gulfport ms, oceans springs ms, Gautier ms, Wiggins ms. We have only edge and we want 3g, 4g and 4 lte soon thanks.

    • sidekicker89

      yeah there is no LTE at all in Mississippi but i have heard of one sighting in Tupelo, MS. T-Mobile is trying to purchase spectrum for Mississippi from U.S Cellular though.

      • John

        According to the updated list, there is LTE in two major markets in Mississippi Those markets are: Grenville and Tupelo.

        BTW: I Live in California, so I am just going off the current LTE list in regards to Mississippi LTE coverage

  • Mark

    Still nothing in Maine, although they do list ManchVegas so at least they’re aware that northern New England exists!

    • Danny Lewis

      Yeah, there isn’t even a glimpse of LTE on Sensorly, but take solace in knowing that LTE is more than a speed bump, it is replacing everything… So they’ll have to deploy LTE at some point. :

    • Marvin Lilmarv Bolden-Mitchell

      Anyyyyyyway if you dont have lte from city to city ……..ITS NOT NATIONWIDE LTE and jump all way down to EDGE ……….HAHAHAHAH funny

    • mike

      there is LTE all down 101 from Manchester to Hampton . this entire area wasn’t even edge last week. Epping had GPRS for example

  • Glenn Moller

    Yakima, WA both Verizon and ATT have LTE now, yet TMO, although touting HSPA+, is barely 2G. Speeds on average, checked all over the city, is about 50-80k! Embarrassing for them. I’ve been a customer for over 10 years, and had to move here for my job. I can’t see staying with them much longer – love the company, the variety of phones, the pricing…just can’t handle this lousy coverage in a city of over 100,000.

    • Danny Lewis

      TMO is simply playing catch up to Verizon and AT&T, atm. AT&T has been deploying LTE since Q2 2011 and Verizon since Q4 2010… they’ve had much more time to create their tempting networks.

      It looks like LTE is getting closer to you. It appears TMO has LTE in Kennewick according to Sensorly. Remember, Verizon and AT&T have been deploying LTE much longer than TMO which only started at the beginning of this year.

      • Matt

        T-Mobile will get caught up fairly soon and I think that concerns AT&T because T-Mobile’s price point is far more attractive. I say who cares about bandwidth in the 20mbps range. All you need is at least 5 to stream HD video effectively. I could care less that AT&T and Verizon might have higher speeds because this is a phone. You aren’t hosting internet services on it.

  • IG: @1stnamekendall

    Greenville, MS … My hometown… Last time I went home I only had EDGE… I would of been satisfied with 3g or HSPA+ but LTE… #fistpumps

    • Danny Lewis

      That’s what you’ll be seeing for T-Mobile and other carriers too. LTE is more than a speed bump like 3G was, LTE is replacing everything. Eventually, our voice calls will be routed through LTE (VoLTE) and the legacy networks will winding down. There is not a financial reason for T-Mobile to invest in 3G or HSPA+ anymore since LTE is where the industry has decided to move to. As for other carriers, I believe Verizon will be first to start to do away with their older networks and AT&T announced a VoLTE certified phone.

      Too bad T-Mo was the last to the game, but they have been playing hard these previous 7-9 months.

      • TMOTECH

        If a site has LTE it will also have HSPA+. The cost to do both is not much more.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        T-Mobile has been applying fiber for years prepping for next gen technology. Trust being late is worth it. Latest tech = faster upgrades. Thats why T-Mobile has 223 Markets in 9 Months. Compared to Verizon slow rollout. VoLTE wont be too far behind once December hits.

        • Bryce

          That’s because Verizon and Sprint had T1’s so they had to switch their backhaul to fiber. Fiber isn’t necessarily abundant so it is hard for carriers to get it quickly. Verizon had the advantage of being an ISP. Sprint on the other hand has to wait for Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Optimum (Cablevision) and other companies to get the fiber for them.

  • Guess where I live…

    Still no Cincinnati love?!

    • JB45

      Yea it might be a while before we have it. Tmobile doesn’t have enough spectrum in Cincinnati. Thats why we are still on hspa21 here. People are worrying about small towns not having LTE while Cincinnati and its 2.1 million metropolitan people dont have it.

      • Roger Sales

        they need to acquire Cincinnati bell wireless if they want to be able to launch LTE.

  • Mirad77

    Way to go TMUS. Keep up the good work. On the right track.

  • TechnoRealz

    Any idea if TMO will increase their coverage footprint beyond the metro areas?
    i.e. on the hwy’s between cities & towns.

