T-Mobile Updates LTE City List, Highlights 180 Million POPS And 154 Markets

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After a yesterdays low-key announcement of another round of LTE market launches, T-Mobile has updated its full city list to show their entire LTE coverage area. Up from 116 markets and 157 million people, T-Mobile enow highlights 180 million POPs covered with the full list of available cities. If you know you’re already live with LTE, this might not be of much interest, but for those of you who have waited patiently for news, it’s worth checking out this updated list to see if you’ve won the LTE lottery.

You can check out the “old” list below from T-Mobile’s July 10th event that showcased the wide rollout of 109 new markets after T-Mobile’s initial launch of 7 cities.

Hit the link below to bookmark the list and check back periodically to see when coverage becomes available in your area.


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  • GwapoAko

    Wow Colorado Springs :0).. But I still don’t get LTE with my iPhone 4$!

    • besweeet

      You never will.

    • IceGreenT

      Your iPhone 4$ does not support any LTE at all

      • GwapoAko

        May be I’ll just upgrade to Note 3 or iPhone 7s?? lol

        • clu

          You’ll be waiting two more years for the iPhone 7s, guy.

        • tmo_rep

          It’s more like 4 years based on Apple’s iphone model rollout

        • GwapoAko

          You’re right 4 more years coz this year is the 2nd year of my iphone 4$…:)

        • RussellWilson

          4 years, to be exact

    • Ryanide

      I can say that here in Colorado Springs, I have seen the LTE range from 15Mbps down up to 25Mbps down. I have however, seen areas of town where it’s 2G/Edge speeds or no signal at all while on Galley between Circle and Powers, except near The Citadel Mall (which is a refarmed area & has LTE as well).

      You would need an LTE device like the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, HTC One (M7 2013 model), Galaxy S4, Note 2 or 3, Sony Xperia, etc.

      The LTE speeds are a lot faster on my 2013 T-Mobile HTC One than on my AT&T iPhone 5 with their LTE (AT&T average of 5Mbps LTE here).

      • kalel33

        One of the dead spots I’ve seen is right at the bottom of the Woodman hill, just East of the Sam’s club. I almost always drop a call right there and a couple of other spots in town. I don’t know much about the South side, because I usually stay up North. Don’t even get me started with the coverage near the MCI building, at the end of Garden of the Gods Rd. To be fair, everyone’s coverage sucks there but T-mobile’s is the weakest.

      • ac21365

        T-Mobile’s LTE rollout here in the ‘Springs is far from complete. They have AWS WCDMA back up to par with the new equipment, but PCS WCDMA and LTE are still not fully lit up(lower power output) and some sites are getting new equipment as recently as last month (centennial and N 30th st behind FedEx, lower rung on the west tower.) The buildingtop site on campus drive near Regis University only has one new panel and isn’t putting out lte/pcs wcdma. Still a lot of work to do on existing sites, and plenty of holes to fill since terrain annihilates signal from all carriers here.

  • tmofan

    still rocking edge or no signal here in columbia, sc

    • JP

      I’m getting HSPA+, around the State Capitol, I”m pullin g around 14 down and 3 up, and around Harbison, 22-25 down, and 2 up. Haven’t seen LTE yet, but that may be because I’m at work.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        My hspa here at Benedict College is great I’m unboxing my unlocked att Galaxy Note and about to test the 1900mhz and lte.

        • guest333

          so i can buy a at&t smartphone and it’ll work with tmobile LTE and 1900mhz?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          It will depend what frequencies the unlocked att phone supports. The Galaxy Note 1. Supports tmobile lte network and 1900mhz 3G. ItIt

      • tmofan

        im not even worried about lte. after rocking edge, i would be more than happy with hspa+

  • nutzareus

    Only Baltimore in Maryland?


    This is why I can’t switch back to T-Mobile.

    • Barkley

      Baltimore is the only “market” in MD. There’s also the Washington DC market. So in MD, maps show coverage in Annapolis, Montgomery Cty, Howard Cty, and PG Cty.

  • impasse

    i’m assuming we’re supposed to assume d.c. includes northern va and related suburbs? because i definitely have lte over in falls church. charlottesville’s a weird one though, there’s like a few blips of it around town, but otherwise it’s mostly 4g and edge. wish think they’d hit more of the college towns though.

  • Deadeye37

    Still waiting for their announcement of converting all their edge/GPRS sites to 3G/4G/LTE (pick one, I don’t care). That would be a HUGE cause for celebration!

    • ady2k2000


    • besweeet


  • Justin

    Still edge over much of South jersey.

    • Stephen

      shore areas are hspa+. to be fair, i barely get service in many parts of interior south jersey with verizon

    • RussellWilson

      Does your phone support 1700/2100 band?

  • brenda

    this is great and all but like some girl posted in another post on here does anyone know when tmobile will improve data in los angeles again?? before all this lte thing started tmobile hspa was great in LA up to 25 mbps dwn 2-3 up on hspa once they got lte to LA DOWNLOAD speeds were same as hspa up to 25 only difference was upload was much better on lte up to 15 up and a much better ping. so fast foward to today sept 13 lte is crap 1-2 dwn ,1-2 up with full bars lte and ping is now horrible .. so i turn of lte thinking well i got hspa but it took a turn for the worse now hspa is horrible! 0-1 dwn less than 1 up ping also horrible ugh frustrating! l wanna switch back to att sure but its expensive ! thts why i dnt switch att had problems before but they fixed it all my friends on att get up to 30 dwn ,15 up in LA on att..

    • Chris

      maybe your area is just saturated with users?

      I get 30 mbps down on LTE and 7-9 up.

      I’m around the LA area though, not exactly in the heart of LA.

    • jonathan3579

      Check your APN settings. They changed to fast.tmobile.com but if you change it back to epc.tmobile.com you’re gonna notice HUGE improvements. Try it and see!

      • brenda

        I tried both setting on my xperia z, iphone 5 stil slow speeds, how do I post pic here? 2-4 dw. ,less than 2 up with full bars Lte connected to dreamhost LA server, im dwtwn LA, I was in east la earlier east la 90022 same thing slow, and I tought att was slow BuT know att keep looking good every day my man be getting 15-20 dwn, 10-15 up..

        • jonathan3579

          Did you reboot after changing? I forgot to mention that. (Also, make sure that the new APN is sticking.)

        • brenda

          Yes double checkd n still slow crappy speeds just came from a tmobile store did speed tests on most of there phones they all had full bars lte same slow speeds I went to the tmobile in Atlantic across the gas station the guy that works there Has an att galxy s4 because he said att s faster data not unlimited but much faster

        • jonathan3579

          Ah, I see the issue. You’re testing on LTE, right? The APN I gave you will change your normal 4G speeds (WCDMA) to faster than LTE in a lot of cases. That’s what I use here in Houston. I rarely get faster or reliable speeds on LTE here in Houston. I stick to the normal 4G.

          Edit: It’s true, AT&T LTE has smashed my LTE speeds here every single time. The fastest I’ve gotten was 27mbps download and that is VERY VERY rarely.

        • brenda

          Well your lucky hspa still good were your at in Houston because like I said in my first comment hspa here was great before they got lte here now hspa is prettt bad were before it was great 1-2 dwn,0-1 up horrible ping with full bars hspa were before it was 10-15 dwn 1-2 up on hspaand an ok ping now it all went downhill even hspa. SO frustrating ugh I have zero droppes calls my man drops more on att but ugh my data went downhill I aint the only one on tmobile that has same problems here iko a few people..

      • milanyc

        It’s fast.t-mobile.com
        Not fast.tmobile.com

  • Fix the dead zones and 2G in Silver Spring, MD near Sligo Creek Parkway, please!

    • flyinggerbil

      How do you like your service (excluding the issues with coverage in Silver Spring)? I’m just east of Gburg and am looking to make the leap in November.

      • I’ve had T-Mobile for 10 years and love it. I was born and raised in Miami which has stellar T-Mobile service and just recently relocated to the area. When I moved to the Silver Spring (work in DC) I quickly noticed the lag in service. Now in DC its fast and often more reliable service when compared to my wife’s personal Sprint iPhone 5 and her work iPhone 5 using AT&T LTE (which sucks here on her phone I’ve noticed).

    • nutzareus

      2G in Germantown and Damascus. Go north on I-270 past Germantown and it’s 2G!