    • Bryce

      They’ll probably start 2 or 3 years from now. The spectrum that they have is not ideal for covering long distances.

  • TylerCameron

    I noticed there’s now more areas with LTE than HSPA+, does this mean that there’s LTE and EDGE/GSM in some markets that don’t even have HSPA+?


      Nope. If a site gets LTE they add HSPA+ as well.

      • TylerCameron

        But how can there be less HSPA+ markets (at least with the numbers that T-Mobile is giving us) than there are LTE markets, and even more curious, there’s still markets with HSPA+ without LTE.
        I feel like I’m missing something, sorry if I sound rather ignorant.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          HSPA is way better then 2G.. So who ever that has HSPA and no lte should be just as happy. They can stream, Netflix and Youtube with no problems.

        • Exactly. Even tho I get 30-39Mbps on LTE regularly, I still get 25-30Mbps regularly on HSPA+42.

        • UniqueDrewski85


        • Bryce

          They cover 225 Million with HSPA+ so, they are nearly complete with the LTE buildout. if you don’t have HSPA+ you will likely not get it for at least the next 2 to 3 years. And by that time, many carriers will have covered their whole footprint with LTE.

  • danny

    Greenville, MS??????? That’s just DUMB — (I was born and raised there, trust me). They have LTE now, but if you leave out of Greenville, there’s NO 4G anywhere within 50 miles! Dumb!

    • sorandkairi

      I was raised in Jackson… and they barely have HSPA+. I can’t understand why they don’t have LTE yet… I mean, its the biggest city in MS and it BARELY has high speed internet in the city.

  • Turb0wned

    Doesn’t matter when most your network is stuck on EDGE.

  • Bigjavar101

    T-mobile FINALLY has an updated coverage map. You have to zoom all the way in and click a specific area to see if you’re in a LTE area. Also, it shows which areas have 3G and what areas have 4G HSPA+ too

  • RonJeezy

    I think they have enough 4G LTE stuff for the media, they need to get rid of this edge ish outta here. You can’t even use your phone on Edge anymore because every app and browser is too advanced. So why are they trying so hard to push this 4G stuff if when you’re not on it your phone can do nothing. None of the big boys in my area even float on 4G that often but at least they have 3G whenever they aren’t. Smh… That’s the only reason now people aren’t jumping ship to come to T-Mobile & not to mention the recent Verizon commercial with the coverage maps… Ouch!

    • Jay J. Blanco

      If your case was 100% valid 1.1 Million people wouldn’t have switched 2nd Quarter. T-Mobile is pushing 4G because they cover a-lot of Metro areas. I love the speed. Compared to 2G back in 2007. And Verizon maps are inaccurate 100% everyone knows that. If you combine T-Mobile AT&T Sprint & U.S. Cellular 4G footprint together = more markets then Verizon. So that cant brag about anymore.

      Here take this tip. If you buy lets see 1.1 Million share of T-Mobile then you could make them address that. Otherwise its useless posting it here. hope i helped

      • RonJeezy

        Well alrighty then… Lol

      • UniqueDrewski85

        Well said Jay J. Blanco. You just totally took the words right out of my mouth my friend.

    • chad

      You must live in the woods I get 4g evrywhere.

  • fort

    One in Maryland (BMORE) One in DC. WHAT THE!!!

  • Jared Denman

    Their LTE is SLOW compared to Verizon here in indy. I get 25+ mbps down all day on Verizon. On my HTC One on Tmo I get tops 12. I love the price with Tmo but they are false advertising about their speed.

    • Well in Michigan I get 30-39Mbps regularly on T-Mobile LTE, so not false. Also on an htc One.

      • UniqueDrewski85

        You tell em Spark!!!!!! People just don’t know what they are talking about is what that ones about!! Tmobile will by then whooped the crap out of Sprint, At&t and Verizon put togethers my friend.

    • chad

      In vegas I got 49mbps download and 23mbps upload thats pretty fast.

      • UniqueDrewski85

        Congratulations Chad. That’s whats really goodies.

    • UniqueDrewski85

      That’s not necessarily truth. It’s perhaps your areas not thoroughly done with being upgraded to HSPA+ and 4GLTE is what that ones about theres my friend. Verizon by far is the WORST of them all, the same going for Sprint and At&t!!!

      • Jared Denman

        When I see on average 25mbps + I will apologize.

    • Matt

      You also have to look at latency times. My 4G LTE service area does about 15Mbps down but has a latency of about 40ms. That is a very fast network. Bandwidth must be looking at in terms of speed and latency.

  • frank

    i live in palmdale Ca and i still only get Edge on my factory unlocked iphone 5… i have to go cross town to get LTE…and for some reason now my edge drops down to gprs now it never happened before just in the past weeks.

  • Whitney

    When I go to Orlando this Christmas I will be LTE the entire time? GO TMOBILE

  • Steve Park

    Just went out for Breakfast at Ihop and noticed that my HTC One had 4g LTE for the first time ever in the notification bar. Three bar’s and speeds around 10-12 Mbps down and 5-7 up. It dropped out to 5 bars of 4G HSPSA+ and got 18-25 Mbps. And all this in Elizabethtown, KY. Must be just installing/testing it since we are not in the Louisville MSA listed in the article.

  • Dark enV

    I just switched to T-Mobile from Sprint a few weeks ago and I’m loving it for the most part. Few gripes but I can live with it. They’re rolling out their LTE very quickly and they’re not stopping with just rolling it out. They got LTE out to me here in Spartanburg, SC back in July and I’ve been getting great speeds so far, my top being 39mbps down and 9 up. The only thing that stinks is when I go inside a building the coverage seems to die, I’m usually dropped to EDGE. I’m hoping that they’ll repurpose their 2G 850mHz network with HSPA+ or LTE soon to fix the building penetration issues but I’ll be ok for now. I will say this about them getting LTE to 233 metro areas though. I was with Sprint and they started launching LTE back in July 2012 and here we are in October 2013 and they still haven’t reached the numbers T-Mobile has and T-Mobile started launching in March this year. I’m so glad to have switched from Sprint, they were horrible. I understood that they were rebuilding their entire network and all but they listed Spartanburg for LTE back in January this year and as of October 10 they’ve only got about 5 or 6 LTE towers turned on Spartanburg, pathetic if you ask me. T-Mobile ftw!

    • Bryce

      Their 2G is on PCS (1900 Mhz). They have no spectrum under 1Ghz.

      • Dark enV

        Ah, I apologize, didn’t know that. Do you think they’ll be getting any in the auction coming up?

        • Bryce

          600Mhz auction is coming up, but it won’t be deployable until at least 2015.

        • Dark enV

          Well that’s a bit of a bummer, thanks for the info

    • Diesel

      I also switched from Sprint to T-Mo for the iPhone 5S and I COULDNT BE HAPPIER!
      Sprint was HORRIBLE. They claimed to have LTE in Washington, DC.. A PRIMARY MARKET… THERE WAS NONE! And it’s not like you could use their 3G! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.
      T-Mo has had me on LTE 9/10 times so far, and even when it drops to HSPA+ It’s still faster than Sprint’s LTE when I did catch it!
      Best T-mo speeds seen so far: 39.5 Down, 18.6 Up. Amazing.
      Worst decision I ever made was going to Sprint.
      Best decision I ever made was going to T-mo.

      • Dark enV

        Exactly! I switched from a Sprint iPhone 5 to a T-Mobile iPhone 5S and it’s like a night and day difference. Honestly I’ve found T-Mobile’s EDGE to be faster than Sprint’s 3G at times. That’s honestly pathetic on Sprint’s part. We had dropped calls, texts wouldn’t go through and you couldn’t use their data hardly at all when we had Sprint. Switched to T-Mobile and we’re all loving it for the most part, few spots we are on EDGE and it jumps to No Service but other than that it’s really great. Glad to see another has left Sprint.

        • 500kv

          As of right now T Mo is the only national carrier without sub 1Ghz spectrum. Sprint is reforming the old next 800mhz network for LTE. This pretty much explains why Sprint was option one for Softbank vs TMo. With LTE at 800 you can match at&t and Verizon in term of coverage. That is one thing holding tmo back. In terms of coverage one tower operating at 700/800 equals four towers in the 1900 PCS bands. That is why at&t Verizon will always have the best coverage.

      • bucdenny

        I think in Washington DC, Sprint has fully deployed TD-LTE 2600Mhz (Existing Clearwire sites been converted to Wimax/TD-LTE). Eventually 800 and 1900Mhz LTE will blanket DC. In-door coverage will be day and night comparing T-Mobile and Sprint within the next few months.

        Same case in Denver, no LTE on 800 or 1900, but 2600 was fully deployed. HTC Max, LG G2, Samsung S4 Mini believed to supports the new 800/1900/2600Mhz LTE band.