      • eanfoso

        You all don’t have it as bad, try roaming east of san Antonio Texas all the way to el Paso, 7 hours of roaming, which gets capped at 50 Mb for unlimited plans o.O

  • Alvin Brinson

    Personally, I don’t understand why those who already have “4g” are worried about getting LTE. It’s already very fast, and LTE drains your battery anyway.

    • ScottS

      Um, lets see……. .93Mbps download Yes, that’s less than 1Mbps and .11Mbps upload, on 4G… Ft Myers, Florida. That’s why…..

      • kalel33

        16Mbps download and 3Mbps upload here on HSPA+ here. I couldn’t care less about LTE but I know they need it to “keep up with the Jone’s” or else they’ll lose customers.

      • Trevnerdio

        Sounds like your area has a problem. In Panama City, they had to soft throttle to deploy LTE and it’s capped at 15mbps and I consistently hit that.

  • dlancealot

    If you actually check or track the towers in you area,you will find out its only one tower in your city area that has LTE…,like Huntsville Al its the one tower closet to the hospital area only…rest of the towers are still same ,there not LTE ready yet…

    • TMOguy

      That’s not true at all. I am a TMO employee. I just checked the NCI tool and there are tons of towers with LTE turned up.

      • eanfoso

        How do you do,this? The only reason I use the nci tool is to get a trade in estimate on quickview, do you work in tech support? I’m curious about the LTE towers in my city

  • Nearmsp

    why no maps???

  • dlancealot

    Here is a link to check for LTE towers in your area…


    • Paul

      HOLY CRAP this explains a lot!!
      At work-Northwest Dallas, TX-I get 4G but at home-Frsico, TX- it’s super fast LTE. Makes some sense now.
      Thanks for the link.

    • TOMguy

      I’m a t-mobile employee here at the FSC in Bellevue. I just took a look at that map and it’s so far out of date it isn’t even funny. Maybe 25% of the towers that have LTE turned up in Seattle/bellevue are listed there. A map like that can’t keep up when we are in high growth mode.

      Care can access a tower map that will show which towers have LTE in precise locations.. If you wonder if you would have LTE at your house (or whereever) just call them and give them your address, they should be able to look it up for you.

      • dlancealot

        Your probably in retail sales…and i do agree about the map is little out of date but I have to many antennas on my SUV not know what I am talking about as a cell site tech….

      • Trevnerdio

        It’s not on a tower by tower basis, per se, but a city by city basis, as I understand it.

  • flyinggerbil

    If anyone has T-Mobile in or around DC I’d love to hear what you think of the service. I’m taking a long look at making the jump once my VZ contract ends in November.

    • Jon

      I was in the DC area for 5 days on a work trip. The entire time I was there I was quite surprised by how good the T-Mobile coverage was. I wasn’t focusing on my phone and if it was getting LTE the whole time, but I did notice that I did have LTE in numerous places around town. Never had issues.

      That’s my limited perspective.

    • T-Mobile DC

      I’ve been to Washington DC several times over the past 8 months and the service is great.

      I’m actually moving to DC next month to start my new job (DC Police) and I’m glad to know I’ll have great LTE service.

  • S. Ali

    Tmobile already has really fast 42mbit HSPA+, they really should have started deploying LTE over their EDGE network instead, then came back and did the major metros with LTE.

    • TechHog

      While I understand your frustration, that makes literally no sense lol

      • S. Ali

        What doesn’t make sense?

        • TechHog

          It doesn’t make sense to upgrade the EDGE towers to LTE before upgrading the HSPA+ towers. For one, upgrading towers from EDGE to LTE is much more expensive and takes much longer to do than upgrading HSPA+ towers to LTE or upgrading EDGE towers to HSPA+. Second, there’s no reason to favor those areas over the large cities, which is why all of the carriers target metro areas first and then move down unless there’s some other factor in the way. It also doesn’t look as good from a competitive standpoint for obvious reasons. It would be much more effective to upgrade EDGE to HSPA+ if you’re looking at it that way, especially since LTE didn’t launch on that many phones at first. I don’t see the logic in putting LTE in the EDGE areas first other than goodwill, but even then pissing off the majority of your customers to satisfy the minority isn’t a good way of building goodwill.