        • Rob

          What good does it do when Sprint can’t ever get their bandwidth up high enough to support the speeds? I used to have Sprint back when they were the fast Rev A carrier around… and then watched them crash down across the board. T-Mobile is going to blow everyone away.

    • bucdenny

      Your absolutely correct urban areas LTE is fully deployed by T-Mobile. Last week was in rural Atlanta (10 miles north), I had 4G LTE on Sprint 15-20Mbps, sister’s T-Mobile on Edge. They had to tether off my Sprint service. Good luck T-Mobile will upgrade if ever in 2 years. Sprint already upgrading ALL their sites with 800/1900 LTE by mid 2014.

      Also, T-Mobile is only deploying LTE on their existing HSPA+ sites which makes the LTE deployment easier and FASTER than Sprint. Sprint is upgrading every site with new piece of hardware and new fiber to sites where possible. Two different upgrades that takes different amount of time. Most Sprint sites are just waiting on local carrier to complete their fiber deliveries and so Sprint can turn up 4G LTE. Sprint is not sitting around, they are installing new hardware and waiting on fiber. By the way 2600Mhz is already deployed in most Wimax cities, its a matter of a “party launch” with new devices to support it. Stay tune you will see the difference by end of this year.

      As in difference, traveled in Georgia and NC, plenty of “real” Sprint 4G LTE compared to T-Mobile “fake” 4G and Edge from my experience. Only time will tell which company will stand out at the end of this year.

      • Dark enV

        I understand that Sprint is completely rebuilding their network, one of the reasons I ended up sticking with them as long as I did because I knew it would be an uphill battle but their network just got worse and worse and worse. Plus I have to say that T-Mobile gets mocked by Sprint owners for getting their LTE up so fast because all they had to do was slap on new panels while Sprint rebuilds, honestly that’s just bad planning on Sprint’s part for not looking ahead enough and kudos to T-Mobile for making it easy to upgrade. Now Sprint’s LTE, even when I started getting LTE the speeds weren’t that spectacular and it kept dropping to 3G, best I got with Sprint on LTE was 26mbps average was about 8mbps (yes I averaged them).

        Now as to Atlanta coverage from T-Mobile, I was down there on Sunday and I got blazing fast speeds on their LTE, top was 39.73mbps, even when I dropped to their 4G HSPA+ I got a top speed on 4 bars of 17.29mbps. Their 4G is honestly better than Sprint’s LTE in some cases. Now I’m not here to completely bash Sprint and praise T-Mobile, they both have their pros and cons. But T-Mobile has taken initiative and is getting things done, Sprint is still making empty promises, they said in January that upstate SC would be getting LTE in the coming months, here we are in October and we’ve got some LTE for sure but it’s only certain areas and they pushed their Network Vision full deployment back until mid 2014 while T-Mobile has reached their goal 2 1/2 months early.

        Sprint will have an awesome network when it’s all done and up and running, I have no doubt and I’m glad you’re happy with their service, but for me T-Mobile is making me happy, and that’s what matters to me. It’s just like the argument with android and apple, it’s what works for you that really matters.

  • emcdonald75

    So T-Mobile will never upgrade its 2G Network!!!! This SUCKS!!! I guess as soon as Sprint brings 4G to my area. I will switch. I was really hoping for T-Mobile to not expand coverage but just convert its 2G Netowrk to HSPA+ or LTE. This article said it all. http://www.phonescoop.com/articles/article.php?a=13045

  • DrSaV20

    pretty sad to say that everyone has 3g or better in othello wa i have to drive 30 mins or to a 1 to gt better services update in othello wa please

  • L.C.

    Any updates from Cincinnati? ??

  • dude

    Still no 4G or LTE in New Holland, PA. We have 2G!!! My daughter is switching carriers because she is moving to Altoona, very poor coverage for TMO

  • eli.puente

    Where is the 4G or LTE in Iowa?! I live in the Quad Cities, a larger metropolitan area and have been eagerly waiting for T-Mobile to offer service here! I’m TIRED of paying $250 for 3 phones on Verizon! C’mon T-Mobile, offer service in the Quad Cities already!

    • barbuto22

      In IA T-MOBILE partners with I-Wireless which does have 4G In Quad cities and Dubuque. I-wireless offers nearly identical plans and phones as T-Mobile. So T-Mobile already has service in the Quad Cities through its affiliate I-Wireless.

  • james

    kingdom city mo. just got lte

  • T.Johnson

    Joplin, Mo & Webb City, Mo & Pittsburg, Ks — LTE