        • Mark

          Here’s a question: for normal usage (i.e., not streaming Netflix or downloading large files), how perceptible is the difference between LTE and HSPA+ (21 or 42mbps, take your pick), particularly compared to the difference between EDGE or GPRS and HSPA+. I can tell you in the latter case (and in my experience) that it’s a difference between usable and nearly useless for things like Google Maps or simple web browsing.

          My point is this: my hunch is that upgrading the EDGE areas to anything, whether HSPA+ or LTE, would deliver a far more noticeable improvement to customers than upgrading HSPA+ to LTE, and it also would represent a “filling in the gaps” strategy along the roads that connect the LTE cities, and I’m not sure that the “majority” of the customers are clamoring for LTE anyway. The video streamers and hardcore tetherers, maybe, but I doubt that’s a majority of the customer base.

        • UMA_Fan

          Verizon won the marketing war. LTE is considered the best high speed data technology in mobile even though most T-Mobile customers know HSPA+ 42 works just as good if not better.

          There were countless articles that basically indirectly slammed T-Mobile for not having LTE. They need it for bragging rights. Also if you were a Verizon/At&t customer completely sold and loving your LTE you would have less a reason to switch to T-Mobile for something that could be inferior.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          HSPA isn’t inferior and it could not be because T-Mobile HSPA network was the fastest high speed network before LTE became commercial. And the reason why tmobile waited was because why launch a new technology and they just didn’t have spectrum to do so. its best to wait for it to mature. So now tmobile will be able to launch LTE Advance and Vo-LTE at the same time . T-Mobile is the only carrier to have Vo-LTE since they bought Metro PCS.

        • Alex Zapata

          With the equipment they’re using now it makes no difference. The current hardware is GSM/WCDMA/LTE all on the same radio/antenna.

        • TMOTECH

          The reason the EDGE coverage isn’t HSPA+ yet is due to a lack of fiber optic Ethernet out at the cell sites. So putting LTE equipment out there would be pointless. When those towers get upgraded they will get all technologies.

        • S. Ali

          This doesn’t make any sense. Laying down fiber is implied when you put up LTE panels, otherwise, what would be the point?

        • eanfoso

          The problem is that LTE operates under AWS spectrum, 1700/2100 to be specific, that LTE range had the towers been upgraded to band 4 LTE from band 2 pcs the coverage range of the antennas would have been disastrous, causing a lot of people in rural areas to lose service, that’s why pcs, or edge operates under these lower bands, because they have better building penetration along with a better range

        • Trevnerdio

          They’re putting HSPA+ on 1900MHz right now, though so…that’s definitely an option.

  • RussellWilson

    I live in Champaign, IL and get 3 bars of LTE, but if I disable LTE, I get full bar 4G net work.

    • RussellWilson

      And the 4G speed is quite impressive with 20 down and 2 up…though one test cost me >30MB data out of 500MB

    • Andy

      I usually get four bars of LTE near the Prospect Avenue stores (i.e., Target, Walmart, etc.). Unfortunately, since I live in Savoy, IL, I don’t get LTE or even 4G for that matter. I had to get the Cel-Fi product in order to get 4G and to reduce the amount of dropped calls I have. -_-

  • apenaroks

    I live in the Thousand Oaks/Ventura area, and there is no LTE coverage here. Not sure why T-Mobile lists this area as covered by LTE.

    • TMOguy

      Yes there is. So, do you live in thousand oaks – or ventura?
      Case in point – there is a tower on 101 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds broadcasting LTE. There’s another tower south of there at 101 / S Seaward Ave – also full LTE. I could go on but that’s a big area.Plenty more LTE examples there.

      • apenaroks

        Well to be more specific I live by the 101 / Wendy Dr and there is no LTE coverage in this area.

        • TMOguy

          I got some news for you! That area has LTE.. Your nearest tower is just to your east, on top of the Palm Garden hotel off of 101/ Ventu Park rd. It’s transmitting full LTE.

          If you’re not getting LTE, you have a problem with your phone.. Call Care.

    • techymexican

      I went to both thousand Oaks and Ventura and both had LTE O_o

      • apenaroks

        What about by the 101/Wendy Dr area?

  • JB45

    I hope Cincinnati is next

  • James

    Anyone here live in Nashville with T-Mobile service? My wife and I are going to move there this fall and are wondering if we will need to switch providers… Or will we get solid Cell and Internet reception?

    • Sean B

      Just got back from Nashville, coverage seemed good with quite a dense LTE signal, no complaints.

    • Roger Sales

      I was there on vacation and didn’t have any major issues to speak of. This was before LTE obviously, but HSPA+ was abundant.

    • James

      Awesome!! Thank you both for the reply!! Greatly appreciated! :)

  • brand1399

    I’m getting LTE in southern NH and many more parts in Massachusetts now. The LTE coverage here is growing rapidly; great job T-Mobile!

    • Mark

      They certainly aren’t listing anything up that way in the city list… there’s still officially nothing in northern New England at all (I’m in Portland and looking in vain…)

      • Unique Styles Drewskies Fabulo

        @Mark thats only because that particular state is not listed in the LTE’s section of thing which is why its like that. So there you have it.

  • Jose Hernandez

    If your area has kind of spotty hspa+ signal, will you notice any improvement if you get an lte device? Will the signal – service be any better?



      • tim

        I noticed that lte signal reaches further than hspa signal in my experience.

        • brenda

          Were I live is the opposite lte signal disappears when I go deep in stores and hspa kicks in

        • Jose Hernandez

          That’s what I was hoping for

      • Jose Hernandez

        Thanks for the response

    • Roger Sales

      I’ve noticed an improvement. on HSPA+ I used to get 3 out of 4 bars in my room. Now when my phone goes to HSPA+ to place phonecalls it is often at 4/4.(LTE is usually at 3 bars, sometimes 2, rarely 1 bar.).
      In my building’s basement I’ve noticed I get more HSPA+ where I used to get EDGE a lot. It’s not perfect, but I have noticed a change. I think it might be the fact that HSPA+ now runs on 1900, which means a lot of people should be seeing more and more in building 3G/4G.

  • Trevnerdio

    How dare they list Panama City-Lynn Haven-Panama City Beach…they had like a total of 5 towers between those areas! LTE is very, very inconsistent here. 75% covered constitutes “fully” covered? Hell, I’ll settle for 40%.

    • Cowhide

      Was there recently and I would say my HTC one showed lte the vast majority of the time.

      • Trevnerdio

        Really? I live here and I want to say there are vast gaps…but it’s more like the LTE coverage is the gap in the HSPA+ coverage. That’s how limited it is here. While it’s fast, I only see it once every 15th intersection.

  • Ryan T

    Erie, PA has Lte! Sweet! Looks like I need to pick up a new Lte capable phone to replace my One S.

    • Ryanide

      I love it in Erie, PA. Was in Erie for a little while in 2000.
      The 2013 HTC One is an awesome replacement to the One S.

  • RedGeminiPA

    Odd that it doesn’t show State College, PA on the list, but the coverage viewer on their site shows “Excellent LTE” service. There’s a glitch somewhere.

    It’s still best to just check your area with the coverage viewer regularly.

    • rav

      Wilkes barre has had LTE for awhile and they don’t list it as a market yet. Been to state college recently the LTE there is sweet

    • Josue Rios

      Their listed markets seem to be bigger than competitors. Here in the Seattle-Bellevue LTE market for T-Mobile its 3 markets for At&t (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia). If T-Mobile did that also they’d probably have over 200 markets listed…

      • wasapasserby

        Former Seattleite here.

        Belleuve is a suburb of Seattle, thus it makes sense to combine the two. They are literally 10 minutes apart using either floating bridge.

        Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia are three distinct cities, and none are considered suburbs of the other. Seattle to Tacoma drivetimes are routinely 40 minutes, and Tacoma to Olympia is another 30.

        • Josue Rios

          I know. 3 different counties as well but for some strange reason T-Mobile doesn’t separate so it makes it all part of the same market. Mount Vernon is just as close to Seattle as Olympia yet they counted it as a market. Perhaps Olympia and State College, PA have LTE but it hasn’t fully expanded to the suburban areas around it so it’s not on the list yet. Just a thought but I’d like to see more LTE in Washington from T-Mobile, or at least more 3G.

      • RedGeminiPA

        That would make sense, except State College, PA is almost dead center of the state, and Pittsburgh is 136 miles one way, while Philadelphia is 193 miles the other way. There’s no LTE coverage between them, and barely anything other than EDGE. Coverage here is pretty pathetic, to say the least.

        It’s showing LTE for Harrisburg, too. None of these markets are anywhere close to each other. There’s a minimum of 2 hours driving time between them.

        • Josue Rios

          I’d say it’s in the process of being completed. Idk, I’m not up to date with the east coast LTE deployment. Maybe it’ll expand a little more before it’s official.

  • Alex Zapata

    That’s great and all, but come on magenta, consistency! I have far too many fluctuations in my speeds! Heck, I’ve had too many speed tests fail to register an upload or download speed.

  • Kurwa666

    One bar outside my house, nothing inside !!! MORE TOWER !!! C’Mon T-Mo !! Chicagoland

  • TrueCopy

    Anyone on TMo in St. Louis have LTE coverage yet?

    • Rahul

      Last time I was there was 2 weeks ago and was able to see LTE in downtown. However, the moment I left dtown, I was dropped to 4G. ~using rooted S4.

  • Hound dog

    Lafayette Louisiana is now Lte covered as of yesterday .. Hopefully speeds improve. It’s about the same as hspa on the download 20+ on the upload getting about 10 mbps which is an improvement over the 2.5mbps on hspa+

    • Roger Sales

      LTE is better because of the lower latency. When you videocall someone you will notice a difference between LTE and HSPA+

  • D

    I have an lte signal in Columbus, Georgia.

  • Jamie

    Can Wisconsin Get Something…geez

  • D Velasquez

    my wife Xperia Z supposedly have LTE but her speed is slower than in my Droid Razr XT910 and im using only 3G as my phone does not have support for aws, hopefully it is related to updating the coverage.

    • Roger Sales

      If your area isn’t fully built out/she’s on the edge of an LTE tower she’s not supposed to be trying to reach, it can be wonky. I was in Hoboken where LTE is clearly not ready and had issues with data, but HSPA+ is more than adequate. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If she experiences issues, just turn off LTE for a few days and try again.

  • pbxtech

    LTE in Dumont, NJ 07628 just today.

    I’m a happy camper! Though it would be another month or two.

    Saw the guys working on the tower on 9/5, 9/6, and 9/9/13 but did not see the LTE logo right away but it took another week. Took some great pictures of them too. Them lads are from NY – NY plates on the panel van.

    Saw them taking down 1 panel antenna and the HSPA signal was a bit weaker from my testing after. Get 4 bars on Note 2 and 3 bars on Xperia Z and my location is 2 blocks away from the tower, 2nd floor with unobstructed view from the antenna.

    • pbxtech

      1900Mhz has been refarmed as well. getting 5.7Mb-down and 2.3Mb-up on a Viewsonic VPAD7 device.

  • T

    Lte signal in tulare California!

  • Crybabies

    In similiar news, T-Mobile launches in-building Edge in all those same markets simultaneously.

  • Some redemption

    I finally talked a coworker into running some speed tests at work today in downtown Des Moines, IA. He has an Iphone 5 on Verizon LTE and has been complaining for months about his speed at work. As it turns out, he has reason to. I have an HTC Amaze 4G and it’s only HSPA+ (we don’t have T-Mobile LTE coverage here yet). I clocked my normal 8+ mbps downloads and he was getting under one. Needless to say I was lmao and he wasn’t happy – even less so when I offered to let him tether to my phone if he got in a bind and needed to access some data. Another guy with Sprint wanted no part of a speed test either (they are still only 3g here).

  • marco

    LTE in San Marcos Texas, but is very slow. its much more fast 4G


    LTE finally showed up in St Louis! Driving around the Florissant and Hazelwood area, the max speedtest was 16mb down/6mb up.

  • Dingo

    Need some Magenta LTE Love in Cincinnati…….. :-/

  • Mike Antici

    LTE Sighting in Danbury CT (home depot)!!!!!!

  • BeachInsights

    Whoo…. Hit in Ft Myers yesterday… Though only found about a 5 square mile area. Come on guys, hit the beaches…….